exo as types of housemates


• he keeps the apartment clean and tidy

• does a full clean of the apartment once a week

• gets annoyed when his housemates leave dirty dishes in the sink too long

• bought a box to put the dirty dishes in. if they’re not washed and put away within his given time frame…he’ll throw them away

• writes a lot of passive aggressive notes and leaves them everywhere

• early bird. by the time everyone wakes up he would have finished his morning jog, showered, eaten breakfast, fed his cat, washed the dishes, made his bed and is ready to go to work

• always sleeps before 10 pm


• mum. nags a lot but also shows you lots of love 

• bought a whiteboard for the living room. wrote reminders, the weekly chores roster, encouragements, weekly menu and to do lists on it

• wine enthusiast. has an impressive wine collection. drinks a glass every night (borderline addict) 


• loves hosting dinner parties

• loves having wine and board game nights

• avid reader. has multiple full bookcases in the apartment


• kind and gentle

• enjoys growing cute little succulents and cacti on the windowsills and desks 

• has a love hate relationship with a pigeon who lives outside his bedroom window

• can be a bit absent minded sometimes. forgets to put the milk and butter back in the fridge occasionally (apologises profusely)

• decorates the apartment with cozy touches (eg. soft blankets on the couch, hanging fairy lights, buying candles and buying fresh flowers for the coffee/dining table)

• can be a phantom some days. his housemates know he’s still here by his plates and cup being washed and drying in the rack. he’s usually holed up in his room working

• doesn’t mind cleaning after everyone once in a while but he gently reminds them to do it themselves so the apartment isn’t infested with cockroaches and ants


• he always has music blasting from his room

• always starting DIY projects he saw on pinterest, facebook or tv shows. rarely finishes them. incomplete projects everywhere

• handy man. can do minor repairs

• a bit of a klutz. breaks dishes and cups sometimes. replaces them promptly

• has 5 bottles of bug spray distributed around the apartment (he hates bugs and spiders)

• cooks really well! his housemates rarely order in when he’s home (he loves cooking for people so it’s no biggie)

• enjoys creating daily vlogs to document his life


• you can hear youtube gameplay videos blasting from his room (esp. markiplier and jacksepticeye)

• leaves dirty dishes in the sink. when he runs out of dishes and utensils he has disposable plates and utensils in his room

• eats some of his housemate’s food without asking

• never throws out the trash when it’s full. proceeds to push his rubbish down further into the bin to make room

• “borrows” his housemate’s stuff and leaves a note saying he’ll give it back

• walks around naked sometimes

• night owl. watches movies late into the night or plays games until the early morning


• whines a lot over little things

• trolls his housemates a lot (sticky notes their room, wraps the toilet in glad wrap, puts cups of water on the floor of their bedroom etc…)

• always yelling from the toilet saying that he ran out of toilet paper

• bought a karaoke machine

• loves throwing parties for every occasion (birthdays, work promotions, halloween, new years etc…)

• always has a friend over visiting 

• in the end though, he really is a kind and reliable person who respects everyone’s wishes and feelings


• very sensible

• a little bit shy

• goes to culinary school so he is an amazing chef! everyone in the apartment looks forward to dinner when it’s his time to cook

• sings in the shower, when he’s tidying up, doing the dishes and laundry. his housemates always ask him to sing more but he’s shy

• has a big tea collection in the kitchen cupboard

• enjoys watching sitcoms with everyone (Friends, Seinfeld, Modern Family etc…)

• falls asleep on the couch a lot. His housemates tuck him in before they go to sleep


• sweet and fun

• animal lover. he already has 3 dogs but occasionally, random animals are in the apartment because he feels bad for the strays on the street

• tries to cook but his “recipes” are… odd 

• he’s a bit messy but if you ask him to do something he will have no problem in getting it done

• whenever he uses up the toilet paper he forgets to replace it with a new roll

• falls asleep in random areas around the house (against the wall, dinner table, couch, floor etc…)

• he sleeps in such a deep slumber and looks so comfy that his housemates feel bad for waking him up (they do just cover him in a blanket if he’s sleeping somewhere soft)


• pays his part of the bills late

• always leaves the toilet seat up

• he’s that guy who nearly finishes all the milk/juice except for a few mls. he then proceeds to put the carton back in the fridge (why can’t he just use it all and throw it out?!)

