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Ice Skating Fun ~Tyler Sequin Imagine~


Summary: Since winter has come, Tyler takes you ice skating. Or at least helps you try to ice skate. 

Author’s Note: The week is coming up so I hate to inform you that I will not be writing any imagines till the weekend. However, feel free to send in requests!

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Winter was your favorite time of year. The cold, the warm and cute outfits, and lastly, the warm cuddles your boyfriend, Tyler Seguin gives. Right now, you were on the couch with Cash and Marshall. 

“I’m home!”  You hear as the door opened and shut. Both of Tyler’s dogs get off the couch to greet him. 

“Hey babe,” You say sitting up a bit. Tyler walks over to you and gives you a quick kiss. 

“Do you want to do something fun?” Tyler asks. 

“What?” You asked a little curious on what your boyfriend has in store for you.

“Let’s go ice skating,” He smiled. 

You stare at your boyfriend in surprise. You barley knew how to ice skate. 

“Ice skating?” You asked him.

“I can teach you. Come on, it’ll be fun,” Tyler assures you .

“Fine,” You said.

You make it to an ice rink and you put on your skates. Tyler made sure they were on correctly. 

“You ready?” Tyler asks. 

“No,” You tell him honestly. 

“I’ll teach you. Come on,” Tyler tells you. He holds your hand and you both get on the ice. You hold onto Tyler as if you were about to fall.

“Okay, firstly, you need to glide your feet. You also have to balance on each foot like walking,” He tells you. He holds your hand and you both start to skate.

“Okay, so now, push me,” Tyler tells you.

“What?” You asked. 

“Push me. It’s okay if I skate backwards,” Tyler tells you. He skates in front of you and folds his arms. You push him until you got the hang of it. 

“Great! Think you can do it by yourself?” Tyler asks. 

“Maybe,” You said. 

“Just try it,” Tyler encourages. He skates not too far from you and you skate to him with no problem. He wraps his arms around you and you smile into his shoulder. 

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“Okay, I’m going to skate father now,” Tyler tells you. He skates farther and you start to skate over to him. When you got close to him, you fell. Tyler skated over to you and you look up at him.

“Are you okay?” Tyler asks helping you up. 

“I suck,” You tell him.

“You’ll get the hang of it,” Tyler tells you before kissing you.

“I love you,” You tell him.

“I love you too,” Tyler tells you. 

You both skate back to the bench and you look up at him.

“This was fun till I fell,” You tell him.

“I’m glad you had fun. If you get better at skating, I’ll teach you hockey next,” Tyler tells you. 

“Great,” You jokingly said in a sarcastic tone. 

“Oh my gosh! You’re Tyler Seguin!” You hear a little boy’s voice yell. 

You smile at the little boy and looked at Tyler. 

“Go meet your fans, I’ll sit here and watch you,” You tell him.

“You sure?” He asked. 

“I want a break,” You tell him.

“Okay. Be back soon,” He tells you before kissing your cheek. 

Author’s Note: Tyler Seguin is hot but his fuckboy personality sometimes makes me want to punch him. No imagines till the weekend but feel free on sending requests for me to write when the weekend hits.

#3 Mitch Marner

A Mitch one where he gets jealous? Thxx

YEEE. Jealous mitchell makes my life.



Warnings: idk language

Song suggestion of the day: UPGRADE U BY BEYONCE

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“No way Lady GaGa is better than Nikki Manaj. She’s a close second but she’s not Anaconda good. If we’re talking pre-2010 then maybe-”

You scoffed. “Mitch, that is the dumbest thing I’ve heard all week. Nikki’s good and I love her but she isn’t Lady Gaga good.” 

Were you a Lady Gaga fan? No. Were you a Nikki Manaj fan? Also no. Is this how you expected this trip to go? Not really. 

It was the leafs bye-week and what else would you be doing than watching hockey. You and Mitch were driving down to London to watch another Knights/Otters game. To be honest you didn’t really mind if it meant spending time with Mitch, and it was also super cute how much he loved his friends. Mitch also had some very strong opinions on pop music, which you had decided to bear the brunt of if it meant you didn’t have to hear the same three Nikki Manaj songs over and over again.

“Give me your phone, Mitchell.” you demanded as va va vroom came on for the eighth time. 

