How adorable is the @glamboxme team?! Was surprised with this lovely gift this morning from them 🎁 GlamBox is a monthly subscription service in Dubai which brings you the best of high end and mostly hard to find samples of beauty products right to your door step! I know I really enjoyed my subscription to them and got to try out one of my favorite mascaras Lancôme Hypnose Drama after they sent me a sample! Thank you so much Laura for putting this lovely gift together for me, love u ❤💋 #glamboxme #beauty #makeup #skincare (at Abu Dhabi Media)


Meet the Brand: Benefit Cosmetics

This month we have for you an exclusive Benefit Cosmetics GlamBox, jam packed full of incredible products and, yes ladies get very excited, make up! We have Benefit makeup to have you looking more glamorous than ever. So with this incredible box soon to be dispatched and in the hands of all our Glamistas let’s learn a little bit more about this fun loving brand.

Benefit was born in 1976 when the Ford twins, Jean and Jane—now successful models & makeup artists—moved to San Francisco. They opened a tiny makeup boutique called The Face Place where they introduced the world’s first & only “fake-its”…products that instantly solve beauty dilemmas. “Who says makeup has to be serious?” said the twins as they made customers smile with their “beauty locker room” banter. 30 years on and they’d built a global cult following among models, makeup artists, drag queens, celebrities & rock stars. In 2008, Jean’s daughters—Jane’s nieces—moved in to the “sister”hood, taking over as Benefit’s Global Beauty Authorities. With the irreverent names, creative packaging, & feel-good philosophy Benefit keep the beauty world wondering…“what will Benefit do next?!” One thing’s for sure, it’ll be FUN…or as Jean & Jane like to say, “Laughter is the best cosmetic, so grin and wear it!”


Here are some fun facts about Benefit:

Benefit was born in San Francisco, USA.

Benetint was their first product ever produced in 1976!

Jean and Jane made Benetint by steaming rose petals.

Benefit was born for real women, something feminine and girly yet something any woman can relate to.

Their products are created to suit the needs of their customers, not just because it’s the latest off the catwalk – GlamBox loves this one!

The first Benefit Brow Bar opened 37 years ago.

They have the most aestheticians around the world.

They have 800 Brow Bars in 26 countries worldwide.

‘They’re Real’ is the No. 1 prestigious mascara in the world!

‘Laughter is the Best Cosmetic’ is they’re slogan that they stick by.

‘If you can’t fix it, fake it!’ is another motto which inspired a lot of their products.

Fake Up is the first hydrating concealer!

Are you a Benefit addict like our beauty expert Emilie?! What are your top Benefit products?

If you haven’t subscribed to receive the ‘not-to-be-missed’ Benefit GlamBox then don’t hesitate and SIGN UP NOW:


Jergens Pamper Party

So our beauty expert Emilie got invited along by the gorgeous Anita Buys to the stunning De La Mer Spa for a lovely little girlie afternoon of pampering and sharing beauty secrets all thanks to the wonderful brand Jergens.

Emilie got to enjoy the beautiful indoor Jacuzzi which was filled with rose petals, whilst sipping on one of their famously delicious ginger teas, before being taken for a soothing and calming organic cucumber, aloe and mint wrap and an Elemis facial. Not only is De La Mer one of the most stunning Spa’s in Dubai with its incredible chandelier hanging down a spiral staircase, it also has some highly recommended treatments.

On emerging from the treatment room, Emilie and the girls got to relax in a cosy little lounge area wearing the fluffiest of dressing gowns, where they then got treated some more. Jergens had left some delicious red velvet cupcakes and the most amazing hamper of Jergens products. To top this perfect afternoon, Charlotte the owner from Meeks Boutique gifted the girls to the most beautiful necklaces. If you wish to get your hands on some one-off pieces from Meeks Boutique then head to and find them on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Be warned you’ll want everything!

To know more about De La Mer Day Spa then head to their Facebook page:

For your chance to WIN a luxury gift set containing Jergens, a Meeks Boutique necklace and some GlamBox goodies you need to:

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UAE GlamBox subscribers only.


