So my mom just handed me an envelope and said ‘I made these when I was about your age’

So of course I opened it and…

These dragons?

With normal names?

Doing random things?

Hot Jazz ffs

Basil is so fancy

The handwriting is so pretty too?

Fucking Myron

Seriously look at those names

Dragons would totally be annoyingly American if they reappeared in the British Isles!

These are golden.


SO, I never uploaded my final project for last semester’s SEQA100 course. GREAT class, great feedback, felt pretty great about this project at the time, aaaand. I kinda feel like this sucks now. But I DID put a lot of work into this, and in all likelihood I will be revisiting it very soon (not in this strip format, though), so it’s going up here for posterity. 

Anyway basically the girl is named Gladys and the little demon she summons is Buer, my All Time Favorite Demon Forever. A big part of the project was to self-publish your minicomic yourself, so I also have some cute paper copies left over for fun:

Good project! And despite the flaws I’m picking over now, I’m still pretty excited to work on it some more on my own time.