glad it never worked out with him though

good boy (M)

pairing: sub! jungkook x reader 

words: 4k

genre: fluff, smut 

warnings: body worship, rimming, gentle femdom, mommy kink, hes kind of a sugar baby??, some light name calling, begging, cum play, and my favorite kink, genuine love and affection, im sorry no one asked for this 

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It was a bad day, you woke up late, hurt Jungkookie’s feelings prying him off of you so you could at least try to be on time, didn’t have the time to kiss the tears from his eyes before you left, and to top it all off your staff was incompetent. Fucking hell if you had to explain the same damn presentation again for the third time today when it’s their job to listen to you you were ready to fire them all and hire an entirely new board of advisers.

 Being the CEO of a major technology company was not really what it was cracked up to be. 

Sure you were rich but with that came the endless struggle of men beneath you claiming that you weren’t good enough for your job, being responsible for way too many people, and being busy all the damn time. You were trying to explain to your workers that if they actually did the jobs that you were paying them to do then your company would have a 15% increase of profits. You had spent the week prior going through all of the books to see where your company was lacking and it all added up to all of your workers slacking off just a little but it added up to a major decrease in profits. Much to your chagrin the workers didn’t seem to have the capacity to understand that you didn’t pay them over $35 an hour to half ass their job. Getting increasingly frustrated you practically exploded, explaining everything that they were doing wrong once again but more aggressive this time and storming out to take a half day and go back home after threatening all of their jobs if the numbers didn’t look better within the next month.

You needed to relax but you knew that when you got home you would be greeted with a watery Kook. He never seemed to fare well when you had to move fast, always clinging to you, whispering pleas and cries just to keep you by his side, but ultimately, you had a job to do and he still needed to go to college. There were some days that when you don’t give in to his every whim and put your foot down he’s a brat and loves to pout or throw a tantrum when you return home, refusing to let you comfort him out of sheer attitude. Other days that you neglect him he gets even more needy, practically attaching himself to you and not letting you go the moment you walk back in the door, his eyes looking perpetually wet from being left alone to his own devices, needing reassurance that you are always happy to give him that yes, yes baby I do love you I just can’t leave my job, how would I buy you all your pretty things then? And today seemed to be the latter with how sad he was looking that morning as you walked out the door.

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Not Quite

Not Quite 
Rated: Mature
[Monster Woo helps you find an alternative to your frustrations]

You knew a quick fix to your problem.

It was a really simple and easy thing to do, to diffuse your situation. And having a boyfriend as willing and sensual as Young Woo you would think this wouldn’t be a problem at all. But sex was intimidating. Imagine going your entire life not doing something but always having this built anticipation for it. It was terrifying.

Maybe that wasn’t the right word? You weren’t scared of having sex, you just weren’t ready… And it wasn’t that you didn’t do anything…You just didn’t do everything.

Your boyfriend was surprisingly understanding of your apprehensions. He was a bit older and much more experienced but he never pushed. He’d let you go at your own pace. Whenever you’d test your boundaries he’d welcomed it. The downside was dating someone as attractive as him lead to a lot of unexplainable pent up frustration.

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Pride Month Writing Prompts 1/30: Storm

Fandom: Dear Evan Hansen

Relationship: Tree Bros


I wrote this at 2 in the morning. Idk. It might really suck. But I enjoyed writing it. I just decided to go with the “realizing you have gay feelings” kind of deal. Hope you enjoy!

Prompt: Storm

Evan didn’t like storms. Plain and simple.

It wasn’t like he was afraid of them, like he was as a kid, but he preferred not being in one. He preferred sitting in his room listening to some soft music or nature sounds.

But when Connor shoots up a text, which he never does. Usually it’s Evan who has to do so, but that takes a couple minutes of preparation for him (it was a lot worse the first time though). Saying that he needed someone to talk to, Evan knew he had to go.

His mom was at work late, so he didn’t have the car. So all he had was his jacket and an umbrella, he texted Connor telling him that he was on his way. And the reply, Evan knew it would be worth going out to the storm for.

‘thanks… ill be waiting.’

Evan was glad for the invention of ear buds, because he didn’t know for sure if he would’ve been able to survive the whole 20 minute walk to Connor’s house. There was a couple of times where the thunder was so loud that it would cut into Evan’s music, making him jump. And walk slightly faster.

And he was almost ¾ths of the way when his umbrella seemed to be cheaper than Evan thought, breaking when a huge gust of wind blew past. Evan quickly shut the umbrella and ran the rest of the way to Connor’s house.

When Evan got there, he pulled out his phone to stop the music as he pulled out his earbuds. He was already on the porch when he saw that Connor’s family’s cars were gone. But he knew that Connor would appreciate if he asked if it was okay for him to go through the front door.

Connor’s family didn’t really know about Evan. Expect maybe Zoe who probably could see them whenever they talked at school. But it was mostly because Connor didn’t like his family. Didn’t want to show off Evan to his family just to be on their good side. Because Connor knew that’s all it would take, Connor had explained.

But Connor felt cheated by this and thus kept their friendship from his family. He even had a different email to message Evan with, Connor told Evan that he knew his parents did checks on him. Even if they tried to be secretive about it. And Connor just did the secrecy to just kinda piss his parents off whenever they would find out about it.

Now Evan and Connor had been friends for quite awhile. Evan could name off several events that could’ve started their (at first) awkward friendship. All ranging different amount of weeks or months or about a year. But somehow Connor had become someone he could open up to and someone that Evan trusted. And he hoped Connor felt the same way.

All the thoughts of Connor stopped when got a reply from Connor.

‘yeah the front door is fine’

'please come in’

Evan didn’t need anymore prompting as he opened the door quietly and was about to set his umbrella down when he thought better. He closed the door and silently went up the stairs to Connor’s room.

Connor’s door was already slightly opened which was odd considering that Connor normally would have door closed and locked. He must’ve unlocked it for Evan. Which Evan smiled at the thought.

He opened the door to be greeted with the familiar look and smell of Connor’s room. It smelled lightly of smoke but had a hint of febreze that Evan guessed Connor’s mom might have used while Connor was at school.

The room itself wasn’t dirty, nor completely tidy. Not a lot of things were on the ground but a desk that was in the corner was pull of paper sketches and a couple of books. A small stand that held all of Connor’s CDs and a couple of Vinyls that were unorganized and some were even stacked on the floor. The walls had a couple of posters that Evan wouldn’t have recognized before knowing Connor, and a lot of them were slanted or torn in one way or another. A guitar in the corner that Connor hadn’t said if he actually played or not. While the sliding doors to Connor’s closet were closed, Evan could always bet that he had boxes of old stuff Connor could never part with and that some clothes would be on the floor. And Connor’s bed was unmade and if you lifted up the blanket you could see about 20 small piles of books under Connor’s bed that Connor had stolen from libraries or from his unknowing family.

Seated at the corner of the bed was Connor, he was leaned against the corner of the wall. His knees were pulled against him and he hugged his legs. Connor wore a big black hoodie and worn out black jeans, he wasn’t wearing shoes but mismatched white and purple socks were in his feet.

As Evan walked in the room, Connor didn’t seem to notice his appearance. He was staring at the wall in front of him and looked like he was loathing. Evan then noticed that Connor had his own earbuds on.

Evan leaned next to Connor and pulled out one of Connor’s earbuds. Connor almost jumped when it happened and looked at Evan with anger.

It only lasted a second, maybe half a second. But Evan didn’t like when Connor was angry. His blue eyes would matched the storm that was going on outside and looked hateful. His nose scrunch up and his mouth would open as if to immediately say the first thing that came to his mind.

But then that half second was over and was replaced with the mirror of shock that Evan currently had. Connor then looked distressed and almost mad at himself before burying himself in his knees.

