glad the show is back


That was probably the wrong answer…

Important Things About the It’s Always Sunny Season Premiere
  • Dennis, Dee and Mac are still sleeping with Old Black Man because It’s Always Sunny takes continuity more serious than any other show I’ve ever watched
  • Old Black Man gets his own turn to pick for movie night
  • It’s Always Sunny now has not one but two musical episodes, your fav could never
  • They fucking got Scott Bakula to guest star and gave him his own goddamn musical solo 
April Rolf Appreciation Month

So, believe it or not Ed Appreciation Month ends in 10 days! Is there any way to make the months longer?

It’s time for our first appreciation month for one of the cul-de-sac kids in Ed, Edd, Eddy. April is set to be Rolf Appreciation Month. I don’t think there is anyone out there who dislikes this loveable character. There is always so much to discuss for each character of this awesome show. 

I am so glad that there have been people coming back into the fandom after all these years the show has stopped its run.

As the appreciation months go we ask and discuss questions, write fanfiction, draw art, have challenges, do analysis. We have created so much more together with what we could do more for the eene appreciation months. 

Anyone who reads this, please reblog to pass along the message. I know this month will have a great turnout.