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Three Little Words

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Dean never thought it would be easy to be in love with an Angel, but the fact that said Angel is currently on the other side of the country makes everything that much more complicated.

I miss you.

He hadn’t meant for it to happen, but somewhere in the hazy realm between being awake and asleep the words had made themselves to the forefront of his mind. And Cas had heard them.


Dean opened his eyes, stared up at the inky darkness of the ceiling.

“Shit,” he said aloud, throwing back the covers and sitting up in bed. He glanced first at his alarm clock (3:48AM. Great.) and then at his phone. Could a prayer be undone?

He knew it was impossible even as he thought it. Those things were basically direct transmissions to Angels; they were like emails that way. Dean had always hated emails.

He buried his face in his hands, letting out a groan. He’d tried so hard to be okay with the fact that Cas was away more often than not lately; the phone calls had been kept to a minimum, and on the rare occasions that Cas was at the Bunker, Dean had been the picture of nonchalance. Anything to avoid coming off as needy.

And now he’d blown it all. Cas would know.

His phone remained dark and silent on the bedside table, and a flicker of hope unfurled in Dean’s chest. Maybe he hadn’t thought the words directly at Cas. Maybe it hadn’t actually–

As if on cue, the phone buzzed, its screen lighting up and illuminating the room: Castiel calling.

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