Sweater Weather

Jughead x Reader

Wordcount: 2.2k

Request: Can you do an imagine where Jughead breaks up with the reader and she doesn’t go  to school for a couple of days and when she returns she’s a mess wearing joggers and something of Jugheads.

Warnings: none/fluff/possible swearing

Summary: Based on the Neighbourhood Sweater Weather, Jughead breaks the readers heart, she’s a mess and when he sees what he’s done he realises it was a mistake.

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At some point, maybe around episode 3 or 4, Michelle is gonna say to Nina Bonina something along the lines of “We’ve seen this crazy arty make up now. But who’s the real Nina? I feel like I don’t know who you are! Show us full glam!” And I’m gonna lose it.

True Story- Glamazon

This may sound a little weird and a lot like a “fake Tumblr story” but this did in fact happen. 

So it’s 7:30 in the morning, and I’m walking to my 8 am anatomy class with much dread bc anatomy is a nightmare. To cheer myself up, I put on Ru Paul’s “Glamazon” and I am instantly bouncing and jamming down the sidewalk, using the crosswalks as my runway, just feeling great. 100/10 would listen again. 

As I’m walking, in a moment of perfect coordination, I trip and fall flat on my face. My headphone jack comes out of my phone and the early morning campus calm is suddenly broken by the pop sounds of (arguably) the most prolific drag queen ever. 

All of a sudden, I hear someone else singing. And not just singing, but getting into it. They know this song by heart and they are feeling it. A hand suddenly appears in front of my face. I grab it, and the stranger helps me to my feet. 

I look up, only to find a gigantic Hulk Hogan-esque construction worker smiling down at me- belting the chorus to Glamazon like it’s his own personal anthem. Which it may have well been. 

All I managed to say was “Thanks” before he nodded, and walked off, still singing. 

So yeah, that happened.