Evan took a deep breath, he then felt mad at himself. He shouldn’t be scared of Connor, he wouldn’t hurt him. Why did he have to mess everything up? But as Evan looked again to Connor who still had one of his earbuds in, he hadn’t moved his head from his knees and Evan’s worry overcame his own self-loathing.

Evan climbed into the bed, sitting right next to Connor. As soon as he was comfortable, he reached over and pulled the other earbud out of Connor’s ear. Connor turned his head a little to look up at Evan.

“Y-you can’t- I mean! shouldn’t. Shouldn’t isolate y-yourself when you f-feel like this.” Evan managed to say. He was worried that he said it too quietly. But Connor then lifted his head more and nodded. Evan sighed of relief.

“Mm Sorry.” Connor mumbled.

“N-no! I-it was my f-fault.” Evan said immediately, lifting his hands up. “I-I shouldn’t have j-just tak- pulled the e-earbud a-away. I’m sorry.”

Connor sighed, “But I still… scared you.” He said.

“A-a lot of s-stuff does. I-it’s not y-your fault.” Evan said, holding himself.

“But still!” Connor interjected, turning more to face Evan. “I-I’ve been trying to be better about it. Getting mad.”

“C-Connor. S-sometimes these type of t-things are out of control. I-I know that y-your d-dad…” Connor’s eyes then grew tense at the mention, “d-d-doesn’t think that y-you need help. B-but you do. P-professional h-help. Like me.” Evan placed a hand on Connor’s shoulder. Connor looked into Evan’s eyes. Evan could see the broken parts of Connor now, the stuff that he kept locked away that no one could see. And he knew Connor could see his as well.

Evan wasn’t sure about physical contact, but they both somehow knew that they needed it. Both reaching for each other. Evan wrapped his arms around Connor’s waist, which Evan felt that it was a lot thinner then it should be. Connor wrapping his arms around his neck and pulling him close.

Connor smelled of smoke, mostly. But Evan could also smell the trees and the orchards they would take frequent trips to. And a small hint of vanilla. It was… comforting and almost familiar.

“Why are you wet?” Connor asked. Not moving his arms.

“Don’t you know?” Evan almost mumbled. “I-it’s raining pretty bad o-outside.” Evan said pulling his face a little from the comfort place of Connor’s shoulder to talk more clearly.

“Did you fucking walk in a storm just to get here?” Connor asked.

“Well, I h-had an umbrella. But i-it was a p-pretty cheap one.” Evan defended.

Connor sighed, “You are probably gonna get sick. You could’ve just told me, I know you don’t like storms.”

“I-I know. But I-I couldn’t j-just…” Evan paused looking for the right thing to say.

“I was worried.” He said. Connor pulled away to look at Evan, he looked surprised.

“When you texted me… I just knew… I had to come. And a part of me, just wanted to be here with you anyway.” Evan was surprised that he didn’t stutter and offered up a nervous smile.

Connor stared at Evan, it was like he was scanning him. Evan stared back taking in Connor’s features before Evan realized that Connor was growing red in his cheeks.

“A-are you okay?” Evan asked.

Connor suddenly pulled Evan back into the hug, “I’m fine!” He almost yelled. “I’m fine. I-I just need a minute.” Connor said.

“O-oh.” Evan said, he then wrapped his arms tighter around Connor. Hoping to provide the comfort needed. Evan was proud when he felt Connor relax. Evan closed his eyes and relaxed as well, if he concentrated hard enough Evan could hear the storm still raging strong outside. But he didn’t mind.

Sometimes good things can come out of a storm.

Every Me And Every You - Fourteen

When your alarm woke you up the next morning Spencer was still sprawled over your chest. His grip on your pajama shirt had loosened during the night but his arm was still wrapped around you.

You moved to grab your phone, swiping the alarm off and Spencer stirred, sliding off you and back to his own side of the bed when he realised where his head was.

“You didn’t have to move you know, I tend to set my alarms super early so I can snooze on and off. How are you feeling?”

He looked like hell, his eyes were red rimmed and the shadows underneath more prominent than normal even though you both seemed to have slept for a good seven hours.

He made a ‘meh’ sound before rolling on to his side and facing away from you.

“Reid, come on. Talk to me.” You scooted closer, feeling him stiffen.



“Don’t snap at me, I’m trying to be your friend here.”

He sighed and coughed, clearing his throat.

“I’m sorry. I’m just…. not sure how to feel about this. I mean, he’s my father. But I hate him. And now he’s dying. I should feel sad. The look on his face when he asked for my forgiveness was so… pathetic. And I feel like the worlds worst person because of the satisfaction it gave me to tell him no.”

You reached out and placed your hand on his side, just above his hip bone.

“Do you really feel that strongly that you can’t at least tell him that you forgive him, you don’t have to mean it? He’s probably in a lot of pain right now already. I know he can’t make what he’s done right, but…. Spence, he’s dying. He’s probably sitting there in his hospital room, going through a list of regrets he has and you can bet that not being there for you will be number one.”

Reid rolled back over so he was flat again, and shook the hair out of his eyes.

“He said that. That not seeing me grow up was his biggest regret. That, and hurting my mom by leaving.”

“There you go then.”

He closed his eyes, rubbing them with the heels of his hands.

“I don’t want to see him again.”

“So write him a letter and send it to the hospice. You don’t have to mean it but it will give a dying man some peace. He may not have played a huge part in your life Spencer, but he helped bring you into this world.”

He didn’t speak for so long after that that you worried he’d gone back to sleep. 
You grabbed your phone again checking the clock. Still plenty of time to get ready and get to work.

“Y/N?” his voice was small and defeated.


“Thanks for being you. For knowing that I needed a friend last night, when I didn’t want to ask.”

“Spence, we may have a slightly unconventional friendship right now but we are that, friends. Pretty good ones too. I’m here for you, whenever and wherever. I mean that. You want another hug? Then we have to get up, we both need to shower and that takes time.”

“We could always shower together, that would save time.”

You punched him lightly on the arm, glad to hear he was able to joke again. “No more hugs for you. Perv…..”

Spencer had been only mildly subdued at work, not enough for the others to notice though and luckily the week had passed quickly.

The team didn’t have a case, so the time was spent updating and reviewing old files and sorting through the never ending pile of cold cases that always got shipped up to the BAU.

Spencer and Rossi were lecturing in a neighbouring town, whilst Morgan was helping out at the Academy, speaking with new recruits.

As much as you enjoyed the chase and catching the “bad guys”, you also enjoyed spending time in the office, catching up on the gossip and bantering with your co workers. It also gave you all chance to catch up with mounds of filing that always accumulated.

By the time Friday rolled around and you still didn’t have a case, you were looking forward to the weekend.

“So, are you seeing Dan this weekend?”

You and Emily were seated at the tables in front of the break out area, her eating an apple and you working your way through a bag of Reeses Miniature Peanut Butter Cups. You only had an hour before clocking off time, you all praying that a case didn’t come in at the last minute.

Spencer was stood at the coffee machine refuelling, and you saw his ears prick up at the name Dan, him turning his body oh so slightly.

“Erm… Yes. I think. Providing we don’t get called away.”

“So what are you doing together? Is he taking you anywhere fancy?”

“Erm….. I don’t actually know. He mentioned maybe a play or something?”

Spencer had told you to think about what you wanted to try next but you hadn’t. Your evenings had been spent clocking some long overdue gym hours and spending time with friends. You really hadn’t spent much time thinking about your weekend plans, you almost didn’t want to let yourself, knowing that as soon as you started thinking about it, you wouldn’t be able to stop.

“Well don’t leave it too late if you’re wanting to catch a show, all of the good seats will be sold out.”

“I guess.” Hmmmm.

“Have you banged him yet?”

“Em!” You choked on a piece of chocolate coated peanut butter, reaching for your water bottle to rinse it down. You could see Spencer smirking out of the corner of your eye, stirring his coffee very slowly.

