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Dead (Jeff Atkins, 13 reasons)

There had been whispers about it. Jeff wasn’t a drinker to begin with. He was always the designated driver and even when he wasn’t he never had more than two or three beers. That particular night you’d been absolutely bombarded with math and science homework. He’d begged you to come to the party with him. You’d thought about it, but declined in the end. He kissed your cheek and told you he wanted to go to breakfast in the morning and that he’d be there to pick you up at 9:30. You wouldn’t be going to breakfast. In fact the next time you saw your boyfriend it was under very different circumstances. It was six hours later in the middle of the night. He was in a body bag. He was dead. Over what they called a drunk driving accident. Jeff was deemed drunk by most everyone at the scene. Everyone except you and his mother. Of course your opinion on how it happened didn’t matter as much as the fact that he was dead, whether he’d been drunk or not. You’d gone spiraling out of control. So much so that your mother forced you to take the rest of the semester off of school, joining independent studies. It didn’t do any good. You just felt more lonely. Jeff’s presence lacked even more and there was rarely a distraction. You didn’t feel any better about him being gone by the time you had finished your time in independent studies. You felt the same as when you’d first entered independent studies, so you had no problem when it came time for you to come back to school. Still a zombie, of course, and it didn’t help that your friend Hannah Baker had committed suicide during your absence from school. You knew you looked bad. You knew you had dark circles under your eyes. You knew you’d broken out from not eating right or regularly. You knew your hair was in the bun because you hadn’t bothered to shower, turning to perfume and deodorant instead. You opened your locker, shoving your books into it, you were back at it. Everyone was in their usual spots, nothing had really changed since you’d left. Except that Jessica and Justin were no longer together. Zach had gotten dumped by your best friend after the tapes were released. He’d known too much, she said, to keep it all a secret from the people who deserved to know. He’d borderline stalked her for a while. She’d threatened to move across the country with her aunt and uncle if he didn’t leave her alone. So he did. Nothing changed with Bryce. At least not yet. The fact that he was a rapist had gotten out. You’d heard things about Bryce and girls and parties, but not about Jessica and Hannah. You hid your face in your locker as you looked at your phone. You got a text every morning from Jeff’s mother. They varied in what they said. Today’s said “hello beautiful, your mom said I could pick you up after school and we could go to the mall. We also want you to stay for dinner.” You had your license but you hadn’t wanted to drive and your parents hadn’t trusted you to drive since Jeff’s accident. You were scared of cars now. You were also scared of alcohol.
“You’re back.” You hear from behind you. You turn to see Justin Foley. There’s concern in his eyes, like he knows that there’s a great chance you don’t want to be talking to him. And that you won’t forgive him. Forgive him for staying quiet when anything but that would have been a better option. He’d stayed quiet knowing his friend had raped not only Hannah baker, who would of course go on to kill herself, but his own girlfriend.
“Yeah.” You responded, not looking up from your phone as you texted Mrs. Atkins back.
“You look good.” He smiled at you. You locked your phone and slammed your locker closed, startling Justin.
“I’ve learned to accept pity but I’ll never accept being lied to, Foley.” You looked him dead in the eyes before moving to walk away.
“Seriously, Y/N! Given the circumstances you look really good. I don’t know how many people could survive what you’ve gone through.” By the end of his message he’s just white noise and you continued to walk.
“I’m not so sure I did.” You mumbled, leaving the jock in the dust. You knew he’d been having his own struggles. Hell, he’d been having his own problems since the day he’d been born to his waste of space mother. But that boy had let himself become a bystander for rape on account of somehow owing it to his rapist friend. There was no use telling him what you thought, he knew he was in the wrong and he’d heard it a lot. Marcus smiled at you as you continued down the hall. You found yourself walking towards him.
“Hey Y/N how are y-” you cut his formalities off.
“Is Y/FN at school yet?” Marcus was quite obviously caught off guard. His words fumbled together a bit.
“Uh, well, yeah. She tends to not go through the halls a lot anymore. She avoids us a lot.” Marcus explained. He didn’t give much eye contact.
“I knew that much, thanks.” Again, you were stopped before you could walk away.
“Will you guys ever talk to me again?” Zach’s familiar voice took over.
“This is your first attempt to talk to me as far as I’m concerned.” You crossed your arms. He looked as though he was in an extreme amount of pain.
“I’ve called and texted you for months.” Zach looked at the ground.
“One text of the many was you asking about me. The rest was you trying to get to Y/FN because she blocked you on everything. Your motives were not the most selfless, Zach Dempsey. Reassess yourself and your self righteous nature.” You spun on your heels and walked out of the room. You see your best friend talking to a girl named Skye, one of the only people either of you could stand the be around in the school anymore.
“Saw you talking the some henchmen.” Skye said, staring at her fingernails, which were painted black.
“Strictly to see where you were.” Skye smiled a little. Y/FN turned and hugged you.
“I’m glad you’re back, normal is what you need right now.” She said. Once you pulled away from your best friend, you saw someone coming. Clay Jenson. Lanky, kinda dorky Clay Jenson. The Clay Jenson that brought you free candy and free movie ticket vouchers after Jeff died. But this was also, and most certainly not least, the Clay Jenson featured on the tapes. The Clay Jenson that knew girls got raped, that knew a lot about the night Jeff died. Including that it wasn’t Jeff’s fault at all. In fact, he knew he wasn’t drunk and that it was Sheri that was drunk and had caused Jeff’s death. There was a handful of people that knew it wasn’t Jeff’s fault. The people that were featured on the tapes. Clay was featured on the tapes and so was Justin and so was Marcus and so was Zach. They saw you yanked out of school for being mentally unstable and not being able to understand how Jeff did this and why he was drunk at all. There were answers, and no one gave them to you until the tapes were handed to the police. You knew when the public knew. Nothing hurt more than that. And that’s why you hated those boys. And Courtney and Jessica and Alex and Tyler and every other god forsaken person who earned themselves a tape by being an insensitive asshole.
“Hey Y/N.” You looked over at Clay, his hands were stuffed in his pockets as he stared at you nervously. You looked at him, blinked twice, and looked away.
“You look good.” Silence.
“I’m sorry. I’m so, so sorry.” You can feel Clay looking at you, but you won’t look at him. There’s a short pause.
“Y/N I know I should have said something to you as soon as I knew but it was a lot more complicated than it se-” you found yourself waving your hands in the air begging him to stop speaking.
“You’re going to listen for a moment.” Clay nodded, finally able to make eye contact with you.
“Jeff and I were going to apply to all the same colleges, did he ever tell you that?” Clay nodded his head. You and Jeff had already planned on marriage. Everyone knew it.
“Did you know we were going to share an apartment right away instead of dorms?” Clay gulped, looking at the other two girls nervously.
“He talked about you constantly, Y/N.” You rolled your eyes at his words.
“People have been talking about me constantly. It’s my turn to speak.” Clay shut his mouth quickly.
“Wanna know something I’m sure you weren’t aware of?” Clay’s eyes filled with more fear by the second.
“Did you know that the day after I saw Jeff dragged away in a body bag is the day I miscarried our baby?” Clay knew he wouldn’t speak but his mouth fell open from the shock and not knowing what else to do.
“So yeah, maybe you can forgive yourself for not always being there for Hannah. And maybe Jessica will forgive Justin someday and maybe, just maybe Y/FN will give Zach another chance. But guess who doesn’t have the tools or the people to move on? Me. My boyfriend is dead and my baby is dead. And my future relies on me being a zombie through life, hopefully getting decent enough grades to shuffle through the rest of my life because there will never be someone who makes me feel and love the way Jeff did. And I’ll never be able to have a baby made up of more love. Everything will be me settling because the best of what life has to offer is quite literally dead.” The bell rings but no one moves, and everyone just looks at you as hot tears stream down your face.
“Y/FN, go tell Zach how much you still love him and how much you’re willing to fight for each other. And Skye, tell Clay how you’ve been in love with him since the sixth grade and how you’d be really pumped to go out with him. Because life’s short and sometimes even shorter than expected. No time is put on this earth to be wasted. Love each other.” You let out a shaky breath before turning and heading to English class. Jeff would be proud. In that moment you knew maybe you would be fine.

The Mom Friend - Jeff Atkins x Reader

Request- “Jeff Atkins imagine where the reader is zach’s sister and they all hang out together in a big group for the first time and the reader is The Mom Friend™ and stops them all from doing crazy shit”

“Yo Justin throw me another beer?” Your brother called across the room at the already slightly wasted teen boy. He nodded and chucked the can in your direction, causing you to duck.