“i can’t believe you would even think something like that.” Mitch muttered, obviously still peeved that you would ever mention another artist save Nikki. However he passed you his phone anyway so you could finally change the song. “Is this old school Beyonce?”

You smirked, humming along to the intro of Upgrade U, making Mitch laugh and roll his eyes before eventually singing along all the way till you got to London. You’d planned to arrive super early so Mitch could quickly catch up with stromer before the game and then you and Mitch would have a couple of hours to kill in the London before the game.

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From The Swallow, Vol. 26, Issue 8, March 2014

excerpt from pg. 14:

You made 50 Most your freshman year and narrowly missed our rankings sophomore year. How does it feel to return to Samwell’s hottest list your junior year? It’s nice. Thank you. It’s always great when people have good things to say about you. I appreciate it.

Word ‘round the ‘Well is that you recently attended Winter Screw 2013 with fellow 50-Moster and junior tennis star Camilla Collins. Do you only surround yourself with stunning people? [laughs] Camilla is a fantastic athlete and I’m glad to be her friend.

We’re not professional hockey reporters, Jack. We will call you out when you’re avoiding questions. Camilla is right over there. You’re interviewing her next, aren’t you?

Looks like you two had lunch together. There were chicken tenders today.

Some Samwell hockey fans have recently started a twitter account for one of your most prominent body parts. How do you keep your body so impossibly proportioned? …Hockey is a sport where you squat a lot.

excerpt from pg. 23:

John Johnson. Besides being one of Samwell’s hottest seniors and a hockey player (on a list already populated by members of the Samwell hockey team), you’re one of only a dozen Wellies to have graced the pages of the Magazine four years straight. How does it feel to be so objectively and consistently beautiful? [laughs] I mean, like, don’t get me started on objectivity—especially when it comes to qualities that need to be perceived in order to gain existence in the first place. Man. The whole existence through perception and the imperfection of knowing thing keeps me up at night. [long pause] Theoretically.

We’re not following. Yeah. Yeah, I guess I’m pretty thrilled to be featured in this magazine for a definitely fictional college that exists only in the limited universe of a comic—a comic on the internet which is like 1’s and 0’s. Like, do you know Eric Bittle? He wasn’t even mentioned in this post until 8 words ago. Bro. Like. I’m just—you’re asking me about being in the Swallow and I’m freaking out about how this is all in the same world as like, Bitty’s stuffed rabbit. I’m freaking out right now. [laughs]

Can you talk about your abs? My abs are pretty killer not gonna lie.

So I just viewed an apartment and the landlord was a hockey fan (duh it’s Toronto) and he was talking about how PK Subban paid for his kid to play hockey and his hockey equipment. And I was just like “that’s so PK” and he was like “yeah he’s the best person.” I’m glad this is a thing I can connect with people over.

If you’re not from Toronto, and you come to Toronto, you have no idea how spectacular it is, from you people, the media coverage, to the fan base, to the love of the team. It’s like nothing you’ve ever seen.
If you’re a good player, and you like winning, this is the best place you can ever play.
—  Mike Babcock.
"Three Feet to the Left" or "Tango causes an existential crisis"

Just a random thought that popped into my head while writing out the plot points for the end of my NurseyDex fic. Obviously these are linked because: needlenose pliers look like birds with long pointy beaks, which look like those old plague doctor masks, which decimated Europe and killed millions of people in the middle ages, which obviously made me think of the question that Tango asks below to create a team-wide existential crisis. Enjoy!

“Do you ever think about how if the Black Death hadn’t happened, none of us would exist?” Tango asks casually over team breakfast.

“What’re you talking about, man?” Holster asks. Dex rolls his eyes because it is too damn early for this.

“Maybe your great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great grandmother or whoever would have married the man next door, but he died. So she married a guy from one town over who survived instead, and now you exist.”

(Under a cut for language)

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Please, I need more NHL AU in my life. I will pay you in my love and gratitude. <3

Sure thing!! NHL AU here

OKAY SO NOTES: for some reason when i was researching this earlier i thought that you had to be 19 year old in order to enter the draft (i was talking to someone about connor mcdavid i think), but apparently you only had to be 18 at or before September 15th of the draft year. Bitty entered the draft the same year he’d been planning on joining Samwell, in 2013 when he turned 18 on May 13. 

So let’s pretend in this au you had to be 19 at or before September 15th of the draft year. Just like how ngoziu forgot that you can’t play in the NCAA if you’ve played in the Q. 