• doesn’t do any chores until someone actually asks him or scolds him

•needy. he’ll just enter one of his housemate’s room and lies on their bed while bothering them

• enjoys having movie marathons with his housemates

• interested in fashion. goes clothes shopping twice a week. leaves clothes everywhere. has a huge pile of laundry in his room

Imagine your Boyfriend, Sebastian Stan, getting jealous when another guy hits on you

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Hyper Projection Engeki Haikyuu - Winners and Losers

Today’s third-years!  Theme is: Third-Years forever!!!

Ken-chan: Ok!  Good job everyone!
Hiroki: Good job!
Justin: Ah, is this a video?  It felt like a photo.
Ken-chan: Last show!  I’m so glad we could wrap it up with no problems
Hiroki: Yay, so glad!
Ken-chan: Thank you!  Ok, Hiroki…
Hiroki: Ok! Thank you everyone who came to see us!
Justin: Ok!  Uh… thank you so much!
Ken-chan: Thank you!  This was today’s third-years!  See you again!
Hiroki and Justin:  Someday somewhere!  

Translation by @nimbus-cloud

Sexism in the Arts

So the NY Times recently tweeted this:

A 27-year-old mother who barely uses social media is selling more albums than anyone thought was still possible

The person they were talking about? Adele. ADELE. You know, the woman who has 21.4 MILLION Twitter followers. The woman who just blew past N*Sync’s record for debut week. The woman with the top hit songs that pretty much everyone is singing.

Reduced to:

  • woman
  • mother
  • inept social media user

This is some grade-A bullshit. Because at the end of the day, the same attitude exists for women in any creative field. The same questions. The same dismissiveness and reductions.

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Glad You Found It

“I just can’t believe you won,” Alfie says softly, shaking his head as he exports the footage from his SD card onto his laptop, glancing over at Joe. “You two haven’t been together that long!”

“How long we’ve been together doesn’t matter, mate,” Joe smiles, his fingers working through Jack’s hair gently. The younger man mumbles something in his sleep, shifting in his position, pressing his face further into the crook of Joe’s neck, his arm tightening around Joe’s waist.

“I will win one of these challenges with Zoe one day,” Alfie laughs, returning his focus onto the computer, “Just you wait.”

“That’ll be the day,” Joe snorts, looking down at the slumbering man trapping him on the couch. His own eyes feel heavy, and he can tell he’s getting close to drifting off, not unlike Jack, who had fallen asleep shortly after they had filmed a video with Zoe and Alfie.

There wasn’t anything planned for their visit to Brighton, except to film the couple versus couple video, and now that it was done, everyone was relaxing. Or in Jack’s case, falling asleep against Joe, and keeping his boyfriend trapped.

Not that he was really complaining, because Joe loved moments like this with Jack, where they got to do absolutely nothing and simply cuddle together on the couch.

Blinking tiredly over at Alfie, Joe watched his sisters boyfriend grab the pair of headphones resting on the table, sliding them over his head before plugging them into the computer.

“Don’t want to wake up sleeping beauty,” Alfie whispers, “Or keep you up.”

“Keep me up?” Joe mumbles, his eyes dragging closed again. Jack’s body was warm against his, and the couch was really quite comfy.

“Have a good nap, Joe.” Alfie chuckles quietly as Joe lets himself drift off to sleep, the hand in his boyfriend’s hair stilling.

“Oh my gosh,” Zoe coos when she walks into the room a few minutes later, and her own boyfriend glances up from his computer, pausing the video he’s editing as he moves one of the headphones off of his ear.

