gladiators in helmets

Bronze gladiator’s helmet. Roman, 1st century. Excavated at Pompeii, said to have been found in the gladiator’s barracks at Pompeii.

Helmet has a grille of linked circles to protect the face, and a broad brim to protect the back and the sides of the head. At the front of the helmet is a medallion of Hercules. Height: 48.26 centimeters.

British Museum.

So I decided to make the coat of arms for the Crawford Family.

It kind of spiralled out of control when I started to do some research into heraldry and all the symbolize and fancy shit that goes into it. So this is what I’ve come up with:

Coat of Arms: A red aldgoat being consumed by a black crow on a gold field. 

(The red aldgoat is the original symbol of the Crawford family. A black crow was the family symbol of Reiji, the man who married the family’s martriach after the mysterious death of her husband. Reiji took on the Crawford’s last name and took the family’s seat on the Syndicate. He combined the two symbols. The field of gold obviously represents the family’s wealth.)

Alchemist alembics hanging from a golden scale.

(The Crawford family derives is wealth from research and developing alchemist medicines)

Helm: A gladiator’s helmet

(For generations, the family has supported gladiators and helped fund various war and entertainment endeavours involving their participation.)

Crest: The Immortal Flame

(They are very proudly Ul’dahn)

Compartment: The desert of Thanalan

(VERY Ul’dahn)

Motto: “Tutum te robore reddam” (I will give you safety by strength)

(This is the motto of Clan Crawford from Scotland. I used that as a base for my idea)

This was fun to make, but kind of hard to do in mspaint.

so i have a lot of emotions about kevin day and the foxes making him feel loved and appreciated

  • it’s around the first anniversary of riko’s death and the trojans have just been knocked out of semifinals
  • (they’re changing the way they look at the game and how they train, just as promised. everyone unanimously agrees the trojans are going to be a practically unstoppable force by next year but right now they have to work through growing pains)
  • kevin is just not feeling good
  • he’s getting lost in his head, caught up in memories tinged with pain and fear, tangled up between complicated grief and relief that riko’s gone, and the trojan’s loss is hitting him even harder than it normally would
  • the foxes can tell it’s serious bc on movie night they saw him eat half a box of little debby cakes
  • so before they go to bed the team has a Kevin’s Well Being meeting over breakfast and they plot

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