glados x wheatley

I will be posting each chapter of the AU at a time so here’s where the AU starts.

The Wheatato AU doesn’t take effect until the end of Chapter 5: The Escape. Before you can even press the Stalemate Resolution Button, Glados states that she has a better idea and then you hear Wheatley crying in pain. She electrifies him while he’s plugged in and gets knocked out from a system overheat. She then takes hold of you and Wheatley  (still knocked out) and ponders on how to teach you a lesson. She then realizes that Wheatley is who helped you get this far so to make him suffer, she put him in a potato battery.

Glados then wakes Wheatley up and claims to kill Chell and make him watch and then turn him into mashed potatoes. She then places Chell into a lift and shuts the door. Before doing anything, Glados snarls at Wheatley, remembering what his purpose was as an intelligence dampening sphere while Wheatley begins to deny it all and how he’s trying not to be the moron he was built to be. Since the turrets can’t shoot, maybe they can explode and kill Chell that way. But when Glados brings the defective turrets, too many of them come out at once and not only surround Chell but Glados as well. She then freaks out, accidentally throwing Wheatley at Chell. Glados raises her body up to shield herself from the explosions. When they exploded, the force messed with the lift, causing it to break and making both Chell and Wheatley fall.

While falling into a pit, Chapter 6: The Fall starts and Wheatley is being completely silent until he begins to utter how it was his fault the humans are dead back at the Enrichment Center and starts calling himself a moron over and over again. Then before they make it to the bottom a bird swoops in and takes him away while he cries out in horror.


Teaser trailer from the full-length video coming soon, and a full song from Portal 2: The (Unauthorized) Musical!