“Are you really taking pictures?” Alfie asks her, keeping his voice low as Zoe creeps over to the sleeping couple.

“Shush, it’s my brother. Of course I am!” She waves a hand towards him, pulling up the camera on her phone, smiling as she takes a few pictures. “He looks happy, doesn’t he?” Zoe thinks aloud, smiling down at her brother.

“You should see the video,” Alfie comments, and she moves to curl up at his side, looking at the computer screen, where the video they had filmed earlier is sitting. “These two are disgustingly adorable.” He rewinds a part of the video, offering the headphones to his girlfriend before hitting play, watching her face for her reaction.

A gentle smile grows across Zoe’s lips as she watches her brother on the screen interact with Jack, the two clearly infatuated with each other.

“I think,” She says, pulling the headphones off, “That Joe has found his person.”

“I think so too.” Alfie agrees, kissing her on the temple gently.

A couple hours later, Joe walks into the kitchen, nodding over at his sister as he grabs a glass of water. Jack and Alfie can be heard talking in the next room over, so Zoe takes it as her opportunity to finally have a moment with her brother.

When Joe turns around, he jumps back, his sister suddenly in front of him.

“Jeez, Zo. Wear a bloody bell!”

“Do you love Jack?”

“Wh-what?” Joe blushes, his eyes darting over to the doorway, where the laughter of their significant others is carrying through.

“I’m just wondering, because Alf showed me part of the video we filmed today, and you two are just so happy together. And then when you were sleeping earlier, you both looked so peaceful.” To prove her point, Zoe quickly pulls up the photo she took earlier, handing it over to Joe.

Placing the glass on the counter behind him, Joe takes the phone from her hand, and he doesn’t even notice the fond smile that stretches across his lips as he looks at the photo of him and Jack wrapped around each other on the couch, both fast asleep.

“You do love him,” Zoe says softly, “Don’t you?”

“Maybe,” Joe mumbles, handing the phone back over, his cheeks burning red still. “He makes me happy,” He shrugs, tugging the ends of his sleeves over his hands, “And calm. And he makes me laugh. And like I can be completely myself with him.”

“Oh, Joseph,” She sighs contently, “You have no idea how happy it makes me to hear you say that.”

“What? Why?” His blue eyes flit between hers, the ones so similar to his own.

“Because you deserve to have love and happiness like what you have with Jack,” Zoe answers, “And all I want in life for you is to have that. I’m glad you found it.”

Wrapping her arms around him, she gives him a quick hug, pulling back before Joe can even react.

Spinning around on her heel, she heads out of the room, smiling at Jack as she passes him on the way out.

Jack takes in the confused look on his boyfriends face, then glances at the doorway where Zoe has just walked out, before back to Joe, “You okay?”

“You know what?” Joe’s confused expression changes to one of pure happiness as he walks over to Jack, their arms winding around each other, “I am.”

He leans in, kissing Jack quickly, “With you, I am.”

“You Suggs are an odd bunch.” The younger man laughs, not bothering to question the happiness on his boyfriends face, because it’s probably mirrored on his own face.

“Yes, yes we are. Get used to it, babe.”

The Contest-Part 21

To celebrate Supernatural’s 15th season, the producers have decided to hold a contest to cast an unknown in a recurring role as Sam’s rumored love interest.  They are doing open casting calls all over the country.  Your best friend Nikki wants to go and she drags you along.

A/N: My inspiration for Nikki is the one and only Red, AKA@oriona75.  So I am actually telling two stories here, Jared and Readers, and Sam and Gemini’s.  It flips back and forth, so try and keep up! :)

Characters: Jared Padalecki, Reader, Best friend Nikki(OC) Jensen Ackles, Misha Collins, Mark Sheppard, Mark Pellegrino, Rory Montgomery (OC), PA Emily (OC) Cliff, Other Supernatural cast and crew

A/N: The song the reader sings during karaoke is A Thousand Years by Christina Perri.  It’s one of my Favorites.

