“Polished” Glamour Spell


To be a glamour spell that provides the caster with a polished, attractive, and glowing appearance and to help them appear to be more charismatic, confident, and powerful.


  • Your nails(preferably clean and cut)
  • Nail polish
  • [Optional] A cinnamon stick


Firstly, paint the nails of one of your hands(once the polish is on, you can incorporate the optional cinnamon stick by smoldering it over your nails before and\or during the chant). While your nails are drying, say:

May this increase my glamour
And make all who perceive me instantly enamored.
Whilst this dries,
Let it solidify
The attractiveness, charisma, and confidence inside of me.
May I be polished and powerful in my own right,
And may I always shine bright.
May this spell give me glamour pure
That glows from inside of me akin to a star.
Glamour, glamour, let it be.
Be it, let it, may it be.

Repeat the above for your other hand. Then close your eyes and imagine a glow coming from your nails, and picture it highlighting all of the best features about you, as well as bringing out all of the characteristics mentioned before in the “purpose” section. Open your eyes once you feel that the spell is complete, and enjoy!