Long Time No See

I found this cute prompt on tumblr and i want to see what you can do 😇. “Hey we kissed once in kindergarten but I haven’t seen you since and I couldn’t remember why you were so familiar.” can you do this with 4Min’s Jihyun x Fem!Reader?

Character: Jihyun (4Minute)
Word count: 967

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It’s funny how quickly life can pass by.

It felt like only yesterday, you were fighting for dominance in the sandbox at kindergarten. And struggling through teen years while trying to understand why triangles, of all things, were necessary in maths. Now you were an adult, with a job and bills to pay. And those years you had wished away, wanting to be a “big girl” were now times you longed for. Even those hormonal breakouts and that time you got detention were good memories, in comparison to working nine to five in a thankless job.

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Baby on board (A Bellamy Blake imagine)

► Request:  Heyy! I would absolutely love a Bellamy x reader imagine where the reader had been a few months pregnant with Bellamy’s child when in lock up on the ark. Months have passed since they were all sent to the ground and now (Y/N) is nine months pregnant. One night when the small camp is in the middle of the worst storm yet, (Y/N)s water breaks and she has to deliver inside the pod they came down in. After hours of a hard labor, she gives birth to a healthy baby girl and Bellamy is overjoyed.

► Pair: Bellamy Blake x reader 

►  Word Count: 1,790

► Warnings: angst 

► A/N: Hope you enjoy it! :3

Raindrops were falling with the violence of a shot, making the inside of the ship a real din, and it didn’t help you or either the situation.

You’ve broke waters a few minutes ago after the most hard and dangerous pregnancy you’ve could ever imagined.

It all started nine months ago in the ark…


“Hey, Bellamy… I need to talk to you about something…” You sighed “No, not this way” You hawked again and looked at yourself on the mirror “Bellamy, there’s something you need to know… God! Each other is even worse than the previous”


How were you supposed to say it? Bellamy was finally were he always wanted to be on the security guard and maybe a kid would ruin everything.

Sitting on your bed, your head on your hands, wondering what you could do and how would he react.

Bellamy’s surveillance round was about to finish, and as always, he were going to visit you to your room till dinner time. You had a few minutes to decide what you would say exactly.

Words were running through your mind, but you weren’t capable of decide which ones you should choose.


“Security patrol, open the door” His voice caught you off guard. Swallowing hard and taking a deep breath you got up from the bed and opened the door. He tried to stay serious, but he couldn’t hold back the smile for so much time. “I swear one day I’m gonna stay serious at my role”

“Yeah… sure” Leaving a soft kiss on your lips Bellamy came in and you closed the door to lean against it after. “Bell…”

“Yes?” He was getting comfortable, pulling off his vest and leaving it on the table with his guns. You didn’t say a word, you couldn’t, the only thing you could do then was to stare at him, feeling the tears wanting to escape from your eyes, and noticed it. “Hey babe, are you okay?”

“Bellamy… I…” The lump in your throat did nothing but grow with every word you tried to say “There’s something… something I need you to know” He looked at your frowning. You knew what he was thinking, he was the same situation as you, wanting to say the perfect words but not finding them.

“You can tell me anything, you know that” Well, apparently he did know how to find them.

“Bellamy… I’m…” What was he going to think? What would people from the ark think? A seventeen year old girl pregnant. “I’m… “ His eyes were looking at you like if he could know what was happening reading it on your (y/e/c) eyes. “I’m pregnant” You could feel him froze, making you think everything was ruined and screwed up, but then his wide smile appeared before running to you to give you the highest and significant hug  he had ever gave you.




You could felt your whole body sweating and the pain was truly horrible making your jaw clench so tense and clenched it seemed it would break.

“Everyone who can’t help, leave the ship right now!” You heard Clarke, who was the one who was going to attend your childbirth.

“I’m here Y/N, I’m here” Bellamy was sitting next to you, holding one of your hands with his both. “Everything is going to be all right. Breathe babe, breathe” His voice was achieving to make you feel a little bit more calmed, but not enough.

“it hurts… It hurts…”

“Relax, please stay relaxed babe. I’m here, I’m here and everything is going to be all right. I won’t let anything happen to any of you two, okay?” You just nodded.


Being sent to the ground with six months of pregnancy, they got to be kidding.

Although you tried to escape from their grabbing your condition was not the best one and they took advantage from it.

You were leaded to an enormous dropship. There you could see some people you knew because they got arrested before you, it seemed like the minor criminals were going to be sent to earth.


“Are you okay?” the blonde girl who was sitting next to you asked, obviously worried about your state.

“I think so…” Everything was blurred and you felt like everything around you was spinning.

“I can’t believe they’re sending you to the ground being…”

“Pregnant… You can say it…”


Everyone on the ark knew it. It wasn’t the cause of you being arrested but that one only time when you needed some extra medicine to handle the changes of your body while the pregnancy. The last thing you saw before getting locked was Bellamy trying to help you and avoiding your arrest, but he couldn’t do anything.


“Y/N!” Octavia, your sister in law was being cased in a chair like the one you were sitting in. You were glad to see she was okay. She cursed the man who was tying his belt and couldn’t help but smile at his temperament.


Minutes passed till everyone was tied and silent, then the travel started.




“Okay Y/N when I say it, I need you to start pushing, okay?” Clarke asked and you nodded, fearing the worst. The pain has already unbearable and it was going to be worse, you knew it. “Bellamy, talk to her. Don’t stop doing it, okay?” He felt lost, without knowing what he could do to help you, feeling useless, suffering for seeing you passing through all that pain all alone.

“Babe, I know it’s hard but… You need to calm down a little.”

“Bell… I’m scared” you mumbled almost crying.

“I know babe, I know” he smiled because of his nervousness while some tears escaped from his eyes. It was the first time you saw him crying.  “But you don’t have to. Everything is going to be all right and our baby is going to be perfect.”

“How do you know that?”

“Because I trust you, I trust everything we’ve been through babe, I just know it.”