Master List

Part 1 (all parts are linked)

“Great, there goes my chance to break it to Nikki gently that Mindy’s here!” I said to Jared.  

“This can’t be good,”  Jensen said quietly.  “I’m gonna go get Misha.”

Jared and I found Nikki standing by the bar, her hands on her hips, glaring at her sister.  “I asked you what you’re doing here, Mindy.  I know there is NO way Y/N invited you!”

“Would you lower your voice, please?” Mindy demanded.  “I’m representing the family.  And I’ve told you before, I go by Melinda now.”

Nikki snorted derisively.  “Whatever, MINDY.  Why are you REALLY here? You’ve never given a shit about me my entire life!  You couldn’t be bothered to come meet Misha when he visited Philly, and you expect me to believe you flew to Vancouver out of the kindness of your heart? Bullshit!”

Mindy rolled her eyes at her younger sister.  “Still holding on to that crap from when we were younger, huh Nik?  Are you ever gonna let that stuff go?  We were dumb kids.  It’s ancient history.  Let it go…. Move on already.”  She tossed back the rest of her drink and signaled the bartender for another.

Nikki got right in Mindy’s face.  “You’re not fooling me for a second with this “the past is the past” crap.  Your just looking to meet someone famous.  Your still as mean and as petty and as shallow as you were in high school.”

“You’d better grab Nikki before she loses it and decks Mindy! Where the hell is Jensen with Misha?” Jared said worriedly.

I patted his arm.  “Don’t worry Babe, I’m on it!  Mindy doesn’t scare me anymore.  Can you go find Emily and bring her here, please?”

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did i tell you the story about how 3 days ago i went to byron bay and someone threw a full litre glass bottle of beer through my back windscreen while i was getting thickshakes with my friends and we had to drive the whole way back to brisbane with glad wrap and stickytape holding up the back window for 2 hours

Vampire Hunter D is an anime classic, and I rewatched Bloodlust a few years ago and was just blown away by how solid the story and animation was.
I’ve been going backward and forward with this design like crazy but I’m glad I have it wrapped up by Anime Matsuri. Special thanks to Alexander for the advice!
Print available here:

anonymous asked:

Hello I would love to cosplay aqua from Kingdom Hearts, but I'm having trouble with the bra pads on her shirt. Everyone else either cuts up a bra or get a bra cup, cover it with their fabric of choice and stitch it on. I actually don't want it to be an actual bra cup but a design thats a part of the shirt. I want it to be just the fabric part of the bra. Now while i had a template for the shape, no matter how many times i cut it out, hem it or add darts, it just never comes out right. Thanks!

Hello there!

That’s a really weird design, even for Kingdom Hearts. Wow.

To me, it looks more like fabric pieces sewn on than actual foam bra cups, so I think you are on the right track, though I can see why molded foam cups would be much easier!

What I would do is use the saran wrap method of patterning. Wear the undergarments you are planning wearing with the costume and possibly even the top if you have it in a wearable state and the fabric isn’t going to get damaged by this method. Get Glad Press N’ Seal wrap. This has a light adhesive on one side, so it will stick to you and to itself, making your patterning much easier. (You can also use a layer of regular saran wrap with masking or duct tape over it, if you choose, but this is the method I use for unusual patterns.) Once you have a good few layers of plastic on, use a permanent marker to draw the shape that you want. I would recommend just wrapping your breast area and drawing on the triangle shape of the cup and at the very least a vertical princess seam, or a vertical seam ending at a horizontal seam (like a 3-piece bra cup), though with how low this sits on her breasts, you will likely only need the one seam if yours sits in the same place.