Draft is June 5th, so the first article comes a little before that. The USHL playoffs in 2013 ended May 17th. 

Small Wunderkind Coming Up in Big Leagues

June 1st, 2013

If you were watching the games of the King Hurricanes a few years ago, you may not notice the speedy number 5 at first, flitting in and about the ranks. Eric Richard Bittle, age 16 then, is from Madison, Georgia. At the time, he was standing at 5′3 and 130 pounds, one of the smallest and lightest players in the USHL. 

However, soon you’ll begin to see why Coach Pietro Dostoevsky chose him among the multitude of other hopefuls. Number 15 is fast, his speed supplements his size. He’s able to weave his way around the opposing side’s defense and shoot with deadly accuracy. During post game interviews with coaches and “Ricky” Bittle himself, we learned that he has impeccable game sense and incredible play making skills. Eric Bittle began to make a name for himself in the juniors as the small giant, racking up points, assists, awards, and a mass of fans. 

He turns 19 on May 5th, 2014, but he has just been granted exceptional status and will be joining the 2013 Entry Draft as the top draft pick of the year. Some people calling this decision by the NHL controversial, saying that Bittle is severely overestimated and definitely not a McDavid or a Tavares. They argue that his size certainly doesn’t bring confidence to the table to potential clubs. 

However, even in a league filled with people brimming with natural athleticism, Bittle still stands out. His numbers are exceptional even among a Clark cup winning team, he’s well known for his good sportsmanship and charisma, and he’s a natural leader. 

No matter the chatter around him, Eric Bittle is slated to appear in the 2013 Entry Draft, almost certainly as the number one pick overall. And I put my money on the bet that we’ll be seeing great things from him. 

Transcript of Interview with Eric Bittle

 May 17th, 2013

Off record

R: Thanks for the cookies, Eric! You’re everyone’s athlete to interview.

EB: Aw shush, that’s just because I bribe y’all so y’all can speak better of me.

R: Well, it’s working!

Transcript Start: 

R: Congratulations, good game today, Eric!

EB: We played hard, it was definitely a hard won win. Oh gosh, did I just say hard won win?

R: You sure did!

EB: You know when I first started getting interviewed, I told myself that I’ll try my darn hardest not to sound like one of those hockey robots.

R: And you held out for all these years until your very last junior post game interview.

EB: At least this is a victory interview, that’s a happy thought! 

R: Again, congratulations on winning the Clark Cup! Talk about the effort you guys gave this year and your role as the captain.

EB: Well, this was certainly an unreal season. We started out strong and worked hard not to slow down the momentum. I’m so proud of my boys, my role as captain was to provide leadership and direction on the ice, but everyone gave twice their best effort and heart. We knew we were going to win, and we just had to keep doing what we’ve been workin’ on all year long.

R: And how good does it feel to win the Clark Cup?

EB: Oh, it feels amazing! Last year I wanted so bad to win the cup for the senior members of our team, but it never happened. I think this year the determination was carried from the loss back then so it feels pretty darn amazing!

R: You shattered your arm last year during the finals of the Clark Cup. I forget, did you pull a Rocky and skate out the period?

EB: Who do you think I am, Beyoncé? No, I was able to hide it for a few minutes but Coach Dostoevsky noticed and pulled me out for the rest of the series.

R: By the way, I have to congratulate you on another thing, Mr. Exceptional Status.

EB: Oh, I was wondering when that’d come up.

R: You’re a meme, don’t you know? 

EB: I saw those online, I don’t know whether to be flattered or what. I’m normal sized, it’s just that the people I hang out with make me look small!

R: Let me show you this *takes out a few pictures*

EB: “Such small. Much hockey.” Oh lord, they made me doge. I haven’t seen this one before.

R: Haha, you’re certainly on your way to internet fame. 

EB: I’m proud to say that I’ve gained a lot more twitter followers since the news about the exceptional status broke out!

R: Of course that was your reason, all those hours practicing hockey and becoming the best player your age all to gain twitter followers.

EB: You know me! 

R: There was a period of time when no one knew for sure your plans for this year. You applied to Samwell University and got in, there were rumors that you were dropping juniors to attend it next season, or that you were going to continue playing in the USHL next season, until news broke out that you applied for exceptional status for the draft this year and got it. What were you thinking?