“Okay Y/N, I need you to start pushing now!” And you obeyed. Right after taking a deep breath you started pushing and yes, the pain was so much worse. Eyes tightly shut and your hand closed in a fist, the other one was still between Bellamy’s ones, making you feel safer and stronger. Clarke was so focused, but we was looking at Bellamy and nodding in some moments to let him know everything was going the right way.

“You’re doing great babe, just a little more, you can do this” Bellamy whispered in your ear.


The ship finally landed. The first thing you did was to check everything, but nothing was hurting so you could sigh in relief.


“Let me help you with that” The blonde girl next to you said and proceeded to untie the belts. “Are you feeling okay?”

“Yes… Thank you… uhm…”

“Clarke” She said with a small smile on her face but the worry was there too. “Your name was Y/N, right?” You nodded, after all, who in the ark didn’t know your name? The girl who got pregnant and arrested, what a show.

“Thank you Clarke” She nodded and both of you finally got up. The whole group of people was expecting for the ship to be finally opened. You were looking around when you heard his voice calling for his sister.

“Bell…” You whispered before start pushing people. Finally you saw him hugging his sister, who saw your first and smiled. Apparently she warned his brother because he turned around on your direction quickly.

“Y/N…” You didn’t hear him but you could read his lips. Both of your faces decorated with a smile you ran to each other to finally hug after months without knowing about each other. “Finally…” he whispered in your ear. Someone hawked.

“Okay, I’m so glad you two have met again, but can we skip the romance show and open that damn door?” A guy with black hair and blue eyes said, making Bellamy look at him angrily.

“It’s okay, he’s right.” You said squeezing Bellamy’s arm. He turned to Octavia.

“Would you like to be the first one on the ground?” He asked with a smile that appeared in her face too, obviously excited.

“Can I?” Bellamy nodded and proceeded to open the door. Everything out there seemed unreal. Bellamy’s arm wrapped your waist and approached your body to his while the two of you admired the landscape just in front of you. Octavia took a few steps on the ground before raising his arms and pronounce the first words on the ground.

“We’re back bitches!”



Voices surrounding you were the first thing you felt again when you started to wake up. Your fingers were the first thing you moved, at least the ones on the hand Bellamy’s was not caressing.

“Welcome again sleeping beauty” He said with a smile. You could see he had been crying.

“Is everything okay?” You asked scared.

“Yes, perfect” His smile gone wider and then you knew the tears he had spilled were joyful and happy ones. “You fainted, Clarke says because of the pain. How are you feeling?”

“I’m fine” He kissed you forehead. “Where’s he?”

“It’s she” Clarke’s voice said. She entered in the tent with your baby in her arms, carefully wrapped in clean fabric. “Are you feeling strong enough to hold her?”

“Yes, of course”

There are no words to describe how you felt when Clarke put that little human being on your arms and even more when she looked at your eyes for the first time. Hers were still not completely opened, but it was enough to create an undefinable link.

“She has your nose” Bellamy said caressing it with his index.

“She’s so beautiful” Your voice broke, you couldn’t believe what was happening but it was glorious amazing. You looked at Bellamy, who was smiling to you.

“You’re truly a warrior Y/N” he said placing a strand of your hair behind your ear. “I knew you could do it, I know you can do anything.”

“It wasn’t just me, Bell. You’ve done so much” He raised his eyebrows, clearly surprised. “You’ve been here with me all the time; holding my hand, trying to make me feel relaxed, saying things to me… We’ve both made it and I mean it.” He smiled widely, his eyes with tears again.

“We’re going to be a very good parents to this little person, don’t you think?”

“I’m sure of it” You smiled before pressing your lips to his.

“How should we call her?” He asked.

“What do you think about… Helen?” You smiled and he did it too. Your favorite character from his favorite book.

“I think it’s perfect”

Jim Moriarty x Reader: The Professor

Warning(s): none (Jim’s a bit ooc)
A/N: I’m not completely satisfied with this one but I hope it’s still enjoyable. I made Jim a mathematics professor because that’s his “official” occupation in the canon. Jim is so ooc in this one, I know, but Jim is acting throughout the whole thing, so it was a necessity. Also, happy New Years, guys! 🎉🎊
Second person’s point of view
During your last year at university, you got a new mathematics professor. His name was Professor James Moriarty. Before that, you didn’t like that subject but you might have fallen in love with your new professor. He was very charismatic and a genius. You had a few private lessons with him but of course, nothing happened. Not that he knew that you fancied him.
Eventually, your last term came to an end and you finally got your degree. Naturally, you were glad to finally be done with school but you were a bit bitter about probably never seeing Professor Moriarty again. Or so you thought.

*two years after you graduated*

You were having coffee by yourself after a long day at work. You managed to get a job at the company you’ve been dreaming of working at but it was still very stressful. You loved relaxing in the café about halfway between your home and your office with a good book and a latte. That’s what you were doing when you heard a man clearing their throats in front of you.

“Excuse me, miss. Is this seat taken?”

You looked up at the man and your jaw nearly dropped. It was your maths professor for university! You quickly nodded your head.

“No, sir. Go ahead and take a seat!”

You didn’t want to bring up that fact that he taught you maths. He probably didn’t remember you anyways and it would just be awkward. You set your book aside to start sipping on your coffee again.

“I remember, y'know.”, he said, grabbing your attention, “You were my student at London South West University. You’re (F/N) (L/N).”
“Yes, I am, sir. I didn’t want to say anything, in case you didn’t remember. I suspected you would’ve forgotten me by now.”
“How could I forget my prettiest student so far?”, he gave you a killer smirk.

His words made you blush uncontrollably. You were head over heels for this man and he was still just as handsome with his wide grin and huge brown eyes.

“Thank you.”

You two ended up having a nice conversation before he had to leave for his private class. After he left you were left hoping that he would come back again sometimes in the future and you could see him once again.
The following day he was there again and he sat with you. You met him at the café every day after that. You even stopped bringing your book with you because you knew – or at least hoped – that he’d be there.
On a chilly winter night when it was raining heavily he offered to walk you home since you didn’t have an umbrella. You were more than glad to accept his offer. You were walking arm in arm towards your apartment building when he spoke up.