Carefully peel yourself out of the wrap, and cut the pieces along the seamlines you just drew. Flatten these as well as you can. Take the two sides and try to square them with each other the best you can so you have an even pattern. Make sure to add seam allowance. Sew these out of a test fabric as a mockup, and make any changes you should need before doing them for real. For reference, the pattern will roughly be shaped so that the princess seams are curved, with the pieces curving outward toward each other in the middle (the top of the piece will be smaller, and the outward curves towards the middle and bottom will allow for extra space in there once it is sewn). The degree and location of the curve will depend on your breast shape and size.

By doing it this way, you’ll end up with pieces that are shaped and sized to the specific shape and size of the breast, rather than a flat piece you are trying to fit over a rounded surface, or a flat piece you are trying to dart. The correct shape of the seamlines will be built into your pattern, rather than added later.

The tricky part here is that the top appears to be a stretch material, so I would also make the cups out of a stretch material. Even though they are seamed for shape, they still need to be able to stretch with the fabric underneath. If you use a non-stretch material, wear the top, pin the cups in place very well, and sew them with the top stretched so that it mimics how much it will be stretched when worn.Otherwise, you’ll end up with the top either being too small in that area (because it wasn’t stretched) or lumpy and rippled.

I hope that helps! If it doesn’t, let me know exactly what was going wrong with the previous versions and with this version and I can try to help troubleshoot.

Fabrickind / Q&A Staff

LULLABIES || lights down low

◦ pairing: reader x taehyung 

◦ rating: pg13

◦ word count: 1.7k

◦ request: god, you’re so good at writing. I was wondering if you could possibly write some more taehyung fluff?? 

◦ mood music: lights down low // max schneider

◦ a/n: Thank you so much anon ❤️ Tae fluff is my favorite kind of fluff xD Hope you enjoy! Sorry it’s a bit short!

This is the first in a theme series called LULLABIES. I thought it’d be nice to do a little fluff for each member having to do with a night in at home. So be on the look out for more adorableness - coming soon!

m a s t e r l i s t

The bedroom lights sting your eyes as you look up from your book. Squinting, your eyes peek through the open door into the living room. The apartment is flooded with brightness, every room washed over in lamplight. Clicking your phone on for the time, you close your book with a sharp exhale, setting it on the nightstand. You still your breath, listening for any sign of him, but just like the last time you checked, only silence responds. You had hoped that he would be home by now. Too tired to wait for him any longer, you let a light sigh leave your lips. It drains your body into a disappointed slouch.

Throwing the covers off of your body, instantly regretting it as cold air clings to your skin in goosebumps, you gently roll out of the bed. A shiver courses through your veins as you pad through the icy hardwood floor of the apartment. You walk carefully through the kitchen and living room, flicking light switches off one by one. Pacing around your bedroom now, you linger by the door, hesitating to turn the lights down. A yawn tickles the top of your throat, whispering tears at the corners of your eyes. You still yourself, just one more time, hoping to hear footsteps approach the door, hoping to hear the rustling of keys, hoping to hear his voice declare that he’s home. Nothing.

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Next stops

The road calls me. And I’m glad to wrap these final weeks of work travel for a bit.

Baltimore driving to Newark, Delaware
Back to Baltimore then home for a few days.
Then taking 19 to Toronto to fly to Rome
Then back to The US to probably fly to Reno from Buffalo.
Then back home to go to Pittsburgh for a Mumford and Sons show.


You and Dally go to NY to see the gangs (Request)

You and Dally walked hand in hand around the streets of NYC, you held onto him tightly, looking at all the tough looking gangsters that were giving you suggestive looks.

“You’re not going to let anything happen to me, right?” You murmured softly, clutching onto his side. 

“Of course not, Doll.” He said softly, tightening his hold on your hand. “I can’t believe how much this place has changed. Look!” He exclaimed, pointing up to a building. “You see that window up there with the smashed window, the one that is painted green?” 

“Yeah?” You squinted, looking up to the window he described. 

“That’s where I used to live, me and my old pal Tommy. He and I used to hang out with that gang over there.” 

You looked past him and at the group of guys across the street that were currently trying to hit on women that were passing them by, you could see heaters fastened in the waist band of their jeans.  

