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Pre Paris Fashion Week Brunch

It has finally started, I am looking forward to an exciting week and this is just the start! I am elated, there are so many beautiful people here, glamorous styles, good food and It is exciting to be part of it! Paris is a beautiful city, and I can’t wait to explore what this amazing city has in store for me. 

Thanks to all the designers and hair stylist that made me look this glamorous! @the-secret-life-of-kimiko @goppolsme @slayclassy and everyone else!

On a personal note....

I don’t really talk about personal stuff on here and I will probably delete this, but I have literally nowhere else to vent….

(Trigger warning: depression and addiction issues).

I’m really struggling with depression at the moment. I am a recovering addict with some other health issues, which can really drag me down. Usually I keep my head above water and have been, for the most part, doing okay this past year but I started suffering from a really bad bout of depression about six months ago and it’s progressively gotten worse. I am very lucky with great family and friends who love and support me (for the most part, although some have been tough on me and some have dropped me altogether).

I used to live a very fast paced and (as silly as it sounds to say) ‘glamorous’ life. My addiction issues destroyed all that and although I am picking up the pieces and getting my life back in order, it is so rough. I have been clean for a couple of years now, with two minor relapses that lasted no more than a day and I came clean about it right away. Right now I am focusing on trying to get healthy in every way possible, starting with my mind.

I am an artist, professionally and as a passion, but it can be tough to write and draw when I feel like this. This fandom has really helped in giving me the chance to have a little slice of escapism happiness and I am so thankful for that. If I was to admit to my friends and family how much this show and fandom has helped me, I’m sure they’d think it was weird. But when I switch on my show, or I come on here and laugh at memes or read a great fic, it helps lift me. It’s also helping me write and draw for fun again and not just for work.

So if you read my stuff or look at my artwork (I haven’t shared much, but I will soon), I thank you. It’s my little shining light in an otherwise dark period for me and I appreciate it.



In the words of the artist Franck Bohbot:

Almost everyone has some idea of what Los Angeles is, even if they’ve never been there. Home to Hollywood, the city churns out myth after American myth. Some see the city as a necessary part of a glamorous life — they migrate there to become stars. Others live ordinary lives and work ordinary jobs in this city of spectacle. And some see LA’s darker side — east coaster Jack Kerouac famously wrote that Los Angeles is “the loneliest and most brutal of American cities.” These photos highlight the oddly authentic beauty in this city of myth, however lonely and brutal, however packaged and commercial. Here, even the metallic glinting pole of exercise equipment along the shoreline, or a solitary streetlight in neon darkness, or a thrust of power lines cutting across the sky, captures something essential about the so-called “city of angels.”