EB: Well, I’ve never considered dropping hockey. I love hockey. I was deliberating between Samwell and the NHL, so I suppose the rumors were all true, that no matter what next season I’d be either playing in the NHL or on the Samwell Men’s Hockey team.

R: Well, I know a lot of hockey fans, and Falconer fans in particular, who are glad that you’re joining the draft this year.

EB: You don’t know that I’m going to the Falconers!

R: Well, that’s all up in the air for now, but as a Falconers’ fan I can keep hoping. Thanks for giving me time for the interview.

EB: No problem!

I 10000% didn’t think the Pens were even gonna make it to the 2nd round of playoffs this year (bc I’m a Debbie Downer fan & there were sO MANY DAMN INJURIES) but they proved me wrong time & time again and I’M JUST SO HAPPY GUYS!!!111 BACK TO BACK CUPS!!!

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imagine the pr going horse riding

-Zack is afraid of the horses at first, since his mother has never been well enough to take him when he was younger.

-Trini normally would have made fun of him but she passes the opportunity this time, quickly realizing that he’s actually scared.

-Zack gets embarrassed as Jason, Billy, and Kimberly are all on their horses waiting for him, and poor small Trini is offering to help him, “Zack, I promise the horse won’t move.” “What are you going to do? Hold it still with your ranger powers?” “If the horse hurts you I’ll demolish it with my Ranger Powers.”

-Billy starts encouraging Zack as Trini reminds Zack that if he really doesn’t want to ride the horse, he doesn’t have to.

-Kimberly and Billy get super excited when Zack finally gets on because they’re all a supportive group of friends and love their crazy boy

-Jason is the one who helps Zack control his horse, surprising everyone when he’s the best one out of all of them even though Jason had been opposed to the idea of horse back riding

-Billy named his horse Neptune because Neptune is his favorite planet (also it’s blue) and when they get back to the stables he excitedly feeds him an apple (or a few)

-Trini’s horse doesn’t like any of them. They tease Trini about her and her horse having matching personalities, and she grumbles something about how Zack didn’t even want to get on his horse, claiming that her and her horse have a trust system

-Kimberly then offers to have Trini ride with her, winking at Trini over her shoulder and Trini nearly lets her horse run into a ditch

-Zack makes fun of Trini for being easily flustered and Jason tells them to shut up, because, “Guys, I think my horse is more annoyed than I am.”

-overall they have a really fun time, get lost a few times and blame it on Jason, and somehow, still go home with bruises as if they had been training

-Zack goes home and tells his mom all about it, and she smiles and listens, glad to know that Zack has a good support system

-Trini and Kimberly go hang out at Kimberly’s house and decide that next weekend they’re taking the boys to a baseball game (Kimberly doesn’t admit it but she’s the biggest baseball and hockey fan ever)

-at the game the following Saturday they almost get arrested and Jason just sighs as they leave the stadium, “Man, at least the horses didn’t kick us out!”

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You do know that the preds kept a player who physically assaulted his wife don't you?

I do which is why i hate their GM. I also am aware of Lemieuxs questionable history. There’s not a team in the league that doesn’t have issues. 

When i first started watching hockey i was so glad to find social media hockey fandoms because i felt so talked down to by male fans on blogs and other places. It was so cool to come to a place where people loved hockey. It doesn’t feel like that anymore. It feels less like a place for hockey lovers and more like a place looking for reasons to hate other teams and players. 

I’m just glad we have two good teams with great stories that are going to give us amazing hockey. I don’t wan’t to look for reasons to hate them - im sure i’ll find enough on my own once the series start (don’t you touch sid’s head) 

Tyler Seguin’s Jeep (Requested)

“Babe, can I see the keys to the Jeep?” Tyler gave you a skeptical look, “Don’t worry, you big baby, your precious little car will be just fine. I’m the one here who’s never hit anything.” You laughed as you put your hand out for the keys.

Tyler reached in his pocket and handed you the keys. “Be careful, babe.” He kissed you softly, “And be good to my baby.” He laughed. 

You got in the Jeep and started towards the store. The Jeep was huge, bigger then any car you had ever driven. You were a little scared, but you brushed it off. Tyler’s car had more room for grocery’s, your car was maybe just half the size.