“Oh they look… really safe.” You joked. “Whatever happened to Tommy?” 

“He died” He said softly, flashing you a fake smile. “He was only 15 and there was this rival gang called the Ballers, they got him and they shot him in the back… I was only 12 and he just died in my arms before the ambulance even got there… then I got sent away to live with my father.” 

“Oh Dal.” You sighed. You knew he had, had a rough childhood… you just didn’t know how rough it was. “Hey, how about we go visit that pizza shop you talk so much about, huh?” 

“Sure” He smiled. “I’m glad you came” He wrapped you up in his arms. 

“I’m glad you decided to come back and see your mother, it’s been ten years since you seen her last… you might be able to get some closure, finally.” 

You leaned up to kiss him with pride in your eyes.


Title: Unexpected

Athlete: Tyler Seguin

Word Count: 1,169

Requested?: No

Author’s Note:  A little blurb about Tyler’s injury I thought of while at work this evening.

Your name: submit What is this?

Leaning back from the kitchen counter you peered into the living room seeing Tyler was still asleep, Marshall and Cash were curled up along the bottom of the couch watching after him.  This was not how you had expected to spend your Friday.

You had been cheering along with everyone in the arena last night when you saw Tyler hobble off the ice; you were instantly concerned but knew better than to jump to conclusions.  The news when you made it to the locker room was it didn’t look good and they were going to get it checked out further.

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Our Songs

I’m having such an awful week, but these sorts of ideas help. I didn’t read over this too closely, I’m sorry if there are any mistakes.

Words: Probably close to 7000

Warnings: Language


When Medic nervously stepped off the train into the blistering summer heat, he produced a handkerchief to wipe his brow and wondered how it could be so warm when the sun had barely risen. He immediately started counting heads.

He took roll as he set his suitcase down onto the platform. One man stuck out, fully clad in a rubber suit in spite of the sweltering temperature. The German recognized him as the pyro, the only mercenary he had met before coming to Teufort. That was only because the man had requested a private physical away from the team.

Of course, it wouldn’t matter much once Pyro had to shower with the other mercs, but he was a polite young man and Medic was eager to examine a pair of lungs that had spent years exposed to concentrated amounts of asbestos.

Near Pyro, there were two thin, tall men that seemed to have already gotten into a spat. One was clad in a burgundy suit with a matching balaclava, the other wearing a worn leather vest and a tattered hat.

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ASEXUAL: Not being attracted to other people. Full stop. Not engaging in romantic or sexual relationships with people.

CELIBATE: Can engage in relationships with people but no desire to have sex.

PRETTY AVERAGE HUMAN EXPERIENCE: Only desiring sex after a bond has been formed, only desiring sex rarely, not being very interested in romance, etc. 

And none of the above make you “queer”. Most “asexuals” on this site are just people who want to label their pretty average relationship experiences as abnormal, out of the ordinary, “queer”. Why? Because to them it’s just some fun fad or whatever. They don’t care about liberation. They just want a pretty pride flag like us gays except theirs is meaningless. They see being gay/bi as a fun trend and want to associate themselves with us through forcing their way into the ‘lgbtqiaiop++++’ acronym like all the other fucking parasites who got a piece of the gay liberation movement and ruined it. Glad I could wrap this up for all of you. 

Ya know I’m kinda glad that supernatural’s last season is probably season 13.

I literally felt no emotion when Cas or Crowley died, and when Mary got pulled into that alternate world (which was already a stretch for the beginning of the new season) it didn’t really matter.

Sam and Dean however, I am sad for them. So I guess I’m glad that I stayed by them this whole time because the show really IS about them. But next season, I’m glad it’s wrapping up.


Part Four of You’re in Supernatural 

Part 1  Part 2  Part 3

pairing: Reader x Dean, Reader x Sam, Reader x Cas, Reader x Crowley, Reader x Adam, Reader x Lucifer

word count: 1,404


“Y/N, pay attention to me.” Lucifer whined. “I’m bored.”