“Could I take you on a proper date on Friday? To a restaurant, perhaps?”

You were taken aback by his question. You have no idea that he looked at your meetings as “dates”. You agreed nonetheless. As soon as you entered your house you let out an exited squeak and did a small happy-dance that you stopped immediately when you heard the lift stop at your floor. You went up to your apartment and went to sleep with a smile on your face.
The big day came quickly and you couldn’t have been any more nervous. You have chosen five different outfits prior but when it was time to wear one you couldn’t decide. Jim – he told you to call him that and you almost fainted from happiness – told you to wear something fancy.
Eventually, you decided to wear a burgundy dress that reached the middle of your calves and wore simply tights underneath. Your makeup was simple and your bun resembled Grace Kelly’s usual bun. You were ready just in time. As you were putting on your shoes your date knocked on your door.
 He was dressed in a tuxedo with a bow tie, looking as dashing as ever. His eyes were filled with admiration when he saw you which made you blush slightly.

“You look gorgeous.”, he offered his arm to you.
“You don’t look half bad, either.”, you smiled, taking his arm.

He owned a Jaguar which surprised you a bit. It looked like it was a new model but you didn’t know that professors earned so well. But you didn’t pay much mind to it anyways. He opened the door for you like a gentleman. The restaurant wasn’t far from your home, it took only about twenty-five minutes but it seemed much shorter. Whenever you got to talk to Jim time seemed to fly.
The restaurant was breathtaking. It was small and it was decorated in the style on the 40’s so it went well with your dress. It was illuminated by small lights and candles, making it even more romantic.
Jim pulled out your chair for you before ordering a fine wine. You were talking about your usual subjects. He told you about his day, you told him about yours, the weather, books and so on. As soon as you dropped a theme another came up. After you finished your desserts he took you back home. He insisted on walking you to your front door. Just as you were about to enter your apartment Jim grabbed your wrist gently.

“(Y/N), I’m so glad that we met once again and this time in an unprofessional surrounding. I couldn’t say it back then for obvious reasons but I always thought you were fascinating. You are smart and also the most beautiful woman I’ve ever got to lay my eyes on. I guess what I’m trying to say I that it would be an honor if you were girlfriend.”, he smiled sheepishly.
“Of course.”, you practically screamed.

You jumped into his arms, kissing him passionately. When you broke apart you said your good nights and went home.

*time skip*

You’ve been dating for a year and a half and you recently got engaged. You couldn’t have been happier. You got the afternoon off so you decided to visit Jim. He had told you at the beginning of your relationship not to do that because he didn’t want you to feel awkward and didn’t want his colleagues to know that he was dating his former student. You never visited him there before but seeing that you were now in an established relationship they couldn’t say anything and you wouldn’t feel awkward so you deemed it a good idea.
You asked the receptionist where Jim’s current office was. He gave you a curious look and told you that Professor Moriarty quit his job at the university years ago. After hearing that you felt physically ill. You thought you were going to faint. Through your whole relationship, he said he still worked here. He told you stories about his day, hell, he even corrected tests and exams at home!
After the surprise passed you became furious. You were engaged to a man you knew nothing about. He obviously had a job, seeing you flat in the City, your brand new car and your 4 karat diamond engagement ring. You had suspected that he wasn’t entirely honest from the beginning but you kept telling yourself that he wouldn’t do this to you. Obviously, you were wrong.
You rush home. He’s not at home, yet but he’s not even supposed to come back until 5 pm. You make yourself a meal and try to calm your nerves by reading your favorite book. You tell yourself that he must have a good reason and he will be able to explain himself. That kind of works but your relaxed state is out of the window when you realize that it’s 7 pm already and he’s nowhere to be found. In half an hour he finally arrives.

“I’m sorry, darling. I had to correct some tests and I didn’t want to bring them home.”, he says, kissing your head. “That must be hard to do when you haven’t even been to a classroom for years, isn’t it, Jim?”, you ask, as calmly as possible.
“How do you know?”
“I went in to surprise you. They told me you weren’t working there by the time we started dating!”
“Yeah but I couldn’t tell you who I actually was just yet! I was going to tell you!”
“After our wedding.”
“So you could be sure that I couldn’t leave you?”
“I am a consulting criminal; that only one in the world. Now, that’s something you weren’t expecting, right?”

Jim buried his face into his hands then swept back his dark locks. He looked at you calmly and took your hands.

“Look, (Y/N), what we are doing is ridiculous. I love you and you love me, too. So let’s just forget about it and carry on with our life, together.”
“I can’t, Jim.”, you were crying by that point, “You lied to me. Throughout our entire relationship. I cannot just forget that and move on. I think, maybe, we aren’t right for each other after all.”

With that you ran upstairs, ignoring Jim shouting your name. You quickly packed some necessities and headed downstairs.

“Goodbye, Jim.”, you told the man sitting on the sofa, his head in his hands.


Jim was devastated by your loss. He really meant to tell you but he couldn’t get himself to do so because he was too scared that what happened would happen. Sebastian was secretly also hoping you would return because he was sick of Jim being like this.
It’s been three days since you’ve left. Jim had been at a meeting with a business associate throughout the whole day. It was late at night by the time he arrived home but he really didn’t care at that point. There was no one waiting for him there anyway.
He was wrong, however. To his big surprise, you were sitting on the couch, waiting for him.

“I came to pick up my stuff but I couldn’t leave again. I love you, Jim and I want to be with you.”

His lips twitched before turning up into a smirk. He took you into his arms, spinning you around. He sealed his lips onto yours, finally kissing you again after what felt like ages.

*time skip*

That was free years ago. You got married half a year later, just as you planned. You still had your own job but you also helped out with Jim’s secret and you couldn’t have been happier.