She shrugged and grinned. “Oh come on, don’t start acting all coy now. I remember you texting me after Sam and telling me how he was so big you wanted to take photos and frame them because you didn’t think anyone would believe you.”

Shit. Damn it… You’d been going through a dry spell at that time and had spent the evening flirting with a sandy haired bartender that worked at a bar you and Emily used to visit.

“He was pretty big. So much so that the actual sex wasn’t even that great. It hurt to walk the next day, and not in a good way. He may have been big, but he definitely didn’t know what to do with it.”

“So does Dan know what to do with his then? Is he good?”

You saw Spencer turn around, now leaning against the counter with his coffee cup pressed to his lips. Emily followed your gaze, seeing him stood there.

“Don’t mind him…. It’s just Reid. Spill.”

Just Reid. Oh if only she fucking knew.

“Fine. Yes we have. And yes. It was very good.”

His faced twitched, dimples starting to form where he was grinning.

“Marks out of ten?”

You thought about it very carefully.


His smile dropped, turning into a frown.

“Only an eight?”

“Yup. He was good, but I’d have liked to come a few more times. One orgasm per encounter isn’t acceptable.”

“Hey, it’s more than some girls get.”

“True that.”

She tossed her core into the bin and walked back to her desk, you finally making eye contact with Reid.

He took Emily’s seat and leaned in, his voice barely above a whisper.

“You know, some ‘people’…. ” The air quotations signifying he was referring to people in the scene. “Would consider an eight to be an insult, and would double and then triple the amount of strikes that ‘someone’ else, might already have against them.”

“Then it’s a good job we’re at work and not playing in your apartment isn’t it?”

“A very good job, Snow.”

“Do you consider an eight to be an insult then…… Dan?”

“Nope. Because we were only just beginning. It’ll be a ten by the end of the weekend. Trust me. I don’t need a huge cock to take away your ability to walk.”

“I didn’t mean….. ”

“Oh hush, I’m not in the least bit insecure about that. I’m above the male average, and there’s plenty of ways to get you off with out that anyway. Plenty.”

With that, he stood and strutted back to his own desk.

Five o'clock came and Hotch dismissed you all, with the reminder that an easy week, probably meant for double the work the next.

The ride home with Spencer was quiet, you almost scared to ask what the plans were, making idle chitchat instead.

When you pulled up outside his building, he turned to you.

“Go home and pack. Do not shower. I want you back here no later than seven pm. Bring clothes for going out in the day time and something respectable looking for the evening. Bring the matching underwear set with the ties, the purple peek a boo bra with the crotchless panties and bring the stockings. Pack your tight black pencil skirt you were wearing two Mondays ago, with a white shirt. And bring your glasses.”

“The classic sexy secretary look? Bit clichéd don’t you think?”

“If I’m thinking correctly, I’d have guessed it was that film that spurred your interest in this in the first place, and given the little twitch you just showed then, I know I’m right. Not a terrible portrayal of BDSM in a functioning relationship actually. And it’s not a given that you’ll be wearing them, but I want options.”


“Red and yellow at any time alright, Snow?”


“And on Monday, I’ll be overhearing a conversation between you and Emily where you tell her that Dan, has been bumped up to a ten.”

“Sure thing….. Dan.”

He unbuckled his seat belt and slid out of the car. “Hurry along now, Snow. I’ll be waiting.”

RFA: MC Hates Her Birthday

Admin Phae @p0tat0sacks

MC hates her birthday because of her past and doesn’t tell the RFA guys (+Saeran+V) about it. They find out somehow and try to make her feel better about it and celebrate it with her❤

- Because you didn’t tell him, he doesn’t even realise that it’s your birthday tomorrow
- Until he gets a message from Seven saying ‘I hope you got MC a good birthday gift ;;)))’
- He thinks that he’s the victim of a prank again
- He’s not
- So he rushes out and buys that large (and unnecessarily expensive) bouquet of flowers that he was planning on getting you
- He’d gotten Zen to keep them overnight so that you wouldn’t find them
- The next day he walked in and said “happy birthday!”
- He wasn’t expecting you to ask him how he knows it’s your birthday
- He figures you might think he snooped or something
- But when that’s not the problem
- He’s confused?? What’s wrong??
- It’s so innocent you can’t help but tell him that some things happened and you don’t really like your birthday because of them
- He doesn’t pry but hopes one day you’ll tell him what it is (so that he knows you trust him!)
- This cutie can only say “you’re not there now! So why can’t we give you a reason to like it again!”
- It was the best birthday you’ve ever had

- He only asked what you wanted for your birthday
- So when you tell him coldly that nothing should suffice he doesn’t know what he did wrong
- He asks what he did
- Apparently he didn’t do anything…?
- “I guess we don’t have to do anything for your birthday if you don’t want”
- A few days pass and suddenly it’s your birthday
- He can’t help but wonder
- “Why don’t you want to celebrate?”
- He just can’t get a straight answer
- No matter how much he tries
- Of course he doesn’t want to push it too hard, so the day passes like any other
- He seems different after and you feel bad so you tell him you didn’t want to celebrate because of some crap from the past
- He understands
- But when you say ‘a locket’ he doesn’t understand
- When you tell him it’s what you want for your birthday he rushes out with you to get whichever one you want
- He makes sure to change your birthday into a day you look forward to!

- She tends to put other people before herself
- Especially on birthdays
- So when she shows you the cake she made especially for you and you start crying, she freaks out a little
- “Are you okay?? What’s wrong??” This girl was Not Prepared™
- When you say you didn’t want to do anything she gets worried
- She doesn’t see why anyone wouldn’t want to do something for their birthday
- She also knows the reason must be sensitive
- “We don’t have to do anything today, but if you need to talk about something I’m right here”
- You tell her a little about what happened
- She understands
- ‘If you want we can just have this cake- like any other day’
Could we maybe… try to celebrate?
- She’s definitely surprised but accepts that you want to try
- She’s touched when you say that her cake seems like so much effort went into it that it should be praised like the birthday cake it is

- You know this boy
- He is v e r y extra
- And he wants you to be on the receiving end of this extra-ness
- So he makes sure to get you the very extravagant gift of
- Before you can say no you’ve already arrived on the private jet
- All of your favourite foods are served and it’s such a nice place
- You decide that you can’t complain
- When you get back you feel a little guilty that you hadn’t quite enjoyed it to the max because of the fact that it was a birthday present
- So you decide to tell him that
- He’s understanding that you feel this way, but asks if overall you enjoyed the time together
- Of course you did
- So he tells you that This can replace any bad things that happened in the past. Look at the now!

- He’d wake you up early
- Aren’t you supposed to be working?
‘Not when it’s your birthday! I took the day off.’
- He freaked out when you looked sad
- You told him that you just never particularly liked your birthday
- He vowed that he was going to make you like it
- In a fun way!
- You hesitantly agree
- And boy are you glad you did, he took you to laser tag
- Even though it was every man for himself you still won
- It was a little astonishing that you did seeing as he even invited (forced) Vanderwood to come along
- They didn’t even try though
- It was so fun you forgot it was your birthday
- Until he took you to a restaurant and thE STAFF CAME OUT SINGING HAPPY BIRTHDAY
- He saw how you reacted and decided to pretend that it was his birthday
- That was,,, Very Relieving
- It was a very enjoyable birthday

[V and Unknown]

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Yo, so I am asexual biromantic. I try to explain this to people and all I get are “you’ll feel it when meet the right person” and usually some illusion to “and it will be a guy”. That’s when I know that that person is not the right person for me. I have a boyfriend now who is *perfect* when it comes to things like this. We are super cute and cuddly, but we have been together for a while and we haven’t so much as kissed on the lips. But there are other ways to be intimate, even physically. He loves it when I kiss his neck and that’s something that I am comfortable with. I love it when he kisses my collarbone. That’s the most physical that we have gotten and it works for the both of us, even though he is hetcis. He respects all of my boundaries and I feel loved with him. I never feel broken or wrong when I am with him. It’s hard for me to feel romantic, but with him I do. It is possible to find a cute and romantic relationship and be asexual. You just have to hold out for the right person.