“Fuck.” You yelled as soon as you realised that you’d missed your turn. The rode was pretty empty so you decided to make a u-turn at the stoplight. Just as you were turning the car in the other direction you heard a weird noise and then the Jeep started to flip. You screamed as loud as could. You thought were going to die. It all happened so quick you couldn’t even register what had happened. 

The car had stopped, but it was on it’s side, leaving you against the ground. You heard some voices and different cars stop. “The Police are on their way! Are you okay? How many people are there?” You kept hearing voices but your mind couldn’t concentrate. 

“It’s just me. I’m okay.” You somehow managed to yell. You felt okay, your left arm felt sore and you had a few cuts and bruises but other than that, you were okay. You carefully adjusted yourself so you could slide through passenger door, which was more like a sun roof. 

As soon as you got out of the crashed car, you felt everybody starring at you. You could feel your face getting hot. You wished Tyler was with you. Oh fuck, his car, you thought. You knew Tyler was going to be pissed off, your relationship with him would be done forever.   

You heard the police and fire truck sirens come closer. “Are you okay, dear?” An elderly woman said to you. 

“Yeah, I’m okay. Thank you so much. I don’t know what happened, it just flipped. I’ve never even been in an accident before.” A tear ran down your face, “And it’s not even my car, it’s my boyfriend’s. Oh god, I know he’s going to be so pissed.” More tears followed, the old woman took you into a hug as tears flowed from your face.

“It’s okay, dear, everything will be just fine. I’m sure your boyfriend will be very understanding. Everything will be okay. Look here now, the police and fireman are here.”

“Who’s car is this?” The policemen asked. 

“It’s mine.” You stuttered, walking away from the elderly woman and closer towards the authorities. 

“Are you okay, miss? Do you need to call anybody? We’re going to need a full report of what happened, but if you need to call someone close to come pick you up you can.” The man said with a sympathetic smile. 

“Yes. Can I call my boyfriend, it’s his car. We live only a couple minutes away.”

“Of course, dear. Do you need a phone?” You nodded and he walked you over to the police car to use the phone.

As you waited for Tyler to answer, your heartbeat quickened. You were terrified. 

“Hello?” Hearing Tyler’s voice immediately made you cry. “Y/N? Is that you?”

More tears poured out, “I’m so sorry, Tyler, it was an accident. I don’t know what happened, it just happened so fast.”

“Where are you? I’m coming to you right now, y/n.” Not an ounce of angry was in his voice, but that still didn’t calm you. 

“Right off of Hemlock Street, across the road from Target.” Your voice was shaking, your palms are soaked with sweat, your cheeks are a bright pink still.

“I’ll be there in 5 minutes, baby. I love you.” He hung up the phone. You could imagine him frantically getting into your car and driving as fast as he could to you. 

“Thank you, Sir. He should be here within the next few minutes.” You said, giving the phone back to the policemen. 

“No problem, ma’am. Now can you please tell us what happened.”

“The car. It just flipped. I missed my turn up the street and was going to make a u-turn and the car, it just flipped. There was some weird noise, I don’t know, Officer, it all happened so fast.” You could feel your head pounding, your whole body felt sore.

You heard a car slam on it’s brakes and door close. “Y/N. Are you okay? Oh my god. Are you hurt?” Tyler rushed towards you, hugging you instantly. 

“I’m so sorry, Tyler. I don’t know what happened. I was just doing a u-turn and it flipped. I’m sorry, oh god, i’m so sorry.” 

“Baby, I don’t care about the car, I care about you. Are you okay? Are you hurt anywhere?” Tyler pulled away from the hug to examine your body. 

You looked at Tyler with a blank face. Tyler didn’t care about the car. He cared about you, he cared about whether you were okay. A tear dropped from your eye. “I’m okay, just sore.” You paused, swallowing, “I thought you’d be so mad. I thought you’d hate me, Ty.”

Tyler laughed slightly, kissing you softly. “I don’t give two fucks about that car, all I care about is that you’re safe. That will always be my top priority. I love you, y/n.” He kissed you again. You heard the police officer clear his throat and Tyler turned towards the man. “Oh, Sir, I’m so sorry. I was just so worried, I didn’t mean to interrupt.”

“No. no, young man, it’s okay. We still have a few questions to ask her and then she’ll be all yours.” The Officer politely spoke. 

Tyler faced you again, kissing you one last time. “I’m glad you’re okay, baby. I love you so much.” 