A Bad Connection || Tae || Final

Pt. 1 // Pt. 2 // Pt. 3 // Pt. 4 // Pt. 5//Pt. 6 // Pt. 7 // Pt. 8 // Final

Word Count: 1991

Genre: fluff, romance, youtubers au

Summary: Childhood feuds are meant to remain as a memory, nothing to be taken too seriously. Unfortunately, you and Kim Taehyung aren’t that mature.

Taehyung sighed, standing in front of the mirror as he carefully fixed his hair. His lips were set in a tight frown as he carefully touched up small strands of his hair. A long sigh left his lips and he fell back onto his bed. There was a knock and Jimin came in, eyebrows raised.

“What’s wrong with you?”



“Why do I feel so depressed?”

Jimin smiled, leaning against the doorframe, “Well, I guess that’s love.”

“What kind of love is that?” Taehyung sat up straight, staring at himself in the mirror. “Is that actually love? Do you think she hates me?”

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BTS when they have to reject you

GET THE TISSUES READY EVERYONE! This is my masterpiece I swear

I’m kind of taking you to dramaland again: Sometimes two people seem meant to be, yet for some reason they can’t be together at the time. Imagine BTS having to tell you that they cannot become your boyfriend (now)~ 


 - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Jin: You were having a home-cooked dinner with Jin the night before they started their comeback promotions. Spaghetti were dangling from your mouth over your chin (because you couldn’t get enough and stuffed it in all at once), and Jin chuckled. He removed some of the noodles with his thumb, then stopped the movement half-way through and sighed heavily. 

You: “[mouth still full of spaghetti] Oppa, is something wrong?”

Jin: “[smiling sadly] It’s just that….you are so cute and…perfect really. I just wish I could be your boyfriend after all this time. But it’s not yet possible, I’ve got to work and then there’s military service and it will take so much time … I’m so sorry. ______, I’m so selfish that I wish you’d wait for me, but I know that it would be wrong to keep you from dating a man who can give you all the love you deserve. The only thing I can ask for is that please, keep me as your friend, your big brother. I want to take care of you, even if I can’t become your boyfriend.” 

*Jin taking care of you*

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Yoongi had been working day and night in this studio the whole past month. He hadn’t asked you to be his girlfriend yet, but you really hoped he would ask soon. In the meantime, you dropped by as often as you could, careful to bring food and to try to comfort him when he got in a bad mood. This evening, he was proudly showing you a new composition that he had worked on for the last two weeks. You had tears in your eyes when the song finished. Yoongi grinned proudly at your reaction but he quickly got serious again:

Yoongi: “Actually, _____, I need to tell you something.”

You: “What is it, oppa?”

Yoongi: “See…[sigh] I really, really like you, _____. I wish I could be your boyfriend, right now, I love you that much. I’ve seen you waiting for me to ask you over the past weeks, and it pained me so much. I’m sorry I put you through this. The truth is, I really need to improve my career right now, and I can’t date you because I simply don’t have time for anything besides BTS. I’m very sorry. The only thing I can do is compose better songs for you to listen to, that’s the only way I can love you right now” 

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Rap Monster

Namjoon was on tour with BTS and you were going crazy because that meant you couldn’t call or text him whenever you wanted anymore. You managed to keep quiet for a few days, but after a week or so you send him a whiny text. That evening, you got a call from Namjoon:

Namjoon: “Hey, _____! I saw your text~ How are you?”

You: “Oppa! Aren’t you tired? I’m sorry I send that text, I just …. I don’t even know, I guess I missed you that much.”

Namjoon: “ [Sigh] I know…I know and I’m so sorry. I need to tell you something, and I hate myself for doing it over the phone rather than in person. But I don’t want you to wait for my explanation another two months until we come back to Korea. _____, it’s …. it’s not that I don’t like you, I like you so much. I’d want you to be my girlfriend if things were differently. If I weren’t part of BTS, I’d really want us to be a couple. But right now it’s not possible. I need to work hard to succeed. Please know that you are more special to me than any other girl, but I can’t be with you, at least not now. I’m very sorry.”

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J-Hope: Oh god poor Hobi

Hobi had wanted to tell you for a long time that due to the pressure from fans and the public eye in general, he wasn’t ready to date yet. But whenever you held to him tightly, or looked up to him smiling, or just walked next to him, he couldn’t bring himself to tell you the truth. Now however, things had changed. You two had watched a movie at the dorm and you’d made a joke about what it would be like dating him which made Hobi decide that the longer waited, the more he’d hurt you. 

Hobi: “[laughing] actually…. [getting serious] actually, ______, we need to talk about this.”

You: “Oh - it was just a joke, oppa, don’t worry”

Hobi: “[sigh] I know…I know that. ______, I really like you. I like you, and I really wish I had the courage to make you my girlfriend. But I’m too scared of dating you, since idols and their partners get so much crap. I don’t want this to happen to us, you’re too precious to me. So, even though I love you, we can never be more than friends - that is, as long as I’m a member of BTS. I’m so sorry, please forgive me.”

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Jimin: You were visiting Jimin at the dorm, the two of you talking over hot chocolate and cookies, and exchanging the news of the past few weeks. It was rare that you could meet Jimin in private and in a relaxed atmosphere like this, usually you just got a few calls a month and some quick texts inbetween broadcasts and concerts to check on you. You were just telling Jimin that you suffered from not having a boyfriend, no one to truly care for you, when he lost his smile and got sad instead. 

You: “It’s such a stupid wish, really, but I’d love to have someone just for me. Someone who takes good care of me, and who really loves me.”

Jimin: “Nuna - that’s ….I ….”

You: “I know, Jimin, I shoulnd’t be telling you this. Nuna is being silly again.”

Jimin: “No, that’s not it, no. [Sigh] I would be your boyfriend. I would ask you, I’d be your perfect boyfriend, but I can’t. All I ever do is practice, eat and sleep. I have no time to love you like you deserve. But I love you , nuna, so so much. Please don’t despair. I know guys adore you, and I know that someone will come soon. I wish I could be that someone, but I can’t, and I regret it very much.”

