glamour headshot

*Dramatic guitar chords* Mother, I’m turning into a 1980′s real estate agent from Dallas ready to take her glamour headshots again… I’m sorry but I still haven’t gotten over Katya’s hair from the high school episodes of UNHhhh. Like can we just talk about it for a moment? I think a part of my soul was cleansed every time she brought her hands to her face. Ever since I saw it I KNEW I had to capture this beautiful moment. Enjoy!

Gouache on Mixed Media paper.

anonymous asked:

What do you mean when you say studies? Did you just trace something?

Study can mean a lot of things! It depends on what you’re studying. But it’s usually not tracing, no. Here’s my setup: 

I put the ref on one side, and then just…have at it! Some people use grids or place dots at certain points to guide their eye, but since I’m trying to train my eye to follow the shapes and colors and tones without any help, I just started painting.

I’m also practicing with the oil brushes in Photoshop (and a teensy bit of stylization sneaked through, oops). Some people might try to replicate right Victoria photo-perfectly, but I’m more focused on the shapes and planes of color! 

A master study means you’re trying to mimic the technique or ‘look’ of a well-recognized artist. I didn’t do a super good job on the John Singer Sargent one because a) I was tired, b) It was a terrible picture file and c) again, I was more focused on the tones/shades/colors than the overall niceness of the image:

So yes! Basically studies can mean anything. The only idea that unifies is them is that usually you’re training to do a specific thing–it might be color translation, or anatomy, or lighting, or painting technique, etc etc forever–and you’re doing it by ‘studying’ something preexisting. That something can be from life, from a photograph*, or from another person’s art, and the source material you choose depends on what you’re trying to train yourself in! 

*I should point out that photography IS also art. The Victoria I used is nicely lit and she’s posed and the photo is well-composed. Drawing from photography isn’t the same as drawing from life! And a glamour headshot from 2014 isn’t the same as a Polaroid your grandmother took in the seventies. (They both have an art to them, though.)