Heeeey! I don’t know how much interest these will get, but I’m opening commissions. Prices are as listed, we can negotiate if you think they’re too high, or if you want something cheaper like a sketch. 

I’ll draw pretty much anything, Pokemon, animals, humans, furries, sfw, nsfw, anything but gore. 

Option 3 will be knee-up or full-body, whichever you prefer. (I forgot to write that on there.)

My paypal is

So kherrigan made an oc species called eelbutts, which are eel mermaids! They’re extemely cute and cool design-wise. *o* 

I made one a few weeks ago, but it’s taken me this long to paint them. so this is Madge. they’re a dragon moray that loves pearls like an unholy amount. They’re agender (it seems like all my mer characters are agender). 

i was using a bad scanner so it looks kinda weird. ;; and my photoshop cs5 isn’t working so i had to use elements to fix it.