We Don't Have to Choose Just One

Also on AO3.
This is the @miraculousfluffmonth  Aug 14 prompt, telling the truth.

“Hey Chat, can we talk a minute?” Ladybug asked as she landed near him on the Eiffel Tower.  They were meeting up for their usual mid-week check in and joint patrol, and there was something she’d been putting off bringing up for far too long.

“We can talk for more than a minute,” he said with a smirk.  "You have my absolute attention, My Lady.“  He bowed to her.

She sat down patting the space next to her.  "Why so far away, Chaton?”  She’d gotten good at keeping her Ladybug and Marinette nicknames for him straight, though she occasionally dreamed of outing herself by using the wrong one.

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How To Change A Fuqboi (Taehyung)

Word Count: 3,133

Loosely inspired by the song “Fuqboi” by Hey Violet

Rated M (like REALLY REALLY suggestive sh!t yo 😂)

Originally posted by kths

How to Change A Fuqboi

Volume 1: Happenstance (Jungkook)
Volume 2: For-Getting His Attention (Jimin)
Volume 3: Bonding and Binding (Taehyung)
Volume 4: One and Done (Yoongi)
Volume 5: Unintentional Liar (Seokjin)
Volume 6: To Be Loved (Namjoon)
Volume 7: Checklist (Hoseok)


Step 1) Know his history*

Okay, this time, let’s just say you’ve gone and found yourself a nice boy. He’s sweet, thoughtful, and as a bonus, the definition of eye candy. On the surface, there seems to be nothing worthy of complaint, but it’s just best to keep in mind that NO ONE is perfect. He used to be a fuck boy, and he’s disclosed this information with you, but also claims he’s ready to settle down in a committed, exclusive relationship. Let’s talk about how you can KNOW he’s ready.

A light breeze weaves through your hair, causing the locks to gently caress your cheeks. The defined line of sunlight recedes further and further from the table you occupy under a raised walkway, hidden on one side by a wall of the English Department and on another by concrete, the barrier for an elevated planter.

It’s not the most aesthetic sight, but the seclusion helps you concentrate on the dense, seemingly endless lines of text. You’re so absorbed in the required-reading novel, simply eager to get the whole ordeal over with, that you neither hear the footsteps nor sense the human presence behind you.

In fact, you are completely unaware of it until a pair of arms abruptly slips under yours, each grabbing a handful of your chest and giving a squeeze.

With a scream, you jump to your feet, ready to catapult yourself over the table to get away from this pervert, but, despite slipping to your hips, his grip holds tight and you practically fall flat on your face, elbows hitting the painted metal surface hard. Changing tactics, you quickly wiggle around until you’re able to deliver a swift smack to the top of his head with the book, yelling, “SCREW YOU, TAE.”

“Ya! You’re lucky that was paperback,” he complains, finally releasing you to nurse the wound.

Feeling the need to defend yourself, you give a small huff, “Well you surprised me.”

A smile pulls at the corners of his lips, but he tries (though miserably fails) to conceal it with a frown, “Oh c’mon. Can’t I touch what’s mine?”


Laughing, he pulls you into an embrace, spinning you around so your back is pressed against his chest, and attempts to replace your bra with his palms.

“Tae!” you futilely bat at his hands with the book, irritated at the giggles that leave your throat despite your best efforts. “Tae, they’re NOT yours.”

“Yes, they are,” he gives them a playful bounce. You’re momentarily relieved as his hands leave your breasts, but Taehyung is quick to wipe that feeling away with a soft smack to your bum. “And this too.”

“Oh, is that all I’m good for?” you roll your eyes, as he takes a seat to your right, sliding the backpack off of his shoulders to dig through it.

Taehyung leans over to press his lips against your temple in a feather light, tease of a kiss, “No, I also love you for this.”

“My forehead?”

“Aigoo, your brains,” he drops one eyelid in a wink, knowing you understood what he was talking about. “I brought you lunch.”

As he finally fishes out a set of chopsticks, the thermos of homemade noodles, and a plastic bottle of ready-made tea, you finally relax, letting him see your ridiculously large grin and the blush that accompanies it.

Sometimes, I MUST wonder what you did to deserve someone like him.

“Thank you,” your reply is quiet but happy, slightly sing-song in nature, and you make a playfully childish gesture, indicating that you want to hold his hand. Taehyung’s larger fingers immediately engulf yours and an almost reverent expression slides onto his features to accompany his boxy grin.

Your cheeks get too hot to maintain eye contact, so you drop your gaze to the book and break your physical connection to him, freeing your hand to pick up the chopsticks. The two of you sit in silence for a few minutes, you busy heartily eating and reading while Taehyung… well you don’t really know what he’s doing and I’M not going to spoil it.

Whatever the case, the boy next to you is quiet, allowing you to study in peace.

But then you feel them, the fingers, coming to a rest on your thigh with innocent stillness. It’s not UNUSUAL for him to be touchy, especially when he gets bored, so you ignore it… until they start shifting.

Toying with the hem of your skirt, you feel the cold digits slowly traverse across the expanse of skin, leaving goose bumps in their wake. You are intent on ignoring him to not encourage his teasing, but as soon as he reaches the warmth of your inner thigh, you shiver, involuntarily clamping your thighs together.

He lets out a smug snigger and you set down the chopsticks to arrest his wandering hand. Laughing, grip tight on his wrist, you force Taehyung to (though he doesn’t fight it) gently slap himself, “Hands to YOURSELF. I’m reading.”

“But baby,” he whines, scooting over to nuzzle through your hair, tickling your ear. “Pay attention to me.”


“Please,” he draws out the word in harmless defiance to your warning.

Fighting hard to squash the urge to give in, you flinch away, moving over a seat so that your back is pressed flush against the concrete wall of the planter, “I need to finish this before tomorrow-”

Without hesitation, he hoists himself on top of the table, almost knocking over the bottle of tea, sliding away the thermos, and snatching the book out of your hands. Planting his feet on either side of you, his dark eyes bore into yours, smirk quirking the corners of his lips upward, “No one’s watching.”

You wet your dry lips with a flick of your tongue, mulling over the options.

“I mean, when you put it that way…” your body makes the choice for you, rising slightly to be at eye level as you slowly lean forward, entwining your fingers with the soft hair at the back of his neck. Taehyung’s eyelids flutter closed, anticipating the warmth of your lips against his.

But it’s a sensation they won’t get to feel.

With all of the quickness and vehemence of a striking snake, you tear the novel from his hand and give him another, well deserved bop on the head.

*Elaboration: “history” can mean an assortment of things, familial ties, past relationships, behavioral trends, namely, whatever is important to establish an accurate judgement of character.

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Summary: Mickey gets released from prison, but no one knows. The first place he goes is the Gallagher house. 

Word Count: 1125

Notes: Thanks so much for 100 followers. I haven’t had this account for long so it means a lot! :)

It’s been a long time since Ian has seen Mickey– three years, seventeen days and two hours to be exact. He misses him everyday, but he knows he needed to move on, so he did. Eight to fifteen years is a long time, and with Ian’s bipolar disorder, he needs stability.

So here he is with his family, Kev, V, Svetlana, Yevgeny, and his boyfriend Trevor, in the most stable environment that he could provide for himself. And then, Mickey walks in the back door.

“Holy shit,” Ian’s face goes pale and his heart starts thumping.

“Miss me?” He says to Ian.

Suddenly, Liam and Yevgeny run to Mickey. He picks them both up and hugs them tightly. “I missed you,” Liam says.

“Missed you too, buddy,” he kisses Liam on the head and then he kisses his son on the head as well. “I missed both of you.”

