noctis’ party + their battle styles

“Flowers for a prince”

I haven’t drawn you in a year i think, i really detached myself from you, the one who got me into the world of doing art, and i am kind of sorry for that. You were my bias since the beginning, when your eyes were full of mistery, but things happened and it made me change….

But i have always respected you, for your courage, for your strenght, for your perseverance, your innocence, your sweetness, especially your sweetness, and even though your birthday it isn’t until a few days, i want to gift you this


So i can wish you to get better soon

*Peonies are used to represent honor in china

*Gladiolous means strenght of character and damn you i admire you so much for this

*Alcea flowers means ambition, something i also admire from you and what always makes me keep on drawing

#GetWellSoonTao ♥

obviously the meanings can be totally wrong ‘cuz i searched all this on the internet, i don’t know anything about flowers