Hello pets~
  • fist-of-the-sun
  • gladiarialata
  • blood-and-knives
  • sky-holder-tsunayoshi
  • masterhibari
  • prez-maid-misaki
  • deceitful-mist
  • mixbreedmisfit
  • containedexorcist

Why yes, Byakuran’s ego was in fact rising steadily as new people came to him. Of course! He was a big, bad, mafia boss after all that should always exude charisma no matter what time of day it was! It’s only natural that people would flock to bask in his greatness~ Byakuran beheld everyone with a calm, gracious, almost prince-like smile. He almost did a little princess wave but he decided to hold back on that.

“Hello there everyone~ A pure pleasure to meet you all~”