“Shut up.” You snapped. “I need to sleep.”

“But I’m bored.” He whined, walking over to your little corner and wrapping his arms around you.

“Go to sleep.” You groaned.

“Angels don’t sleep.” He reminded you. “But look at this. Look, I have a forked tongue!”

“Bloody hell,” You pulled at the roots of your hair in frustration. “No wonder God threw you out of heaven. Daddy watch this. Daddy pay attention to me I’m bored.”

Lucifer gave you a wicked grin. “There’s my little firecracker.”

You sighed, getting up and walking to another corner in the cage before laying down on your side. If only you knew a way that would shut him up.

“Wait, who’s that in the corner?” You asked, noticing a body sitting in the corner across from you for the first time.

“That’s Adam.” Lucifer shrugged. “He lost his mind about a year ago.”

“So he just randomly lost his mind one day all on his own?” You gave him a pointed look.

“I was bored.” Lucifer shrugged.

You smacked Lucifer’s chest. “That’s so rude!”

Cautiously, you walked to the corner where Adam sat, rocking back and forth. “Adam?”

“They left me here,” He hissed, grabbing onto your arm. “They left me here.”

Lucifer stepped in and pushed him off of you. You stumbled back, feeling a little sorry for the forgotten Winchester.

“Where’s Michael?” You asked Lucifer.

“He ditched his vessel and went back to heaven.” He told you before pointing to Adam. “Then I got bored.”

You walked away, going to the last free corner, ignoring Lucifer’s shouts from behind you.

“Y/N, don’t ignore me.” Lucifer walked over to your corner and picked you up, putting you in his lap.

“If I let you hold me will you let me sleep?” You sighed, wanting nothing more than to get a few hours of sleep.

“Of course.” Lucifer kissed the side of your head. “Goodnight, Y/N.”

You closed your eyes and sighed in content, happy to finally get some sleep.

“Y/N!” Dean’s voice echoed throughout the room.

“Dean!” You shot up out of Lucifer’s lap and ran to the edge of the cage.

“Crowley, get her the hell out of here.” Dean snapped, pulling on the metal bars.

“Y/N’s not going anywhere.” Lucifer wrapped his arm around your waist.

“It’s your fault I’m in here in the first place.” You snapped.

“Because you’re the only human that I like.” Lucifer said like it was meant to be obvious.

“Y/N, I will get you out of here. I promise.” Dean told you, ignoring the devil’s last comment.

“How exactly did the character in the show get out?” Sam asked, standing next to his brother.

“That’s just the thing,” You let out a deep breath. “This didn’t happen on the show.”

“That’s fan-freaking-tastic.” Dean threw his arms in the air.

“Y/N,” Sam asked calmly, “How exactly did you get in there?”

“I turned the light switch on and he somehow used his angelic powers to get me in here.” You shrugged. “I don’t know what he did though.”

“Alright this is what’s going to happen,” Dean’s posture went rigid. “We’re going to turn the lights back on and you’re going to let her out!”

“Hmmm,” Lucifer pretended to think about it for a minute. “No.”

“I thought you hated humans.” Sam asked him. “Why would you want to keep her in your cage?”

Lucifer looked at Sam. “Jealous?”

“No-” Sam began but Lucifer cut him off.

“It’s okay if you are,” Lucifer drawled on, “I know that I’m irresistible, but Sammy, you’ve got to let me go. Our summer fling is over and I think it’s time that we start seeing other people.”

“How have you not stabbed him yet?” Sam asked in disbelief.

“I don’t have a knife.” You shrugged.

“This is all your fault!” Dean turned on Crowley. “If you hadn’t brought her to hell none of this would have happened.”

“My fault!” Crowley screeched and pointed at Cas. “That one didn’t want to go in.”

