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And there it is again. The one who cares. The one who pays attention. I saw her meet and greet about 200 fans one evening before her Red show at the O2 and every one of them left in various states of rapture. They all really felt they’d had a connection. Certainly, my own day with Taylor today has poked no holes in my theory: that the more famous, the more successful and the more talented, are, I find, on the whole, the most sincere and (that word again, sorry) nice. She arrived early to our shoot (never happens). She learnt the names of everyone on set, from the photographer to the people making the sandwiches (does happen, but rare). She took the time to compliment me on my dress, but not to eat lunch (she’ll do that on the way to the Brits rehearsals), because she was worried we weren’t getting everything we needed in the time we had. Compared to some lesser stars we’ve dealt with at GLAMOUR, this is all noteworthy.
—  Jo Elvin, the editor of GLAMOUR UK, about her impression of Taylor - Glamour Magazine, June 2015 issue

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Favorite Taylor Swift quote ?

This is when Taylor was co-editor of Glamour UK in 2015 and it’s one of my favorite things she has said ever:
“Boys want love if it’s torture, but real men want you to text them back. Honestly. The way you can tell the boys from the men is how they react when you don’t play games with them. A boy will become bored. A man will want to get to know you more. Everyone wants a challenge, but you shouldn’t have to completely manipulate your communication style in order to seem like one. Your conversation, your outlook, your wit, your accomplishments, your charisma, those things should challenge him. Any MAN knows that if you’re showing him all of those qualities, you could just as easily show them to someone else if he plays games. You know what they say, play games with a girl, she’ll chase you. Play games with a woman, she will replace you.”