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“Is there a reason you’re naked in my bed?” (Gladio x Prompto)

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I almost screamed when I got this in my inbox. YES. It’s been forever since I’ve been asked to do Glompto or Promptio, oh my gosh. Don’t worry, I am working on your other request as well. May I introduce you all to Prompto and Ignis Brotp as well? @letshareapapou and I dabble on occasion so she helped me write this XD

6. “Is there a reason you’re naked in my bed?” — Glompto or Promptio or Gladiolus/Prompto

Ignis had rolled his eyes when Noctis immediately rolled out of his chair for the television, fighting to beat Gladiolus. The Shield dove to the back of the couch for the remote.

They tussled as the blond bounced over to help Ignis collect the dishes to put in the sink. It wasn’t everyday that Ignis would volunteer to do the dishes by himself, he would suggest a democratic process of straw pulling. Talk about generous, but Prompto wasn’t going to let the advisor take on the copious amounts of plates, pots, and silverware by himself.

Prompto looked over his shoulder at the commotion, smiling. “They’re suddenly full of energy, huh?” Ignis’ face scrunched up like he had been sucking on a lemon.

“Yes… How amusing they didn’t demonstrate this caliber of enthusiasm at the council meeting this morning.” The taller man sighed.

Prompto looked away, kicking at the floor. “I wouldn’t know.” The blond, not being a council member nor of royal blood, was always excluded.

Ignis flinched. “My apologies.” Prompto gave him a half-smile, bent more of a grimace than a smile. The advisor handed him a rag to dry and whispered, “In all honesty… It was a bit dull. Trade meetings on coal mining in the south, but don’t tell Noct I said so.” He proceeded to scrub at a dish.

Prompto laughed as he took the rag. “Would you seriously want those two like that there?” He jerked a thumb behind him. Gladiolus had won, Noctis half under him and thrashing still.

“I suppose you’re right.” Ignis huffed, turning to being another stack of dishes in the lukewarm water.

“But still, I’m his best friend, and I’m not included in the biggest part of his life.” The blond leaned back, arms falling behind him to brace himself against the counter, looking solemnly at Noctis.

“Well, I’d hardly call coal mining the biggest…” The advisor trailed off, filling in the silence by spraying the soapy residue off a pan.

“Man, you suck at this comfort thing. How does Noct do it?” The gunner chuckled.

The lump in Ignis’ throat bobbed anxiously as he looked away.

Prompto shook his arm lightly, much to the advisor’s astonishment. “Totally kidding! I’m sorry! It was a bad joke, didn’t mean to hit a sore spot! Honestly, you and Noct are perfect for each other!” Ignis smiled weakly.

“Come on, relationships are hard, but you guys deal with harder stuff everyday! Coal mining, Iggy! Coal mining! Who uses coal these days?” Ignis laughed before staring hard at the blonde. Prompto blinked back owlishly. “Huh? Do I have something in on my face?”

“Speaking about relationships…” Ignis’ viridian eyes drifted over Gladiolus and Noctis, finally broke apart from their wrestling and settling back on the couch. “You were watching him. With great interest, I might add. I could be mistaken, but it would appear you were enraptured.”

“Huh?” Prompto watched Ignis smirk and drum his forefinger on the counter. “Noct?” He concealed the fact that the advisor was on to him with a charming smile.


The mask crumbled and the blond gave an uneasy laugh. “He’s a great guy, yeah. You see it, too, yeah? I mean, it’s not what you think!”

“No, not in the way that you do. Do tell.”

“He’s good with kids. He takes great care of his family and friends. He’s courageous, smart, and selfless. And he has a nice ass—” The blonde gulped. Flushing, he brought his hands over his cheeks. “Ig-nis.” He whined, hands migrating from his cheeks to his eyes.

Ignis chuckled. “Well, I did ask.”

“And that’s all you’re getting out of me!” Prompto threw down the rag and started to march out of the kitchen before Ignis caught him by the arm. “Iggy…”

“Apologies, my friend,” Ignis walked Prompto backwards until the blond jolted upright when his lower back touched the edge of the counter. “I’m merely impressed that you could express your feelings so boldly. That’s not something most people could do.”

“Yeah, well, you’re better with words than the rest of us… You should give it a try sometime…” Prompto mumbled as he pouted.

“How about a consultation for the distress I’ve caused you?”

“Consultation? Wait, of what? How much?” The blond crossed his arms, tilting his head.

“You’re aware that being the crown prince’s advisor that I possess indispensable counsel.” The advisor braced his hands along the edges of the counter, trapping the gunslinger from escaping. “There’s not a noble alive who wouldn’t want to reward me for generating a good word or two.”

Gee, you sure have a modest view of yourself, Iggy, Prompto thought sarcastically. Though what the brunet said was true, Ignis was one of the youngest and brightest minds of Eos. Even Cor the Immortal relied on him for battle strategy.

“So how about it?” He adjusted his glasses by the corner. “I’m feeling quite generous.”

“Okay…” Prompto caved, leaning his face into Ignis’ chest, the rest of his words lost in the expensive leopard-print button up.