“Watch it, Foley.” You warned, giving him dagger eyes. He chuckled and opened what might be his seventh beer. Jess and Justin had spent the majority of the evening so far partaking in intense PDA, they were as drunk as each other and clearly thirsty.

Deciding it might be best to move, you went to sit next to Jeff, your boyfriend. He smiled as he saw you approach and squeezed your thigh as you sat next to him.

Jeff and you had only been dating for around two months, and this evening was the first you’d spend together with your brother and his friends in one place. You were at Bryce’s. He had the nicest place and had decided to invite the few of you round to chill and have a few drinks. Most everyone was drunk, including Jeff, leaving you to Mother everyone and make sure they did nothing too stupid.

“You look really fucking good.” Slurred Jeff, making you giggle.

“You look really fucking drunk.” You retorted. You placed your hand over his and ruffled his hair with the other.

“Will you come in the pool with me?” He asked, his face that as if he’d had a brilliant idea.

“Bad idea, Jeffy boo.” You mocked.

“Why?” He sounded like a defiant kid.

“You’re drunk and I can’t be doing with you drowning.” You rolled your eyes, and placed your head on his shoulder. He sighed but clumsily dragged his fingers through your hair.

“I’ll get you some bread and water.” You decided, jumping up off the sofa to fetch the supplies.


You met up with Zach out by the pool, offering him some bread and water.

“No thanks, Y/N. Gross.” Your drunk brother made vomiting motions and shook his head violently.

“Please just one sip.” You begged, giving him the puppy dog eyes that always worked so well on him. He rolled his eyes, taking the water from you reluctantly and gulping before handing it back to you.

“Now, im going swimming.” He pointed his finger up sternly.

“No, Zach, you’re not.” You told him.

“Yes!” Countered Zach, before deciding to pull his t shirt over his head.

“You going swimming Zach!?” Monty came out of nowhere, ran towards you, pulling his shirt off as well.

“No he isn’t.” You said sternly.

“Yes he is.” Sulked Zach.

You placed the water and bread on the floor by you.

You grabbed each boys wrist, turning them to face you.

“You’re not stepping foot in that water boys, you hear me?”

Monty and Zach nodded fearfully. Your stern mothering attitude always worked a treat on them, especially when they were drunk.

“Good. Now let’s get you inside and clothed. And then you can have some of this.” You took charge, motioning towards the bread and water on the floor beside you.

Both boys looked disgusted, but abided anyway.


About an hour later, after making it round all the boys with bread and water, and then dancing with Jess for what felt like hours, you sat with Monty playing video games.

“I’m going to get myself a drink, do you want anything?” You turned to him.

“No thanks, Y/N.” Monty’s eyes were focused on the screen.

You wandered toward the kitchen, but stopped in your tracks when you heard voices. There was nothing like a bit of eavesdropping.

“Nah man, I gotta tell you something.” Your brother Zach’s voice drifted out of the room.

“Yeah, go ahead.” The respondent was Jeff.

“Y/N, my sister, you two, I’m so happy.” Zach fumbled.

“You are?” Jeff was trying to hide the surprise in his voice.

“Yeah, man. Y/N has been hurt really fucking bad before, but you’re different- I can tell.” He breathed, you could tell he was nervous. “You make her so happy, and seeing her happy, makes me happy, I’m so thankful you’re in her life.”

“Trust me, man, I’d never hurt Y/N. she doesn’t really like to go into detail but I know previous guys have caused her shit, and I couldn’t ever do that to her.” Jeff admitted. Your heart fluttered at the conversation between your two favourite boys.

“I know, that’s why I’m so glad it’s you. She means so much to me and I know you’ll treat her right.” Zach continued.

“I haven’t told her yet because I still feel like it’s early days, and I’m afraid she won’t feel the same, but I’m so fucking in love with her, Zach. Y/N is the best thing that’s happened to me in such a long time.” Jeff’s words melted your heart. You had to let him know you felt the same way soon. Damn that boy had you good.

You could almost see Zach grinning at Jeff.
“I’m so glad you’re happy too, dude. You mean a lot to me as well.”

“Thank you, man. Back at you. I thought to begin with dating your sister might be a bit weird.”

“Yeah, right-”

But you couldn’t stand there any longer, so you made a loud entrance into the room.

“Hey guys, just getting a drink.” You explained, pretending you hadn’t just heard their entire conversation.

“You want the rest of this, Y/N?” Jeff asked, holding out his beer.

You smiled warmly. “Sure.” As you took the can from his hand, you placed your other hand on his waist and leaned in to peck a kiss on his lips.

“Oooooh Kay,” Zach coughed. “I’m going to remove myself from this PDA.” He said, moving backwards out of the room, and you could’ve sworn as you turned, you saw him wink at Jeff out of the corner of his eye.

Jeff chuckled.
“Poor Zach. Must be weird.”

You laughed internally at the irony, given you’d just heard the whole thing, but brushed it off. Jeff had sobered considerably since earlier, and you were glad, since it gave you an excuse to make out with him profusely.

You leaned in for another peck, and decided to place the beer on the counter behind Jeff, so you could use both hands to cup his face.

“Jeff Atkins.” You smiled up at him.

“Y/N L/N.” he smiled back.

“I love you.” This was the first time either of you had really said it, but after hearing Jeff’s confession, you weren’t afraid anymore. Jeff was taken aback, but then, you thought maybe his face would crack from the beaming grin that lit up his beautiful features.

“I love you too!” He nearly shouted, drawing circles with his hands on your waist.
You giggled at the idiot in front of you, and went in for a full kiss.

His lips enveloped yours hungrily, both very slightly buzzed from alcohol. You caressed his neck with your hands and he squeezed your waist tightly, making your entire body tingle and causing a gasp to come from your mouth. Jeff chuckled against you, realising he was doing to you exactly what you were doing to him, and finding joy that you had that effect over each other.

Jeff moved his hands lower, cupping your ass before lifting you so that you were straddling his waist. He swung round quickly so that he could almost throw you onto the counter behind, you gasped again, neither of you caring that you’d knocked over the beer can. He roughly put his hands behind your knees to pull you closer to him and devour you even more. Your legs either side of him, he stood right up against the counter as close to you as humanly possible and tasted every inch of your mouth. This was something you could never get tired of.

“Jeff,” you pushed his mouth off you. “I think we’re going to have to move this elsewhere.” You panted.

His chuckles lit up your heart like fairy lights, and the love in his eyes wasn’t going to go away anytime soon.

“That’s probably a good idea, I can’t take much longer.”

He lifted you down off the counter, and you took his hand and led him out into the summerhouse, hoping for some privacy.

Your brothers blessing had really made your day, and you could tell it had made Jeff’s too.

Jeff Atkins x Reader | Friendzone - (Part 2)

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(Part 1) | (Part 3)

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“Hey are you okay ?” Zach asked. I sniffled and turned around to look at him “Yeah I’m perfectly fine” I faked a smile. “Theirs no need to lie. I can tell you’re not okay” he now took the seat beside me. My eyes were probably blood shot. Ugh why do I have to be such an emotional wreck at times. “You wanna talk about it ?” he asked. “Not right now but thanks for the concern Zach” I gave him a small smile and stood up dusting the back of my shorts.

Clay’s P.O.V

Hannah and I looked at each other at the same time when (Y/N) walked out. “The poor thing, I feel so bad for her” she said. “Same here. I should probably go check on her” I stood up. “At this state don’t expect her to explain herself” I nodded at her in assurance and started to walk out but Jeff stopped me. “Hey Clay. Where you think you going man ? I thought you and Hannah were hitting it off pretty well” he said. “Well we are having a good time, theirs no problem” I said and tried to walk past him but he still blocked me. “Then where are you heading ? Something serious ?” He questioned.

“Just worried about (Y/N) thought I’d check on her since she doesn’t seem well” I said and walked right past him this time not bothering to answer any more questions. I could feel he was close behind me. Why worry about a friend the most when they’re hurt. (Y/N) looked like she was just leaving as she dusted off the back of her shorts and Zach standing up after.

