Looking at these two photos is a statement of its own. The black strappy ensemble is so sexy and she looks fierce in it. (Model: Linda Cobbina) The white strappy bathing suit look is conservative but sexy, its makes me want to find out how to purchase it. These are definitely some curvy inspirational looks and these ladies look awesome. Poise, sexy, and sassy!

For any reason “YOU” cannot picture your curvy bottom in one of these ensembles then your sexy inner glam curviness fierceness is dim. You don’t have to be in love with these looks but imagine the sexiness and then put your body in it. Case Closed.

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Recently, I had a conversation with a colleague talking about how society classifies women as curvy, plus size, or fat. The argument was that some women who classify themselves as curvy and plus size are really overweight and not healthy. So I thought about this statement and was slightly bothered….. because none of these words we use identifies who I am, just what you see. It’s mainly what society created to nicely classify women who are not part of the “skinny” club. Also,  there are many “skinnys” who are underweight and not healthy.

My thought is you can be CURVY and/or PLUS SIZE and/or FAT and SKINNY and/or UNDERWEIGHT and we ALL are still “GLAM”.

Enjoy your GLAMOROUS weekend!

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Today, I was surfing the internet for the latest plus size news around designers, beauty, fashion, etc.  Then I came across this word with a definition attached.

  • Zaftig /zäftig/ adjective: (of a woman) Having a full, rounded figure; plump.

Here we go again, another label for the plus size physique.

Mainly, it was used in content with a historical cartoon character pin-up girl name Hilda in the 1950s, used to describe Marilyn Monroe, and others plus size women of that time. For some this word could be thought of as negative and to others as sexy/flattering. However you position it, just know this word exist and you may here it again.

Check out these Zaftig Pics!

Have a GlamCurvy Friday!

GlamCurvy T


This is interesting. You may love the Top 10 picks or question them. I was curious to find out the TOP 1o glamcurvy models in the industry today. I have to admit I was excited to find out.  However, some would question whether these models are “true” plus size. Well we all know the fashion industry can be slighted by reality. I was bothered by a few of the models that were selected. I think MIDSIZE not PLUS SIZE, but I will let you decide.