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what's that violet tweet about?? i'm a dumb bitch

jskhfdfksds it’s ok!! she was referencing alexis’ look since she had tried to call it studio 54 and she had gladiator heels on


The many faces and poses of Essy - selfie photo shoots for lyyyfe!! 🤣🤣🤣🤳🏻🤳🏻 … I have a serious problem, lol … anyway this is probably one of my all time favorite outfits. Charlotte Russe gladiator style quarter inch heels, NoBo shorts and a Wonder Woman t-shirt that I picked up at WalMart in a pinch, my Charlotte Russe Jacket and lady rebel pilot Star Wars bow from the Hot Topic: Rogue One collection!
Makeup foundation - NEW FOR ME – Vibrancy by Josie Maran- it’s A+++!! 💋💄💅🏻

Playlist - Dave East Short

“You know how I much I hate house parties,” she stressed, looking out the window of her friend’s BMW. Ryan DuPont was as social and antisocial as can be. She was a social butterfly among her friends but to complete strangers, she was classified as that mean bitch. Either way, it didn’t faze Ryan because no one checked her on it and even if they did, what could they say? I don’t like that you’re not talking to me? If it wasn’t for her best friend Rumi, she would’ve been under her A.C., in a pair of basketball shorts and sports bra, catching up on her favorite shows. Instead, she’s wearing a black one -piece bodysuit with gold gladiator heels.

“You live in Harlem, this is all we know how to do out here,” Rumi laughed.

“I hate it,” Ryan huffed.

“With an outfit like that, I’m sure as hell you’re ready to walk in there and meet some damn body,” she teased.

The girls slowly pulled up to a brownstone, noticing the large group of guys out front on the stoop and both immediately rolled their eyes simultaneously. It was like walking through a pack of hungry lions; it was unlikely that they wouldn’t at the very least try. Rumi found the nearest parking space a few feet away from the house and parked fixedly before the two of them made sure they each looked great, exited the car and made their way up towards the brownstone. “How are you doing, beautiful?” Ryan looked to the side as soon as she heard those words, checking to see who those words were being directed to before faintly smiling and mumbling a great, thanks for asking before she kept it pushing.

“Stay by my side and don’t you dare think about hooking up with any of these lames,” Ryan stated, pointing her white nails in her friend’s face.

“Listen, it’s a party, I’m going to have fun. Let’s go get something to drink and then we can find Dre,” she insisted. Ryan cut her eyes at her best friend, knowing that her friend was about to let that thot out tonight. Rumi and Ryan held hands as they navigated their way through the crowded area, making sure not to get split this soon. Magnolia blasted throughout the speakers just as the chorus of the song was being played and naturally, everyone screamed back the lyrics towards the DJ that was centered towards the back of the room. As soon as Ryan and Rumi got towards the kitchen, they both sighed out with relief as they noticed Dre around the drinks, the man of the hour.

“Happy birthday, Dre,” Ryan sang, engulfing him in a big bear hug.

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BTS Yoongi : Smut.
Word count : 1,980

What can be better than your long time crush taking you in the back seat of his car….

Are you sure he will be there?” you asked again.

“Yes. Now get your feet moving away from the door. Quick!” your friend shouted from the shower, you were still wondering standing outside whether you should tag along with her to the party at Namjoon’s place or not.

You were not at all interested in the parties especially growing up between the riches, still the thought of parties didn’t quite fascinate you.  But when your friend assured that your crush for so long would be present there you let a second thought  regarding the party crossed your mind.

“I know you’re still standing there, you know it’s his best friend that is having a party, of course he will be there. Like he may be sleeping there too but he will be present okay?” your friends voice made you snap back into reality again.

“Uh-n I’ll get ready” you stuttered.

“Wear that white bandage dress of yours. I bet he will want to fuck you senseless.” Your friend giggled.

“As if he even knows I exist.” You mocked and made your way to your room. You quickly got ready in the dress your friend suggested. Well she was not wrong. It complimented your body perfectly. It’s asymmetrical silhouette really made it stand out from the other dresses you owned.

“Your black gladiator heels are here” your friend waved them in the air so you could see them through the mirror.

You just smiled in response. She was more excited than you. She was all ready and her outfit really did suit her. Light blue beading on the sweetheart neckline till the waist, the frills of net stopping at her knees. The boys were sure to drool.

“You think I am kidding? He knows you (Y/N) and I swear this outfit will break his limits today.” She pouted.

“Let’s see” you hummed giving a final touch up to your makeup.

“If you get laid with him today, you are paying for my next 3 meals at the café” she raised her eyebrow and you gave a thumps up.

“Great! Let’s get going now” she winked and you followed her after getting in your heels.

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