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Any strong takeaways from louis interview today?

Something interesting is going on with Louis’ management and promotional teams. I’m reluctant to talk about it in too much detail until I see how his album launch goes.

The timing of the announcement about Epic last week was very interesting, as is the fact that we can’t pre-order BTY in the United States or on Apple iTunes, as is the fact that Dan Wooten/ The Sun/ DM haven’t published any negative articles about Harry or Louis for a long time, and when he does, he has the wrong information (Louis signing with RCA, for instance).

The narratives of both Harry’s and Louis’ promotion are similar in that they separate themselves from each other as much as possible. They don’t mention each other except in the context of all the other boys. They level out the friendships as “the five of us” or “the four of us,” as if their friendships were interchangeable. Despite a travel schedule that has been synchronized for the past year and a half, despite having homes in the same city (London) or close (Doncaster, Holmes Chapel), despite their sisters’ being friends, Harry’s and Louis’ paths never cross, their friends are completely different, they don’t know each other except through email or texting.

It’s notable that while Niall and Liam talk about seeing Louis and talking to Harry, Louis and Harry never mention each other. They can’t mention each other’s projects. When they do, they become unsettled.

I think it’s interesting that Louis comes across as such a normal, boring person, and I think it’s a deliberate presentation. It contradicts the version of Louis who is out of control, wildly partying, fighting with paps and fans, getting hauled to court, fathering children from one-night stands. The boring, steady, working class guy is someone everyone can relate to, have a pint with.

It is a persona that is as different from the glam rocker, ambiguously-gendered, rock savior-golden child that is Harry.

Despite this image of modesty, Louis’ promo through the selected leaks of the videos, the SM promotion, the engagement of radio DJs, print media, and streaming services, has been excellent. A promotional team is doing something great, and that is also atypical for SJPR’s work for Louis.

Stay tuned.


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This is from a Tumblr that doesn’t exist called Boy George Eliot. All captions are by novelist George Eliot, and all images are of musician Boy George


I felt the need to bring up David Bowie in my conversation with Chris back when I met him in 2013 . Regarding the glam side of IAMX ,the glitter , the makeup and how it all reminded me of the early Ziggy Stardust era . He smiled and kind of agreed with all I was stating…. but we quickly moved on to Prince ( lol)

Anyway next to Chris , David was it for me. He inspired my art , shaped my fashion and taught me all I know about music and surprisingly film ….
Physically , in certain angles and light , I have always seen a resemblance between Bowie and Corner. From their sharp jaw lines to their thin crooked smiles. Not to mention the similarities between their glamorous fashion , extravagant make up and androgynous style . As for the music they are both unique in their own ways. Regardless of past interviews the early Bowie years had a huge effect on Chris and his art there is no denying that .

Rest in power Starman.


Latrice Royale and Honey Mahogany getting into it on set with Jose A Guzman Colon.