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Hashirama: I want to create a village where children no longer have to fight and suffer in wars.

Konoha, circa a century later: Hello children between the ages of 11 to 40, now that you’ve signed the release forms waiving your parent’s ability to sue us in the event you die or get maimed horrifically it’s time for the HELL DEATH FOREST EXTRAVAGANZA, where we let you loose in a giant enclosure filled with wild animals along with the local neighborhood sociopaths eager to taste your blood. (Literally, in some cases!) And if you survive after that and don’t get knocked out of the preliminary grudge matches you get to be a part of the GLADIATOR BLOOD SPORT TOURNAMENT where you all get to fight for the amusement of the extremely wealthy civilians who have no clue who you are unless you have a pedigree so they can decide if you’re worth promoting to a higher rank of ninja based on how flashy or violent your techniques are. Are you allowed to kill your opponent in these matches? We neither know nor particularly care! You’re definitely allowed to maim though, so try not to provoke whatever juiced up fuckhead from across the ocean you got matched up with into ripping your arm from your socket! That would be extremely unfortunate for your job prospects. :( And wouldn’t make for a fun show for our patrons to watch. :( :( :(

A Slender Thread (part 1)

You stay at your uncle’s ludus in for the summer, where you meet James, your uncle’s champion gladiator.

author: sugardaddytonystark (formerly buckysbackpackbuckle)
pairing: Bucky Barnes x Reader
word count: 2132
warnings: gladiator au, smut, violence, character death

x amazing picture by @264jana x

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pancakeheimer  asked:

Hi there! I was wondering if you could write a scenario about what Shiro would do if his s/o got hurt either training or on a mission or something? Have a wonderful day! :)

I’m always up for daddy shiro coming to his s/o’s rescue :’) This takes place in episode 9 where the ship starts the rebel against the paladins.

“Why am I here again…?” Shiro sighed as he leaned against the door frame to the gladiator training area, where you were stood in the middle, after dragging your boyfriend away from training of his own. But he needed to see this. 

You laughed, tossing a training sword up in the air and catching it again. “I want to show you how strong I’ve gotten since last time you watched me fight the bot. Come on, pleeeeeaaaassseee?” You fluttered your eyelashes at him before he sighed again. 

“Fine. Just be careful.” It wasn’t that Shiro didn’t want to come watch you, he always cherished the usually limited time you guys had together. But he was afraid of what could go wrong. The Gladiator resembled the galra soldiers so much, it frightened him. He couldn’t bear to watch the few other times you had asked him, scared of what the gladiator was capable of. If you had gotten hurt under his watch..

“SHIRO!” He had become engulfed in his own thoughts once again. He looked at you and saw the concern in your eyes. He must have worried you. He was already being a distraction to you, and you hadn’t even initiated the sequence yet.

“I’m fine. Go ahead, love.” A twinkle in his s/o’s eyes confirmed their determination to please him. They wanted to earn his respect, not just as a lover, but as a fighter too. He stared at his s/o with loving eyes. What did he do to have such a understanding s/o? Everything about them was perfect. But the gladiator.. All he could seem to focus on was the situation that this wasn’t a training robot, and it actually a galra soldier readying it’s attack to end their life. A drop of sweat rolled down his neck, affects of his PTSD kicking in. Wait.. the bot had already been summoned?

Shiro’s attention was shifted to the gladiator that spawned in the room. When did they give the command to start the sequence? Shiro had spaced out for a moment, and that was all it took. His eyes darted to his s/o’s panic-stricken face as the gladiator towered over their body.

Everything was a blur. 

Shiro’s eye’s widened as he immediately leapt toward his s/o, he could see it coming. It was all in slow motion for him. But he was too late.

“SHI-” They tried to yell, but it was too late. The gladiator had swung it’s huge weapon down, causing their body to be violently smacked against the cold, hard ground. Shiro froze. It took him a moment to comprehend the situation before letting out a strangled scream.