“I love you too, Ty.” He hugged him tightly. 

As Tyler started to walk away so the Officer could finish questioning you, Tyler turned around and shouted, “I guess we both has hit something now.” The two of you laughed.

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Is it bad that I basically know 1% of hockey and literally maybe half the pens players names but I wait patiently for all your sidgeno content and think you're the queen of all things sidgeno? You have somehow converted me into a fake hockey fan that loves sidgeno, what happened to me ;^;

i am just a person who loves soft boys doing soft things!!!

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Oh, are we cutting up history to specifically the parts where your team won so it can compete with ours? That's sad. I knew P*ns fans were the new H*wks fans.

Although I was pretty frustrated with the dumb trades that Holland made to keep the playoff streak alive towards the end, I’m still really glad that we never fully tanked and alienated our fan-base for several years. You couldn’t pay people to go see the Hawks or Pens in the early to mid-2000′s. 

Requested- Tyler Seguin

Hey guys!

So Natty and Kirsten are absolutely amazing and have been nice enough to let me help them out with some of their one shots. I’ve been a fan of their blog and one shots for awhile, so it’s very cool of them to let me post on their blog. Hope you like this one, it ended up being kinda long…sorry! But enjoy! xx


“Babe, how much longer? We’re gonna be late” you call up the stairs while taking another look at your watch.

“Two more seconds, I’m coming, I’m coming” you hear him call back.

You glance over to Jamie who is stretched out on the couch. He looks up from his phone, giving you a smirk as you roll your eyes in response. You’re both very aware of what Tyler’s idea of two seconds is.

“I’ll go grab the car. If he’s not down in a few minutes, let’s just ditch him” he smiles, giving your shoulder a squeeze as he walks past you towards to door.

“Deal” you say, glancing back down at your watch.

“Ty! We really need to get going”

“Babe! 2 seconds! Promise!”

You smile and shake your head as you grab your clutch off the counter to double check you’ve got everything.

You know you should probably be annoyed at his poor time management skills, or the fact that he doesn’t seem to care about being late to an important event, but you’re not. You’d been working in New York for the last 3 weeks and you’d only just flown back to Dallas earlier that afternoon, so at this moment, you were just happy to be in the same city as him, even if he was making you very late.

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I just wanted to let you know how much I loved and appreciated what you said about the whole goalie chants nonsense. You put into words everything I was feeling and in a much more clear and articulate way than I ever could. A lot of this kind of hijacking of serious issues within the culture of hockey and using a twisted logic to try to rip apart certain groups of fans has been really impacting me lately and you made me feel less alone and more positive about the situation. Thank you.

Thanks so much, I’m so glad. I’ve been struggling a bit too, even at times with the climate within my own fandom. But, we’re not alone. I think that there is a real place for people who want to make a positive difference in this fandom/sport/culture. To be kind or empathetic when it’s easier or more natural to be vicious. To have decency and class when it comes to public behavior (at games or communicating publicly online). To stand up (each to our own ability, and in our own way, of course) against what’s wrong with sports culture. To support vulnerable people like young or new fans who might get ripped into by gatekeepers. Et cetera, et cetera. 

Heaven knows I don’t always live up to this but I do try.

 I have to believe this, or I’m going to despair and never come back. 

A baby for Jamie Benn (Requested)

“I can’t wait to meet him.” Jamie smiled, leaning down to kiss your stomach delicately. 

“Or her.” You giggled, winking as he stood up.

“Yes, or her.” He flashed you his shy grin and chuckled, “How should we tell everyone that we’re gonna have a little person?” 

“Oh god, I have no idea.” You mumbled, you made your way over to the couch. “We could just call, but that doesn’t really seem personal.”

Jamie followed, taking a seat beside you, “Yeah, who do you want to tell first? I know my mom would be crazy excited.” His cheeks blushed, “We could tell your family first if you wanted to, I don’t care, I just know my mom has been wanting a grandkid forever.” He laughed nervously. 

You kissed his shoulder and smiled, “We can tell your family first, I don’t mind.” You looked up into his soft puppy eyes and smiled. You still couldn’t fully grasp that you were pregnant, that you were actually having a baby with the man of your dreams. You and Jamie had only been married for 2 months, you hadn’t even meant to get pregnant. 

