Then there was that awkward moment when @bigandmilky tried to eat @yinstagramsf 🐷🐮 #thisweekindrag #milk #milky #leche #milkdragon #luckdragon #falcor #joseaguzmancolon #joseaguzmancolonphotography #glamgender #photographertothestars #interviewmagazine @jimmyjamsf #rupaulsdragrace #rupaulsdragraceseason6 #sanfrancisco (at JOSE A GUZMAN COLON PHOTOGRAPHY STUDIO)

Hey everyone! If you were at #RuPaulsDragCon this weekend and happen to meet or know @glamgender his small bag with camera was taken, hopefully by accident. So if you call can check your stuff and just check for him that would be amazing! Hope you find it buddy, he is an amazing guy who has taken most of the beautiful photos you see of all the drag race sisters!

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ATTENTION @rupaulsdragcon ATTENDEES !!! Please help spread the word and let’s help @glamgender get his property back. This is his lively hood and he is one of our family so let get it done ! Repost please !!!!!


Here is a little vid of takes from my shoot with @rupaul @rupaulsdragrace @rupaulsdragu @yarasofiapr for her new website ! Yara is EVERYTHING!!!! :) If you like what we are doing please reblog, tweet, facebook, etc and don’t forget to click like and comment on the video …XXX