glamorous lingerie

What’s your bra size?

None of your damned business! How is that even remotely “journalism”? [Ginger, whose been standing over me, grabs a firm hold of each of my breasts]

“36C” shouts Ginger. WTFF! Not even close, honey.

“It’s going in as 36C unless you ‘fess up”

FFS. Has it really come to this? Is this really what 3 years of university was for? Ok then … deep breath … I am, according to a nice lady at M&S, a 34E, which is an awful lot of boobage that Ginger still has hold of as I type this post … grr

I’m the editor of The Full Cup Bra blog. It’s my job to get the other indolent bovines to find stuff, post stuff, brew up and avoid getting sued by media giants, photography cartels or the military-industrial-complex.

The above bra from Glamorise works for me, if only my oversized paps would fit into it.

- Storm [in an E] Cup


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