To all our Mothers

As we’re feeling very nostalgic in the office this month and we’re spending the week procrastinating down memory lane, in the lead up to Mother’s Day and because of the theme of our March GlamBox, the GlamBox girls decided to share with you things their Mother’s have shared and taught them.

“My mother is my best friend, she has taught me a whole number of things all of which would never fit onto one page, but mostly she taught me how to love. She also introduced me to my beauty saviour, the Nivea light moisturiser which I have used since I was about 13 years old and still swear by it today!

Emilie Beauty Editor

“My mother handed down her immaculate balance of humility & confidence, as well as her passion for fashion.

She always taught me to be true to myself, to stay honest, and to believe in my choices, no matter who I was dealing with. I watched her maintain the same humility, energy, warmth and smile whether she was in the company of royalty or coaching underprivileged children.

I also happen to remember being 5 years old and falling completely in love with her fuscia Versace pumps. I remember them like it was yesterday and I remember climbing in and trying to strut around her bedroom.“

Nada Director of Operations

“My mother passed down her beautiful diamond and sapphire ring.  Every time I wear it I think of her and her kindness and generosity.”

Laura Brand Partnership Manager

“My mom cared for us with all her love for family and for siblings in us making all a nucleus of a cell.

Along with it she taught us how to fight big hurdles in life such as cancer and live every moment thanking Almighty Allah, always!!”

Saba Creative Manager

“My mother handed down to me her passion for food and poetry, her love of nature, and her empathy for those around her.”

Sara Marketing Associate

”I remember once as a 7 year old girl watching my mother put on her make up before she was going out. I fell in-love with the way she put her make up on. Ever since then I always used to sit and watch her put make up on till one day, I was older enough for her to put it on for me. If it weren’t for my mom, I would never know how to put on the makeup she taught me to do. I love you mom, thank you for teaching me how to do so many things!“

Yasmina Baidas Intern

”My mum always taught me since I was a little girl, to always excel my best in everything I did in life, to always do and try my best and most importantly to never give up.“

Valentina Calvar Intern






Tutorial Thursday

How to get the perfect, long lasting lip!

When applying foundation to your face sweep a little across your lips, this will act as a base to your lip colour.

Choose a lip pencil the same colour as your lipstick and outline and then fill in your lips. The lip liner will give the colour more depth and stop lipstick from bleeding out.

Add a tiny amount of concealer half a shader lighter than your foundation colour all around the outside of your lips and blend fully into the skin. This will highlight your lips and make then pop.

Using a lip brush apply your lipstick onto your lips, for maximum staying power sweep some translucent powder over the top of your lips and then apply a second layer of lipstick.

There you have it, the perfect long lasting lip that’ll even rival Rihanna!


Get the Look

Our 2 perfume brands featured in this month’s GlamBox showcase some absolutely stunning but completely natural make up looks. Defining and enhancing each models natural beauty. The best bit about these looks is they are so easy to replicate, you too could be the face of a fashion house perfume line!

1. Start with a flawless but subtle base; this is where the BB Creams come in. This month we love the Ponds Flawless White as it has brilliant coverage, it’s moisturising and it has an SPF 30 in it! Hurrah!

2. Contour the cheekbones. A trick all the celebs are utilising and it’s really very simple. Find where your cheekbones are on your face with your fingers, and then you want to find the hollow directly underneath them. This is where you will apply your bronzer, starting from the ear, sweep the colour down onto the face right alone the cheekbone stopping at the apples of the cheeks.

3. Bold Brows. Fill in your eyebrows with a colour similar to your natural hair colour using an eye brow powder. Take your eye brow brush and brush the colour against the hairs on your whole eye brow. Then brush the hairs the right way smoothing them down.

4. Define the Eyes. Using and nude eye shadow brush over the entire eye lid, the take a deep brown colour and apply in the crease of the eye blending fully. Take some highlighter and apply on the inner corner of the eyes, this will brighten them. With a black liner, line the top lash line and finish with lashings of mascara on top and bottom lashes.

5. Complete the look with a pink, natural colour lipstick. Choose your colour by matching it to the inside of your bottom lip, this will be the colour that best suits you!

