glad you loved the drama

I don’t care what people say when it grows longer

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I'm pretty sure that Lee Soo Hyuk didn't get a nose job. It was just the lighting and his hairstyle that was different in my opinon. He probably also lost some weight. Ah and I love your blog and started watching mrs Perfect because of you and now I'm in love!<3

I need a bunch of new hd close ups of his face to feel at ease. I really hope that he got some real unprofessional new make up artist who has no idea what they’re doing. Soo-hyuk’s face has been whitened to make his nose look smaller and his eyes have been rounded and it all looks so weird. Glad to hear that you’re loving Ms Perfect! It’s a really good drama that deserves to be loved. 


All this time, it was hard because I wasn’t sure what I should call you.                                 Get home safe, Lee Eunbi.

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I literally love this blog so much. There's never any drama from what I can tell, Everyone is so supportive :D I just freaking love reading all of the stories on here and I'm just fangirling over this blog donT TOUCH ME Thank you to all the people who write on this blog and help run it, without you guys, I'd be bored out of my mind.. Eternal damnation xD Anyways. Yeah, wow. Wow. 😂😂

Lol. I’m glad you love us and we appreciate all the love.

The only real drama we have is that Gabriel and I like fucking shit up and upsetting Charlie with our rp chat XD

- Castiel