Mesopotamian cuneiform love letter, circa 2000 BC,

Bridegroom, dear to my heart,
Goodly is your beauty, honeysweet,
Lion, dear to my heart,
Goodly is your beauty, honeysweet.

Bridegroom, let me caress you,
My precious caress is more savory than honey,
In the bedchamber, honey-filled,
Let me enjoy your goodly beauty,
Lion, let me caress you.

My precious caress is more savory than honey.
Bridegroom, you have taken your pleasure of me,
Tell my mother, she will give you delicacies,
My father, he will give you gifts.

You, because you love me,
Give me pray of your caresses,
My lord god, my lord protector,
My SHU-SIN, who gladdens ENLIL’s heart,
Give my pray of your caresses


you know when you’re not busy trying not to get killed by creeps and rolling yours eyes at the stupidity of the ooc chat i swear everyone acts so immature in pvmp and can actually look at your surroundings in the ettenmoors 

the scenery is pretty cool

like i didn’t notice there was a red-hued moon until like a few days ago and i took screenshots of it 

it’s so bright oooo

someone fucking burn this motherfucker and his doom bleed thing (at lvl 75)

and his fucking rats

…am i just weak? cause my mits are capped, my mastery’s high, will and morale are both super good…or is it just impossible to solo this even at 75 (which is the lowest it’ll let you run it at)

if it was 50 I could do it


(on an unrelated note, lotro now has a “rainbow fountation” emote, and it’s beautiful. i create a rainbow with my spit)

That awkward moment when you are observing a hostile glff debate on how religion plays into LOTR and you really have a good point but don’t want to be dragged into this argument and all you want to do is make padded leather armor but you’re really getting annoyed by all these people who keep arguing the same thing over and over again and going back and forth without making any headway on either side of the argument and aren’t listening to anyone and are taking things way too seriously and you’re just sitting in Thorin’s Hall like


i’m currently playing with coloring on photoshop since for some reason the lotro caps i take look like shit and i forgot i had pictures of my house!! i colored the favorite one i took then another of my main character twirling in my fav outfit 

if you’re in the gladden server my house is 3 brookbank street, appledell, shire homesteads u v u take a look!! i’m still aiming for some of the raiding decorations – the draigoch fireplace + unwelcome mat – but i’m decent with how it looks thusfar

if you need help in it/wanna quest together/want to run some instances with another lvl 85/etc you should totally hit me up!!! 

i mean i mostly play my lvl 85s but nonetheless i am always eager to meet new people! * u * then scare them off since i am the very definition of awkward 

lol tl;dr 





I WONT BE SEEING HIS SMEXY BICEPS AND MUSCLES AND ABS ANYMORE (not that I cant see them now but you get my point).



I do love these Ettenmoors. Despite their many bugs, unnecessary buffs, and bitchfests they create, I love these Ettenmoors. 

I do have my gripes, though. Mainly the people with horrible attitudes. I don’t understand why so many folks stick around and do shit they don’t like. All they do is bitch and moan and then sorta kinda halfass do what we’re trying to do. Whether it’s actually PVP or some PVE aspect of LOTRO. I guess that’s more a general LOTRO gripe than just a ‘moors gripe.

Secondly I’d say people that flip sides in the 'moors to the winning side. 'Cause, you know, when you die in an online PVP game you die in real life. I dunno, maybe I’m just an old man set in my ways. My ways generally being I’m on the losing side most every night, ROFL. I always log into my defiler first, if creeps got mad healz I alt or log completely. Sometimes I just can’t deal with the bitchfest that is freepside. I guess people are more into shiny purple numbers and winning than actually fighting. *grumble*

spring festival and i got the STEED OF THE JESTER :D (i don’t have any outfits on atm that matches it so a dorky pose’ll have to do)

i got one last year on my LM but didn’t have it on my main chara, glad they made it barter-able rather than having to try your luck with boxes

am i the only one that thinks of jingle jangle jingle by kay kyser when hearing this horse jingle about?