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the art of chasing ♔ billy hargrove [three]

concept: steve has a female best friend and billy has taken it upon himself to flirt with her just to piss steve off. that’s it. that’s the plot. [vol. 3]

a/n: still blown away by the response on this! i’m glad you all liked the last part and i hope you like this one just as much! early happy thanksgiving to those who celebrate it xoxo

[part two]

they say you’re basic,

they say you’re easy

you’re always ridin’ in the backseat


“You think I should apologize to her?”

Annie paused, loosening her grip on the pencil in her hand.

She glanced over at Steve who was sprawled out over her bed, pulling at the loose threads in one of her old knitted sweaters with an absent look on his face. She sighed and put her pencil down, pushing her homework to the side before turning fully in her chair to face him.

“Do you have anything to be sorry for?”

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Ya’ll remember when the greatest scene we had was the diner scene where they smiled at each other and we all like died? ?
Now we got flirty jokes, him bringing karen flowers, secret communication, ‘your girlfriends on the radio’, Karen being compared to Frank’s family, A HUG, A CANON CHEEK KISS, THE WHOLE ELEVATOR SCENE ! !
Like Kastle fam we are truly blessed. So glad to be a part of this otp and sharing the love with you all :))

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hey mod! I was reading part 1 of A Kind of Magic just now and the part where Gladstone says hi to the librarian got me really excited bc her name was Yasmin and my name is Yasmin ahhhh lol anyways you're awesome thanks for all your amazing comics!! :D

one of my best friends in foundation year was called Yasmin and I miss her an I still love the name so HURRAY I am glad for you :’D

Attached (Part 2)

Summary: Modern AU. Your first day at the New York Bulletin takes a catastrophic turn when you accidentally overlook a fellow employee’s private chat session. Inspired by the novel Attachments by Rainbow Rowell. 

Pairing: Bucky Barnes x Reader

‘Attached’ Masterlist

A/N: Thank you all for reading/commenting on the first part! I’m so glad you guys are excited to see this story again, and if this is your first time reading this, I hope you enjoy this ride of a series :) 

Originally posted by littlemisssyreid

“How was your first day at work?”

You shrugged, picking through the food on your plate as your step-sister arched a brow at your silence. Aside from the live chat calamity, your first official day at the New York Bulletin went smoothly. You planned on looking through job listings after dinner just in case if you get fired though. It was good to have a backup plan. 

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Why did you draw Caesar as Yzma, now I can't stop imagining him doing the lifting the dress thingy and can't stop laughing, pfft that was so great! I just love your art and I also love Disney so much, that I am glad you do crossovers! I hope your Monsters Inc has a continuation :3

LMAO! Thank you! Idk, I just thought Caesar looked the part. xD


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Firstly, you and your art has inspired me to want to draw manga, so thank you so much for being an inspiration. So do you have any advice for someone wanting to draw manga for a living?

Not to be an asshole, but don’t. Doing commissions is great, so drawing to up your finances is something I’d totally encourage, but doing this for a living is not as fun as it sounds. First off it’s hard to live off this stuff if you publish Manga outside of Japan and if you’d try to do it in Japan your chances as a foreigner would be rather slim to be successful too, plus wages would still suck unless you’re extremely successful, which is hard given the range of Manga that already exist. This of course doesn’t mean that you should stop creating! I’m very glad you get to be creative and do art work. Please keep that up! Taking part in contests and doing online work can get you a lot of exposure!

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Uhhhhhhhh how do you feel about cousin marriages wut

I’m glad you asked! OK, here’s the thing with cousin marriages:

I was annoyed because someone listed off a bunch of reasons not to like Queen Victoria, many of them good, and then finished up with “and her husband was her first cousin”. Tumblr has a real thing about cousin marriages, which annoys me because:

They’re common, and even considered optimal, in a LOT of cultures. In some parts of the Middle East, more than half of all marriages are between second cousins or closer. Jewish communities worldwide  reflect our Middle Eastern origins in accepting marriages between cousins. My mother’s grandparents were first cousins. We all have a normal number of eyes.

There are all kinds of reasons people marry cousins, having to do with kinship systems, economic systems, and simple proximity. How close is too close to marry has always been a matter of cultural norms, and it varies a LOT.

So why is Tumblr so squicked out by the very idea of cousins getting hitched? Mainly because in the later nineteenth century, there was a gradual movement away from acceptance of cousin marriages in the United States and Western Europe. This went along with eugenics, scientific racism, and some other unsavory stuff–the basic concept was to reduce ‘feeblemindedness’ and criminal tendencies supposedly brought on by inbreeding, and of course, being the nineteenth century, it was a toxic mess of bad science, ableism, racism and classism.

