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Erm, nearly a year now. Since I got sorted into slytherin on pottermore. Twice.

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gladhaniel replied to your post: Hi there :D Thanks so much for the follow :) Looks like we pretty much love the same stuff ahah ;P

:D Omg, I do that all the time as well! I honestly can’t understand how people can NOT be super excited about the release of The Hobbit. XD

RIGHT?! i mean holy shit its FINALLY this year! though i can be a bit over zealous, i think in this case its entirely merited. i’ve been waiting for this movie since i read the hobbit in 6th grade and that was .. 10 years ago holy shit. yeah right before fellowship came out i suppose. (i feel old. argh)

ALSO i’ve decided to save all my monies this year and go to the premiere (either this one or next december) because i damn well can this time! haha no but really. i get teary eyed watching the production videos, i think its safe to say that when i do see the actual movie i’ll just be sobbing the whole time hahahaha