Liam eventually unlatches himself from Mickey’s embrace, but Yevgeny stays holding on tightly. “Are you home forever, daddy?”

“Yeah, Yev. I’m home forever.” He kisses his head again and hands him over to Svetlana, who kisses him on the cheek and welcomes him home.

Everyone’s jaws are dropped open in shock, other than Trevor, who is looking at everyone in confusion. He tries to ask what’s going on and who this is, but no one answers, they just stare at the dark haired man who walked in the back door.

Debbie is the next to get up and hug Mickey. She introduces him to her daughter. “Hey, Frannie. This is your Uncle Mickey,” she says and he waves at the baby. Mickey smiles at the term “Uncle Mickey.”

Carl, Lip, and Kev then get up to greet him and tell him it’s nice to have him back. They were followed by Fiona and V, who hugged him tightly and told him how much they missed him.

Finally, Ian gets up and walks to Mickey, ignoring everyone around him. He grabs his face, as if he’s making sure he’s not hallucinating. “I want to punch you.”

“Fuckin’ do it then,” Mickey responds.

Ian shakes his head and kisses Mickey instead. The boys wrapped their arms around each other and Mickey smiled into Ian’s mouth.  When they separated Ian leaned his forehead on the other man.

“You’re an asshole,” Ian said.

Mickey nods. “I know. So are you.”

“I know.” With that, Mickey punched Ian in the arm. Ian grabbed for the aching spot that was punched. “What the fuck?”

“You never fucking visited me,” he tried to mask the sadness in his voice because he knew that there were people surrounding them.

“It was hard seeing you,” Ian frowned. He regretted never going to see Mickey, but it was just too hard for him to handle– especially after their last encounter, which was Ian breaking up with him.

Mickey nods and looks down. “Fuck, I missed you.” After hearing that Ian wrapped his arms around the excon. They hugged so tightly that neither of them could breathe.

“I missed you too,” he said sadly.

The silence of the family and the loving hug between the two guys gets cut off by a distressed Trevor. “Can someone explain what the fuck is going on? And who the fuck are you?”

“Who’s this? Boyfriend?” Mickey snickers. Ian just shrugs as a response. “Can I hit him?”

“No!” Everyone yells simultaneously.

Mickey rolls his eyes. “Fine.” He chucks the finger. “Fuck you,” he says to Trevor instead of hitting him. It was the better alternative, but Trevor still scowls.

“Umm, Trev,” Lip starts. “Remember when Ian wouldn’t get out of bed for all those weeks?”

“What the fuck? No one fucking told me he went mani–” Mickey gets cut off.

“Shut the fuck up, let me explain this,” Lip gives Mickey a glare, so he nods.

“Of course I remember,” Trevor says seriously.

Lip sighs. “Remember how he kept calling out for someone named Mickey?” Trevor nods and worry began to fill his eyes. “Well, this is him.” The memory of Ian saying that his ex-boyfriend was in prison quickly came back to Trevor’s mind.

“Why the fuck are you back?” Trevor steps closer and tries to be intimidating. Unfortunately, Mickey was the most threatening man on the Southside so it didn’t work out too well.

“Got released. Good behavior, got my GED.” He started. “Also, Mandy pulled some favors, don’t ask me how because I have no clue. I don’t even know where the fuck she is.”

Ian stepped forward again in surprise. “You got your GED?”

Mickey nodded bashfully.

“Mick! That’s amazing!” Ian shrieks proudly.

To disrupt the happiness, Trevor moves between Ian and Mickey. “Go back to where you came from, asshole,” he says meanly. “Ian and I are together now. You’re the one who fucked up.”

“Stop,” Ian said and moved Trevor out of the way. “I’m sorry, Trev–”

“Why the fuck are you sticking up for him? Didn’t he try to kill your sister?”

“Half,” Mickey corrects him.

“Because we take care of each other,” he looked at Mickey in a way that brought them both back to their last time together. “In sickness and in health, good times and bad times,” he smiled as he summarized the words that Mickey said to him three years ago.

Fiona suddenly jerked up. “What the fuck, are you getting married?” She shrieked.

“We’ve always been ghetto married,” Ian snorts.

Mickey shrugs. “I’m down for it if you are.”

Ian nods with a smirk. “We’re getting married,” he informs everyone as if they haven’t been there listening.

V starts to smile. “I love weddings!”

“What the hell?” Trevor shouts. “We’ve been together for two years, Ian! You’re throwing it away for some dirty scum like this?”

“I love him. I’ve been in love with him for about ten years.”

“Well I love you,” Trevor says desperately.

“I’m sorry, Trevor. I didn’t want you to get so connected. I’ve never loved anyone besides him.”

Mickey smirks at Ian’s words, though he kind of feels bad for the other guy. “Sorry, man,” he says genuinely.

“Don’t you need time to work shit out before you get fucking hitched? I mean seriously you haven’t seen each other in how many years?” Trevor’s fury is noticeable, but Ian shakes his head. “You know what, fine. Fuck you,” he says and slams the door.

Kev looks at everyone’s faces before speaking. “Well I wasn’t expecting this to happen today.”

“Neither were any of us,” Ian snorts. “I’m glad it did though,” he grins.

“So are we,” Debbie says. Everyone nods in agreement.

Ian kisses Mickey’s head. “This is it, we’re finally going to be together,” he says happily.

“This is it,” Mickey repeats.

just the girl
  • ord count: 3989
  • pairing: jungkook/you
  • genre: fluff (?), angst (????????)
  • summary: you teach your best friend jungkook how to get a girl

“So, how’s the flow going with your love life?” you asked Jungkook, trying to sound nonchalant as if it’s just a normal question that came out of your mouth, when it’s not. For you, at least. You were dying to know what exactly is happening with his life, especially when it comes to who he’s going out with at the moment

“What are you talking about? I don’t have any.” he said with a glowing grin that showed all of his front teeth, including the mandibular ones. You looked up at him for a second, your face feeling a little hot at seeing his smile. This smile is his real, genuine smile, you thought.

You scoffed and rolled your eyes. “Yeah, right. I almost forgot. You’re actually still head-over-heels for some girl who doesn’t like you back.” you said in a mocking tone

“Yep. It’s still the same old issue. I don’t think there’s anything new.” he shrugged.

“Come on, still, tell me everything about it. I know this drama’s just repeating over and over again, but I still want to hear it.” you insist as you make eye contact with him, finally putting your phone down.

“Are you sure you want to know everything, though?” he asked as he lifted a brow up. “Even the names? Is it okay for you to hear the names?” he said, emphasizing the word “names” as much as he can.

You shook your head quickly. You definitely did not want to know who is or more likely, are as he emphasized the word names, with ‘s’ meaning plural, causing Jungkook such romantic distress.

Every time he asks you on why you don’t want to know, you simply answer with the same words as if on you’ve memorized it, “Because, Jungkook, once I found out who’s hurting you, I might lose my mind and I might just go over that girl and pull every strand of her hair out of its roots.” And every time you say that, he just laughs it off like crazy because he knows that you really will do that once you find out whoever’s making him feel upset.

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Imagine being Rafael’s daughter and meeting the squad after you witness a crime

(A/N: Dedicated to the Anon who suggested it and bumped this up the list. Sorry for the wait. First one of it’s kind.  I want to write continuations for this so definitely get excited for those. I hope you enjoy and to the anon who suggested it. I hope I meet your expectations! Enjoy!) 

This Imagine is Continuted Here 

Imagine being Rafael’s daughter and meeting the squad after you witness a crime

“And it’s the schools Father Daughter dance on…” you continued to say before stopping yourself as you realised he wasn’t listening, “Dad!”

“Hmm.” he said looking up from his monetarily at you from across the counter as he simultaneously poured milk into a bowl of cereal.

“Is on Friday, at the Glasshouses.” you finished.

“What is?” he questioned, still looking at his phone.