“Maybe we could fly out there?” He said timidly, uncertainty in his voice. 

Your brushed up against him, “You don’t have to be so nervous to talk about it, Jame.” He smiled as you grabbed his hand, “I think it’d be a cute idea to fly out to your mom, we could totally surprise her if you wanted.” The thought of it started to make you excited. “Maybe we could like make a special breakfast and somehow incorporate something baby related? Like, we’d do pancakes and spell out baby?” 

Jamie laughed at your idea, kissing the top of your head. “That’s a cute idea, baby. We could also buy something too, that like says “you’re going to be a grandma!” or something along those lines.” He smiled. You could see the excitement start to build in him, the way his cheeks blushed, his smile grew larger, his voice moved faster. It gave you a sense of relief, you were glad to see that having a baby wasn’t scaring Jamie at all, in reality it was bringing you closer to him. 

“Okay, mister, we need to buy plane tickets right now.” You said, excitement in your voice. You leaped off the couch, grabbed your laptop, and ran back to him. You plopped down back on the couch and flipped open your computer. “Do you think we could fly out early tomorrow? Or maybe even the last flight today.” 

“Tonight so we can actually make her breakfast tomorrow. We should probably also pick something about, I have no idea what it’d be but I mean, something that says “hey, we’re pregnant” or something.” He smiled sweetly. 

“Oh babe.” You said as you scrolled through airline tickets, “I saw this adorable way to tell someone we’re pregnant on pinterest.”

“Oh yeah, what is it?” 

You pushed your laptop to the side, “Okay so they made this little like oven box thingy and made little bite sized cinnamon rolls that had a little sign that said “we’re pregnant” on it, so it’s like a play on the whole bun in the oven. I don’t know if that’s something you want to do but it seemed really cute and your family would totally get a kick out of it.” 

Jamie laughed quietly, “Y/N, that sounds great and I love it. It’s sort of weird but original, I think they’d enjoy it. Who all are we going to give it to? Just my mom?”

“Yeah, your dad and siblings will be around, yeah?” 

“I can tell them to fly out next week, we can make it a huge family gathering.” He laughed, kissing you softly. “I’m so excited for everyone to meet our little baby.”

“So am I.” You giggled, returning his kiss. “We’re also going to have to tell my family, your team and all of the fans.” You laughed. 

“Do you think your family could fly out to us next week?”

You raised an eyebrow, “Probably not, no. We’ll just tell your family next week, mine next, our close friends and then fans. Does that sound okay?”

He smiled, “It sounds great.” 

“Perfect.” You winked, placing your laptop back on your legs, “Okay, I’m going to book plane ride for Friday at 11 a.m., that okay?”

“Yeah, I’ll text Jordie right now.” He got up off the couch to retrieve his phone. 

That whole week you could barely hold in your excitement, you wanted to tell everyone. “I’m so excited to see people’s reactions when we tell them.” You giggled as you got off the plane in Victoria. 

“I know, babe, I’m sort of getting nervous.”

“Don’t, Jame, you know that they’ll be crazy excited.” You laughed, grabbing his hand to comfort him. “Are Jordie and Jenny already here?” 

“Yeah, they got in yesterday, Jordie is actually picking us up.” 

“You didn’t tell him, did you?” You squeezed his hand as you made your way over to baggage claim. 

“Of course, I’m excited to see his reaction when we tell him.”

“Me too!” Jamie grabbed the large suitcases for you, you kissed him in return. As you waited for Jordie to arrive the nerves started to kick in, you were still excited, but reality was starting to hit. You were going to be a mom, Jamie was going to be a dad. You laughed quietly, Jamie gave you a skeptical look.

“Don’t be going crazy on me, dear.” 

You laughed again, leaning your head against his arm, “I’m not, I’m just thinknig about how crazy all this is. It’s really hitting me again, y’know, like we’re going to be parents.”

“We’ll be damn good ones.” He smiled, kissing the top of your head gently, “Everything will be okay, y/n. I promise.” 

The car ride home with Jordie was filled with laughter and memories, it made you excited to tell Jordie he was going to be an uncle. 

“You two seem way too giddy.” Jordie laughed as he pulled into his parent’s home. You smiled as he pulled in, it was such a beautiful house, you couldn’t wait for your daughter or son to spend their long summer days playing in the yard.

