glad it turns out great

Happy Halloween!!2k16!!!

Happy Halloween everyone!! I’ve been dying of waiting to show you guys this picture!! A wonderful crossover of Zelgan/Beauty and the Beast crossover!! This was a lot of work but im glad that it turned out great!! Anyway have a great Halloween, stay safe, and eat your candies!!

haha i just wanted to see what she’d look like if her clothes werent torn up lol. (i also tried adding some semblance of a bra since unsealed bazongas feel like someone tryin to rip off ur titties whenever u run and i dont want velvet goin thru that)

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Omg I love crazy ex girlfriend too. I actually was only interested in watching it because I live in West Covina haha. Glad I did watch it cuz it turned out great. I literally live a 5 minute walk from where they filmed the pretzel song for the pilot.

That’s so cool! I loved how they picked an actual, lesser known city and didn’t just make it up. If I was you I’d be singing the West Covina song like every day!

And hey that means you’re only two four hours from the beach!


Merry Christmas to @vervainveins, I was your secret santa!! I’ve had fun talking to you over this past month and I hope you have the best day ever! Merry Christmas boo

I decided after two years of not being able to look at my 1st J2M op w/out hating it that it was time to get a new one and redo it (so to speak). I am glad I did because this turned out great. I told them I wanted them wanting my autograph since ya know, we as fans go to the cons to get theirs lol. I walked in with this clear idea of what I wanted to do for the pose, that I’d have the sharpie and pretend that I was about to sign something but as soon as I took the cap off Jared took the sharpie from me and said “No, no we do it this way!” And I swear to you the look on my face is me thinking “Oh!….Okay…” I had not expected Jared to take over the op lol. Fun fact: you can’t tell in the picture but they are each holding original copies of solo ops I had with them from a previous con.