Meanwhile, American society became increasingly mobile, so it became that much easier to find a romantic partner you were not related to.

But you know who persisted in marrying cousins, at least in the popular imagination? Poor Southerners, especially people from the Appalachian area. Think about who the target of incest jokes are. Hillbillies, that’s who. Hillbillies are supposed to be inbred, and that’s supposed to be hilarious. 

Now you would think that social justice Tumblr would notice an issue with this, but Tumblr is very bad at hillbillies. Tumblr is bad at systemically oppressed groups of white people. It doesn’t make sense to them, and they think it’s a trap. Also, somehow Tumblr has avoided finding out that the particular kinship patterns and taboos of middle-class Anglo-Americans are not universal.

So that’s how I feel about cousin marriages.Using them as the punchline of a joke, or to prove that Queen Victoria was weird is just obnoxious.

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AAAAAAAAAHHH that was so good??? I'm crying???? Also congratulations this one didn't get away from you (cough A-A cough) --the one Anon who called you out on saying it was only a 2 part before


I’m glad you enjoyed it, though!!! <3

@officialbabineni replied to your post “@sweet-ree​ tagged me to do this. Thank you, and I hope the outcome is…”

Shepard’s arm around the eyelid??????????

@probablylostrightnow replied to your post “@sweet-ree​ tagged me to do this. Thank you, and I hope the outcome is…”

Very strange things going on with Thane’s shoulders here.

And let’s not forget lips pierce his jaw from the bottom - at last, the complex and unique alien anatomy that we’ve been waiting for. 

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You know don't publish any of the previous parts of my questions. I just want to say I'm okay and you are doing great and I hope things are getting better in the soon future too because you deserve good things. A nonny mouse. Bye

Nonny Mouse! It’s good to hear you are still here.

I am very glad that you are doing better. A lot of hard things are worth doing, and you are already doing so well. Improving things a little every day is difficult to do, but it doesn’t matter how little that improvement is so long as it is something. Take care of yourself, and your future self, because you deserve good things too.

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I just wanna say thank you for your outspokenness about the importance of empathy and compassion as a basis to guide actions rather than violence for the sake of it and demonization. As well as about the harmfulness of weaponizing trauma. Reading your posts got me introduced to thinking more in that manner, getting away from the toxic behaviors that I had learned first and were encouraged in the leftist communities I’ve been a part of- (1/4)

-and the theory I’ve read since then has been really illuminating and helpful both personally and in the way I view and treat those around me. (r*pe mention/tw) It’s helping me, on a personal level, tremendously with recovering from being r*ped Friday by someone who I considered to be a friend. The coping methods I had been using to deal with previous trauma stemmed from that toxic way of thinking I previously harbored and were really unhealthy. I’m just so glad to have changed my mindset and finally have productive personal healing, as well as productive addressing of societal issues, and an even more reinforced desire to help others in any way possible and to continue to be a compassionate loving person- rather than closing up and isolating myself out of fear, and not being able to think about anything other than the hatred and pain of it. It also really gives me hope for the world seeing that there are people like you who genuinely care very deeply about others and are sensitive to that. I just really appreciate everything you do out of genuine care for society and people, you dedicate so much time to it and you deserve way more credit than you’re given.

I’m sorry that that happened to you but I’m so glad that you’re beginning to heal–it’s really amazing to hear that I’ve had a positive impact on anyone’s life & I’m so humbled to hear about it. I hope that everything goes well for you & thank you for this message!

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AWW IM GLAD YOU LIKED IT LOVELY!!!! I’m excited for Jin’s heheeh (you have to wait thooooo:))))))

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Thanks for adding the part about National Native American Heritage Day!! As a Native American I really appreaciate it!!

No problem! I feel like it’s very important to remember native americans for thanksgiving, considering all things awful…glad you liked the post!

Tangina dami na nageexpose na artists. (By artists I mean musicians, photographers, the like..). I’m actually really happy na naeexpose na sila. They should really be put in their place and feel shameful for the things they’ve done to offend and put discomfort upon people. I’m glad this is what the call out culture produced. 

But I’m so sad. I’m so sad because hindi sila nababawasan. Na kahit 10 pa kayong feminist or respectful citizens, there will always be 1 asshole and 1 closeted asshole. You will never know who they are and that’s the sad part. Putangina. 

Sobrang laki na ng trust issues ng lahat sa lahat 

i had a glimpse of some 2015/2016 Gazette fandom drama on here and it’s like a trainwreck and you want to look away and stop reading god damn it but it’s so horrible you just keep scrolling and reading because you want to know if it can actually get worse and it totally can.

i need a lie down now. btw all you guys are great and i’m glad we get along for the most part (or tolerate each other at the very least).