“The Father-Daughter dance.” you chuckled, “You said you would come.”

“On Friday night?” he asked for reassurance.

You nodded inn confirmation.

“I don’t know Y/N. I might be busy that night.” he offered, shooting you a cautious look.

“I understand.” you sighed, slightly disappointed, “I can see how you would be busy at 8:00 on a Friday night.”

He smirked at you, releasing what you were getting at.

“Alright, I’ll try to come. I might be late, so don’t say I didn’t warn you.” he gave in, walking round the kitchen counter and putting the cereal bowl in front of you.

“That’s all I ask,” you smiled before looking down at the bowl, “What’s this?”

“I made you breakfast.” he responded as if it was obvious.

You took a dangerous glance to the sink were the empty bowl of cereal you had finished fifteen minutes ago sat, ready to go into the dishwater.

“Thanks Dad.” you grinned, scooping up a spoonful.

“You’re welcome.” he said obviously pleased with himself, “Do you need money for lunch?”

“I take my lunch to school.” you reminded gesturing to your bag which had your lunch on top of it in the seat next to you.

“Since when?” he asked, confused.

“Since always.” you informed.

“Right.” he nodded, with a sigh.

“But I do need money for dinner, because I’m assuming you’re going to be back late.” you offered, so he wouldn’t feel too bad.

“How much do you need?” he asked, pulling his wallet and finally putting his phone down.

“Fifty dollars.” you stated.

“For take-out for one? I don’t think so.” he scoffed.

“I’m not going to order in. I’m going to buy groceries.” you explained.

“Doesn’t Sarah do that?” he questioned, referencing your maid who also did the grocery shopping each week.

“She does but you gave her the week off so she could go Vermont for her sisters Wedding.” you reminded, giving him an all-knowing expression.

He was trying to come off an annoyed but you could tell he was slightly disappointed in himself for not remembering. He was trying.

“I’m giving you thirty. Drop a few of those fancy vegetables you insist on buying.” he played off handing you a mixture of notes that totalled thirty dollars.

“Alright, but if I starve…” you joked.

“It will be one less thing for me to worry about.” he smirked, quickly glancing at his watch, “I’ve got to go.”

He quickly grabbed your hand and directed the spoonful of cereal that was on it into his own mouth. You gave him a look of protest, but you secretly didn’t mind. You weren’t going to finish it anyway. He gave you a wink before, grabbing his briefcase and heading for the door.

“Love you Dad.” you called after him.

“Love you too kiddo.” he called back after a pause.

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(un)equivalent exchange

Word counts : 2997

Read it on FFN here

Maybe she was his weakness and he was her strength. Maybe it wasn’t equivalent exchange after all.

The first time it hit her was when she was transferred into the Führer’s office as King Bradley’s personal adjutant. Being held as a ‘hostage’ was definitely not the worst thing she had experienced in her short life. Besides, the second she set her feet on East City’s military academy turf, Riza Hawkeye had already prepared to face the grim reaper in her perfectly-pressed blue uniform at any given time—her naïve idealism accounted in or not.

Being taken hostage is a thing. Being taken hostage in order to keep him on leash is a whole different story.

It unnerved her.

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anonymous asked:

Hello! I love your style, and I would love to give you a prompt! 😸 "I won't let you fall!" with Marichat.

“Chat Noir, I’m scared,” Marinette said, glancing below her. She was holding onto the edge of the Grand Paris hotel, heart hammering in her chest. Her arms were starting to ache, feet trying to gain purchase against the side of the building.

“Don’t worry, I won’t let you fall,” he promised, still a little dazed from his attack. He was sitting on the roof, tied up four feet away from where she was hanging.

“I’m sure Ladybug will show up eventually,” the akumatized victim said. “We’ll just have to wait for her to start the real party.”

“At least let Marinette down!” Chat demanded. “She has nothing to do with this!”

Ultrasonic, whose real name was Violet, ignored him. Sabrina had had a birthday party on the roof and invited their whole class. Violet was an employee at the hotel, and, after getting yelled at by Chloe for dropping a tray of refreshments, had been akumatized. Her power was screaming, so she could yell back at Chloe for her mistreatment.

Most of the other kids had already disappeared inside, running for safety the moment Ultrasonic came to attack Chloe. Marinette had been hit by a soundwave powerful enough to send her tumbling off the roof and had only barely been able to grab a railing before falling. There were too many people around, both above and below her, to transform.

Ultrasonic’s high pitched screams had sent Chat Noir to his knees due to his sensitive ears, making it an easy win for the villain.

“I don’t think I can hold on much longer,” Marinette warned, trying to keep her fingers tightened around the two poles of the railing she was holding on to.

Queen Bee landed on the other side of the roof, capturing Ultrasonic’s attention long enough for Chat Noir to use his Cataclysm on his bindings. He dashed over to Marinette, pulling her into his arms princess style and leaping down to the nearby building.

He dropped into the alley on the other side, breathing heavily. “Don’t scare me like that.”

You were scared? How do you think I felt?” she asked as he set her down. Her legs were trembling and her hands were shaking.

Chat’s ring beeped in warning. He put a hand on her shoulder, confirming to himself that she was okay. “I have to go help the others. I’ll come check on you later, though.”

As soon as he was gone, Tikki said, “That was close!”

“No kidding,” Marinette agreed. “But we don’t have any time to waste!”

That night, Chat Noir hugged Marinette as soon as dropped into her room. After they met one random night on her balcony several weeks ago, he had started visiting her frequently.

“Chat?” she said, surprised. His closeness sent her heart beating almost as fast as her near death experience. Lately, she’d started to realize she no longer had a crush on Adrien, but instead on Chat Noir.

“Are you okay?”

“Yeah, I’m fine now,” she assured him.

He pressed his forehead against hers, making Marinette blush with how close he was to her face. “I almost lost one of the most important people in my life today.”

“Everything turned out all right though,” she pointed out. “Why are you so shaken up?”

“Because if you had fallen today, I may have never gotten the chance to tell you I’m in love with you,” he replied, taking her face in his hands. His lips met hers with urgency, as if every moment now was vital. She kissed him back, tangling her fingers in his hair.

She pulled away after a moment for breath. “I love you too, Chat Noir. And thank you for saving me, by the way.”

“Always, Princess.”
Thank you, anon! I’m so glad you’re enjoying my work! I hope you like this one just as much. :) I love getting Marichat prompts! <3 

Shooting Stars

Rated: T
Word Count: 883
A/N: I started this in February and gave up half way through, then I saw the camping au thing and decided to finish it.

Kristoff let his eyes explore Anna’s form sitting in the camping chair beside him.  He knows he is in love with her, even though their relationship is still very new.  He has been pining over her since the day he first met her, when she was with someone else. 

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A Way Out

TITLE: A Way Out

CHAPTER NO./ONE SHOT: Chapter 5 of 5

AUTHOR: MaliceManaged

ORIGINAL IMAGINE: Imagine being kidnapped and meeting Loki, who is trapped in a network of mirrors. Bored and with nothing better to do, he decides to help you escape, figuring he’ll never see you again after you’re gone. But as soon as you’re able, you return intending to rescue him…


NOTES/WARNINGS: I forgot I wrote this chapter as soon as I finished the last one, it just needed to be proof read. I am not good at things. XD


    He was full of questions, she soon discovered; some more… invasive than others, though he learned to keep those to himself after she snapped her jaws in the general direction of his head. A god he might be, but there had to be lines. In the end she decided to take him to meet her father, figuring they would both enjoy a mutual exchange of knowledge; he struck her as the type to like conversing with other intelligent beings, and her father was certainly that.

    It was that, or she would drop him several hundred feet to the ground, and that would just be rude.

