Speedpaint - Gladiator Natsu [Fairy Tail AU]
Final version | Time: 3h | App: Procreate | Pen: Wacom I.C.S 2 

This was supposed to be for anon’s request of Athena/Sasha for Femslash February but it kinda took a different direction. Oopsiefuck. Also the stupid file name got added to the actual picture?

Athena is put in charge of training a couple of the new Vault Hunters and honestly, neither of the sisters is remotely ready for that but also are extremely okay with it.

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Full Name: Mira Kavanagh

Gender and Sexuality: Female, Heterosexual/romantic

Pronouns: She/Her

Ethnicity/Species: Au Ra Xaela

Birthplace and Birthdate: Limsa Lominsa, 23rd Sun of the 5th Astral Moon, approx. 31 years before current time

Guilty Pleasures:  Smoking, alcohol, overly expensive metals and gems inlaid into works, spending goo much time in the bath, eating too much red meat.

Phobias:  Jail, threats to Daggoth. Mira really isn’t afraid of much.

What They Would Be Famous For: Forging weapons and armor that struck down dragons during the height of the Dragonsong War, forging a weapon for a gladiator who became famous on the Bloodsands, etc.

What Have They / Would They Gotten Arrested For: A lot of things. Illegal drug trade, coeurl breeding and trafficking,  black market dealings with contraband Garlean steel, the theft of about 300 ponze of coke, two chocobos, and an Ul’dahn woman’s pet cat.

OC You Ship Them With: Daggoth Emberhowl

OC Most Likely To Murder Them:  Hard to say. Can’t think of anyone right now.

Favorite Book Genre:  Technical books???

Least Favorite Book Cliche: I don’t even know?????

Talents and/or Powers: Mira has some rudimentary magic that is used in the form of arcanima. However her true skills like in artisanry: her prowess at the forge is one of the best you could find on Vylbrand, should you be looking for someone not belonging to Naldiq & Vymelli’s. She has learned armoring, carpentry, goldsmithing, and leatherworking on top of blacksmithing to round herself out.

Why Someone Might Love Them: Mira is extremely charismatic. She’s not supposed to be extremely pretty. Yet when she’s concentrating on her work, she has a fierce dignity that shines through. She gets along well with people who understand her, and she’s willing to ask for help should she need it.

Why Someone Might Hate Them: Mira’s grouchy, incorrigible, stubborn, rude, and often smells like smoke, both of the forge and tobacco varieties. She has a face that just tells you to fuck off. She  yells a lot, and she’s loud, especially when she’s drinking. When she’s working, she’s even louder and angrier. She might criticize your weapon of choice, saying it looks like a piece of shite, and try to sell you one of hers for double her normal price. She definitely overcharges people she thinks she can get away with overcharging.

How They Change: Mira, two years ago, was a crook who trafficked coeurls for mount and fight trades, routinely stole high-value items from Ul’dahn nobles, and sold drugs within Ul’dah’s black market under the guise of a well-trained artisan. Now, she’s actually an artisan with a dude who loves her a lot and brings her all the metal and lumber she could ever need. She’s also part of something big now. So she’s got to be good, and she actually enjoys it.

Why You Love Them:  Mira’s looks are based off of a character I loved very much for many years. However, she is the first of my attempts at playing a character that’s true neutral. She is an asshole, a terrible person in general who no one should really like, but there are people that do, and that’s what really matters. She’s been mine for 3 years now, and I can’t let go of her anymore!

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Soul Taker
Target 1 face-up monster your opponent controls; destroy that target, then your opponent gains 1000 LP.
Can Be Found In: Gladiator’s Assault (GLAS-EN092), Zombie World Structure Deck (SDZW-EN029), Duelist League 2010 (DL09-EN016), Legendary Collection 3 Mega-Pack (LCYW-EN081), Starter Deck Yugi - Reloaded (YSYR-EN036), Demo deck 2015 (DEM2-EN016), Yugi’s Legendary Decks (YGLD-ENB25)

There are effects which to balance things up will give some benefits to the opponent. This might seem counterproductive at first, as compensates the advantage we might gain from their effects by placing our opponent in a safe or better position. However it all depends of the circumstances, as said cards might become quite damaging against the right situations to the point their negative effect become the least of our worries. I certain Decks they actually take advantage of this drawback, turning it into part of various combos which makes said cards more damaging than on their own.

“Soul Taker” is a solid destructive choice of the many available. When used, “Soul Taker” will target and destroy a face-up monster, but in return the opponent will gain 1000 Life Points. This is clearly a Spell we better save against the biggest threats, as using it recklessly on small creatures will become counterproductive specially with its healing effect. Is a solid choice overall if we aren’t worried about giving the opponent some Life Points, but in certain Decks the latter effect becomes just another step to win with certain strategies.

