Is it only me ?

Am I the only one who ships Nyx with Luna ? They suit each other way more than noctis and luna do~ (They don’t in my opinion)
I feel like Nyx & Luna shoulf be canon.
Make it happen squeenix~
Also Cindy/Cidney suits Gladio alot (I also think Gladio/Prompto look good together) so yup~ that’s all I have to say.

What do you people think ?

Big Bro & Little Sis pt 4

[At a hotel, nighttime]

Gladio: *watching tv*

Iris: *takes seat in front of it*

Gladio: I can’t see. Move out of the way.

Iris: *crosses arms* You’re not the boss of me Mr. Goofy.

Gladio: *rolls eyes* Iris, please move your big, enormous, gopher looking head out of the way.

Iris: *gasps* Well at least my head doesn’t look like a football with a mullet!

Gladio: You’re right, it looks more like a big meatloaf on a little girls body.

Ignis: *whispers* They’ve been arguing ever since we arrived.

Noctis: It’s times like this I’m glad I’m an only child.

Iris: *runs over* Iggy! Niichan said my head looks like a watermelon except with a bad haircut!


Duscae is awesome. Really enjoyed it. Some things could do with some work but I know this is no way a final product. 

Iggy was the best surprise for me. I thought I’d dislike the serious butler but he ended up being so funny and I just enjoy his banter xD Promto was my fave from the start and I think he still is. Gladio…I wish he had more character about him…he had moments but I’d like to hear more from him. I love Noct but his english VA is not what Id imagined at all. It’s too deep and sounds muffled compared to the rest….

But anyways, I still love it and I can’t wait to play the final version! 

I  R  I  S     A  M  I  C  I  T  I  A
t h e    r e s i l i e n t    d a u g h t e r

final fantasy xv: part 7 / ??