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anonymous asked:

//what would swap,classic,and fell sans do if there S/o was freaking way out and crying because they were scared of al turning them into monsters like they got zapped with a gun of some sort in her lab and there hands are the first to change and they are to scared to ask there sans for help but they find them crying there eyes out? //sorry if this doesn't make since and if im bugging you

You’re absolutely not bugging me :)

Asked by @ask-blue​ before I moved the blog

UF!Sans: He finds Al and demands that whatever it is she did to you is to be reversed. So he’s got an arguing Alphys to deal with and you freaking out at the same time. And considering this is Al, whatever is happening to you probably isn’t legal. But he’s not going to let one of her crazy experiments kill you. He’s making sure she stays far, far away from you in the future.

UT!Sans: When he finds you he insists on taking you to Alphys to look for the cure. He’s staying calm, even though Al is freaking out because omg she really messed up now. If it weren’t for the whole your body is slowly turning into a monster, it’d be pretty interesting to see Sans work. He’s got the lab coat and goggles on and everything. Together they’ll get you back to normal. Alphys never stops apologizing for it though.

US!Sans: As soon as he sees you he’s freaking out. Which is going to make you freak out even more. Which in turn, makes him panic. He’s calling everyone over. Alphys, Undyne and Papyrus all find him hyperventilating in the living room while pacing around. He’s basically no use. And Alphys has to help you calm down while Undyne and Papyrus start working on something to change you back. In the end, he’s a little ashamed that he wasn’t of any use. But he’s just glad to have you back.


[The Cityborn]

Akaash, despite first appearances, is one of the more powerful dragons of the Empire. In fact, anyone who’s heard of him before actually seeing him are usually surprised by the fact he’s actually quite a small dragon! For some reason, even though it’s known he’s a Fae, others still have high expectations about parts of his appearance that are dashed upon meeting him. This does result in, well, many comments about his smallness and/or height, to the point where he basically expects it whenever he meets someone new. The reason for his “fame” and the power he has, is due to him being a child of the Lightweaver, making him a demigod. It’s not something he flaunts, but it’s well-known anyways.

He’s also a council member of the clan, though often his help in the council refers to the city itself and its conditions. A lot of what the city looks like and has become is due to him (though it being a city was actually not his idea). He’s known as the cityborn for a reason; a lot of his life was spent in the Hewn City and he cannot imagine a life not being in a city. Plus he may… have some abilities having to do with cities and large buildings.

It’s by this that he’s more understandable than most Fae, not having the typical monotone they’re known for at all. This tends to surprise most as well, especially Coatls. His bloodline also shows in him physically, mainly in how much grace he walks with despite things, and he seems to be more.. otherwordly than most. It’s something he cannot really avoid showing even if he tried to hide it. So usually, he doesn’t. Grace that makes him seem thinner and more fragile than even the average Fae. This also shows in his physical age; he doesn’t appear much older than an individual in their late teens.

Grace that shows even despite the fact he does have the occasional limp, thanks to an attack in the city he was born in years and years ago, but a supposed shade-touched dragon. He received a nasty magical attack to the back of one of his knees, and despite the regeneration abilities he has, it still left a lot of damage afterwards, enough that, if he didn’t have regeneration, he probably wouldn’t be able to walk much at all. The limp is the only way to tell when it is actually being a bother, for he never shows if it hurts or not. Other than that, he has no scars, no nothing, thanks to his regeneration abilities. He also seems to have supernatural strength; he’s a lot stronger than he looks. He appears on the outside to not have that much muscle, so seeing him fight and/or displaying the strength in some way is always a surprise. This is probably one reason why he can climb buildings with ease, and he definitely prefers that over flying. He actually isn’t seen flying much, usually using his wings in the form of gliding or soaring instead. He also seems to prefer magic over strength, but he has been known to mix the two together in fights.

He spent most of his years, and definitely all his childhood located in the Hewn City, being hidden away from individuals who might want to hurt or capture him due to his bloodline. He never knew his father, for his father seemed to have died before he was born, so he was raised by a small, but somewhat powerful group who also resided in the city, knew who he was, and took great care of him. They were careful to keep him hidden despite his tendency to wander and climb the buildings. And yes, once he was old enough (which was still before he hit his teens), he did learn that his mother is, yes, the Lightweaver. He learned it from the small group, though once he found out, he and his mother have talked and contacted each other a lot.

His decision to leave the city in the end was after two losses, first his group to a dragon who may or may not have been shade-touched (but was corrupted in some way by something), while he barely escaped alive but his leg was badly injured, and then someone he got attached to later, a young female dragon who was on the run from.. someone. They had actually considered each other as lovers, being a pair for a few years before she was killed by one of the individuals who was after her, who’s way of finding her was unknown (and Akaash did severely injure said dragon, if he hadn’t taken her down completely. To this day, he doesn’t know if that dragon survived or not.). At that point the city just felt like pain to him, and he knew it was his time to leave.

Even though he does seem to be emotionally distant at times, he also has quite the sarcastic streak. He can definitely be quite the sarcastic (and occasionally sassy) being when provoked in the right way, or around ones he’s close to. He has no problems giving others shit, and he’s actually pretty playful in that way. He’s definitely not as serious, usually, as he may appear to be a lot of the time. It’s not hard to get a smirk or playful comment from him, for he does have a sense of humor, one that he has no problem showing.

In recent years, even though he’s not really a hugely religious sort, he had decided to get a magical tattoo in honor of his mother, the Lightweaver. The blue, gold, and green markings, including a sun shape on each wings, is that, tattooed on him by Zyx herself, the clan’s tattooist. He does also have a deep respect for the other gods, but of course, his loyalty is mainly to her and her alone, due to her being his mother, and being his light. Any outfits he wears, he’s careful to show most of the tattooing, wanting to show how much love he has for her, in many ways. It’s the only thing he actually flaunts, not really into flaunting his high-rank, actual bloodline, or abilities. He just wants to show how much his mother actually means to him.

He’s also the one who originally rescued Shishir, an orphan who was lost and often pursued (mostly due to the fact he stole things to survive), and even though ZP tends to care for him now, he likes checking up on the young Wildclaw.

He’s often out and about, but he’s not actually seen very often since he tends to stay low-key. He’s often scaling buildings, perching on the tops of buildings, moving around in the less-used streets.. things like that. However, he doesn’t seem to mind being social at times, and will occasionally be more in the open and talk to others, mingling around the other dragons. He enjoys being in the city a lot, and rarely ever actually leaves, even for short amounts of time.

What Did I Get Myself Into? - 3

“So, are you sure you’re okay with talking about your job now?” Spencer asked, for what felt like the 80th time.

You just rolled your eyes. You had been seeing Spencer for five weeks now. Granted, that five weeks didn’t consist of a ton of dates, but that was because of his work schedule. He was called away on cases on a near-constant basis, but you were making it work, and you really enjoyed his company. There was something that felt different about him when compared to your previous boyfriends. He was grounded, insanely intelligent, exceedingly kind, completely adorable and unbelievably, stunningly fucking gorgeous. “Babe, we’ve been dating for a while now and I have been assured that you won’t run away because of my job, so yea, I’m good with it,” you said, sitting on the couch next to him.

He put his arm around you, slipping his hand into your wavy hair, swirling the tendrils through his fingers. “Ok, is it also okay to ask about previous relationships at this point? I don’t know what’s ok, you’re the first woman I’ve been this involved with.”

“Really?” you blurted out, completely taken aback. You’d never considered he’d never been involved. He was such a catch.

Spencer saw the look on your face and blurted out without speaking, “That doesn’t mean I’m a virgin though.”

You raised your eyebrow, “So, not a virgin, but never in a committed relationship?”

“The job makes it really hard,” he said honestly, “and up until you, I’ve never really wanted to put in the work with anybody, but you’re different. There’s something about you I’m drawn to.”

“I’m surprised someone hasn’t snatched you up before now, but I’m glad no one did - and yea I’m fine talking about previous boyfriends.”

