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I've been trying to look him the info with no clear answer but I thought you may know. Is Gladstone’s mom still canonly alive? Random info I've read has his father is probably gone but it's open ended on what happened to Daphne Duck.

it’s a tricky one hey- the headcanon version I have is a sort of blend of the Barks version and the Don Rosa version; that his parents were Goosetave Gander and Daphne Duck, but they died in the fashion described by Barks (which tbh could well tie into/be supported by Rosa’s The Sign of the Triple Distelfink story)-

My reasoning for this is simply that the Duck Family very often has big reunions and even obscure relatives are included in things like Christmas specials- but we never see Daphne or Goosetave. They aren’t even mentioned in conversation, and this is strange considering how Daphne was so closely related to Donald- in fact, the only stories I know that really feature Daphne in any way are The Sign of the Triple Distelfink and part of the Life and Times of Scrooge McDuck- both showing events in the comparatively distant past.

Anyway, I think when you’re presented with the fact that much older characters like Grandma and Scrooge are still kicking, it leads me to think that something happened to them to remove them from the picture so absolutely (and Barks is pretty much the Go To for duck canon even if the family tree shifted about).