glam gang

Once Little Pup becomes the boss of The Trio gang, they head to visit each major gang’s bosses by themselves.

Muffet from Muffin Gang welcomes Little Pup with a cup of tea and their famous baked goods.

Mettaton from GLAM gang is excited to play dress-up with his clothes since Little Pup can fit in them.

Nice Cream Guy from Nice Gang offer some nice cream and a game of poker, where beginner’s luck seems to be on Little Pup’s side.

Temmies from Temmie Gang are simply excited to see a human (and boiled eggs).

And Asgore from The Gang personally feels bad for Little Pup, but he’ll have to keep a close eye on them in case things go…bad.

It was a long day for Little Pup.

The Cairo Gang — Untouchable (God?)

Untouchable plays as a dream interpretation of what radio used to sound like — but really never did — channeling glam rock’s showbiz drama, jangle pop’s emotional sentiment and punk’s detached cool in equal doses. Known for his session man skills and live collaborations with Will Oldham, Beth Orton, Angel Olson and others, The Cairo Gang’s primary informant, multi-instrumentalist Emmett Kelly delivers a bumper-free concise set of proper band-sounding, foggily familiar stylistic contradictions.

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