“Y/N!” Shiro’s legs darted from their position once more, as he watched the gladiator move closer toward his s/o’s slumped body on the floor, stagnant.

It was going to finish them off.

Shiro shook off all of the images flashing through his mind of his fellow inmates being thrown down and killed by the galra empire, and focused on the task at hand. 

His s/o was going to die if he didn’t pull it the fuck together.

He picked up the weapon his s/o was previously using, and used it to impale the training bot. This toppled the machine to the floor, Shiro kicking far away from the two of them. The bot obviously wasn’t set at a high enough level to give Shiro a hard time, but that didn’t matter.

He dropped the weapon and ran over to his s/o’s side on the floor, the color red began pooling around them both. He didn’t want to look at them. He did this to them. He should’ve been watching. They could’ve died. They are dying. Oh God.

Shiro cradled them in his arms and stood up, wasting no more time taking them to a healing pod as fast as his legs could move. 

“Coran!” He screamed, frantically trying to locate his whereabouts. Coran appeared from a nearby hallway and gasped. 

“What the quiznak happened Shiro?! I thought they were training with the bot?” He says as he frantically types in the keys to open up a healing pod. 

Shiro doesn’t reply, as he runs over to the pod nearly throws his s/o into the chamber before Coran shuts it again, to initiate the healing process. 

Shiro let out a breath he had been unconsciously holding, as his back slid against the glass of the pod, until his had touch the floor. Coran decided it was best if he didn’t press the subject further.

“I-I’ll go inform the princess..” He mumbles, scared of disturbing Shiro in his time of solitude he needed to reflect. 

Shiro’s heart began pounding harder. He hung his head low as held it in his hands. He hadn’t even realized he’d been crying. He choked back a sob and bit his lip. What has he done?

I feel certain everyone else has already spotted this...

…but I haven’t actually seen anyone point it out, so

We all know about the Galra Keith theory by now and we all know that one of the biggest clues is the infamous handprint scene:

And I’ve seen multiple people point out, and I bring it up in my own post on the theory, that one of the reasons this seems significant is that we see in other episodes that Shiro’s hand is “the only thing” the Paladins have that can interface with Galra technology. It’s a key plot point in both Return of the Gladiator and Collection and Extraction.

But do you know where else we see someone needing Galra associations in order to use Galra technology?

Less than two minutes later, in the same episode, with the SAME TECHNOLOGY

That’s Hunk, trying to get into the prison, having defeated the guards, using one of the guards’ chopped off hands to activate a handprint that looks almost exactly like the one Keith is using

It would be pretty damn strange if the exact same technology less than two minutes later in the episode suddenly worked on different rules than it did a second ago. There is no reason why Keith should be able to get the handprint to recognize his own hand but Hunk needs to use a severed Galra’s - unless the computer recognizes Keith differently than Hunk

Idk like I said, I feel like everyone else has probably already noticed this and you’re probably all side-eyeing me like, “no duh”. But somehow I missed that up until this point and I haven’t seen anyone else say something about it, so there you go

2/3 Practical Uses for Teleportation

You know that bit in Gladiator where Russell Crowe walks through the wheatfield, running his hand through it and looking Masculinely Contemplative? That’s where we start, only instead of Manful Crowe, we’re a bedraggled group of paranoid apocalypse survivors.

There’s an odd rustling in the wheat - is it the wind? Is it something more sinister? Spoiler alert: It’s sinister. Over the next few hours, a huge mass of birds gather together, of all types and sizes, the only commonality their black color palettes. As they approach, it becomes increasingly clear that they’re headed for Morthred specifically.

