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Dark Fate Yuma Maniac 08 Translation

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-Scene: Bedroom-

Yui: (――Some time has passed since we went to the village and Yuma-kun already seems to have calmed down)

Hey, Yuma-kun. What will we do now?

Yuma: About that. Shouldn’t we try to get outta here and go back to the demon world?

Yui: Yeah. I’m worried about Kou-kun and Azusa-kun… …

What happened after the waterway collapsed? Maybe, Shin-kun… …

Yuma: You don’t gotta worry about them.

Shin’s after you. It’d be pointless to do anything to them.

But, I’m worried about that guy.

Yui: That guy… …?

Yuma: Merz. Something’s off about him… …

Yui: (Yuma-kun said the same thing this morning. I don’t think it’s right to suspect a person who’s doing us a favor… …)

*Merz Knocks on the Door*

Merz: Pardon. May I enter?

Yui: Merz-san!

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this is the most heartbreaking part of the show, when Merlin finally realizes that he’s failed, that he can’t save Arthur, and they stare into each other eyes, as Merlin holds Arthur in his arms, crying, begging, pleading for him to stay. They don’t need words to show they love each other, but Arthur does anyways, saying, “Please, please just hold me.” He spends his last moments with someone he grew so fond of, someone he found to an absolute idiot that he couldn’t bare to lose. Arthur didn’t love Merlin because he was the most powerful wizard of all time, but because he treated Arthur as an equal, as another side of the coin, and was loyal and cared for Arthur. It hurts because Arthur spent his whole life told that magic was a use of evil, and his own mother and father were killed by it. Then, one day he met a boy with ears too big for his head, and he fell in deep love with him. The one person who was guaranteed to be there for him, who sacrificed himself for Arthur, was Merlin, the only person Arthur truly trusted. The sick betrayal that came when Merlin finally showed him, that he, himself, was magic. He spent his whole life hating magic, but spend his last few moments thanking someone with magic, and realizing magic was good. That he was wrong.

I’m getting sad because everyone is talking about how awesome Jody is but none of it is actually about Jody but about how she wasn’t sexualized or how its so awesome she stood up for herself. So therefore a post dedicated to the sheer badassness that is Sheriff Jody Mills:

  • Watched her husband and son die- proceeded to save the entire fucking town while Dean and Bobby were literally in the closet
  • Handled a zombie situation with calm and dignity
  • Lied to the FBI twice and created a lot more work for herself to save Bobby’s ass
  • Figured out how to disable Leviathan
  • Pulled a stake out of her shoulder and killed a god while Sam was unconscious and Dean was in the basement
  • Saved herself from a pissed off mama vamp AND saved a innocent person (that Sam and Dean wanted to kill)
  • Survived a date with fucking Crowley
  • Stood up to the Winchesters when they questioned her faith
  • Keeps an eye out for the supernatural shit (that Bobby probably took care of before he died) that threatens her town and does something about it
  • Is the fucking Sheriff- not a deputy, not a officer, the head honcho- an elected official

In short Jody could be sexualized, she could be treated like a lot of women on Supernatural are and she would still be twice as badass as anyone else on this show

Jungkook's not mad at all...
  • Jimin: So Jungkookie you're not mad about what I did with that girl on Starking, right? You know that was just acting, I only like you.
  • Jungkook: Of course I know that hyung. I trust you, plus it would be immature of me to get mad at something like that.
  • Jimin: Good I'm glad that's cleared up.
  • *Both walk into the living room*
  • Jimin: Jungkook...why is the T.V broken in half?
  • Jungkook: Umm...maybe I was a little bit mad.