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You had fooled around with Taetae for almost 2 years now, and during that time, you had slowly fallen in love with him. You were sure that he felt love for you too, considering he gave you a genuine smile whenever your eyes met and even cuddled with you during movie nights. On Valentine’s day, you decided to buy him chocolate, hoping he’d get the hint and finally ask you out. It wasn’t until later, when Taehyung had returned home and been informed by Namjoon that your chocolate could be meant as a subtle hint, that he realized that he’d never told you how he really felt. On the scheduled meeting the next day, he cleared his throat and began to explain: 

Taehyung: “_______, thank you …..thank you so much again for the chocolate. I was so stupid that I didn’t realize what you were trying to say before. I know now that you really like me, right? I like you so much, too. If I wanted to have a girlfriend, it would only be you. But…the reason I didn’t even notice that you liked me so much is that I just cannot afford to have a girlfriend right now. I have so much work to do, and as much as I love you, I also love the fans who show us so much support. I don’t want to be your boyfriend until BTS is over. Only then can I give you my full heart. You deserve so much better than only half of it, I’m so sorry.”

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Jungkook: You had attended the same school as Kookie and he even sat next to you in music class. After graduation tough, you’d lost sight of each other. A year and a half later, you’d been informed by a member of your girl group that BTS was attending the same event as you, and when you found them changing and getting styled, you were able to establish contact with Kookie again. It felt as though no time had passed at all. He was still as talented and funny as you remebered him. A few months later, after he’d come off age, Kookie took you out for some Soju and karaoke. In his drunk state, half-slurring the words into the microphone, Kookie made his confession: 

Jungkook: “______, I’m so glad I met you again. You are so ….perfect, you are perfect. And you’ve gotten even prettier since your debut, so much prettier and so much more confindent. But then again ….I’m also sad that I met you again.”

You: “What? Why? Did I do anything wrong?”

Jungkook: “No! no no no! No, it’s me. It’s all me. See, I like you. I like you so much. I’ve never been in love before but I think right now, with you, that’s it. I love you, ______. But I can’t be your boyfriend. That’s why I’m sad: I know the most perfect girl in the world, and I can’t have her. Two idols dating - I don’t want that for us. I don’t want all the rumors, and the hateful comments. I’m so sorry that I won’t be the one making you happy. I wish, I so wish I could be the one, but I can’t.”

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160716 Mentioned of Eric Mun in Heo Jeong-min’s “Another Miss Oh” Interview: Now I know why Shinhwa is still intact

Q: How was working with Eric like?

Heo Jeong Min: We’ve met before when I was still active with Moonchild (t/n: the group Heo Jeong-min debuted). Back then, I was scared of him. He had an aura that made it hard for us to approach him recklessly. When filming started, he told me that although as Shinhwa he couldn’t approach me, he was glad that we met again and became close. He’s really affectionate and attentive. If he thinks of you as someone on his side (t/n: friends), he would really take care of you. I now know why Shinhwa is still intact as a group until now. He has leadership qualities so it’s easy to follow his lead.

Source: 10Asia + Translation Sumi13

This Is God Rap pt. 1

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Okay I don’t even know what I just did…. this is a present for the greatest @rambles-of-a-kpop-fangirl :) (this is what I meant by destroy…)

I was looking for a gif of Namjoon and all the gifs were so cuuuute ahh. But I needed a dark one ;)

Violence warning! Please proceed with care! Recommended song:

If they’re going to kill someone, it’ll usually be him that does it.

He wasn’t a killer. Not really. To say that he killed out of necessity wasn’t right. To say he killed because he wanted to wasn’t quite right either. He was no killer, merely someone who had killed. He had done it because he had been put in a place where he could kill, and it was easier than sparing a life. It was easier than letting someone else do it for him and bear the pain he should be taking on.

He was tired. Why? Probably just the way life wore down on him. But he didn’t consider it. A tall guy on a dark and empty street. A couple cops who knew him by sight. He was pressed against the police car, staring at the flashing blue and red light. The officers thought that they had him. They pulled the metal baseball bat from his grip and pulled his hands behind his back. They tore the hat from his head and patted him down, searching for a weapon he didn’t have.

But they didn’t have him. Could they arrest him so easily, after he had avoided it for so long. He didn’t really believe he had the strength to take them both on, not when they were trained men with guns at their belts. But this was a problem, and it had to be solved. There was no if about it.

He whirled, breaking the policeman’s grip on him, grabbing the bat while the second man was still too shocked to move. Without concern of how much strength he used, he swung the bat. He only had a few seconds before they caught up with the situation at hand. He watched one man fall, the side of his head bloody. He turned and struck the other man. The bat hit him with a crack and a slight hollow ringing of metal.

And he stood alone. The door of the police car was open, the two uniformed officers crumpled on the pavement, the blue and red light dancing off of the buildings around him, the wide eyes of the girl trained on him.

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キケンなLove Trap - お前は誰にも譲らない
Dangerous Love Trap – I will not give you up

Makabe Kenta Route

“…I am also going to take a shower.”

In this event, your meet a stranger (he even has a sprite!) that have some malicious intents towards you. Your bodyguard goes into protection mode as does his job as a bodyguard and a man.

(summary under cut)

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Nate Maloley - Reunion

Request: hey! can you do an imagine where y/n and Nate have been friends since they were kids and they haven’t seen each other in awhile and then a couple years later they run into each other because y/n moved to la cause she started college. and Nate starts to like her again. sorry if this is confusing. thanks😁


“This was the last box,” My dad announced as he put the box down to the ground. He insisted on helping me to move into the collage. I got into my dream school in LA and that meant I only could go home like two or three times a year.

“Thanks daddy,” I said smiling to him and both of us knew that this was the time to say goodbye.

“Call me whenever you can, okay?” he said stepping to me and hugging me tightly. I put my arms around his torso and breathed in his scent. I knew I would miss him, but this was a new chapter in my life I had to begin.

