glam eyez repackaged

So this is the ‘Bitch Slap’ thing mentioned in this question. Apparently Kathy (the owner of Bitch Slap) claimed Glam Eyez’s new logo looks like theirs (Bitch Slap’s), but it had obviously been deleted before this screenshot was taken, hence Kathy then asking if she was wrong for saying so.

I would maybe say that mentioning it publicly on Facebook is a little inappropriate when a private message or e-mail would have sufficed. However, Glam Eyez is well-known for stealing images and would most likely have ignored Kathy had she said it privately. And in this case, being called out publicly is probably the best way for this to be put out there.

And how does Carelis respond to these accusations? Message Kathy privately to discuss the issue? Apologize and say she’ll look into it? No, that would be far too professional and mature. No, the best way is to deny it, blame it on someone else and bitch about the 'rival’ company. 

Carelis has only heard bad things about Bitch Slap, and to be honest, I’ve only heard bad things about them too. But I’ve heard and witnessed worse from Glam Eyez, so I don’t really get why she’s trying to act superior. 

She doesn’t want to be like Bitch Slap, that’s insane! Yet Glam Eyez is like a poor copy of Bitch Slap. Bitch Slap sells 'eye wheels’, Glam Eyez starts selling those eye wheels. Bitch Slap sells jewelry, Glam Eyez starts selling jewelry. Bitch Slap has over 11k likes, Glam Eyez… oh dear. Oh well, two out of three ain’t bad, eh?