Check out the making of these gorgeous ad campaigns…




Fresh Faced

With the summer in full swing we thought it would be nice to share this great tip from head therapist at the Carita Maison de Beaute in Paris, Joelle Poulin. As the weather is reaching boiling point, well it feels like it, it may cause havoc with your skin so in order to keep it looking fresh and glowing try an at home massage on yourself. It’ll get the blood flowing, keep skin nice and smooth and hydrated, which is highly important as just drinking water won’t be enough during these hot months.

 ‘A home massage is one of the most effective ways to invigorate the skin and achieve a gorgeous glow. Use a moisturiser suited to your skin type and, with your fingertips, apply gentle pressure to the face. Begin with the neck and work down to the décolleté in small, circular motions. When moisturising the face always apply the cream in upwards, circular movements, this helps to lift the skin. Use your ring finger, so you don’t apply too much pressure and work from the inner corner at the bridge of the nose outwards towards the ear. This will encourage drainage and helps to de-puff the eyes.’


The April 2014 GlamBox

Our beauty expert Emilie talks you through what’s in this month’s GlamBox.

Let us know your favourite products and why?


The Decemeber 2013 GlamBox: Eucerin

Your eyes and around your lips are one of the first areas to age so it is important to take care of the delicate skin in these areas. From Eucerin we have 2 incredible products that’ll do just this. 

The aquaporin active eye cream penetrates deep into the epidermal layers of the skin ensuring there is an even distribution of moisture across the whole area, what’s great is this also reduces signs of tiredness and for those with sensitive skin it is also fragrance free! Use your ring finger as it is the weakest finger to gently dab onto the skin after cleansing and toning.

The Eucerin Lip Activ is an absolute must-have in this country with the warm weather and the air con. It has an SPF 6 which is brilliant as UV damage is one way to speed up the aging process! It’ll not only protect the lips but also repair and dry and cracked lips fast, and what I personally love is that it contains vitamin E. Apply it evenly all over your lips and re-apply as often as necessary. You can even use it as a base before applying lipstick or apply it on the top for a moisturised finish!


Christmas with Eucerin

Our beauty expert Emilie attended a Eucerin event recently where they were offering the lovely ladies of the media a delicious breakfast, a skin analysis and a beautiful gift set of Eucerin products. The skin analysis involved removing makeup so our beauty expert and makeup artist Emilie was on hand with her brushes and GlamBox makeup kit ready to beautify the ladies before they returned to work.

This month Eucerin has been a new discovery for us GlamBox girls and we were thrilled to be gifted one of the Eucerin gift sets which included products from their latest line Volume Filler; a Volume Filler day cream for normal skin, a Volume Filler day cream for dry skin, a Volume Filler Night Cream and a Volume Filler Night Cream.

Since receiving the gift set our beauty expert has been using religiously the Volume Filler for normal skin and absolutely swears by it, not only does it have a lush fragrance the cream is light yet moisturising and absorbs beautifully into the skin. She has also been using daily the eye cream which restores lost volume and firms the skin around the eyes, despite being in her 20’s our beauty expert Emilie insists on using anti-aging, firming products from your 20’s onwards as prevention is much better than cure.

Are you a Eucerin fan? We may have a little festive Eucerin treat for you in this month’s GlamBox!


O.P.I - The October GlamBox 2014

OPI has strived to provide its customers with top quality products.Known for its cleverly named lacquers, OPI offers over 200 fashion shades worldwide. With so many color choices, OPI is the ultimate accessory.

With a superior range of shades and the hottest special effects and textures, OPI is the go-to brand for nail fashion. From elegant classics to eye-popping brights, OPI has your color! Formaldehyde-free!


New Season, New You: Nuts about NUXE

We’ve been working with NUXE since February this year now and we have to say we’re totally obsessed with their products! We’ve been lucky enough to try out everything from the Nuxellence Jeunesse -  which is a favourite of our beauty expert Emilie’s, to the Huile Prodigieuse OR – the latest one has gold shimmer in it! So lush! This month we’re celebrating the start of a new season and ultimately a new you, so we’ve rounded up our Top 5 favourite NUXE products for you to experiment and indulge in…

Nuxellence Jeunesse - A beautiful and effective youth and radiance revealing fluid, with passionflower, anchusa, and poppy flower extracts. With a satin texture this fluid will leave your skin glowing and super soft. A great everyday product to use before moisturising; it’ll also help prevent pre-mature aging.