You settled your head in his lap, looking up toward him as he continued to play with your hair. There was about 30 minutes until the lasagna you were cooking was done. “So, what do you want to know?”

“How about this? In order to make this more comfortable for you, I’ll ask all the boyfriend/job-related and sex-related questions I have on my mind in a rapid-fire style and you answer the first thing that comes to mind. That way we’ll just have everything out in the open.”

That would probably be better. If you wanted this relationship to work, and you really did, you figured getting all the “dirty little secrets” out in the open would be a good idea. “Sounds good,” you said smiling, “and…go!”

“How many boyfriends have you had and why did the relationships end?” he asked first.

“I’ve had two boyfriends. One in high school and early college. His name was Mark. We ended amicably, it was just hard because we went to two different colleges. The other I started dating when I was 26 and I broke up with him after three years because I found out that he was cheating on me. It ended about a year ago.”

“He cheated?” Spencer asked, disgusted at the thought.

“Yup!” you said, extending your arms in the air and almost hitting him in the face, still salty as fuck that the bastard wasted three years of your life. “And you wanna know how I found out?” He nodded. “His eight-months pregnant girlfriend marched up to me at the pizza place down the block demanding to know who I was?”

Spencer’s mouth dropped open like a Looney Tunes cartoon. “Seriously?” You nodded, sitting up and facing him, cross-legged on the couch.

“What an asshole.” He mirrored your stance and moved on to the next question. “Okay, you said you were ‘boring’ when he first met. What did you mean by that?”

“In the sexual aspect? I wanted to impress upon you when we met that just because I own a sex shop, doesn’t mean I’m into a ton of freaky shit,” you started, “I have been fairly vanilla in my sex life - same basic positions, never really dressed provocatively. I’ll clarify now that we’re dating. I’m open to things, they just need to be with the right person, you know?”

“Absolutely,” he said, “Duly noted. Now, total honesty, have you ever used anything you sell in the shop?”

You looked down and blushed. Again, you weren’t completely vanilla. “Yea, mainly vibrators. They are the only thing that get the job done,” you laughed.

Spencer looked surprised, “So follow up question, if they are the only thing that get the job done, does that mean you’ve never had an orgasm with someone else? Only by yourself?”

This was getting personal, quickly, but you were honest. “Nope, I’ve only been able to do it myself.”

He smiled, pushing his tongue up against his lips, “Again, duly noted. I have to keep that in mind.”

You snorted, secretly hoping he’d be able to give you that ever-elusive one-on-one orgasm. “Ok,” he asked, pausing as if trying to find the right way to word what he was about to ask, “If there is one thing you want to use from your store that you haven’t yet, what is it and why do you want to try it?”

“Oh my god,” you said, blushing yet again as your head collapsed into your hands, “I will answer, but only if I can shoot the question back at you. You need to reveal some kinky thing you wanna try so we’re even.”

He laughed, “Ok, deal. So?”

You never revealed this to anybody, even Dawn, you liked being the mysterious, ‘boring’ person your friends thought you were, so you kept it to yourself. “I…,” you began, breaking your gaze and biting your lip, “There is a kit that I sell…of ropes…” He smirked. Dammit. That smirk was hot. “I realllllllyyyy like the idea of being tied up.”

He bit his lip as well. He must’ve liked the idea of seeing you tied up, which only served to put your mind in overdrive. “Why do you like the idea? That’s the second part of the question,” he said, after noticing you shrug, like you didn’t want to give a reason.

“I guess it’s because, in my daily life, I have to be the strong person. I can’t own a shop, selling the kinds of things that I sell and then have a ‘submissive personality.’ I’d get trampled - or worse. I could end up being the kind of victim you investigate. I have to be strong, so I like the idea of trusting someone enough to be completely the opposite - to be vulnerable,” you said, surprised you had confided in him something you hadn’t even told your best friend. “Now you. It’s only fair.”

Spencer took a deep breath. “Hmm…Well, the opposite of you…in my daily life, I’m looked at as the non-threatening and submissive one, so the idea of being dominant realllllyyyyy appeals to me,” he said, mimicking your early sentiment. “I guess the idea of someone trusting me enough to do certain things,” he emphasized, “is fascinating and alluring.”

As the timer on the oven beeped, drawing your attention to the delicious smell of Italian food, you looked his way, “I am so glad you walked into my store that day.”

That’s The Way The Cookie Crumbles

Characters: Bucky x Reader

Description: can you make a one shot bucky x reader where he hears a noise in the kitchen in the middle of the night and sees you crying over something silly like milk or something? (requested by anon)

Word count: 653

Warnings: swearing, brief mentioning/description of nightmares

A/N: I thought this was a cute idea! It’ll give me something to think about other than the pain that Civil War caused me, that’s for sure! (also, notice the new format; how is it looking/working for you guys?)

Your eyes shot open and your arm twitched. Your breathing was a bit erratic, and you seemed unable to calm it. 

Turning to the side, you were glad to find that Bucky was still sound asleep. His mouth hung open, air going in and out of it audibly. He’d been through enough recently; there was no need to wake him up. 

You swung your legs over the side of the bed and carefully crept towards the door. Maybe a snack or something would calm you down…

It wasn’t uncommon for you to have nightmares. Given the line of work you were in with S.H.I.E.L.D., there was plenty to be frightened by. The dreams were never that bad, though. 

You opened the refrigerator, freezer, and every cabinet you had to try and find something that sounded appealing to eat. You finally set your eyes on some oreos in the pantry, and your eyes brightened. 

There were only 4 left, and you wanted to enjoy each one as best as you could. So you poured yourself a glass of milk and set it on the table, turning back around to grab the bowl you had put your cookies in. When you turned around, though, you weren’t paying attention to how your arm was swinging. Your arm it the bowl and it went toppling to the ground.

“Shit!” you cursed, not caring how loud you were at this point. You slammed your hand on the counter as tears pooled in your eyes. All you had wanted was some cookies, and now they were all gone. There was definitely a valid reason to be upset. 

You tore your eyes away from the crumbs on the ground when you heard footsteps running into the kitchen. Bucky stood there, his arms up. He looked like he was ready to fight something. His eyes softened when he saw you standing there, looking pathetically down at the floor. 

“y/n?” he said, confusion clear in his voice. “What…what are you doing?”

“I just wanted some goddamn cookies and I dropped the bowl,” you whispered, still in shock over the tragedy that had just occured. 

“Cookies,” Bucky repeated, seeming surprised that you were making such a big deal over food. “Why don’t you just get some more then?”

“Because there are no more!” you exclaimed, grabbing the roots of your hair and pulling in frustration. “Those were the last cookies and now there’s nothing for me to eat, and there’s milk poured that I don’t want anymore! What’s the point of having milk at two in the morning if there aren’t any cookies to eat it with?” you rambled, unaware of how pitiful you sounded. 

Bucky didn’t say anything for a moment, seeming unsure of how to reply. He finally said, “What’s wrong?”

“What do you mean?” you asked. That certainly wasn’t the reply you were expecting. Maybe “What’s wrong with you?”, but not “What’s wrong?”. 

“Something obviously happened, y/n. I’m not dumb,” he said, sitting next to you on the floor and scooting the crumbs away with his foot. 

“I never said you were,” you mumbled, leaning your head onto his shoulder. He didn’t reply, and you took this as your cue to tell him what was going on. “I had a bad dream,” you sighed. You felt Bucky nod as you continued, “It was really bumming me out, so I thought that some food would help me feel better.”

“What was the dream about?” Bucky asked you. “Unless you don’t want to talk about it.”

“You were…taken…and I couldn’t - I didn’t -” you stuttered, unable to form your thoughts into words. He nodded again, though, and rubbed your arm, silently telling you that it was okay to stop talking. 

“I get it,” he said. “I get dreams like that, too, except they’re about you.”

Neither of you said anything. You just sat on the floor, staring at the cookie crumbs. 

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