Carelis addresses her critics (and new products) 

Thanks to a reader, Jaygirllopes, who brought our attention to this video. 

First of all are the names of the products. The Spice Girls’ nicknames are trademarks, and Carelis doesn’t have permission to use them.

But the most interesting part of the video is from 4:10. Here Carelis ‘proves’ she makes her own cosmetics. The proof? Jars of unset products. Well, that’s all the proof we need.  Yep, melted lipsticks being displayed on camera by their 'creator’ wearing no gloves.

So, are these products made by Carelis? Well, despite the fact that the video is not 'proof’, they kind of are. But not in the way she would like you to believe. 

Did Carelis formulate her own lipstick base? No.

Did Carelis formulate her own colors? No.

Did Carelis spend hours creating her own, unique products? No.

So what did she do?

She bought a 'melt and pour’ lipstick kit from TKB Trading*. She spent about 10 minutes following the recipes in the kit, melting the premade base in her microwave, then adding the premade colors. Finally she poured them into her own jars.

So, if you think making your own cosmetics means melting a base, mixing in a colorant and pouring it into a jar, then yes, Carelis made these.

But if you think making cosmetics involves hours and hours of working with and understanding ingredients, coming up with your own formula, then creating your own colors, then no, these were not 'made’ by Carelis.

* Color matches:

Sporty Spice = Sangria

Scary Spice = Bittersweet

Posh Spice = Wild Cat

Ginger Spice = Moonlight Sonata

Baby Spice = Cupcake

Bit of a coincidence that the kit and Carelis both contain five colors, no?

Yeah, you should go check that out right away. Unlike Carelis, who only checked it out eight months after starting her company. 

And now I have a little quiz for you.

1. Why did Carelis ‘use to use’ carmine?

a. She didn’t care about her products being vegan.

b. It was one of the ingredients in one of her repackaged shadows and she didn’t know what it was.

2. Why doesn’t she use carmine any more?

a. She cares about veganism and has found alternative vegan ingredients.

b. Someone told her her products can’t be vegan because of the carmine and she looked it up.

3. What did she to for her customers who bought products containing carmine because they thought they were vegan?

a. Recalled the products and offered full refunds.

b. Nothing.

4. How did she change the products which contained carmine?

a. She reformulated them, using only vegan ingredients.

b. She took the word 'carmine’ off the ingredients list.


1.b; 2.b; 3.b; 4.b.

Were you really surprised?


Here are just a few of Glam Eyez’s ‘pigments’ compared to some of TKB Trading’s micas, all courtesy of imthatgirl23 on Guru Gossip.

As you can see these are all exact matches*, which imthatgirl23 backs up:

“About a month ago, I order pigments from her… because they looked too close to what I have bought from tkb. Particularly my capricorn sea pigment from tkb, it looks so similar. So I ordered me a bunch from glameyez and compared her pigments with what I had from tkb pigments. I wish I took pictures of swatches but as you can see from my crappy photos, sorry - don’t have a great camera… the pigments are exactly the same.”

You could save yourself money by buying these colors straight from TKB. Let’s go with Capricorn Sea/Capricorn for example.

If you buy a full size from Glam Eyez, you will get about 1.5 grams of product (not 4.8 grams as she claims - the jars can’t hold that much) for $3.99.

If you buy 1 ounce from TKB, you will get 28.3495 grams of product for $5. That means, for just $1.01 more, you will get 18 times more product.

Obviously, if you are just using these as shadows and not making your own make up with them, 28g is far too much product. But TKB offer samples for $1-$1.50. As you can see in the pictures above, there is much more products in TKB’s samples than there is in Glam Eyez’s jars. So let’s compare TKB’s sample of Capricorn Sea to Glam Eyez’s full size jar of Capricorn.

GE Capricorn: $3.99 for 1.5 grams.

TKB Capricorn Sea: $1.50 for 4 grams.

You could fill two 5g jars with the TKB sample size and still have 1 gram of product left over. TKB sell 4 jars for $1.45 and Coastal Scents sell one jar for $0.24.

Most, if not all, of Glam Eyez’s pigments and glitters can be matched to micas and glitters from TKB and Coastal Scents.

*Lots of companies do this - selling wholesale colors without mixing them. However, Glam Eyez/Carelis

a. Doesn’t use a base. Micas are just colors, not full products. To make a proper eye shadow, you need more than just mica - you need other ingredients to help it stay on your skin.

b. Claims to mix her eye shadows herself. This is a lie, as you can see from the pictures. She is telling bare-faced lies to her customers and fans.

c. Bashes other companies for selling repackaged products, when this is exactly what she’s doing.


Click to enlarge.

Not content with stealing images from Sugarpill, Glam Eyez needs to steal their text too.

The text in the second image has since been removed from Glam Eyez (probably because her ‘pigments’ are just pure, repackaged mica). It may be worth noting the similarities in Sugarpill’s old background (in the second pic) and Glam Eyez’s background. While that pattern is pretty popular, Glam Eyez stole Sugarpill’s text and images so it’s highly likely they copied the styling of the site.

Glam Eyez screenshot:[delete this]-ingredients.html

Sugarpill screenshot:

*Underline colors: magenta = copied word for word; green = copied almost word for word, with minor details tweaked.


Of course, the woven hoop ear rings are not exclusive to I-Candy Couture, although they claim to have created their own design in the 'Twisted Woven Hoops’.

