you guys remember my crack sleepless au?? WELP I have been having more troubles sleeping so I though it was perfect to draw this guys!

Pitch is having one of his very very VERY rare moments in which everything is fine enough for him to sleep, too bad that in a moment he is gonna have to wake up making sandy drop that cocoa in both their laps


You buy MITAM pt.1//
Justin - @imaginejdb
Kendall - @glamoriize
Hailey - @soberselena
Y/N - me


blades or teeth (part 1)

@tellural - Justin
@glamoriize - Kendall
@soberselena -Za
@sextingbiebs -y/n
@justinssecute- khalil
@imaginejdb - hailey

(So much shade thrown at hailey. She is loved and highly appreciated, by someone just not khalil.)