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And there it is again. The one who cares. The one who pays attention. I saw her meet and greet about 200 fans one evening before her Red show at the O2 and every one of them left in various states of rapture. They all really felt they’d had a connection. Certainly, my own day with Taylor today has poked no holes in my theory: that the more famous, the more successful and the more talented, are, I find, on the whole, the most sincere and (that word again, sorry) nice. She arrived early to our shoot (never happens). She learnt the names of everyone on set, from the photographer to the people making the sandwiches (does happen, but rare). She took the time to compliment me on my dress, but not to eat lunch (she’ll do that on the way to the Brits rehearsals), because she was worried we weren’t getting everything we needed in the time we had. Compared to some lesser stars we’ve dealt with at GLAMOUR, this is all noteworthy.
—  Jo Elvin, the editor of GLAMOUR UK, about her impression of Taylor - Glamour Magazine, June 2015 issue
Taylor Swift Has No Regrets

By: Cindi Leive, Glamour Magazine (March issue 2014)

And why should she? Her album Red hit number one in more than 50 countries; she’s won a boatload of Grammys, dated a Kennedy, and rocked karaoke with the Duke of Cambridge. And yet she’s still baking cookies with her friends this Friday night. (Truly!) In a heart-to-heart with Glamour editor Cindi Leive, our anniversary-issue cover girl talks about men, mistakes, the glare of the spotlight - and her hopes for the future.

Way back in 2008, Glamour’s entertainment editor asked me whether I’d, quote, “heard about this girl Taylor Swift.” I looked her up; I hummed along. It seemed like her year. I went to Madison Square Garden to see her. She was charming and game - but I had no idea what the future would hold.

Six years and a full four Glamour covers later, Taylor Swift is one of the world’s most successful and visible POP stars. She can sell out a stadium in 20 minutes. Her name is mentioned four times as often as Kim Kardashian’s on Twitter. Her long list of rumored boyfriends is famous enough to merit its own Wikipedia entry (we’re summarizing, but: Joe Jonas, Taylor Lautner, John Mayer, Jake Gyllenhaal, Zac Efron, Conor Kennedy, Harry Styles… oh, forget it, just buy the T-shirt). She girl-packs with other smart, got-it-together Hollywood types like Emma Stone, Hailee Steinfeld, and Lena Dunham; and she’s even karaoke’d with a prince. (That’d be William. YouTube it!)

But most important, she’s built an astonishing career - because under that fairy-tale sparkle, it turns out, was some serious, Lean In - level drive. At age 15, she walked out of her deal with RCA Records because she wanted to sing her own songs, not other people’s. That was a good idea, it turns out: She’s now the youngest musician ever to win the Album of the Year Grammy (for Fearless) and the first female artist to have two albums each sell more than a million copies in the first week. She’s been named the world’s most charitable celebrity two years running. We could go on for, like, ever - and if you got that reference? Well, that’s Taylor’s doing too.

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You know when you’re in yoga and you’re looking around, thinking, Wow, I wish I were that flexible or How come she can hold that pose? Well my friend has a saying: “Stay in your own mat.” Not physically, but mentally. In life, we’re all made differently: our families, out frames, our personalities and talents. Appreciate how you are made, and stay on your mat. That’s where happiness lies.
—  Portia de Rossi (actress and author), from Thirty Things Every Woman Should Have and Should Know By the Time She’s 30 by the editors of Glamour and Paula Redmond Satran