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DOWNLOAD: Twonk Team Vol. 2 – 12.14.13

1. Bro & UFO - Dealer (Milo & Otis Remix)
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7. Milo & Otis - Love 2 Love U

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12. Sage The Gemini ft. Iamsu! - Gas Pedal (Salva Remix Instrumental)
13. Buku - Down

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Saigenos Prompts for the AU Enthusiast
  • College AU where Genos is a student that has anger management issues and is forced to go to the school’s therapy office every other day. Saitama is another student that goes to therapy for depression and “I need to start caring about things again”. The two meet behind the therapy building and Saitama is just in time to see Genos hit another student for a reason I’ll leave up to you. 
  • Gladiator AU where Genos is the son of a very wealthy Roman senator who owns a number of gladiators that he sends to the coliseum all the time. The newest addition to the team is Saitama, a Briton slave. Genos gets curious about the new person and sneaks down to the stables to meet him at night. 
  • Genos and Saitama have been neighbors since they were kids. Genos has had a crush on our dear baldy for quite some time. Saitama leaves for college out of state ( or out of country/province/region for my non-American readers) and promises that they’ll always be friends. He comes back after a few years to find that Genos has grown up considerably. Feelings happen. 
  • Saitama and Genos are both models and they first meet at an underwear shoot. Saitama is instantly smitten, like embarrassingly so. Their photo shoot goes so well that they are often paired up for other shoots. Genos finally notices his crush on our baldy when they have to pretend to be a couple in a fashion magazine spread.     
  • Saitama is an overworked business executive. One day, Saitama’s assistant calls in sick and he has to go down to the local library to get *insert plot device here* and that is where he meets the mute librarian, Genos. From that day on, he visits the library just so he can see him. 
  • Saitama is a nurse at a hospital and comes across Genos the day he and his parents get into a car accident. Both his parents die and Genos sustains minor/major (you decide) injuries that leave him in the hospital for a few days. Saitama ends up visiting him several times a day even though he has other patients to deal with. 
  • Pirates AU where Saitama is the captain of a ship (be creative with the name). After capturing a prize, he gains the attention of the god of the sea, Genos, who all pirates/seafarers/etc know and believe in. Infatuated, Genos just can’t leave Saitama alone, lingering on his ship, giving him advice, and pretty much just hanging around him way too often. The only downside to being god of the sea is that Genos can never set foot on land. 
  • Genos finds Saitama unconscious, bloody and injured while hunting in the woods. He takes him back to Dr. Kuseno and nurses him back to health. It isn’t until much later than he discovers that Saitama is the missing prince of the neighboring kingdom, a kingdom that is ruled by the man that executed Genos’ parents. 
  • Coffee Shop AU where Saitama and Genos go to the same place to get coffee. They’re never there at the same time, one of them always leaving moments before the other arrives. But one day, Genos is running late for work (which is something that never happens) and he arrives at the coffee shop earlier than he normally does because of all his rushing around. He’s just in time to meet Saitama at the door as he’s leaving. 
  • Saitama moves into a new apartment. During the first week there, odd things begin to happen. Like things are moved from where he put them, doors open and close, and he hears weird sounds. He decides to investigate and puts a plate of food on the counter and hides. When he hears the plate move, he pops out of his hiding spot only to find Genos, the ghost of a young man that had died a few floors below him.      

taylorswift tomorrow when you come to quicken loans arena and if you’re bored come visit me! ask someone to show you where the glem offices are (Gladiators and Lake Erie monsters)! I’ll be working until 4 then time to change into my scarlet letter and shake it off. No but seriously if you want to see how sports people work come find me on the fifth floor!


A Weird Coincidence of Instagram Hints about Dean O'Gorman

Why do two of your friends post a photo of yours at the end of a work-out session in the Auckland gymnasium called Ludus Magnus after the place in Ancient Rome where Spartacus and the other gladiators used to train?

Why do you look so smug if you have repeatedly admitted that you don’t enjoy going to the gym so much, unless you have to?

Moreover, you were one of the few Kiwi athletic actors who did not have a small role at least, in the infamous Spartacus TV series…

Maybe it is nothing more than a weird coincidence, maybe it is something more than a wishful thinking from your dearest bros, but just a few days later…

YOU are going to play the real deal…

YOU are going to play Kirk Douglas.

Who made Spartacus.

Who was Spartacus.

(x)    (x)   (x)

Thanks to Deanodaniel.