(Y/N)’s P.O.V

“Hey (Y/N), are you okay ?” Clay asked. “Yep I’m fine, I was just leaving” I nodded. He understood what I meant and walked back into the house. Jeff was behind him. “(Y/N/N) why are you leaving ? What happened ?” Jeff asked as he rushed towards me. “It’s nothing Jeff, don’t worry about it. I’m just feeling a bit under the weather right now and all I’d like is a bit of space” I sighed. “Yeah okay sure thing. Go home safe and take it easy. Message me if you need anything” he pulled me in a for a hug and kissed my forehead. I nodded in return and waved him off. “You wouldn’t mind me walking you home would you ?” Zach asked. “Not at all” I giggled. He’s so sweet to actually stay, of course Jeff couldn’t read my emotions. Why do I crush on this boy anyway

It was a good walk, I got to learn a lot more about Zach and he learnt more about me. We were now a few feet away from my house, their was a calming silence between us both. “You sure you’ll be okay” he asked one last time when we reached my front door. “I’m sure of it. Thank you so much for walking me home, I really do appreciate it” I pulled him in for a hug and wrapped my arms around his neck, the struggles of hugging this boy since he’s so tall. I love it.

“So I’ll see you tomorrow at school” he raised a brow. “Yepp I’ll see you then” I bit my lip. “Okay bye” he waved off and shoved his hands in his jean pockets. “Bye” I waved back and shut my front door. I sighed out loud as I felt a huge weight being lifted off my shoulders. As sweet as Zach may be, I still only have feelings for Jeff at this moment. I walked up to my bedroom getting undressed and slipping on my pyjamas then going back to studying. My notifications went off ‘Thanks for making my not so boring night 10x better, I’m glad I got to end a good evening with you xx’ - Zach. Aww that’s so thoughtful of him. I started blushing from his text and replied back ‘Aww thanks Zach for tonight ! I had a good time in those 15 mins. See yah x’. I locked my phone and decided to call it a night, I needed a rest after all that drama.

Next Day

I woke up early the next morning at 6:30 and decided to spend my half an hour on having breakfast and getting ready for school. Their was no rush since I could walk to school and it was at least 20 mins away but I didn’t mind because I needed the cardio. I got dressed wearing a plain black crop top, fishnet stockings, ripped denim skinny jeans paired with black and white converse. I tied up my hair in a high ponytail since the heat was unbearable. I grabbed my back and left at 7:15, reaching school at 7:42.

I pushed through the double doors and went straight to my locker. I started packing my bag for the day when out of a sudden a familiar voice whispered “Miss me ?”. I shook in fright and turned to see Zach “Gosh, please don’t do that ever again” I held my hands on my chest trying to steady my heartbeat. “Uhm so I was wondering if you have any plans tonight ?” He asked. “Nope I don’t think so, why ?” The curiosity starting to build. “I was just wondering if you’d like to go out tonight for dinner at 7 ?” He suggested. “Sounds like a plan Dempsey, I’ll see you then” I grinned. He started walking backwards then shouted “I’ll pick you at at 6:30” and winked.

I didn’t realise I was still in daze at the thought of going on a date tonight with Zach when Jeff stood in front of me. “What was that all about ?” He asked and looked back then back at me. “What’s it to you ?” I short back. “I care for you. I don’t trust any of my mates to go out with you” he said and crossed his arms over his chest. “I appreciate that you care but I’m going out with Zach tonight” I said and pushed past him. He started following me “You aren’t going anywhere with him, go cancel on him because I won’t allow it” he stood in front of me. “I’m going with Zach tonight and that’s final !” I yelled, earning stares from a few people.

Jeff looked around us and pulled me into an empty classroom “Why are you being so difficult. It’s for your own good and he isn’t for -” we were cut off by moans in the corner of the classroom. It was Zach and Sheri “Are you fucking kidding me ? I shouted. Jeff was ready to grab my wrist. ”(Y/N) wait" Zach started chasing after me.Why does life have to be so cruel ? Why does everyone have to always turn their back on me ? Why do I think that life is going to be okay ? Why do I even try ? I went to the girls bathroom and into the first vacant stall that I could find. I let the tears fall, I might as well ease my pain now then later. I can’t stand to see the world anymore.

The bell then rang 5 minutes later. I used the back of my hand to wipe away my tears, went to the sink to rinse my face and go to my first lesson which was Maths. Just great that I have Jeff and Zach in the same class. I walked into class getting stares from both Zach and Jeff, as well as other familiar faces. I walked to the back of the class instead of my usual seat next to Jeff. “Hey do you mind if I sit here today ? You can take my seat next to Jeff” I hoped and prayed in that moment that this kid was okay to switch. My prayers were answered when he said “Yeah sure” and walked to seat without any further questions. Zach and Jeff watched my every move, right now I couldn’t care less. I took a quick glance at my presence on my front camera feeling blessed that my eyes weren’t bloodshot this time.

They don’t deserve to know that I’m weak. Luckily this lesson the teacher hadn’t asked me to answer any questions as she usually does, since I’m her pet then she always makes me answer her questions. I guess she got the memo like Jeff and Zach that right now wasn’t a good time to talk to me or ever for a while.

It was now the end of the day and I pushed past the double doors with more force because of my anger. I jogged downstairs and speed walked to the pavement to walk home. “(Y/N) !” I heard my name being yelled and a car honk. Zach was following me “I’m so sorry” he said. “Don’t be, I’m sorry for actually believing that someone would like me for once. Jeff was right. Fuck all of you, I’m done with life” I said and not bothering to look back at him. “At least let me give you a ride” he offered. “I’d rather not” “(Y/N) please it’s the least -” he was cut off by Jeff. “Bro she’s not interested leave her alone” Jeff scoffed. Zach didn’t say anything further and drove off.

I was glad that Zach was gone but I don’t want to have to deal with Jeff. “(Y/N) at least look at me” he said walking next to me. “No. Now go back to your girlfriend and leave me alone” I picked up my pace. I didn’t go to the gym for nothing these past few months, it’s for situations like this so I can run away easily. “Why are you being so complicated ? I was just trying to help you and -” I cut him off short by placing my lips on his. The butterflies in my stomach were all over the place. Did I just make the worst mistake or the best choice ? 

A/N: My apologies if it’s not the way you guys were hoping for it to be, their will be a part 3 and in future their will be another imagine that’s something like this but of course different. Love you all and thank you for being patient for this one xx

Zach Dempsey - A to Z

M = Motivation (What turns them on, gets them going): Well, that’s the thing, Zach can get turned on by almost everything, really. Like the way you’re biting your pen while looking at him, scratching his scalp during a small kiss or even just watching you train with the girls or even looking at you and finding you specially sexy that day. But his biggest, ever, turn on is when you’re sucking on his skin, just down his jawline, while gently scratching your fingernails on his nape. The boy loses his shit, a complete silence and embarrassed mess from being with the biggest boner in the middle of the bleachers during gym class or in the cafeteria.

You were still recovering from an ankle problem, acquired during the cheerleaders’ workouts, so that you were restricted in performing physical activities and released from PE class. Today was one of those days where the Coach was letting everyone be lazy, with only four groups taking turns playing volleyball. The rest of the students were either climbing the ropes in some sort of ridiculous competition or waiting their turn while walking around the gym. So it was in the bleachers you stood, calmly waiting for the end of the class, laying on your stomach with your backpack serving as a pillow. You were almost dozing off when someone decided to play in the bleachers, making the wood tremble. You were prepared to send the person to hell when someone leaned over you, soft and warm lips pressing into yours. You opened your eyes, shocked, until you relaxed with the familiar sight of your boyfriend’s dark, warm eyes.

- “Zach! You frightened me.” - You argued, pushing him lightly. He sent you one of those sweet smiles so characteristic of him in return. Moving to place a kiss on your cheek before sitting on your side.

- "Because? I just gave you a kiss.”- He shrugged as he sat on the bleachers.

- “Exactly. Someone kissed me by surprise and I have a boyfriend.” -  You tried to cast a disapproving look at him, but he had such a cute expression that you ended up smiling at him. His eyes seemed to burn for a second.

- “No one would dare steal a kiss from you. I would fight their asses. ”- Zach was a Big Guy, completely capable of actually doing some real damage in a fight, with all those muscles that being an athlete since he was a child had assured him, but the possibility of this happening was laughable in a way that even the way he spoke the words was funny. But you did not say anything, just sent another smile at him as you rose from the stands to sit beside him, standing with one leg on each side of him, and placed your head on his shoulder, giving a small kiss to the warm skin discovered by the sleeveless shirt and then leaning back at his side comfortably, her legs lovingly embracing his body.

- “I’m sure you would, babe. Don’t worry.”