However, I have absolutely no doubt that Glam Eyez copied the idea from them, because most, if not everything on Glam Eyez is copied from either I-Candy Couture or Bitch Slap (more on this in another post).

I'm Afraid I'm a Failure...

… as a stalker. I admit it, I’m useless at it.

You see, Carelis wrote a lovely post on Facebook about how I am a stalker and I missed it. I never got to see it or read it in full because… now, what was the reason again? Oh yes, because I wasn’t stalking her.

Fortunately I was able to read it though, because it was plagiarized from this blog post.

Let’s look at a few excerpts, shall we?

“Each morning, I’m afraid to check my various electronic outlets as I know they’ll be filled by your comments, DMs, @ replies, messages and emails through my blog comment forms.”

Have I ever left Carelis a comment? No.

Have I ever sent Carelis a DM? No.

Have I ever replied to one of Carelis’s Tweets? No.

Have I ever sent Carelis a message or email? No.

“Social media has a beautiful safeguard built into it: permission. While you may follow, me I needn’t follow you. You may ask to be my friend, yet I need not reciprocate.  When someone such as yourself takes the liberties of imagined familiarity and grants yourself permission to contact me any ‘ol fucking way you please, at any hour and by any means…”

Do I ‘follow’ Carelis or Glam Eyez on any social networking site? No.

Have I ever asked to be Carelis’s friend? No.

Have I ever contacted Carelis? No.

The blog post writer, even provides a dictionary definition of a stalker:



(1) to go through an area(s) in search of prey or quarry

(2) to pursue obsessively and to the point of harassment”

Obviously the use of the word 'stalker’ here refers to the second definition: to pursue obsessively and to the point of harassment. 

So let’s look at that… 

Have I pursued Carelis? No.

Have I pursued Carelis obsessively? No.

Have I pursued Carelis to the point of harassment? No.

Oh dear.

So what has happened here is Carelis, not happy that someone has exposed how much of a crook she is, decides that person must be a stalker. Then she cleverly stole a blog post because it was about stalking. Oh wait, do I mean cleverly? No, I mean stupidly. She stupidly stole the post. Anyone with half a brain cell would have read that blog post and realize it was about an obsessive 'fan’ harassing a writer, not about a person blogging about a bad 'business’.

Luckily, Punk-Kin from Guru Gossip managed to take a screenshot of the post:

Click to enlarge

Looks like I’m not the only failure, eh? Oh, and yes Carelis, that post really did make my day. Thanks! :D

Submission: a Facebook question

Time for another little quiz ladies and gents! Only one question this time.

Q. Why can’t Carelis make a video on how she makes her lipsticks?

a. She already said, duh. She doesn’t have the time. Geez, she hasn’t made a video in a whole two weeks, that’s how busy she is. Give her a break!

b. She doesn’t even know how to make lipsticks because she buys them from a private label company. 

And the answer is… b

Somehow I don’t think watching a video of Carelis open a box of pre-made lipsticks and clumsily slap her label on them is quite what Nicole had in mind. 

Submission: Blog Plagiarism

“Check that out, she plagiarized someone’s blog post and they called her out on it. Finally someone has, since all she does is plagiarize.”

Not in the least bit surprised. How cute she thinks I’m a stalker. Because exposing a ‘company’s’ bad business is stalking.

Submission: Neon Pink

“I had purchased from Glameyez before I knew they were unsafe. So when I got my order in I opened them and swatched them on my hand. I put the product then added water. When i did it became like a watering dye that I would use on eggs for Easter. Now I didnt put a whole lot on being scared but Im glad I did swatch them, cuz look what happened to my hand. After a few mins (just enough time to swatch the colors) my hand began to itch really bad, especially where the neon pink was! So I washed my hands soap and water and it still itched for about an hour. I took the photo after I washed my hands, as you can tell the gold color didn’t want to come off ( i re-washed them after the picture) Now think what would have happened if I used them on my eye!”


Submission: Veganism

“I am going to stay annymous for the time being, but I wish i would have found all this out earlier.
So here is an image I took today, off the glameyez website.
She claims all her products are Vegan and they aren’t. I know this came up before but it is funny that she still puts Vegan up.
"She” lists carmine as an ingredient, well that is made from a beetle, how is that Vegan. Well you can see for your self.“

Yep, it all just shows how little she knows about the cosmetics she sells and their ingredients. I could make some joke now about how she should be called Clueless rather than Carelis, but I won’t because that would be childish. ;)

We know she is aware of this blog now because her sister has commented on some posts, she has removed all the videos featured on the blog, and, most hilariously, written a pathetic ‘legal’ statement that doesn’t even make sense.

However, what she hasn’t done is try to fix the issues. There are so many things wrong with her and her 'company’, most of which are outlined in this blog, but she just doesn’t care. She doesn’t care about having a decent, proper 'business’, she doesn’t care about her customers, she just cares about money and getting free stuff. 


Click images to enlarge.

More rudeness towards customers from Glam Eyez, this time on Ebay. I know a lot of people are rude to each other on Ebay, especially regarding feedback, but this is usually when people are selling their old second-hand junk. ‘Businesses’ (and I shall forever use quotes to refer to Glam Eyez as a 'business’ or 'company’ as not doing so sullies the name of real businesses) should treat their customers with respect and act professionally. But not Carelis, instead she bulldozes in, all guns blazing, and insults the people who have paid good money for her shoddy products. Brilliant.