Like, this is a thing that is for freaking sure happening because I love the beastclans and have been wanting to do something with them for a long time. With all of these new designs cropping up, I have the variety of citizens that I wanted to work with. 

I’m glad you all want to participate and be a part of it but could we like? chill maybe? It’s gonna take time to set this up and all so I’d rather not start with a bunch of people eagerly wanting to interact with a city that doesn’t even have a name or anything yet. 

Like, feel free to make beastclans or groups on your own but as far as my city goes everything is closed to outside participation until I get the concept to a workable state.


Glad wrap sales are about to go through the roof, but not the door.

eridan is an abuse victim who was manipulated on his insecurities into having to kill for two other people his entire life until the point he wasnt needed anymore and was entirely abandoned by the people he trusted most, which left him emotionally dependant on recognition from others (which he almost never recieved except from by karkat) and not only did feferi use him through a completely constructed relationship but after cutting him off helped sollux to bully him over the course of months until he finally snapped. His entire arc as a prince of hope is that every little spark of hope he had was exploited and destroyed until there was none left and he unintentionally destroyed the hope of the others around him, accidentally injuring and killing his friends and destroying himself further in the process before dying with no resolution. Thats why im so glad his arc was wrapped up in todays flash. he died thinking that hed destroyed the last little drop of hope he had, but you can see his face soften as he sees the people he hurt forgiving him.

seriously, hussie writes abuse victims and abusive cycles so well and the fandom pisses on them and treats them like a joke

Home Safe

As you on Tumblr may have guessed from the influx of answered asks, I am home safe, back on my real computer and no longer dependent on the Slowest Computer Known To Man. I still have lots of catching up to do, but for now I’m happily ensconsed on my sofa, listening to a podcast before bed, answering what I can of my messages, and doing a crap-ton of laundry. 

I opened my suitcase and everything smelled faintly but pleasantly of Disney. I can’t even work out what the smell is, but everything smelled like it.

For snacking, I took a small tupperware tub of almond butter with me, and since I didn’t finish it, I put it back in my luggage and brought it home. It decompressed on the plane with violent results, so I’m super glad I thought to wrap it in a plastic bag first. Dear lord. 

The sunburn has faded greatly, thank goodness, and I think another few days of religiously applying Biafine and aloe should do the trick.

Now I just have to decide whether to re-dye my hair purple so it doesn’t look faded and messy, or dye it brown so that I don’t freak out the people I’m skype-interviewing with sometime this week. I kinda feel like on the one hand they’re probably not super conservative, but they might be, you know, more conservative than my current office, where my boss likes my crazy hair. 

Then again, do I want to work somewhere I can’t have purple hair? Decisions, decisions.  


FNAF 3 Spoilers!

Well, the third game came out and I played and watched it and I am not at all disappointed. I’m actually rather happy that Scott went the route to not make it as scary as FNAF 2 or 1 in my own opinion (even though I have heard a lot of people saying it’s the scariest one.) Instead, for me at least, it seemed to focus more on story, which is what I love the most about the series. The lore is incredible, and since i’m guessing that FNAF 3 will be the last game, I wanted to pay a tribute to the main antagonist of the series, the purple guy (or Springtrap, whoever you want him to be)
It is rather sad to see the series come to an end so quickly after it was released last Summer, but i’m glad that it ended wrapping up most of the story.

Thank you Scott for making such a great trilogy.    

In my dream last night I sung my Glad Wrap song to pass a song writing test (which was a class I was doing, obvs) and my teacher was super impressed and I keep thinking about it and having a lol.

Btw my glad wrap song is a thing I sung once and then it got stuck in Kelly’s head for 5003 years. It goes like this:

Glad wrap, you’re so great

wrapping up things

making me glad.

… that’s it. that’s my story.


This is my friend Brandon. With glad wrap on his face. The shriek gets me everytime.