♔  ccntkill

    As she stood to the side of the fashion shoot, watching as others around her ran around trying to get things done, Evie couldn’t help but bite her lip and stare at one model in particular. She knew what the model was wearing wasn’t something that Miss De Vil would like, she knew that, everyone else should know that by now but it was evident that the designer for that shoot really didn’t have any idea, and for that, they were all screwed. Unless it was something that Miss De Vil had picked herself, either way, those shoes, really didn’t go with her outfit, they were just too chunky.

    Her tongue shot out to lick her lips and wet them, just what was she to do, she really had no idea what would happen. Taking a look around, Evie headed to the shoes section and had a quick glance before settling on a pair of gladiator heels, they were exactly what were needed for the outfit, they suited perfectly, and if she were to get fired, who cares, she would rather get fired than for Miss De Vil to look stupid. She handed the shoes over to the model, accepting the other ones and quickly stepped back as she placed them on, watching as the woman in question entered, she knew she was going to notice, she was in so much trouble. Oh shit.