glad that we met

I’m glad we met, and then drifted apart, and the next time we meet, in another lifetime, in another timeline, I’ll know I have met you before, and that will be good. I’ll try to make it better than this time.
—  BINI // now for the next time

You ever think of all of the circumstances that brought you and another person together? How intricate each of the events that led up to you meeting were? Every moment had to be exactly how it was for you two to be exactly how you are together.

So I’m always hugging taylor swift things …………….

But then when I met her she was the one hugging me………

I LOVE YOU SO MUCH @taylorswift! 9 YEARS WAS SO WORTH THE WAIT AND I’LL NEVER LEAVE YOUR SIDE. Ps. i’m so glad we FINALLY met and bonded over sparkly eyeshadow and frank ocean. xoxoxo, Anna

Glad we met (Dan Howell imagine) Part 1

Here is the new series of writing on this blog! So just like Psycho Dan, there will be more parts for this, so if this ends on a cliffhanger don’t worry!

Y/l/n= Your last name      



“Aren’t you excited?” Louise squealed, as me, Zoe and Carrie bundled into the lift. Today was Vidcon 2017 and to answer Louise’s question, I was so excited, I generally felt like the excitement was going to ooze out of me like syrup on a pancake. This was my second Vidcon so I knew how things worked and what was happening throughout the day. 

Zoe laughed “Quiet chummy, there’s other people in this hotel you know!” we all burst out laughing while Louise went red. “Sorry, I’m just so excited!” 

“Don’t worry, we all are!” Carrie joined in. “I mean imagine how I feel, it’s only my first!” I put my hand on her shoulder. “You have nothing to worry about, I remember my first and it turned out to be the best experience of my life!”

Before Carrie could respond, the ding of the lift interrupted us, sliding the doors open at the same time. We all rushed out into the lobby where Alfie, Caspar, Jack, Dean, Jim, Marcus, Tanya, Naomi and Joe were waiting for us. 

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When they came out

What happens when they came out? read it here :D 

When I came out, I was 19 and had failed two of my college subjects. I felt like a failure, so my best friend called me from overseas. She promised she’d loved me even with all my failures, so then I told her my biggest failure is being gay. She admitted she suspected it since we met, and she’d be glad to stand by my side no matter what.Now, I thought being gay is the best thing in this world.

When I came out to my friend in a text, she didn’t respond. I got scared and kept texting her, then started crying and called her. She said she didn’t see the text and she apologized. She then told me she already knew I was and that she was bi. I’ve been in love with her for two years.

When I came out I had to explain why my divorce was pending. It wasn’t because I was separated for 4 years, because she didn’t like sex or because I did everything. It was because I was gay. My cousin said, “It’s ok, you’re still my cuz.” Now I just say it if it comes to me… worry no longer.

When I came out, it was in a skype call with two of my closest friends. I had told them earlier in the day that I wanted to tell them something and when we were all in a call I decided to let them guess cause I wasn’t able to say it myself. Finally my friend said, “You’re gay” and I said yes and they both said that I shouldn’t be ashamed of it and that they completely support me.

When I came out I was 12. No one supported me and I went back into the closet. It was a bad time for me; I was suicidal and stuff. I came out to the doctors after my 11th suicide attempt. I later told my friends and family, who were so supportive, and I’m a proud lesbian now turning 16.

When I came out, I first told my best friends. They were accepting and a few years later encouraged me to tell my parents. My mom walked away and didn’t talk to me for two weeks. My dad hugged me while I cried because my mom walked away. Now everyone goes around pretending I didn’t come out. Makes for some awkward moments.

When I came out, I had a super bad hangover and the guy I liked took care of me that morning. He told me I looked cute when I’m tired, so I told him he looked cute all the time and now we’re together.

When I came out I was scared, and yeah I got yelled at that it was a phase, that I was too young to have a sexual attraction (14). But the family and friends who supported me and joked that they knew all along, they made it all worthwhile. I’m now a completely open lesbian and happily enjoying LOVE


HAPPY BIRTHDAY: My Tenshi-sama Mihu-chan


Hurrah! So I have a masterlist now, I finally figured it out so hope you enjoy reading my imagines! Love you all! <3


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