“Okay, I will,” I said smiling into his chest.

He kissed the top of my head, and waving one more time at the doorframe he left. It was hard for both of us, but I knew collage would be one of the best parts of my life.

When I was left there in my dorm room with my stuff I didn’t even know what to do. I started to unpack my things, and when I was done with my clothes, I decided to have a coffee break. I went on an exploring tour and found a local coffee shop. I walked in and stood there for a minute examining what I should get, when a familiar voice spoke up behind me, repeating my name.

“Y/N, is that you?” I turned around and there I found Nate Maloley, the guy I had been friends with through middle school and partly in high school. Back in Omaha he and Sammy were my only friends, I was kind of a weird little kid and only they were brave enough to get to know me. But then in ninth grade, my dad had a better job and we had to move to Seattle. Since then I hadn’t seen him, but of course I heard about his success and I was really proud of him.

“Oh my God, Nate?” I turned to him with wide eyes. He definitely got taller and he was way more handsome then in ninth grade. We hugged for a moment and just tried to get through the shock that after almost five years we met at a coffee shop.

“What are you doing here? I mean, in LA,” he asked standing next to me in the line.

“I’m starting collage here, I just moved in today,” I said proudly.

“That’s amazing! So you are gonna be around a lot, aren’t you?”

“Yes, I’m going home in December next time.”

“Great! I mean, that way we can hang out! I can show you around if you want me to,” he offered with a bright and charming smile. I always thought he was really handsome. At ninth grade I definitely had a crush on him, now I just found him really attractive. I didn’t know him that well anymore, so saying that I had a crush on him was a bit too much.

“Okay, sounds good. We can catch up.”

“Good. Are you in a hurry? We can have coffee together.” He was so enthusiastic, I couldn’t tell him I still had to unwrap half of my life, so I said yes.

We sat down in a corner, and talked about things that happened to us since we hadn’t met. His stories was definitely crazier and more awesome than mines, but he looked so into it, I felt like I was talking about how I travelled through the world.

Unfortunately he had to go back to work and I also had a lot of thing to do. He told me he would pick me up at seven the next day to show me around and I happily said yes.

Later that day I finished packing and I spent my first night at the dorm. It was a bit scary, since my roommate wasn’t there yet. She was supposed to move in in two days. So it was just me. In the morning I couldn’t sleep late, I was too excited to meet Nate. I spent the day digging up the internet about him. I listened to his song and checked out a few sites.

Around five I took a shower and started to get ready. Nate was there exactly in time.

“Hey, how was your first night there?” he asked smiling as we started to walk down the street next to the campus.

“It was a bit unusual, but I guess I just have to get used to.”

We took a walk at the neighborhood, he showed me the best party places and restaurants. Also, he promised me every time that he would take me there one day.

I enjoyed being with him. He was quite mature and I really liked the grown up Nate. I could tell that he enjoyed his life and he loved what he was doing. I was happy for him.

We went down to the beach, where a group of girls asked for pictures with him. He was so sweet with them, chatted with them for a bit before we said goodbye to them.

“Are you used to things like that?” I asked smiling at him.

“You can never get used to it. But I’m definitely enjoying it,” he laughed.

“I can’t believe I’m here with a celebrity!” I sighed dramatically.

“Oh, hush, I’m just like I used to be!”

“That’s not true, you are so much taller now!” I laughed bumping my shoulder to his arm, since he was so much taller than me.

“I can’t stay an elf forever. But anyway, you know how I mean it.”

“Yes I do. And I’m glad we met again,” I admitted looking up at him.

“I could say the same.”

There was a short pause, when we both just stared at each other, and finally he spoke up first.

“I have to tell you something,” he said scratching the back of my neck.

“Okay, go ahead.”

“So, I may have had a slight crush on you earlier, when we were younger.”

“You did?” I asked surprised, but it was cute, thinking of the young Nate crushing on my young self.

“Yes, because, you know, you were really cool and beautiful. And you just became more beautiful through the years.” He grinned at me stopping. We stood face to face and I knew there was more that he wanted to tell me. “And I have to admit, I’m starting to feel just like in ninth grade,” he admitted. “I was just hoping we could repeat this night, but this time we should call it a date.”

I was slightly amused by his words and I have to admit I was feeling the same. So I happily agreed to it.

“It would be great.” A bright smile spread across his face and leaning closer he kissed my cheek.

“Good. Now let me take you back to the dorm. I have to get ready to our date for tomorrow.”

rintoshiinkais  asked:

PLS write some angsty MaeIso. Probably Isogai having to kill Maehara during an assassin mission or somethin'.

I’M SORRY FOR WRITING THIS LATE OMG I’M SORRY ;A; Anyways I don’t think this is what you asked for but it’s still angst. I hope you like it! :)

“Good work, ikemen.”

Isogai bows and tries his best to hide the grimace on his face because of his codename then mutters a soft thanks to his boss. Can’t they think of a better codename, he asks inside his head and sweatdrops. His boss smiles at him and hands him a brown envelope.

“You have a new project,” The older man starts.

Isogai quirks an eyebrow.

“But don’t get your feelings involved.”

The brunette furrows his eyebrows and glances at the envelope he’s grasping. He frowns, what do you mean by don’t get my feelings involved? 

“I think you know this person well enough, you don’t need this envelope actually.” His boss says and smirks, “But things change.”

“Your new project is, Maehara Hiroto aka the Womanizer.” His boss states.

Isogai feels the world stop. His breath hitches on his throat, was his ears deceiving him?

Maehara is his new project?

Isogai stares(more like glares) at the envelope on his table before reaching for his mug and sips his coffee. He debates internally if whether he should open the envelope or not. He sighs and wraps both of his hands on his mug and looks down on the content.

Maehara, of all people?” He asks himself.

He feels a faint twinge on his chest.

“This boy’s becoming a threat to us. He successfully eliminated most of my men.” His boss says and Isogai feels a lump build up in his throat.