Reve de Miel Lip Balm – This lip balm will not only nourish, it’ll help repair chapped lips restoring suppleness and providing comfort if sore. Apply this nourishing balm all year round to lips and contour as often as required. If wearing lipsticks or gloss apply this balm first for the perfect pout.

Huile Prodigieuse OR – This delicious multi-purpose dry oil combines 6 precious plant oils - macadamia, hazelnut, borage, sweet almond, camellia and St John’s Wort and Vitamin E. It will nourish the skin and hair enhancing any natural tan and giving an amazing sheen to hair.

Baume Prodigieux Levres – A multi-purpose lip balm that gives a plumping gloss effect. Not only does it look good your lips will be nourished and protected. It also tastes like mango! With a choice of 4 colours; Natural Crystal, Légendaire® Pink, Shimmering Chocolate and Rouge Charismatic®.

Micellar Cleaners with Rose Petals – This gentle cleanser not only cleanses and tones the face it will also remove make up. Although it is great for all skin types this product is perfect for sensitive skin because of its soap-free formula. The Rose Petals have a soothing effect on the skin and particularly good for dry, sensitive or aging skin. It will also diminish redness and can act as an antiseptic.

Nuxe products are located in Boots pharmacies throughout the UAE and coming soon to your GlamBoxes!



GlamBox.Me Makeup Brushes - The September 2014 GlamBox

This month we’ve sent our Glamistas a Glambox brush, you’ll get one of these: The Glambox Foundation brush, it’s a flat brush that is used to blend in foundation, then there is the Glambox Stippling Brush used to blend blusher or foundation distribution and to give an air-brushed finish and last but not least we have the Glambox Retractable Brush, which means you can powder on the go or touch up throughout the day!

We hope you enjoy using Glambox tools. Stay Glamorous!


Hair Product Glossary

With the huge amount of hair products out there and available just where on earth do you start?! If you’re not a hairdresser then how are you suppose to know what product does what and why you may need it?! Well fear not Glamistas we’ve created a fool-proof guide to the different types of products out there along with our recommendations!

1. Oil: These nutrient-rich formulas often created with moisturizing plant oils, smooth and strengthen hair whilst creating blinding shine. Apply a dirham-sized amount in the palm of your hands and rub palms together, lightly run through mid-lengths and ends of your hair.

Our Pick: Philip B Rejuvenating Oil an intensive hair and scalp treatment that closely replicates the scalp’s own natural sebum, the body’s natural hair food. PHILIP B® Rejuvenating Oil is a fragrant blend of Carrier and Essential Oils derived from plants, nuts and flowers. PHILIP B Rejuvenating Oil imparts lipids into dry to damaged hair and scalp. Deep, penetrating & soothing essential oils revive and restore hair’s elasticity, resilience, and over-all strength. Define your hair, renewing the depth, vibrance and vitality of your color and texture dissipating the appearance of coarse gray, silver and regrowth. This is the Oil that started it all! See and feel the results of bouncy, healthy, soft, silky, shiny hair from your very first treatment! SHOP NOW:

 2. Serum: Similar to oils but slightly lighter in texture, serums also often feature restorative properties that repair damaged strands by smoothing down cuticles. They also tackle the dreaded flyaways. Apply a coin-sized amount when hair is dry or wet to soften and protect from heat styling.

Our Pick: Miriam Quevedo Extreme Caviar Restructuring Serum. An Intensive hair restructurer based on a CAVIAR formula that can be applied to all hair types, but especially to hair that has been treated with chemical products or exposed to harsh environmental conditions. Intensely repairing the structure of the hair’s Keratin protecting it, giving extreme shine, softness and vitality and prevents frizziness. This serum is applied after conditioning and not rinsed out. SHOP NOW:

 3. Mousse: These foaming formulas are designed to add volume and give hold. Massage a generous amount into damp strands, then blow dry to desired style.