But then Zach’s body was really hot, in that way that made cling to him in one hug one of the most delicious things and soon your arms came to wrap around his trunk, but giving up when you realized he was too big and you would be uncomfortable, setting by just closing your hands on his shirt. He gave a little laugh at the way you had wrapped around him, turning his face to kiss your forehead. You smiled and looked at him, quickly struck by the urge to kiss him.

- “You’re staring at my mouth.” - He accused, drawing your foreheads together to force you to look deeply into his eyes. There was a convinced smile on his lips and although the look on Zach’s face was carefree and confident, there was a nice blush tingling his cheeks.

- “Am I?” - You breathed, feigning ignorance though your eyes drifted to his delicious lips again. He smiled and you watched his lips part in that delicious smile, a line of perfectly white teeth appearing and suddenly you were thinking of wrong things. You smiled back, and then leaned up to kiss him, and though you had planned a chaste and caressing kiss, somehow your tongue traced his lower lip and you got lost in Zach’s mouth when he granted you passage.

You wanted to blame the Gym and its structure or whatever, but it was Zach who had begun to make you hot. Your hands automatically clenched into fists on his shirt, and the hand in front of his body began to lightly trace his abs over his shirt, innocently but appreciatively.

Someone whistled from the court and you also heard some giggles approaching. You broke the kiss, annoyed, watching Justin on the edge of the court, hands around his mouth in encouraging shouts to Zach, while Jessica and Sherri were approaching. By your side, you felt Zach tightening up and quickly arranging something that you did not pay attention because you were busy flipping your friends. The Coach shouted at Justin and sent him back to the court and he rolled his eyes before obeying.

- “You seem to be healing well, Y/N.” - Jessica mocked, Sherri agreeing with her, while both sat on the bench below where you and Zach were, Sherri patting Zach’s back in approval.

- “I’m glad to see that Zach is taking good care of you.”

- “He was, and then you decided to interrupt my treatment.” - You joked, frowning at them. Jessica just shrugged and Sherri laughed.

- “You were surpassing the acceptable level of PDA in physical education. Soon I and Justin would had to make out or you would steal our Liberty High It Couple title.”

- "All yours.” - You spoke and raised your hands in mock surrender, but rolled your eyes to show that you did not give a shit about it. Beside you, Zach shifted, moving away from you.

- “Zach, are you ok?”

- “S-sure. I… I need to go, hm, my group is next.” – He was fidgeting, but you didn’t read much into it.

- “Oh, okay, babe. See you at lunch.”

- “Y-yeah.” – He barely answered it while getting up. As Zach got up and practically jumped the rest of the stands, you and your friends looked at each other.

- “Is it me or was he weird?” - Jessica and Sherri just shrugged, and started talking about the adaptations in the new routine to keep you from getting hurt again in any of the jumps.

The day passed quietly and you did not have any more classes with your boyfriend, so you really only saw him when you entered the Cafeteria. It even had been funny, because even in the hallways you had not found him. Your friends only commented that they had seen him rushing to the next class. You knew he had biology today at some point, so you  just shrugged thinking he was reviewing. You were probably very lost in your thoughts, because while waiting in line to buy your lunch, Monty thought it necessary to shout your name and wave so you finally looked at their table.

- “Relax Monty, I’m coming.” - You said as you approached the table, putting the tray in front of Zach and bending down to give a kiss to his lips. He looked surprised, because his body trembled slightly and he was turning red from nowhere. You smiled at him, nudging his shoulder in teasing as you sat down.

- “Guess, I’m not the only one who’s gonna hear that today.” - Monty joked, casting a suggestive glance at the two of you as you sat down at the table. You just told him to fuck off and Zach resumed to show his middle finger to him.

As Monty laughed and started talking to Justin, you took the opportunity to discreetly lean on Zach, your nose nudging his arm covered by a sweatshirt to get his attention. He gave you a wary look, but there was a smile on the corner of his lips. You tried to hold back the smile that threatened to burst through your face, but the way Zach looked at you had always warmed you up and wanting to approach him. So you took the opportunity to sneak your hand around his arm and murmur a “come here.” He bent down and you stole a small kiss on his lips again. You could keep track of how his blush spread quickly across his beautiful face, only getting worse when Monty started whistling and pointing at them. You sent him to hell again and then put one of your hands in your boyfriend’s hair, so as to pull it and hide your face in the curve of his neck.

But then as the teasing died and the boys started to focus on other things, the way you had taken in that position looked wonderfully comfortable, especially with the delicious scent of his flooding your senses and his warm skin so close to your lips… You started stroking it with the tip of your nose. You felt the way he trembled slightly and it only encouraged you to lightly rest your lips on the skin of his neck. Zach literally froze and you let out a giggle before landing three more kisses and then cast a small glance around, checking that no one was paying attention to you and risking a little hickey just below his jawline.

Someone called Zach and you watched as he literally stuttered an answer to whatever the question they asked. A small laugh came and you pulled away from him in a disguise. Luckily, the bell rang. You started to get up and straightened your backpack while everyone began to do the same.

- “Hey, you’re coming?” - Sherri asked, already close to the exit.

- “Sure. One moment.”  -You waved as you turned to see where Zach was. But he had not even got off the bench yet. In fact, he was not even looking up, just stared very hard at the table.

– “Sherri, I’ll see you at class. Have to talk to Zach.” - Her friend just nodded and continued on. You approached your boyfriend, realizing now how red he was.

- “Hey, babe. Something wrong?”

- “Yes.” - He hissed between clenched teeth, casting a nasty glare at you.

- “I did something wrong?”

- “Oh, yes. You know what you did.”

- “I don’t. What’s going on Zach?” - You were really surprised. You tried to review the events that had happened during the day to find out what you could have done to make him be like that. Probably foreseeing you were imagining too much, he sighed and reached for your hand. Then he pulled you on his lap and the bulge pressing on your ass made the whole situation a lot clearer.

You waited a few seconds, feeling like a deep blush was spreading across your face, and, at the same time, you had to contain with all your strength the smile that wanted to radiate on your face. Your chest seemed to swell, your skin immediately hot, the mere thought of getting Zach excited so easy made you feel like a goddess.

-“Oh. My. God. Did I…?” - You risked, trying to control the happiness and surprise in your tone.

- “Yes.” - He hissed again, a judgmental look and in equal parts hot and angry. You could not even be embarrassed by how satisfied you were to be able to leave him that way with almost no effort.

- “Oh babe, I’m so sorry.” - You forced yourself to say, a small laugh restrained in your lips. He narrowed his eyes at you, pushing your waist so that you rose from his lap and did not make things worse, which you followed.

- “No, you’re not. You’re fucking proud of yourself.“ - He knew her too well not to know that. You let out the laughter you were holding, then bent to murmur close to his lips, an expression that had every intention of provoking him.

- “Ok… I am. Does this make me a bad girl?” - You murmured, your gaze running over his lips before looking him in the eye again.

- “Oh my god, you’re not helping.” - He grunted, his tone warm and hard, mingled with clear frustration. You laughed and pulled away from him, beginning to walk backwards toward the door.

- “So… see you after class?” - You said as you walked away, your hand moving your hair in what you believed to be sexy.

- “Oh, you bet your pretty ass you’ll see me after class.” - She winked at him then, adding a more pronounced swag on her hips as she turned his back to him. You almost swore he had grunted again and your smile could tear your cheeks of so satisfied.

Title: Kisses

Warnings: None

Request: Hi! I was wondering (if I make the time stamp and you are willing) if you could write a Zach Werenski(CBJ) oneshot? Preferably with something to do with his facial injury? Thank you :)

Author’s Note: There were so many stories written about Zach’s facial injury when it initially happened. They were so good so I was really wary about writing this since I didn’t really have a fresh perspective to add. Now that some time has passed, I think it turned out alright. Let me know what you think!

Links: My Master List  and My Current Requests

You rolled over, smiling as you watched Zach sleep peacefully beside you. You studied his face, your heart grateful when your eyes skimmed over the scar under his right eye. Reaching out, your fingertips traced the scar softly; the coarse scar tissue a contrast against the soft skin of his cheek.

Zach’s eyes fluttered open slowly as he took a deep breath. “What are you doing?” he mumbled softly, his warm eyes settling on yours.

“Looking at you.” you replied.

“When did you become such a creep?” he smiled, lifting his arm above his head, stretching. He yawned your eyes falling back to the dark strip of skin.

