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Artist Creates Cat And Mice Armor Based On Different Historical Eras

Dragon Cat

Bat Cat

Samurai Siamese

Crusader army

Tournament Cat

15th Century Maximilian Rat


Tournament Cat

Tournament Mice

Persian Cat

Gladiator Cat Helmet

White Knight Cat

Elven Princess

Persian Cat and Crusader Mouse

Edo Period Samurat General

Bronze gladiator’s helmet. Roman, 1st century. Excavated at Pompeii, said to have been found in the gladiator’s barracks at Pompeii.

Helmet has a grille of linked circles to protect the face, and a broad brim to protect the back and the sides of the head. At the front of the helmet is a medallion of Hercules. Height: 48.26 centimeters.

British Museum.

supernovasoundwave-deactivated2  asked:

Hello!! I absolutely LOVE this blog and wanted to thank you SO MUCH for posting the Megatron Origins Issue 2 pics of his pretty head panels/crest thing! Haha...I haven't gotten to read the Megatron Origin series yet and really want to. Is it explained why he has them? [There was a theory on another blog that thought they were solar panels.] Or are they just a part of how he looks and he wears the helmet over them?

@supernovasoundwave Thank you and you’re welcome!! Unfortunately it isn’t at all explained why he had them. Like, ever really. I’ve always wondered myself. This would be a question to ask the writers of that comic. But here’s my theory.

See the thing is, is that lots of other bots in the first issue of Megatron Origin have helmets exactly like his (as shown below), so I imagine that the other miners were built on an industrial scale to have them as well. It couldn’t have been just Megatron who had them.

(None of the bots shown here are Megatron. The close one in the first panel looks like it but Megs doesn’t have any scars on his face). As you can see in the pic above, all the miners have helmets exactly like Megatron’s and thus probably head crests as well.

But for miners to have solar panels? In the dark? Makes no sense. There is no solar energy down there at all. Wanna know what I think they are?

Yeah, they were like whiskers. Imagine though it sort of makes sense. It’s dark down there and sometimes they’d probably run out of power so they couldn’t see in the dark. The Functionists probably wanted to save money and resources on building them and gave them shitty programming/no night vision.

So instead they built them with head panels. They’d take off their helmets (as stupid and as dangerous as that’d be but really miners were merely tools back then; easily replaceable so not like it mattered if one died) and allow the crests to fan out and the crests would scrape up against the ceiling of the mine shaft they were in or against the walls to let them know where they were in their surroundings.

They probably built the head panels like (and this is another theory I don’t think it was ever confirmed about Seekers) a Seeker’s wings. The head panels were probably sensitive to atmospheric pressures, vibrations from above to let them know if there was going to be a cave-in and they needed to get out of there/if ground was unstable, etc.

It’s seen in one issue of MTMTE where a young Megatron and Impactor go to the bar during the whole time-traveling thing and also in like the first panels of Megatron Origin that miners were indeed allowed to go up to the surface. If the head-panels were sensitive to atmospheric pressure, then it would make sense to want to shield them from this sudden change of pressure from way down deep in the mines to all the way at the surface. It’s sort of like having your ears pop on a jet when you’re ascending.

The helmets protect the sensitive panels from the pressure change by keeping them folded flat and not able to expand and ‘turn on’ (as I imagine that if they were folded flat, they would be ‘off’ to conserve a miner’s energy because it would be useless to run a pressure change/vibration-sensitive program when the helmet was on). So, thus, the helmet kept the panels down and the programming ‘off’.

Now it’s not at all explained why Megatron fanned his crests out after he killed his first dude in the gladiatorial ring but we see by that point of the comic that not a lot of the miners-turned-gladiators had their helmets after issue one so they could have gotten themselves altered to be better fighters. After all, it wouldn’t be good for your enemy to grab the sensitive crests and rip them off/out.

Megatron probably took his helmet off in an expression of grief of what he did (slight spoilers here but nothing too major: when he attacked the senator that fired them all, he was all like “NO WHAT HAVE I DONE” sort of thing super grief stricken so it’d make sense that he’d still, later on in the arena, feel grief or change in himself after he killed his first bot). So that particular moment was probably him expressing himself. Note that he doesn’t smile or anything or is proud of what he did. He looks… done. Tired. Like he just wants to sleep.

With that, it’s not known why Megatron and probably other miners had those head panels but tbh solar panels makes absolutely no sense so I personally think they were more like whiskers.

so i have a lot of emotions about kevin day and the foxes making him feel loved and appreciated

  • it’s around the first anniversary of riko’s death and the trojans have just been knocked out of semifinals
  • (they’re changing the way they look at the game and how they train, just as promised. everyone unanimously agrees the trojans are going to be a practically unstoppable force by next year but right now they have to work through growing pains)
  • kevin is just not feeling good
  • he’s getting lost in his head, caught up in memories tinged with pain and fear, tangled up between complicated grief and relief that riko’s gone, and the trojan’s loss is hitting him even harder than it normally would
  • the foxes can tell it’s serious bc on movie night they saw him eat half a box of little debby cakes
  • so before they go to bed the team has a Kevin’s Well Being meeting over breakfast and they plot

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Hannigram AU: Gladiator Hannibal & Young Emperor Will

The gladiator fought hard, crashing into the man in front of him. He bashed his shield down in multiple strikes till his opponent moved no longer.

Will’s heart sped up when he heard his father yell, “Winner! Il Mostro!”

Will saw the gladiator take off his helmet, shaking back his long bloodied braid as he sneered up at them.

“Father, I want him,” the young boy said, quickly grabbing for his father’s arm, “I want him for our gladiatorium.”

The Emperor smiled.

“You will have him, Will.You will make him your own.”

Hannibal is a renowned gladiator kept by Frederick Chilton. He despises his owner, his home, and when the emperor’s young son begs to own him Hannibal is saved. 

The years pass and as Will grows so does their closeness, the young one often coming to visit despite not being allowed. The emperor starts to discourage Will’s burgeoning interest that even Hannibal would be a fool not to notice by sending him back to Chilton.

Will goes into a rage at his disappearance, killing his father and demanding to know where Il Mostro has been taken. 

The price paid is several times his worth, Hannibal knows, feeling torn between joy at seeing Will again and discomfort at the price. 

He does not know what to say. 

The ride is long. 

There were no bars between them now, and the press of Il Mostro bare leg against his a torture as the rode. He could feel the gladiator’s hardness against his backside, Will fighting the urge to push back as he moved. 

“We will be home soon, Mostro.” 

Will gasped when the grip on him tightened.

“Hannibal,” he heard, warm breath at his ear, “I believe you can call me Hannibal now, little one.”