“I’m not sure what’s the reason behind of him eliminating my men, it must be his superior’s orders but you have to wipe him out before he eliminates every men I have.” 

“I-I–” Isogai starts.

“Don’t get too close to the case, Yuuma.” His boss sternly says.


His stomach twists as he recalls the conversation he had with his boss. He places his mug back to his coffee table and lies down on his couch. How did things turn out like this?

“But Hiroto…”

It’s been really awhile since he last saw his childhood friend, after parting ways in college he didn’t get to keep in touch much with the womanizer. He hasn’t heard anything of the latter once he joined his current profession. Isogai remembers giving his childhood friend a hug before saying farewell.

All he knew that Maehara was continuing his studies at Kyoto, he never knew that he’d end up with a profession same as his. Furthermore, he never knew that Maehara would be his next target.

His heart clenches at the thought of Hiroto as his next target.

“How on earth will I do this?” He sighs exasperatedly and rolls then falls of his couch.

Isogai groans.

“I can’t do this.” He mutters and finally has the courage to open the envelope.


Isogai blinks at the person that supposedly bumped into him.

“Do I know you?” Isogai asks. Of course I do.

The other male looks downright offended but then laughs and swings an arm around Isogai.

“It’s Maehara! Your childhood friend, how could you forget?” Maehara whines and Isogai rolls his eyes.

“I was bluffing.” He says and the other male grins.

This makes my job easier, Isogai feels his insides twist into knots. This couldn’t be just a coincidence, it just couldn’t be.

“Hey, since we’re together why not let’s hangout?” Maehara asks and Isogai finds himself nodding unconsciously.

Well, why not let myself enjoy a bit? He asks himself. Isogai smiles and let’s the male drag him out of the shop and to wherever the latter wants to go. Maehara suddenly stops that causes for the other to stop to, Isogai stares at him inquiringly and Maehara grins, then holds his hand and intertwines their fingers. The action catches Isogai off-guard.

And he’s afraid to admit that it made his heart skip a beat.

“Have you met with your target already?”

Isogai nods and bites his lower lip, “I don’t think I can do this, boss.”

His superior frowns and sighs, “If you won’t then who will? Yuuma, you do know that you are the best among my men and you’re the only one who’s qualified for this job.”

“But boss…” Isogai swears he did not just whimper in front of his boss.

The boss grunts something incoherent under his breath and Isogai straightens up, there’s no escaping this project.

“Yuuma, you must do this project.” His boss sternly says.

“Finish it in a week,” Isogai only lowers his head in defeat, “Don’t get your feelings involved, Yuuma. This is the world you chose to live in.”

“Are you okay?” 

Isogai blinks twice at the hand that was waving in front of his face. He sighs and stops the hand by holding the owner’s wrist and smiles at the owner.

“I’m fine, Hiroto.”

“Are you sure?” Maehara’s brows furrow in worry.

“Yes.” Now, please don’t look so worried it’s not good for my health.

The womanizer gives him one last glance before returning to his food. They were currently inside Maehara’s apartment and this makes Isogai wonder of all places Maehara could choose for them to hangout is at his place. Doesn’t the other think it’s too dangerous? Of course not, Isogai frowns internally.

“Hey, Yuuma. I’m going to the kitchen for a bit to get something to drink.” Isogai casts Maehara a curious stare.

The womanizer’s behavior suddenly turned strange that piqued the brunette’s concern. Isogai watches Maehara stride to his kitchen with an unsettling feeling inside his stomach. Maehara’s tone was rather uncanny, he says inside his mind.

“I hope you’re fine with orange juice.”

Isogai snaps his head to the direction where he heard Maehara’s voice and sees the latter approaching him holding a steel tray. The latter gently places the tray and hands Isogai a glass of the juice then smiles that rather warms his heart it sends chills to his spine. Isogai stares warily at the drink, it smells different.

“Hey, Yuu–”

“I’m sorry!” 

He blinks, what happened?

Isogai stares at the broken glass and puddle of juice on the floor. Maehara glances at him with concern written all-over his features.

“Are you alright? I’m really sorry, my hand slipped.” The other male cups his face.

Isogai stares at Maehara’s orbs and somehow finds guilt swimming in them, “I’m fine.” He says and places both of his hands on top of Maehara’s.

He runs his fingers through Maehara’s hair then smiles reassuringly.

“Why did you want to see me at this time of the night?” Maehara asks once he sees the brunette.

“I have something… to say.” Isogai hesitates.

“Finish your job today, Yuuma.” His superior said with a serious tone.

Isogai nods, “Finish it today or I will be the one to do it.” His boss’s tone was threatening.

“Understood, boss.”

“Hiroto, I’m so glad that I met you again and we got to hangout once more…” He says and Maehara approaches him with a perplexed expression.

“What are you talking about, Yuuma?” He asks his eyes questioning Isogai.

“I didn’t want this, I didn’t want to do this but I have no other choice.” The brunette continues but his tone was starting to waver.

Maehara stops on his tracks and lowers his head which halts Isogai on his tracks also. The unsettling feeling on the pit of his stomach strengthens and his insides twists into more knots. He feels his heart race at the speed of 20 mach, exaggerated or not.

“I guess it ends to this.” He hears Maehara say.

The other looks up with a mirthless smile on his face, “It was nice while it lasted, Yuuma.”

Isogai’s eyes widen as he sees a gun pointed at him.

“Hi-Hiroto…” He stammers.

The brunette tightens his grip on his hidden gun, he never thought it’ll end this way.

“I’m your new project, you were tasked to kill me, right? Funny. I was tasked to eliminate you.” Maehara chuckles humorlessly.

Isogai gasps inaudibly and feels his palms start to sweat.

I tried. Yuuma, I tried but I just can’t kill you. How can I kill you? I love you so much!” Maehara confesses and tears his gaze away from Isogai.

A choked sob escapes Isogai’s lip, his tears already threatening to spill; this wasn’t how he pictured it to end, this wasn’t how it was supposed to end. His grip on his gun tightens even more. I can’t do this, he cries inside. 

