Please read: Irvena will be handling my blog for 3 days. I'm going to take my prelim-examinations from July 12-13. :)

Reviewing for examinations.

I made a 45-posts queue, which will be posted every afternoon from 4-5 PM (GMT+8)

Other than those posts, my blog will still  be updated by Irvena. She will posts lovely stuffs. 

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Tagged some special bloggers to see this. :) 

glamorousuniverse asked:

im only telling you this from what i see and can not see. awww im very sorry for your precious soul being lost ;( you don't need to change it, i understand babe! and god, i love your baner sooo much. the zebra is extremely cute!!!!! <3 :) take care pretty xox

Thank you beautiful. You’re sweet. xx

glamorousuniverse asked:

hey lovely, some of your links aren't working and your whole ask box doesn't show. it hides behind the favorites box. if you want i can take a snap shot of it? :) and also your personal, clear, message and themes links aren't working and the aqua for the links is a bit hard to read. please dont take this as hate. everything is bloody perfect! <3 xoxx

Yeah i know that. I’m probably gonna get a pop up ask. Scroll down a lil and the links will work. i picked the colors in honor of my baby cousin that just passed so those resembled baby colors to me & hence the little zebra on my banner. I am to lazy to fix the theme. I’ll work on it another day. Thank you though for telling me. Xo. (:<3