Our Pick: SACHAJUAN SPF Mousse combines the Ocean Silk Technology with a protecting UV filter. It creates shine and protects the hair from the sun without making it heavy. SHOP NOW:

4. Gel: Not just a product for the guys, these slick formulas have the strongest hold of any product, and are best used when rocking a fierce up-do and want to keep every strand in place giving a slick and sleek look. Apply to damp hair and style as desired.

Our Pick: SACHAJUAN Straight Out Gel helps to protect the hair from heat. It creates fabulously soft and silky hair with superb shine. You will achieve beautiful sleek hair that lasts. SHOP NOW:

5. Hairspray: Use these sprays to set your look. A must have for this time of the year when we’re bound to encounter the dreaded humidity. Once you’re hair is styled, lightly spray all over or just on the single section you want to keep in place.

Our pick: Miriam Quevedo Extreme Caviar Solar Hair Spray. Not your average hairspray, this hair spray acts like a sun block for hair not only under the sun but also in seawater and whilst swimming in the pools. It protects the hair from the chlorine in the water by eliminating the effects the chlorine has on bleached hair and prevent it from turning its colour to a green tint. The active ingredients in this product add radiance to the hair leaving it instantly smooth and silky. SHOP NOW:

 6. Texturizing Spray: A favourite of ours at GlamBox to create that just stepped off the beach look. These mists will help give great texture, volume and movement to the hair giving a helping hand when using curling tongs.

 Our Pick: Philip B Maui Wowie Beach Mist Creates big-time body and cool, surfer-girl texture. Nourishes hair with Aloe Vera, marine extracts, and pure Orchid and Kukui, for a healthy, voluptuous feel. Laced with a fresh Coconut and Tahitian Gardenia, for a gorgeously beachy scent. Leaves hair bouncy, not stiff. Great for your late-afternoon revival kit. Paraben & Phthalate Free Formula.

7. Leave-In Conditioner: Perfect for dry, damaged, or brittle hair, these nutrient-rich formulas will have your locks in healthy condition replenishing moisture. A must-have in the UAE. After you’ve shampooed, and conditioned, lightly apply to the hair and then dry and style hair as normal.

Our Pick: Philip B pH Restorative Detangling Toning Mist is a detangling, leave-in toner for the hair. This super-lightweight toner adjusts the pH of tap water allowing the cuticle of the hair to seal tightly, leaving smooth, detangled, shiny, gorgeous, finished, toned hair. With Apple Cider Vinegar as a natural astringent and pH balancer, together with lightweight essential oils, PHILIP B® pH Restorative Detangling Toning Mist detangles hair, reduces frizz and static, while enhancing shine, leaving your hair with a fresh, beautiful finish. A great refresher mist to be used at any time. Suitable for everyone with hair! SHOP NOW:

 8. Hair Mask: Use these miracle treatments to rehydrate your locks to give volume, shine and a healthy texture. Try applying conditioning masks once a week in place of your conditioner.

Our Pick: Kelly Van Gogh Intense Repair Caviar Hair Masque Rich and delicious is specially packed with a concentration of the most active healing ingredients that help repair, restore and prepare hair for a beautiful colour. With its special Caviar Oil extracts, it builds collagen for a stronger hair and protects it from caustic water, dry hair, UV rays, thermal and environmental heat. The shampoo also contains amino acids and omega 3, 6 and 9 for healthy shiny hair. SHOP NOW:



Bioderma’s Top Beauty Tips

A brand close to our hearts for their incredible and very effective products, also share some top beauty tips on their website about different skin types and how to keep your hair healthy, so we just simply had to share them with you.

What precautions should be taken to relieve sensitive, intolerant skin?

• Wash your face with a very high tolerance soothing hygiene product: containing no perfume, no preservatives and no surfactants.

• Dry your face with the utmost care.

• Once or twice a day gently apply a very high tolerance skin care product (containing no perfume, no preservative and no surfactants) to combat the inflammatory reaction.

• Once or twice a week gently apply an intensive hydrating product (mask).

