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Why is it so hard to buy presents for allistic people? I have 3 siblings and both of my parents, but it's like... These people don't even LIKE things, as far as I can tell. What am I supposed to do? Buy them gift cards to hopefully the right places forever? Why don't they ever have interests beyond "I go to Starbuck's sometimes!?" AGH.

Lifehack: sample platter of scented soap, very common around the holidays. Allistics love smelly soap. Alternatively, a couple scented candles, or a bunch of those Glade Plug-In refills (sometimes they’re on sale for like 10¢ each). This all has the added bonus of being able to pick smells that are the least sensory nightmare-ish.

Recipient too macho-masculine for smelly soap or candles? Old Spice gift box (usually comes with a body wash, a deodorant, and a body spray). It’s usually less offensive on the nose than stuff like Axe/Lynx and, again, you get to pick how the people around you smell. Win-win.

Do they have a pet? Get them smelly soap for the pet. Have you ever had a vanilla-scented dog? I have, it’s magical. (If you go this route, make sure the pet doesn’t have allergies. For example, my dog’s allergic to tea tree oil and it gives him rashes.)

Switch it up with cute stuffed animals and make-up palettes or, like, a nice shirt, and never be at a loss for gift ideas again.

-Brother Cat