Your mind raced, thinking about how badly the injury could have ended up. He could have lost his ability to play hockey; he could have lost his sight. Every time you spent more than second staring at that scar you were taken back to the night it happened; constantly reliving the anxiety of seeing him take a puck to the face, the fear of watching him take the ice almost immediately after. Your eyes brimmed with tears, thankful that he was okay.

“Babe, what is it?” he asked, bringing his arm down and wrapping it around your waist, his fingers trailing lightly up and down your spine.

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ronisstheking  asked:

can you do print 77 and 92? Reader x Zach Dempsey where he gets jealous of you and Jeff at a party together????

from this prompt post

77: “ Are you jealous? ”

92: “ Are you drunk? ”

Originally posted by alltimewolf

“Hey Atkins!” Jeff wrapped you in a hug and you laughed, throwing your arms around his neck. “Long time no see! How have you been?? Are you feeling better?”

Jeff smiled, his dimples flashing brightly as he wrapped his arm around your waist. “You know, same old, same old. Hospitals get boring really quickly. I’m feeling much better.” You beamed.

“Thank god. I’m glad everything turned out okay, I honestly couldn’t imagine if you hadn’t waited one more second…” You blew out a long breath. “But anyways. You’re okay, the other driver is okay, and I bet you’ve got a pretty cool scar.”

Jeff laughed. “Focus on the positive. And you bet your ass I do.” Jeff pulled up his shirt, revealing his perfect set of washboard abs, a thick, dark line slicing across the middle. “Look at how long it is!”

“Jeez. Glad the hospital food was good to ya.” You poked his stomach, laughing as you turned away. “C’mon, I’m sure you have to make your rounds to say hi to everyone, seeing as this is a welcome back party. But I’m sure you can spare some time for me- a lot happens in three months. I gotta catch you up.”

Jeff slung his arm around your shoulder and the two of you made your way outside, passing through crowds of sweaty teenagers. It took you both about twenty minutes to navigate through the small house, because everyone wanted to stop and wish their best to the athletic prodigy who had finally come home.

“Want something to drink?” You paused in the kitchen, offering a Solo cup to Jeff.

“Nah. I can’t, with the meds. But don’t let that stop you.” You rolled your eyes, jingling the lanyard that you wore around your neck.


Jeff snorted. “The irony isn’t lost on me.” You laughed, punching him on the shoulder before wrapping your arms around his waist.

“I know this is supposed to be lighthearted and fun, but I’m really, really glad you’re okay.” Jeff smiled down at you, squeezing your arm as you let go of him.

“Y/N, can we have a minute?” A deep voice boomed behind you. You and Jeff turned to see Zach standing there, his muscles bulging in the tank top he wore. He was not amused, and he stood with his arms crossed over his chest, a Snapback tilted haphazardly backwards on his head. His brown eyes blazed as he made eye contact briefly with you before flitting back over to Jeff, regarding him cooly.


“Dempsey! Nice to see ya, bro!” Jeff slapped Zach’s arm, a grin spreading across his face as he looked Zach up and down. “You been hitting the weight room? You look good, man!”

Zach just nodded. “Y/N? A minute?” Jeff turned to you, eyebrows raised. He tilted his head towards the door and you nodded, smiling up at Zach as Jeff left the room.

“Everything okay?” You walked over to Zach, running your hand over his arms as your smile fell, feeling how tense his muscles were.

“Why were you flirting with Jeff?”

“Are you serious right now?”


“Zach, he just got out of the fucking hospital. Are you drunk? You have to be drunk right now. This is totally insane.”

“I just want to know. Why were you so huggy, and touchy, and flirty with him?”

“I wasn’t huggy or touchy or flirty with him, I wasn’t anything! Jeez, the guy gets out of 3 months in the ICU and I can’t even say hello?!” To say you were irate right now as an understatement.

“You don’t say hello by hugging and touching every single guy you meet. I think a handshake would suffice.”

“Are you jealous?”


“Yes you are! And what the fuck gives you the right to be jealous, Dempsey? You’re the one who has absolutely refused to label whatever this…this…” You gestured between the two of you. “…relationship is! So what if I was flirting with him? So. What.?”

Zach stormed over in front of you, shoving you up against the wall. He leaned down and captured your lips with his, pushing against you in such a frenzy that you barely had time to react. He tangled his hands in your hair to deepen the kiss, his hand falling to your lower back as he pushed you closer against him. You finally opened your mouth and began to kiss back, but as soon as you did that, he pulled away and leaned further down. His breath was hot on your neck as he roughly kissed down the side of your neck, pausing to speak between each kiss.
“Because…I…Want…You…To…Be…Mine.” You closed your eyes and leaned your head back slightly, wrapping your arms around Zach’s neck.

“Why didn’t you just say so?” You breathed out heavily, pushing his lips away.

“God, I…I don’t know. I was scared that you didn’t feel the same way.”

“Okay, well, seeing as I’m super turned on right now, I’ll let you know that we are officially a thing now; yes, I’m yours, annnnnnnd Jeff is my best friend. Which is why that, as soon as we are done with this hookup, we’re having a long and hard talk about jealousy and how you can’t be a douchebag and how you need to go apologize to Jeff but right now, just kiss me, damnit.”

Surprise - Jack Avery (pt. 2)

 hey guys! this is part two to my “Surprise” imagine of Jack. If you haven’t read part one yet, you have to read it before you read this part. 

Jack’s POV

I joined the rest of the guys and our mangers down the hall. We quickly ate breakfast and got into the van that would be taking us to the venue.

As I looked out of the window I noticed a beautiful lake with trees on the perimeter. “You know guys, Y/N would love this.” I started.

“Love what? The lake?” Corbyn asked.

“Yes the lake. We had our first date at a lake. I took her out in a picnic and she wore a white dress with her hair curled. It was at that moment I knew I was in love. She accidentally fell because she tripped over a rock and got the back of her dress full of dirt. Y/N also hurt her ankle so I have to carry her back to the truck.” I rambled.

“Jack that sounds amazing but can you spend one minute not talking about Y/N?” Daniel asked.

“Sorry. I just-” they cut me off.

“Miss her with all my heart.” They all said in unison.

“We all know that you do. We had this conversation yesterday and the day before.” Jonah stated.

“Oh sorry.” I apologized. I miss my baby so much.

A few minutes later we pulled into the parking lot of the venue. We all got out of the car and went to the green room.

“Hey Jonah, Zach, Daniel, can I talk to you guys for a minute?” Corbyn asked as he stood up.

“Why not me?” I asked.

“I forgot to tell you. August wants to take a few pics of you before the show.” Corbyn explained.

“Oh okay.” I said getting up going to talk to August.

Corbyn’s POV

“Alright guys, you three are here because we need to fly Y/N out to see Jack.” I explained.

“Yes we do. I’m tired of getting no sleep because he talks about her in his sleep.” Daniel agrees.

“So everyone is down?” I ask.

They all nod and I take my phone out of my back pocket to call her.

I dial her number and after a couple rings, she finally picks up. “Hey Corbyn!” She answers.

“Hey Y/N! I have some news.” I say getting serious hoping to scare her a little bit.

“What kind of news?” She asks. I could tell she was getting a bit nervous about what my next words would be.

“The boys and I are tired of hearing Jack talk about how he misses you. So we’re flying you out to see him and join us for the rest of tour!” I yell.

“Really? Are you kidding?” She asks.

“Nope. The guys and I are buying your ticket tonight so you can catch your flight tomorrow. I’ll text you when your flight is!” I smiled. My mind when back to when Jack brought Christina out to see me. It made me so happy so I’m glad to do the same for him.

“Omg I have to go pack! Thank you guys so much!” She giggles.

“You’re welcome! Well I’m gonna let you go to pack! See you soon!”


Jeff Atkins x Reader || Daddy - One Shot (Fluff)

A/N: Thanks anon for the request. Hope you all enjoy my first 13RW imagine, if you do then be sure to like this and follow me for more. My ask is open if you guys would like to request. Much love .xx

It’s been 4 years since my life has changed for the better. I believe an angel had entered my life and brought the light that was never there. That angel was Jeff Atkins.

My primary school life was pure hell and I just couldn’t wait until I was going to be in 8th grade, I was hoping a change for the better. I was bullied. Been called names that I never thought existed and was shocked that these young kids at my age actually knew such things. It’s society that raised such animals but nevertheless I eventually made it in 8th grade and more than half of those people who had bullied me either left to another school or they didn’t get accepted into high school because they didn’t pass their exams.