• Avoid applying anti-ageing products, as the active ingredients they generally contain (fruit acids, vitamin A, retinol) can cause irritation.

What skin care should be used for dehydrated / very dehydrated and sensitive skin?


Morning and evening, generously apply skin care enriched with rehydrating active ingredients that will help to rebuild the cutaneous barrier.

This will restore your skin’s radiance, suppleness and comfort, while reducing its reactivity.

Also ensure that you hydrate your skin from within. Drink 1.5 litres of water a day



What is the best way to cleanse combination or oily skin?


With a mild, suitable, non-lipid removing product, cleanse and/or remove make-up systematically from your face every evening and first thing in the morning to purify it. Then dry your skin carefully without rubbing. Finally, never touch your skin or your spots, as that will only aggravate the condition of your skin and you may end up with scars.


How can skin blemishes be prevented and reduced?


Certain elementary hygiene and skin care rules must be followed: every day, your skin should be gently cleansed and given appropriate specific skin care.



How can you ensure your hair stays healthy?


You just need to follow a few basic rules:

• Massage your scalp before applying your shampoo, with light circular movements from the nape of the neck up to the top of your head. This will not only stimulate growth by improving the blood microcirculation but it will also optimise the action of special shampoos.

• Use a shampoo and hair care product suited to your scalp and your hair. If you need to wash your hair every day, choose a non-detergent daily shampoo. If you use a treatment shampoo, adhere to your dermatologist’s prescription or your chemist’s advice.

• Rinse your hair thoroughly with lukewarm water. The rinsing time should always be longer than the washing time.

• Dry your hair with the utmost care. The gentlest way is to let it dry naturally. If you use a drier, set it to the warm position: excessive heat stresses the hair, stimulates the secretion of sweat and sebum and makes the hair electric.

• Brush your hair with care. The brushing should be gentle so as not to stress the scalp and the hair shaft. It is vital, since it helps eliminate the dirt that dulls the hair. Use combs and brushes made of natural substances, not forgetting to clean them regularly with a shampoo or an antiseptic soap.

• Opt for a balanced, varied, healthy, light diet, with plenty of fresh vegetables, fruit and cereals, not forgetting foods rich in Essential Fatty Acids (EFA), sulphurous amino acids, zinc and group B vitamins (fish, shellfish, eggs, oleaginous plants, yoghourts …).

• Adopt an “anti-stress” life style. Take the time to relax to reduce the tension.

• Compensate for any deficiencies by taking additional nutritional elements.



The January 2014 GlamBox brings you NStyle

NStyle started in 2001 by its CEO & founder Lama Bazzari. It is the parent company to NStyle Nail Lounge, Urban Male Lounge & NStyle Nail Care. Lama has won numerous prestigious awards that include being named Business Woman of the Year by Arabian Business Magazine in 2012 along with Best Business Leader by Gulf Capital’s AMEInfo Awards and Admirable Retailer of the Year by RetailME Magazine and Business Women of the Year by the Dubai Quality Group’s Emirates Women’s Award and the companies male grooming brand Urban Male Lounge being named as Best Male Spa in Dubai in November 2012. In 2013 she was also recognized as One of the Most Influential Arab Women in Family Business by the Forbes Magazine. Currently NStyle has 25 branches across Bahrain, Kuwait, Jordan, UAE & Canada!

In March 2011, the company launched its own nail polish and beauty line. They produced nail polishes with one of the leading nail polish manufacturer’s in the USA to create chip resistant, long lasting, glossy polishes. We just love them, it’s always so hard to decide which colour to pick for ourselves! 

In this month’s GlamBox we have a wide selection of beautiful nail polishes, a voucher for a blow dry available to avail in Dubai, Sharjah and Abu Dhabi and a hair cut voucher for the Urban Male Lounge.

Don’t forget to show us your finished, glamorous blow dries and manicured nail art!


The November 2014 GlamBox: Meet The Brand: TheFaceShop

GlamBox Middle East Brand Manager Laura and Marketing Director Pooja talk to Myra from THEFACESHOP to find out how this brand started and what it is they offer