You laughed, “We’re allowed to be giddy.” Jamie looked behind at you and winked, you smiled back. As the boys unloaded you greeted his family, and in a sense, your family now that you were married. 

“I’m so happy you could come out!” Heather smiled, pulling you in for a hug, “You look so beautiful.” She smiled. 

“It’s great to see you.” You smiled, “We’ve been wanting to come out here for a while, I’m sure Jamie has missed it here.”

“He seems pretty happy with you.” She laughed, “Are you hungry, dear, we were right about to make some dinner.” 

“Dinner would be great.” You confessed, “Do you need any help?”

“Oh no, just come in the kitchen and keep me company.” She smiled, you followed as she made her way back, “So tell me, how have you two been?”

“We’ve been really great, married life is treating us well.” You laughed, “Everything is honestly really perfect.”

Heather smiled as she started chopping vegetables, “Well just wait till you have kids, dear, your life will have more meaning than you ever thought imaginable.”

You smiled down at the floor, you wanted so bad to just tell her now, but you knew you had to wait for Jamie. 

“What are you two to talking about in here.” Jamie appeared in the doorway, a huge smile on his face, the small oven box in his hands. “Mom, I’ve missed you.” He handed you the box and went to hug his mom. “Where is Jen and dad?”

“They’re in the garage trying to fix something, you can call them in if you want.”

“I’ll go get them right now.” He smiled, kissing you as he left. 

You saw Heather smiling as he kissed you and walked off, “You two are so in love, it’s written all over your faces.” 

Your cheeks turned a bright red, “Yeah, it’s something pretty great.” You laughed nervously. 

You heard voices come from the garage, “Okay, guys, sit here. Mom, come here, here, sit over there. Yeah, right here.” He pointed to seat in the center oft the table, everyone was surrounding here. You giggled as Jamie took charge, you could see how bad he just wanted to tell them. “Y/N, you can give it to her.” He whispered quietly, kissing your lips softly, his felt his mouth curl into a smile. “I love you.”

“I love you too.”

“What is all this about?” Heather asked, confused by what was happening. 

“This may explain it.” You handed her the small paper oven, you leaned against Jamie, he wrapped his arms around you, kissing your ear softly. 

“Holy shit.” You heard Jordie laughed as Heather opened the box to expose the little cinnamon roll with the words. “We’re having a baby!” 

A tear rolled down Heather’s eyes as she leaped up and pulled the two of you into a hug, “Oh my god, I can’t believe this. I am so happy for you!” She squeezed the two of you, “I am so happy right now, my god.” She laughed. 

“Surprise.” Jamie laughed, hugging his mom back. 

“Damn man, good luck.” Jordie laughed as he hugged the both of you. 

You giggled, “Good luck to you too, babysitter.” 

Jordie rolled his eyes and laughed, “I’m going to be the best uncle this kid will ever have.”

Jamie laughed as he kissed the top of your head and smiled, “We’ll believe it when we see it.” 

“I’m glad we told them finally.” You whispered once everything got back to normal, you still heard Heather talking about all her future plans with the baby, your face was starting to hurt by how much you were smiling. 

“I know, I am too.” He bent over and kissed you. “I love you y/n and I love you baby Benn.” He laughed.

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Re: the anon who commented on what a nice fan you are. I just got uti hockey this year, and had to go on a mass unfollowing less than 6 months after because of how horrible some hockey blogs are. I started following you after that, and I'm so glad I did. I don't know any of the teams or players you're a fan of, but it doesn't matter, because seeing how excited you are for them is exactly what I want out of hockey: love and support. I love who you are as a person and a fan.

Thank you so much ❤️❤️

Btw if you ever want to know more about a specific player, sometimes I’m not the best person to ask but I can try to explain! :)

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Help me understand the significance of Kaners mouth guard?? Lol this is such a weird question but everybody always seems to bring it up like "kaner and his mouth guard just hanging there" I is confused


Ever since I can remember, Kaner’s either been playing without a mouth guard, or with a mouth guard hangin’ out of his mouth. There are RARE moments when you actually see this kid with his mouth guard actually INSIDE HIS MOUTH PROTECTING HIS TEETH. But no, he lets it hang out like some kind of awkward appendage.

Now, a lot of hockey players let their mouth guards just chill out of their mouths like that, but Kaner was, like, the poster child for that kind of thing. Seriously. He was on billboards,

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