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The Gladiator & The Arrow

HAPPY BIRTHDAY @akai-echo this my humble gift to you for your Birthday. I hope you like it. A little Gladiator Everlark Romantic adventure! Thank you for all that you do in the fandom, and for creating amazing banners, videos and for being super sweet! Un-Beta’d all mistakes are mine.

Rated: M **Trigger Warnings**

CAPUT I (latin for Chapter One)

“What do you want Katniss?” Peeta’s grave voice answered from the corner of the room. It was night, there were giant pots lit not only for light but to emit fragrant scents. Katniss detected lavender but she also could smell cinnamon and dill.

She said nothing.

His voice wrapped around her like silk, “Come kitten what do you want?” He had an accent, as he spoke Latin, a clue as to his Germanic heritage. Peeta lived alone off the coast of Panormus on an island called Panem. “Have you come for a night of frivolity?”

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did i tell yall how i decked some children today


Columbus Short and Katie Lowes on set, 9.19.13

Columbus Short:

Quinns Riding ShotGun Bitch! @scandalabc#EvenGladiatorsWearSeatbelts

Katie Lowes:

Really really long drive to set today. #goingwherescandalhasnevergonebefore