I like tall people.

It’s just easier to be around them.

My boyfriend and I are both “freaks of nature” so to speak and we get along really well because of it.

When we go places people stare at us and it’s really nice to have someone else with you so you don’t feel like such a freak and can laugh about things.

I really wanna run into that lady from Kohls a couple months ago and show her my 6’9 boyfriend and tell her she has a five second head start because I managed to find someone to love me despite my “disability” so now I’m gonna kick her butt.


I have this wonderful costumed Glamazon jacket that my friend Sergio gave me for my 26th birthday (thank you! thank you! thank you!) and today i have decided to share it at Twitter and show it to some Popular actors. Our beloved Leslie Grossman have answered me! I’M SO HAPPY!! So I’ve decided to share this precious moment with you as well!

– Keep the Cherry army alive!