Ignis hummed, lifting the blond by the chin. The advisor trailed his finger over Prompto’s lower lip, studying his red face with sultry and inquisitive eyes. “If only you’d use these pretty lips on Gladio, you’d easily get what you want but for now, tell me.”

“Maybe they would pay for your lips.” Ignis cocked an eyebrow at the blond’s words. “I mean your words, YOUR WORDS, yeesh, Ignis, I mean, there’s only so much a guy can take.” The astounded gunslinger fidgeted, his legs becoming weaker by the second.

Ignis smirked and leaned back, allowing Prompto to remind himself that he could breathe. “Mmm. Alright. Since words escape you, I’ll tell you what to do.” He leaned over Prompto as whispered, “You put it all out there. Every. Piece. Off. You.” Ignis eyed him like a hungry wolf, a gleam in his eyes. “And I do mean every piece.”

“Every piece.” Prompto echoed as he removed another layer. He still wasn’t sure why he went through with the advisor’s instructions. He could’ve easily had a good laugh and left it alone.

He had to waltz up to Gladiolus’ room and do something like this instead.

Ignis isn’t some cherub with a halo and a harp. No… He was a definitely cheeky devil in a guise of an angel.

The gunslinger had closed the curtains but a sliver of moonlight had escaped, illuminating the blond’s  awkward yet wiry form. He shivered, kicking a pile of clothes and boots under the bed.

He approached the bed and crawled in, the sheets chilled to his sensitive skin as his back touched the bed. Doubt surfaced the young man’s mind, muddling the confidence he had earlier listening to the advisor’s pep talk. Prompto didn’t think out a number of things through.

For one, he never snuck into someone’s bedroom and strip down naked (okay, that one time when the roof caved in Iris’ bedroom didn’t count). Two, the scenarios of how this could turn out finally hit him and already he’s planning an escape route. And three, well, he rather not think of three…

Instead, the blond turned over to this side, hugged one of the pillows, and allowed the Shield’s musky aroma take him. The plan had to work. As soon as Gladiolus walked in, Prompto would initiate Operation Seduction and think of himself being the most appetizing thing on the menu. Would that entice the Shield?

Any last thoughts were immediately quashed when Prompto heard the door hand turn. He dove under the sheets. He bit back a curse. This was by far the worst plan Ignis had ever came up with. The man never came up with a plan B.

All Prompto could hear were the sound of his own heart beating rapidly in his chest. The distraction made it very difficult to hear the Shield approach the bed.

Prompto froze when he felt warm, large fingers trail up and down his calf and thigh. His breath caught in his through. He failed to notice that one of his legs were poking out.

“Is there a reason you’re naked in my bed?”

Prompto’s face flared up as he kicked away the Shield’s hand had been, flat on his stomach. “I’m not naked… I’m… I’m just wearing very sheer PJs… That’s a thing!” He replied quietly, praying that the older man would accept his answer.

Gladiolus planted the scorned hand on the bed by the blond’s stomach, hair falling over his chest as he leaned down. Prompto jumped, goosebumps running over his exposed skin. He didn’t look away from the Shield, eyes wide and pleading.
“That’s some very sheer pajamas,” Gladio huskily taunted, “I’d like to see a bit more of them.”

Prompto squeaked, “Gladio—”

Gladiolus kneeled coyly by the blond’s side, holding the sheet closed in one hand but just barely. All in one fluid motion, he had yanked the minimal projection the blond had left. Prompto felt his amber eyes raking the finer points of his body: his chest, arms, and the obvious tent between his thighs, all out on display. He attempted to retrieve the sheet but Gladiolus stopped him.

“What’s your hurry?” He traced a finger, circling a storm of freckles on Prompto’s shoulder. “I like this new look on you…” The man leaned down to run his tongue there. “And here…” His tongue slid into the dip in the blonde’s collarbone.

Prompto’s breath hitched, eyes slamming closed, face turning away sharply. “Oh!” A gasp ripped through the body under him. Gladio surged up, swallowing it. He licked into Prompto’s mouth, the blond’s tongue shyly meeting his. Gladio gracefully trailed hand over the gunner’s flank, petting it softly. Prompto leaned into the touch, shivering with anticipation.

Not even in the gunslinger’s wildest imaginations cover that Gladiolus would be that good. Prompto just found the courage he needed, the trepidation melting away and do something daring for once.

The Shield pulled back, the blond followed for a moment, eyes half-closed, face flushed.

“Mmm, best thing I’ve seen all day.” Gladiolus smiled, “Wouldn’t mind finding you in my bed more often.”

“Here I am.” Prompto looped his arms around the older man’s neck and planted delicate kisses around his mouth. “Let’s make this a habit…”


Duscae is awesome. Really enjoyed it. Some things could do with some work but I know this is no way a final product. 

Iggy was the best surprise for me. I thought I’d dislike the serious butler but he ended up being so funny and I just enjoy his banter xD Promto was my fave from the start and I think he still is. Gladio…I wish he had more character about him…he had moments but I’d like to hear more from him. I love Noct but his english VA is not what Id imagined at all. It’s too deep and sounds muffled compared to the rest….

But anyways, I still love it and I can’t wait to play the final version! 


Prompto and Ignis join back up with the others after a day of adventuring.