I couldn’t have been more happier. Many would ask why hadn’t I brought the issue up to my parents ? My parents was and always will be too busy worrying about their business, they say they’re doing this for me but in the end am I really going to benefit from this ?

At 10th grade I finally decided to break the news that my parents that I was still being bullied and I couldn’t deal with the hate anymore. They were shocked and heartbroken to hear the news, their first decision was to move me to a different school and I couldn’t agree more with their choice.

I came into Liberty High in 11th grade, the school may be too far for my parents to drop me off but this time it was to benefit me. My happiness matters to them. I thought to myself that this is finally it, the fresh start I’ve been longing to have. I’ve suffered all these years and didn’t bother crying for help because I didn’t want to seem a burden. Changing schools isn’t easy.

Eventually I had became best friends with Clay Jensen and Hannah Baker. I first met Clay as they assigned him to be my buddy at school, since then we talked a lot and met after school then after meeting his ‘secret’ crush Hannah Baker. Hannah and I also had a lot in common so it was easy enough for me to become friends with her.

I was having the time of my life in 11th grade. Later that year it was announced that prom was around the corner or also known as the formal dance. I wasn’t used to any of this, especially with so many handsome boys in our school. What if it’s back to the old times where every guy agrees with the populars that I’m a pathetic loser ?

A sudden urge of confidence came through me when I looked at my reflection when I was dressed for the big night. I wore a a burgundy dress with a deep plunging neckline that fitted on my body and showed some cleavage - it was not planned to show cleavage as I’m always one to cover up - the spaghetti straps had a lace up design half way up my back and the rest of my back being bare, it had a high slit and from the waist of my dress it had a net to cover up my leg a little. I paired my dress with mid high black heels, for my make up I did a smokey eye and decided on curling my hair.

Clay had offered to pick me up that night and we go to prom together but not as dates of course. If this boy doesn’t make a move tonight then sure as hell I’ll make him. We both walked in arm-in-arm earning stares from everyone and I mean literally everyone. It’s the dress but more especially for the jocks it was the cleavage. They can see all they want but they can’t touch unless my soulmate decides to change my mind.

It was time for a slow dance. I still had no date and was okay with that, what would make me happier tonight is seeing Clay and Hannah together. I sat with her on the bleachers urging her to go dance with Clay and also giving her light shove, we spotted Clay with a handsome someone. Who is that guy and why hasn’t Clay introduced us yet ? I need to have a serious talk with him.

“Who’s that with him ?” I asked Hannah as we walked down the bleachers towards them. “That’s Jeff Atkins, Clay tutors him and well I guess they’re friends” she smiled and looked back at me. “Damn he’s cute no lie” I said as I paid more attention to his facial details. Can one ever be more perfect ? “I’m with you on that one” she giggled. We now stood in front of them. “Hey Helmet” she said first. “Hey Hannah…you look beautiful” Clay replied. “You do too” she giggled. “May I have this dance ?” Clay asked her and extended his arm for her to link with his which she gladly did.

As they walked off hand-in-hand and started slow dancing, “Aww they’re so cute ! I’m so glad they finally got together” I cooed. “I could say the same, I’ve been his wingman for a long time now and he finally got out of that shell of his” Jeff said beside me. That was when we first met, ever since then we had been inseparable. We started taking everyday, flirting from time to time and not long had Jeff asked me to be his girlfriend which I with no doubt said yes.

As much as I was scared to be in my first relationship and that too with Jeff, I trusted him with all my life that he wouldn’t hurt me and he’s there every step of the way as I’m always there for him.

A year later we both graduated. The year after graduation we were in our first year of university and which Jeff had asked me to marry him. Later that year when we had gotten married, 5 months after marriage I found out I was pregnant. We were both ecstatic to hear this, our families seemed to be more excited then us. When Jeff got along with my baby siblings when he first met them, I knew then that I made the right choice of marrying him and trusting him with my life.

It was a gloomy Saturday morning, my favourite kind of weather. I was surprised that I woke up for once without being disturbed by our baby Sophia. I looked beside to see no Jeff and no baby, I almost had a mini heart attack until I see Jeff walking into our room feeding her. He wrapped her up all warm and cuddly whilst he just decided to be shirtless. I smiled at them and got up to give them both a kiss. One on each of Sophia’s cheek and Jeff being the eager one to connect our lips.

The sparks go off and butterflies flew all around, it was always this feeling whenever I was with him. I stood on my tip toes and wrapped my arms around his neck to deepen the kiss, just as it was getting heated, my lips left his. “You can’t play me like that” he whined. “Well I just did. Know that you’re the best dad in the world and also the worlds best husband, not forgetting the sexiest” I said and giving him one last peck before walking into the en-suite. “I’m glad that ass is all mine” he said. I turned back to see him smirk “Always will be” I said and gave myself a small spank on my butt. I love this dork.

anonymous asked:

Can you write something based on that pic of Miles Heizer wearing a choker that says "boy toy" 😭😍

I didn’t really know what to do with this one so I just took it as ‘alex is wearing this choker and justin is very happy about it’. I hope this is okay :)

The first thing Justin notices when he walks into school is Alex. That isn’t unusual–the first person Justin looked for when he turned up anywhere was Alex–but this time it’s different. His eyes take in the blonde’s side profile and unusual bleached hair when he spots him with Zach at next to the lockers before they fall to the red band wrapped snuggly around his neck.

He looks at him and almost chokes because Alex is wearing a deep red, leather choker with a silver ring in the middle and the words ‘BOY TOY’ emblazoned in capitol letters across the front.

Justin can’t even find it in himself to be surprised. His boyfriend has always been fond of those particular accessories, and he’s not one to care about what people think, so he isn’t surprised it’s no different in school. But he may be slightly surprised that he chose one this bold. 


He keeps his pace slow as he walks towards them, hoping he’s able to compose himself before he actually gets there. But Zach notices him and smirks, and he knows he’s failing miserably.

He glares at the other jock when he’s only a few feet away just before Alex finally notices him and smiles. He comes to stand in front of them and Alex pulls him in to peck his lips softly. 

Justin can only smile at him dazedly, speechless now that he can see him so close. Alex smiles back, raising his eyebrows slightly. Justin realises he’d greeted him with a soft ‘hi’, and he tries to shake himself out of his daze, clearing his throat.


The reply still comes out as a croak and Zach lets out a cough. It’s the kind you use to cover a laugh, and Justin resists the urge to glare at him again. The feat is made a lot easier by the fact he still can’t seem to tear his eyes away from Alex.

Alex’s brows raise further and he looks at him in concern. “Are you okay?”

Justin doesn’t trust himself to speak again, so he nods, smiling reassuringly. Zach is still grinning and Alex doesn’t look convinced, but the subject drops for the moment.

He doesn’t see Alex again until third period, where he turns up late. Alex gives him a small smile before he slips into the seat behind him, and he feels suddenly glad they don’t have any time to talk. 

The choker’s still snug around Alex’s neck, and even though Justin only has a view from the back, it immediately distracts him. He takes in the stark difference of the red against Alex’s light skin and the pale blonde of his hair; the spot where the chain’s fastened against the back of his neck, the extra links trailing down underneath the collar of his shirt.

He suddenly remembers the front of it, they way it looked when Alex smiled at him this morning–the ring in the center matching his septum piercing, the two short words eliciting wild thoughts and images in Justin’s mind.

He tips his head back and closes his eyes now, forcing back a frustrated groan and cursing his boyfriend’s good looks silently.

At lunch, Justin still can’t find it in himself to speak. He sits mostly silent at the cafeteria table, his arm around Alex’s shoulders and eyes constantly drifting to the damn choker. Zach is still smirking, and he knows Jeff and Monty had also caught on, the three of them grinning in amusement any time Justin tried to speak.

Justin ignores them, wondering how Alex himself hasn’t realised what he’s doing to him. His fingers itch to touch and he curls the arm he has around the younger boys neck, brushing the lettering on the choker with his fingertips. Alex’s expression doesn’t change, he isn’t paying any mind to Justin and it causes the senior to frown.

He decides it’s necessary, then, and reaches for the ring in the center. He flicks it, runs his fingers around the rim, and twists it through the hooks that keep it in place, turning it with his thumb and forefinger.

Alex either doesn’t notice or doesn’t care, resting comfortably against Justin and talking to their friends before sitting up. “I have to get a book from my locker,” he tells them, using the table to push himself up and leaving Justin with his arm half hanging in the air.

