glamour shots lol

“Bubblegum Billie” - Digital Oil Painting

When I saw her wearing this pink fur, I had to give her some pink hair to match! It was challenging to get all the textures painted right, but I am so happy with how it turned out. ^_^

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I heard back from the lady off Craigslist and here is the majestic beeb!

He was in a 10g with dried out dirt and a metal dog dish for water, as well as having not eaten for a few weeks.

I bought him a fancy 20g with locking lid (it was on major sale thank goodness) and had to show him off at work. That’s where he is in the tub and what looks like glamour shots lol, I gave him a quick bath in RO water and he shed a TON of skin as well as seemed to get really into the whole bathing thing. Had to wrap him up in my scarf to transport him in the cold and the pics turned out precious!

He is bigger than my hand, and he seems really docile for a pacman.

We are calling him Froggo, which is short for Guillermo del Froggo.