“Soul Taker” in general is easily available for any Deck out there. If a powerful enemy is on the loose, use this Spell and the issue will be solved. The stronger the monster we destroy, the less troublesome will be healing the opponent, as losing one of their best creatures by a single card can easily crumble fields and create comebacks. This card is specially effective against monster with optional Graveyard effects as they will lose their timing, like for example “Lightpulsar Dragon” and Yang Zing monsters once are destroyed by this card. The healing effect will be the least of our problems if our Deck doesn’t focus on dealing damage, usually focused in winning conditions like gathering Exodia cards or “Final Countdown”. A few cards actually benefit from the opponent having more Life Points than us, like “Hope for Escape” allowing us to draw cards which can work along “Upstart Goblin”, another drawing effect which also heals opponents. But if healing the opponent truly bothers you, Decks arround “Bad Reaction to Simochi” turns this effect into burn damage, making “Soul Taker” a powerful threat as destroys monsters and deals damage to the point of becoming a finisher.

Giving 1000 Life Points shouldn’t underestimate the usefulness of “Soul Taker” even in Decks solving this small issue. Sure certain strategies can work arround it, but if used wisely the destruction of a tough monster can become way too damaging to compensate the opponent with some healing. Specially with monsters with effects activated after destruction, in which if are optional will cause them to be unable to use them due the healing taking their timing. Like “Upstart Goblin”, the advantages it provides can become way more useful than the main negative of this card, capable to save us from a dangerous position or simply create an opening to finish a Duel. If anything, the real problem might come with the recent use of effects defending monsters from targetting effects, causing “Soul Taker” to limit its options once the time comes to clear the field with its aid. But even if this causes the Spell to be obscured by other destructive options, “Soul Taker” is a solid tool regardless of its healing effect.

Personal Rating: A-

+ Targets and destroys a monster
+ Its healing effect causes the loss of timing in certain Graveyard effects
+ Some cards can work arround its healing effect

- Heals the opponent
- Various options to defend against targetting efffects
- Other effects can deal with monsters with  less flaws

Scorpions in the Water.

“That’s right. Alacran in Limsa.” Francois followed the words with a grim and tired sip from the coffee that Cael had provided, setting the burgundy mug down once the warmth of the drink had begun to spread to his fingertips. The journey to La Noscea’s outer reaches had taxed the old man, his gaunt visage distant as he thought over the information he’d passed along to the bounty hunter. As it stood, a number of reports had been made warning that members of Thanalan’s resident criminal organization were striking deals with pirates, passing along illegal substances to be distributed among buyers across the seas. 

With the rundown given of the task at hand, Ric had remained silent, contemplating the level of profit a job of such caliber could potentially lead to. Even with the promise of a good pay check however, questions came to mind. “I was under the impression that the Alacran were more or less scattered to the winds. Courtesy of the Gladiators.” A brow lifted as Ric presented his inquiry to the older man.

“Aye, ‘tis true, but my sources claim there’s a group trying to make a foot hold on Vylbrand. You understand that can’t happen. The Jackets are looking to make quick work of this, so I’m entrusting the task to you.” Most found the relationship between the Captain and bounty hunter odd. Caelric was known by many as a vagabond, crook, and drunkard. Even now, where Francois had poured creamer into his own coffee, Ric had substituted whiskey, drinking the odd concoction shamelessly. Despite his unruly nature, the highlander had become a reliable source of effort in the Yellow Jacket’s eyes, and every job he threw to the boy was tackled and handled with such rigor that it often led Francois to wonder what it was that drove Ric to work so tirelessly despite the opinions that others held of him. “You should have some help from the Rogue’s but even they’re coming up with blanks on the matter, given the suspects involved.”

“The suspects involved?”

“Aye, the two in question are women with the Sanguine Sirens.”  The look that Ric gave said all that needed to really be said on the matter.

“Fucking great.” came the muttered response. The Sanguine Sirens were a rough group of women pirates, holding rank among some of the more recognizable and menacing groups within Limsa. They abided the rules set forth by Merylwyb however, and if one were seeking to detain any members, they’d more than like have to go through Rhoswen first. Not an ordeal that Caelric wanted to have to deal with. He ran a hand over his rugged jaw, frowning idly as his mind worked through the various methods that would be needed to undertake this particular task. After a few moments in silent cogitation, a firm nod was directed towards Captain Allard. “Alright, alright. But you owe me for this one.” he grunted. With the business out of the way, Francois stood, displaying an easy grin to Cael. “Always do. I’ll catch you around, kid. Happy hunting.”

“Not happy enough.” Francois laughed at the younger man as he was escorted to the door. With a single, mock tip of the hat, Francois stepped outside into pouring rain, pulling the lapels of his overcoat up around his neck. Soon, he’d disappeared into the thick veil of water, leaving Cael to wonder how the hell he was going to get this job done in a timely manner.

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