“But to makes things easier,” Maehara pointed the gun on his head.

“N-no!” Isogai’s eyes widened as saucers.

“I love you, Yuuma. But this is goodbye, perhaps will see each other again in a world more peaceful than this.” Then pulled the trigger.

The shot was soundless but an ear-piercing cry was heard.

And another shot was left unheard.

AHAHAHAHAHAHA MAEISO ANGST :) I HOPE YOU LIKED IT :D It could’ve not ended that way but it’s angst haha I’m sorry if this took really long karmasano! :( It turned out int a full one-shot that’s why I took long and blame school ;-;

Send me an otp and a prompt and I’ll write angst!

405 - R.I.P.

I enjoyed this episode once again, although not as much as last week. Last week was our first climax of the season, so this ep had a dip in energy by comparison, and now the tension will build again until 408-409, when we get our next climax.

For me, this week was all about the plot, and especially the deepening mysteries.

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Forget Subtle

A/Y: Once again this came out way longer than usual. The first half of this story has been sitting on my phone for a while so today I was like ‘*rolls up sleeves* lets get this shit done’ and here it is! This was inspired by this post from @dropkickwritersblock! Thank you!

@keichanz @inunanna @grapefruitwannabe

His tongue stuck out the corner of his mouth in concentration. He sat back, admiring his work before nodding his satisfaction. The child glanced over in the mirror on side table before her face lit up and her smile reached her eyes. She bounced over to her friends to show them her face which now looked like a kitten. A very detailed one at that.
Inuyasha placed his paintbrush on the edge of his pallet and stood up to stretch his arms over his head. He’d been sitting for a good 3 hours, having painted just about every kid’s face at the party. It wasn’t exactly his idea of a good way to be spending his Sunday but it made him money and gave him good practice.

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Reasons (Part 2)


It had been nearly a week since you’d seen Niall on the subway. After climbing on to the train, you spent hours just riding it through its course in the underground. There was something so relaxing about moving. You’d been in one place for so long, stuck in the perpetual habits of your life. The train pulled you out of it, if only for a night.

You’d let your mind wander back, through college, through high school, all the way back into grade school—more specifically, third grade in Mrs. Haley’s class. You’d been quite the student at 8 years old, focused on good grades and learning new things. You were still in the i-love-everything-pink-and-sparkly phase which happened to go hand in hand with the boys-have-cooties phase.

Niall had sat directly behind you and he never ceased to annoy you to pieces. He’d toss bits of crumpled up paper into your hair and constantly bug you for answers to the homework. He’d pass you notes, reaching forward and dropping them over your shoulder. Most of them were stupid knock knock jokes and class gossip, but your mind fell upon a different note. You smiled sweetly as you remembered his third grade handwriting scribbled on a piece of notebook paper, “your really pritty“ You wondered if his spelling had improved at all since then.

All the memories skipped through your mind as you dashed mascara across your eyelashes. Niall was picking you up any time now and you couldn’t help but be charmed by the nostalgia of your school days. It seemed a lifetime away considering the man he’d grown up to be.

You heard a harsh knock on the door as you sat down to pull your favorite flats on, “One minute!” You slipped them over your feet, running your fingers through your hair one more time before grabbing your bag from where it hung over the arm of your desk chair.

You moved down the hall to the door, opening it quietly and slipping out on to the step. He stood there, slouched a little with his hands in his pockets. He’d ditched the beanie and his blonde hair was messily styled. He was cuter than you remembered.

"Hey,” you breathed.

“Hey,” he smiled at you as quiet settled in the air, “You look great.”

“Thanks,” you smiled shyly, glancing at the ground as you felt a hue of pink fall on to your cheeks.

“Ready to go?” he nodded to the car.


The ride was quiet, but not uncomfortably so. The radio played in the back and was interrupted every so often with smiling “Remember when’s” and and happy recollection. Being with him was a breath of fresh air from the monotony that had become your days.

He brought you to a tiny Italian restaurant hidden in the alleys downtown. It was overshadowed by the bright lights of the city, but it had a raw, homestyle feel that you loved instantly.

You spent hours laughing over pasta and bread, teasing each other about the good old days and talking about where you’d gone. He was in a band now, a pretty big one actually. He was surprised you hadn’t heard of them. You were working as a pediatric nurse which made him laugh because he couldn’t see you being good with kids.

“You’ve changed so much,” he took a sip of wine, raising his eyebrows.

“Considering we haven’t talked for 15 years, I’d call that a good thing,” you smiled, “I don’t want to be the same as I was yesterday, let alone the same as I was then.”

He nodded, “I like that. Changing,” he lifted his glass, “Here’s to changes.”

You smiled, clinking your glass with his, “To changes.”

Not long after, you were stumbling out into the cool autumn air, buzzed off the wine and off the memories. You barely noticed as his hand slipped into yours—it felt too natural, like you’d done it a thousand times. 

Bathed in the fluorescent lights of the shop windows, his blue eyes glowed and you watched the way they crinkled around the edges. You felt the way his fingers intertwined with yours, the callouses rubbing against the smooth skin of your palms. As leaves fell from the small trees in the sidewalk, you couldn’t help but imagine the wind tugging at you, begging you to fall, too.


“Hmmm?” his gaze floated back to you.

“I’m glad we met again,” you admitted quietly.

“Me too,” his hand lightly squeezed yours, “Really glad.”

You let the words stay there, you didn’t want to press it. That was all you needed to hear. Something was at work in the universe, weaving your lives back together, and you didn’t want to push something so delicate too far.

The rest of the night was nothing crazy, but it was entirely special despite that. You explored the streets, your hands never breaking—not once. He was a tether, holding you to your past as you dove into your future.

He was a wanderer, just like you. But, in all your travels through the town and through your past, he was a reminder to return to your roots. He was your reason to stand still, your reason to stay put just a little longer.


I don’t think you guys understand how in love with this I am. Oh my goodness. Probably my favorite thing I have ever written on this blog. Wow.

xoxo B