As soon as Alex leaves the table, Monty starts laughing. He looks at Justin. “Dude,” he starts, still grinning, “you’re so whipped.” 

Justin flips him off and ignores them all as the others join is.

Once they’re in Alex’s room that evening with the door shut behind them Justin is pressing Alex against the wall and molding their lips together. The younger boy lets out a noise of surprise but kisses back, hands reaching up tangle in Justin’s hair. Justin’s own hands have a tight grip on Alex’s waist, holding him in place as he slips his tongue into his mouth.

His fingers play with the hem of Alex’s shirt before he slips his hands under, smoothing them over the soft skin as Alex shivers. They both lose their shirts quickly before Alex pushes him away slightly, looking at him in question, lips red and swollen.

Justin reaches up and hooks a finger in the ring of the choker, tugging it slightly. “I wanna see what you look like in this choker,” he tells him, and Alex’s brows furrow in confusion. Justin grins, pressing a kiss to his jaw before elaborating.

“Just the choker.”

I love Miles. And I love this pic. I love Miles in this pic. So should you. So please enjoy his adorableness.

Conference Calls and Business Meetings

ship: dean x reader
rating: mature
tags: smut, fingering, oral sex (male receiving), closet sex, quickie, more smut
summary: being Dean Smith’s wife most certainly had it’s perks but not necessarily in the middle of a meeting with your boss.
word count: 2,521
written for: @the-mrs-deanwinchester 7 Days of Dean Challenge
tagging: @ac-dcdean, @mishasmuffin, @imakittehkatt, @aprofoundbondwithdean, @wetsammywinchester

You resisted the urge to sigh in annoyance as you listened to Zachariah drone on about monthly sales goals and projected growth for the year. You truly didn’t understand why you had to sit in on these meetings. Sure you were Mr. Smith’s wife and sure he was prompted to some big shot and you oversaw all the monetary affairs but that didn’t mean that you actually had to listen to what was being told. Yearly goals, that wasn’t exactly your area of expertise.

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love-giselle  asked:

Which boys do you ship together and why?💕

I ship Zach and Jack bc of three main reasons: 1) Zach is so innocent and Jack is older and less innocent so like opposites attract ,😂 2) Zach looks up to Jack a lot, I can tell. Zach is always copying Jack whether it’s through his style or poses, he’s always trying to be like Jack which is the cutest darn thing and 3) JACK IS ALWAYS LOOKING AT ZACH IS A SEXY WAY AND I FREAKING LOVE IT. During interviews, you can see Jack just checking Zach out and Zach doing the same back (’: okay and when Jack kiSSED ZACH I FREAKING CRIED I LOVE #JACHARY FOR LIFE even tho I used to ship #Janiel I’m so sorry for making this so long lol I just love them

Save Me: A Supernatural Fanfiction

Y/N is a Nephilim who has been tortured for hundreds of years. Finally, she is given a mission that could lead to her freedom. Help the Winchester brothers.

I sat in my cell, relishing in the fact it had been at least two days since my last torture session. It was a relief to have a break, even a small one. I reached behind me to run my hand over the raised skin of my scars and sighed. I have been locked in heaven’s prison for over 150 years, but being a Nephilim I have become used to it. I’m regarded as an abomination at best, a punching bag at worst. Angels over almost every garrison throughout the universe would love to carve into me a little bit. I sigh heavily again and slowly get to my feet. I need to stretch.

“How are you today Y/N?” My next door neighbor, Gadreel asks. I smile. He is so misunderstood, it is said that it was his fault Adam and Eve damned humanity. I don’t believe that, he’s done nothing but treat me well since I arrived here. He reminds me to stay strong every day.

“Sore Gadreel, but well, you?” I ask and I hear him sigh.

“Very much the same dear, but that is to be expected” He says. My cell opens and I automatically flinch backwards. Three angels walk inside, shit eating grins and sneers on their faces. “Be strong Y/N, I’m right here” Gadreel says. I will be eternally grateful for this angel. He is my savior, the only true person I can trust. He may be an angel, but he is more human than any other person or angel I have ever met. One of the angels I recognize as Uriel glares at me in disgust before coming up behind me and bringing an angel blade across my back. My screams echo around the block and when he is done with the first few cuts I am nothing but a whimpering mess. The days he uses regular weapons are the easiest, but when he uses the only one that can truly kill me, well, saying I’m in pain is an understatement. He cuts into me again, his face contorted in what can only be self satisfaction. I can hear Gadreel shouting soothing words to me, but I can’t focus on him, not anymore. It is several hours later when he finally leaves me, a bloody scarred mess on the floor, gasping for air that won’t come into my lungs.

“I am here Y/N, it is okay now, you are okay” He says and I reach through the small opening between our cells to grab his hand with my bloodstained one. He grasps it tightly and continues to give me comfort. This man is truly the best thing to ever happen to me, he is the one constant I have in my life. I am just regaining breath when another angel approaches my cell. Zachariah.

“To what do I owe the pleasure Zachariah?” I ask and he smirks at me. He opens my cell and drags my half naked body from my pool of blood on the floor.

“You unhand her now Zachariah!” Gadreel yells but Zach just laughs.

“I do not wish to further damage your little abomination Gadreel, it would ruin my carpet” He say as he pulls me down the hallways. I have not left my cell in more than 150 years. The last time was when I was thrown in here. It has changed, that much is true. I pass the imprisoned and want nothing more than to help them, even though I see a few faces I once saw at the hilt of the blade slicing into me. I am roughly shoved into a white room, ornately decorated with art pieces and statues. It is beautiful. Other angels are there, ones I don’t remember seeing before. One has dark hair, almost black with bright blue eyes and wears a tan trench coat over a suit. The one next to him is a little taller with eyes that remind me of sunshine through a glass of whiskey. His hair is a mix between light and dark brown and has a snarky face. I can tell this one is a narcissist.  The last is blond with blue eyes and a fine amount of facial hair. They give me sympathetic looks which surprises me.

“Y/N, I want you to meet some new friends” Zach says, pointing to the one in the trench coat.

“This is Castiel” He says, then points to the one with brown hair. “This is Gabriel” Finally the blond “And this is Balthazar” he finishes and I nod.

“It is nice to meet you sirs” I say, not looking them in the eye. I would be beat for that later, I know for sure.

“You do not need to call us sir, you are free to call us by our names” Gabriel says as he hands me an oversized t shirt for me to slip on. I hesitate to take it at first, but I eventually approach ever so slightly to remove it from his outstretched hand. I pull it on over my head and look down. It covers me down to my knees.

“Thank you” I say sheepishly and he nods. Then Zachariah grabs my wrist with force and wrenches me over to the large table in the center of the room. “Miss Y/N, I have a proposition for you” Zach says and I stop myself from glaring at him.

“And what exactly makes you think I would want to work for you?” I ask sarcastically and I can hear Gabriel and Balthazar snickering behind me. Zachariah however is not amused and stands up to backhand me across the face. The snickering behind me stops and is replaced by the feeling of protectiveness. I don’t understand it, or many other emotions for that matter.

“Now you listen here you little abomination, if you want to walk out of the hell you go through every day, you will listen to me this instant….your freedom for my orders” Zachariah snaps and I stop short. Did he just say I could get out of here? He smirks as if he knows what I am thinking. “Now, I have a job for you, well, the three angels behind you do” Zach explains and I nod. I turn to face the three angels in front of me, my face down. I can feel a mad bruise forming on my cheek and I try to hide it.

“We have a few people that could use your help Y/N” Balthazar explains and I furrow my brows.

“No disrespect intended sir, but how could I possibly help? I have been locked here for many years, I am useless in the field of fight” I say. It is a shame I am so rusty, I never used to be. Me and my family used to be hunters, that was until I turned 21 and the angels found me. I watched them smite my mother and they took me here. I have been here since. Needless to say, I do not feel much respect towards angels. I literally have scars covering every inch of my body except my face. They like to keep that nice and pretty, sickos.

“You know what you need to, are you interested? You could leave here Y/N” Gabriel says and I gulp.

“Can I have a little while to think about it Zachariah?” I ask and he nods, his face smug.

“You have one hour, Castiel, take her back to her cell” He demands and Castiel gently latches onto my upper arm, leading me away. He is silent, obviously in thought. As we approach I feel the imprisoned giving me questioning looks. I just keep walking and ignore them. As I see my cell, I see Castiel stiffen slightly at the pool of blood on my floor. He doesn’t say anything though as he opens the door and allows me to walk inside instead of pushing me.