“I told you that I did not think it would be a good idea!” Cas raised his voice. “Now look at Y/N! She is trapped in the cage with my brother.”

“I’ll take good care of her, Castiel.” Lucifer winked at Cas as he pulled you closer to his side.

“There’s only one way Y/N gets out of that cage.” Crowley spoke up. “And that’s if he gets out too.”

“No.” You said immediately. “It’s not worth it.”

“I’m not just going to leave you in there.” Dean threw his arms up in exasperation.

“You have to.” You insisted. “If you let him out, he’ll just start the apocalypse all over again.”

Lucifer looked offended. “I can behave.”

“That’s what she said.” Dean laughed, making Sam give him a bitch stare.

“Really, Dean?” Sam deadpanned.

“Oh c’mon, that was a good one.” Dean looked offended.

“Listen to moose, squirrel.” Crowley muttered.

“I guess we have to let them both out of the cage.” Sam sighed.

“No!” You shrieked. “You do not let him out under any circumstances.”

“Y/N,” Lucifer placed his hand over his heart. “I’m offended.”

“Yeah it sucks that I’m in here, but I would rather be in here then out there knowing that he would be loose.” You continued, ignoring his comment.

“You’ll be stuck in here forever.” Sam reminded you.

You visibly cringed at the thought. “Just find an alternative.”

“That’s it, I can’t leave her here like this any longer. Crowley get them out of there.” Dean looked at you with his pain filled eyes.

“Dean-” You began but he cut you off.

“Y/N, we’ll deal with the consequences later.” Dean told you. “I just want you safe.”

Crowley flipped on the light switch and grabbed a key from his pocket. He cut his hand, letting a few drops of blood fall onto the key before placing it in the lock and turning it.

Lucifer let his arm fall from around your waist and ran as fast as you possibly could into Cas’ arms.

“Y/N!” Cas hugged you back. “Are you okay?”

“I’m fine.” You gave him a genuine smile and walked over to Dean.

“I’m glad you’re okay.” Dean wrapped his strong arms around you.

“Dean you should’ve left me in there.” You mumbled against his chest.

Dean shrugged, giving you a smile. “You’re a Winchester now. We’re not going to leave you in hell.”

You gave Dean a pointed look. “You left Adam in hell.”

Sam peaked inside the cage. “Is he still in there?”

You walked around, looking into the entrance of the cage and pointing to the far right corner. “Right there.”

“Adam?” Sam asked quietly.

“You.” Adam screamed in rage. “Way to come back for me!”

“Adam-” Dean began but Adam cut him off.

“No!” Adam threw his hands up in the air. “I quit! I quit this family! You try living with that thing for God knows how long. Do you know how many times I’ve listened to Sympathy for the Devil?”

Adam turned to you. “Good luck, Y/N. I wish you the best. Now, Crowley, how in the hell do I get out of hell?”

Crowley pointed to the staircase to his left. “Right there.”

Adam walked up the stairs in a huff. When he was gone, everyone stared at each other in shock.

“Jeesh.” Lucifer whistled. “I guess he’s the drama king of the family.”

“Well,” Dean said. “C’mon Y/N, let’s get you back to the bunker.”

Lucifer linked his arm with yours. “I’m ready when you are.”

“Will someone please stab him already.” Sam groaned.

“Sam,” Lucifer sighed. “I know that I broke your heart, but violence isn’t the answer.”

“Neither is that haircut.” Crowley snapped.

“Y/N thinks I’m more attractive.” Lucifer fired back.

“No she doesn’t.” Crowley argued.

“That’s not what she’s thinking.” Lucifer winked.

“Cas,” You whispered, gripping his arm. “Now would probably be a good time to get us all out of here.”

“Yeah.” Sam agreed.

“Preferably before they start fighting over Y/N’s love.” Dean winked at you.

You rolled your eyes and placed your hand on Cas’ shoulder, watching as Sam and Dean did the same.

In an instant, Cas flashed the four of you back to the bunker.


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