“Allow me to give you some advice Y/N” Castiel says and I turn to look at him. I nod and he continues.

“You should except his proposal” He says and walks away. I hear a rustle from the cell next door and I rush over. Gadreel, how could I leave him?

“What did they want Y/N? They didn’t hurt you did they?” He asks and I shake my head before I realize he can’t see it.

“No, Zachariah introduced me to some other angels and offered me a mission on earth……he said I will earn my freedom if I go” I say

“You must do it Y/N” Gadreel says desperately and I shake my head with thin lines of tear flowing down my face.

“How could I possibly leave you Gadreel, my only true friend?” I ask and I hear him chuckle.

“I have yet to understand how a celestial creature such as yourself can feel so much compassion and love” He says and I blush. It’s true, the biggest emotions are my love and compassion for others. Gadreel says it makes me special…I don’t know why. “You need to go and save yourself dear, I will be fine” He says and I sniff. He reaches his hand into my cell and I take his.

“Don’t fret dear, when I get out of here you will be the first person I come see” He says and I squeeze his hand. I know he is lying to me, he has been locked up here since literally the beginning of time, and he is not going to be released any time soon.

“You promise?” I ask anyway.

“I promise, now go, get your freedom… deserve it” He says and I kiss his hand.

“Thank you for everything Gadreel, I will never forget what you have done for me…….I love you my friend” I say and I know he is smiling.

“I love you too my dear Y/N, now go, Castiel has returned for you” He says and I stand up just as Castiel returns to my cell. He does not yank me from the cage, but waits for me to say my final goodbyes.

“Goodbye Gadreel” I say, one last time and kiss his hand before leaving my cell.

“Goodbye Y/N” He says and I look over my shoulder at his smiling face as I walk away with Castiel. I know he is glad I may finally be able to leave this horrendous place. I give him a weak smile in return and turn back around. I am leaving this place, I will escape. I never thought this day would come.

“Well Y/N, have you decided?” Castiel asks as we walk and I nod.
“Yes sir, I have decided to except the mission” I say and I see a small smile forming on his lips. But it is gone as quickly as it appears. We go back into the white room where Zach smirks at me. I want to hit him. He has been torturing me more than any other angel on the plane. I want him dead, but we don’t always get what we want.

“What have you decided?” Zach asks me and I hold my head up proudly. “I have decided to except the mission sir” I said and he smiled at me, a true genuine smile.

“Very good…..we have found a few hunters down on earth who could use your help. Their names are Sam and Dean Winchester, Castiel here just resurrected Dean from hell itself, and we need you to look after them” I nod in understanding. Poor Dean, I can’t imagine how it must have felt being in hell, probably very similar to how I feel here.

“Should I reveal my identity?” I ask, not sure if I should tell them what I am. Zachariah thinks for a moment then looks at the angels behind me.

“Well, she’s you three’s charge, what should she do?” Zach asks and they think for a moment too before answering.

“I think it would be wise” Castiel said, and both Gabriel and Balthazar nod in agreement.

“Yes sir, I’m ready” I said and he nodded. They surround me, I feel their grace rushing over me, calming me. Then, I’m out of heaven, I’m free.

I ended up outside a warehouse, wearing fresh clothes and shoes, thanks to Castiel I’m assuming. I walked inside to see two men fighting a hoard of vampires, and losing. Great. I ran inside and threw my hands out, knocking them out of the way.

“What the…..?” I heard a gruff voice say and I put my arms out.

“Close your eyes!!!” I screamed and saw the men shut their eyes and turn away before I let all my energy explode from my body, the entire room rumbling and a bright white light filling the space. Then it calmed and all the vampires were on the floor, dead. They looked like mere ashes, and it was difficult to see how the small piles of dust could have possibly been such lethal killers only seconds ago. I was drained, my energy gone. Nephilim weren’t supposed to have enough energy to smite large numbers, and if they did, they might pass out and not wake up for a few days. That’s where I was headed.

“Sam and Dean Winchester, nice to meet you” I said, facing them before everything went black and I fell into a heap on the floor.

barbiequed  asked:

For the GG Ship Week, could you do a short where Cammie runs into Josh in Roseville a little while after the end of the series and they just talk about their lives. I think that would be really interesting because Josh is amazing.

Everything’s changed.

She’s got this feeling in her gut that won’t go away and sometimes she forgets how to breathe and god this is dangerous.  This is new territory – unintended territory, even if not entirely unwelcome.  This is… this is… bad.  It’s really bad.  Because now, everything’s changed.

Well, everything except Roseville, Virginia, but this town has always been the exception.

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Well, it’s been a long, long journey with these two fruit loops. I love big brother, have for a long time, but I have never gotten this attached to two houseguests ever before. I can’t believe it’s all over. These 3 months have been so awesome with these two being so cute together. I love them so so so much, and I wish they could know how much I do. Their cuddles, back rubs, random acts of love, their hugs, little kisses, and just their genuine love for each other really hit me hard. I am so glad that I got to share it with all you Zankie shippers as well. Thanks to the ones who defended me and those who supported me. I love you all. Here’s to the best showmance to ever hit any reality show. Zach Rance and Frankie Grande, it’s been real. I would do anything to re-do this summer all over again, just to see you guys be together all over again. Please make a YouTube channel or something. At least share your friendship with the world, because it’s so extraordinary. I am so melancholy writing this, knowing I will never see them on big brother again, but I have such a good feeling they will not completely gone from any of our lives. Peace out big brother sixteen. You will be the season I will remember for a long time. Also congrats to Derrick, Cody and Donny! And love you Zankie, you will never be forgotten.

The Aftermath | A Zankie Angst Fic

 A very long (5.2k words), very angsty fic that came out of my anger at the words Zachary chose to use last night. Coming out is not something to joke about. Sexuality is not black and white, nor is it something to joke about. I think it’s a lesson Zach could do with learning and here we see Zach dealing with his actions how I think he should have. Warning very angsty. pretty much read every bit of dialogue as if it’s coming through very heavy sobbing tears that make it hard to speak and you’ve got the general idea of how this went in my head.

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Working It Out--A Prompted Zankie One-Shot

Fulfilling another prompt I got a few weeks ago.

Prompt (from anon): bb16 has a reunion party at someone’s house and frankie and zach haven’t been on speaking terms and avoid each other until caleb (or someone else) locks them in a room hoping they will talk things out and they end up fighting verbally and physically then kissing happens and angry sex please

I basically follow the prompt. So there’s lots of angst up front with smut towards the middle. There’s some fluff at the end too. It’s really long! 5.5k! Sorry, I felt like I had a lot to get in there. I hope you like it anon!

So, yeah, SMUT WARNING (after 3.5k words, lol)!

Working It Out

Frankie had heard whispers that Zach would be attending the party. He wasn’t sure if they were true. God, he hoped they weren’t true. He really couldn’t handle it tonight. 

He’d already had a really long week. He’d spent the first part of the week in New York dealing with lawyers and contracts and all kinds of things that just got in the way. He’d finally made his way back to LA on Friday night. He’d flown a red eye, so he’d gotten in pretty late. He’d slept as much as he could, but he had a meeting with one of his producers for lunch. Frankie was definitely driven and hard working, but a business lunch on a Saturday was even a little hard for him to swallow. No matter, he’d made it through. The deal was almost done anyway. He was so excited to get started with the casting and the filming. He was basically going to have a reality TV film crew follow him around as he produced his next Broadway play. He was thrilled, but utterly exhausted.

Brittany was hosting a sort of BB16 reunion at her house tonight. Frankie was really excited to see some of his friends again. He knew Caleb was coming. He’d been spending a lot of time in LA recently promoting his new music. Things were going pretty well for Caleb. He was having a blast with his music and he had a beautiful girlfriend. Caleb and Frankie had remained really good friends. Caleb had a heart of gold and Frankie was truly grateful they had become such good friends. Frankie had heard that Amber, Paola, Cody, Nicole, Hayden, and Christine were coming as well. He was definitely cordial with all of them. He wished Derrick would come, but he was busy with his adorable little girl and Frankie could certainly find no fault with that.

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Chapter 3 – Welcome to the Real World | Zankie Fanfiction

Author’s Notes: this is the third and final part of an unprompted fic I wrote that started as a dream originally. The first chapter/part can be found here. The second chapter/part can be found here. Word count for this part is 3,216. Total for the fic is 9,913. I hope you enjoy reading this as much as I’ve enjoyed writing it.

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