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1-9-17 // Some photos I took at Niagara Falls. The snow was covered with thick, sleek ice. Walking came with the risk of falling. It was a frozen wonderland at sunset. I wore two pairs of gloves because it was so bitter cold, and windy, but my fingers went numb anyway. There was mist flying into our faces from the falls. Only two other people were there besides my friends and me. Despite the conditions, or perhaps because of the conditions, I think it was worth it. This visit was beautiful, and I’m glad we went when we did.


tinsel (5E00-0012-5B75)

so i was looking for inspiration for new eggnog and i had been meaning to visit tinsel for a while anyway, im so glad i did! such a beautiful town- i really love winter towns and christmas ones are even better. everything is just right u know; couldn’t fault it. it definitely has the atmosphere i want to create in my own town, if you are a festive kinda person i would definitely recommend visiting tinsel! (the names so cute as well crying)


With calm hands,
and throbbing hearts
we move on from the times
that we cannot return to.


“But if you’re curious, don’t wait. Take a trip. Find it. It’s out there, somewhere in the woods…waiting.”

From the bottom of my heart - thank you.

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Wendy version

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Mermaid!Stiles x Mermaid/Sister!Reader


‘How much further?’ You asked Stiles who slowed, the water swishing harshly around his tail.

‘The last time I heard from them they were a few more miles out.’ Stiles’ voice rippled through the water and you nodded, following him as he surged forward.


You smiled when he indicated that you’d have to swim lower and small smoothed stones rose to float around the two of you, gently glowing, lighting the way as he let you go first. There was a moment when the water got cold and you found the swirling hole in a rock which you shot through and burst into the peaceful warm and brightly lit cove.

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Staying Over - Superboy x Reader

Requested by Anon - a Superboy imagine where he has an argument with the team and asks to stay at the Readers Apartment for a few days

You were in the midst of cooking mac and cheese for yourself when someone knocked on your front door. Not thinking anything of it, you took the pan off the stove before you headed to answer the door. However, what you found on the other side was something you never thought you’d see.

Conner stood there awkwardly, jumping a little when you opened the door. A duffel bag hung from his shoulder, giving you an idea of why he was here.

“Hi Conner,” you greeted, stepping aside to let him in. After he entered, you peeked into the hallway to see your nosy neighbors watching. Smiling at them sweetly, you closed the door firmly behind him. “I’m glad you came to visit, but why are you here at this hour?” 

“Ummm,” Conner began, shifting the duffel bag on his shoulder uncomfortably. He glanced around at your studio apartment before meeting your eyes. He quickly looked away, nervous about what he was about to ask. “Can I stay here for a few days?”

He met your eyes once again, and your heart broke. His blue eyes reflected his pain and distress, you couldn’t refuse him. “Sure, you can stay here, but you’ll have to take the couch,” you answered, smiling at him gently. He sighed with relief, dropping his duffel bag on the floor. “I’m making some mac and cheese if you want some?” you offered, gesturing towards your kitchen area.  

Conner nodded, following you into the kitchen. You went back to cooking the noodles while Conner stood awkwardly in the corner. Glancing at him, you nodded towards the table. “You can sit down if you want,” you suggested. Conner blushed a little before taking a chair. It was silent in the kitchen as you stirred the noodles. “So what happened?”

Conner was silent for several moments before cleared his throat to speak, “I had a…disagreement with the Team.”

“A disagreement?”

You could feel Conner’s eyes boring into your back as you added a slice of butter to the noodles. “I reacted badly to something,” Conner explained gruffly. You looked at him, hinting that he should continue. He sighed at your look before coughing, “I may have punched Wally in the face.”

“What?” you exclaimed, almost dropping the spoon into the pot.  

“He kept poking me, and saying ‘don’t get mad’,” Conner defended quickly. “I didn’t mean to hit him that hard, but I was trying to make him stop.”

You slowly nodded in understanding, turning to add the cheese to the noodles. Wally should have known better. “How badly did you hurt him?”

“I broke his nose.”

“Oh Conner,” you sighed, taking the finished mac and cheese off the stove. Flicking it off, you walked over to lay a hand on his shoulder. You squeeze it in reassurance before you went to pull two plates out of the cupboard. By the guilty look on Conner’s face, you knew that he didn’t need a lecture from you now.

“I’m sorry,” Conner mumbled, staring at his hands. 

“It’s okay,” you whispered, setting the plates on the table. You wrapped your arms around him in a short hug. He stopped breathing for a few moments as his face burned red at your closeness. You giggled at his discomfort before you spun around to bring the pot of mac and cheese to the table. “Let’s forget about this for now, and eat,” you proposed, taking the seat across from Conner. You threw him a wink before you started dishing up the food. While Conner tried to hide it, you saw a tiny smile creep onto his face.

Over the next two days, Conner and you had a great time. He was supposed to stay on the couch, but he slept standing up in your huge wardrobe instead. It scared you to death the first time you found him in there, but soon you became used to it. 

During the day, you showed Conner the town. You took him to the local art museum that had a exhibit of Justice League. He got a kick out of the parody art of Superman. You also took him clothes shopping, and convinced him to buy a shirt without a Superman symbol on it. He looked absolutely dashing in it.  

At night, however, you and Conner would watch movies. It started when you discovered Conner had never seen Back to the Future, so you both watch all three in one night. You felt it was your goal to education him in movies. 

Unnoticed by the both of you, each night you found yourselves sitting closer and closer together. By the third night, you were pressed against one another with your head resting on his shoulder. Conner, who was given confidence by your cuddling, had his arm around your shoulders. 

“How can he climb a cliff with three people hanging off of him? Even I can’t do that,” Conner criticized as you watched Andre the Giant carry Princess Buttercup, Vizzini, and Inigo Montoya up the cliff. You were both watching The Princess Bride tonight since Conner found it in your movie collection.

“Well it’s not really him, and the three people are dummies,” you explained, turning to face him. “Besides, how do you know you can’t climb while carrying three people? Have you tried it before?”

Conner blushed, looking away from you. “No…”

“Then you don’t know if you could. I bet you could if you had too,” you flirted, squeezing his bicep. 

“I could if I was carrying you,” Conner admitted, 

“You’re so sweet,” you swooned, pressing the back of your hand to your forehead. Falling back against the couch, you found Conner’s face only inches from yours. He was staring at your lips. 

Conner paused for a moment before he closed the distance between you. His kiss was hesitant, but soon became passionate when you returned it with an eagerness that surprised him.

The movie was forgotten as you pushed him to lay down on the couch, crawling on top of him. His hands began to wander when you moved your lips down his jawline. 

“You know,” you whispered after several minutes of heated kisses and wandering hands. “The couch isn’t all that comfortable.”

“Hmmm,” Conner mumbled as his lips caught yours once again. His hands rested on your bottom. 

“I think we should both take the bed tonight if you’re interested?” you offered, pulling back for a moment to stare into his blue eyes. Your heart melted. 

“Do you even have to ask?” Conner responded, scooping you up in his arms. You let out a shriek in surprise, but it soon turned into giggles of excitement. It would be a night neither of you would forget.

The next morning found a stern Kaldur’ahm and a reluctant Wally West standing outside of your apartment door. When Batman had informed the team of Conner’s whereabouts yesterday, Kaldur had insisted Wally go and apologize for his behavior. Wally hadn’t been too excited about it as the memory of his broken nose was still fresh in his mind. Kaldur had to accompany him to make sure he did it. 

Wally knocked on your door. There was only silence on the other side. “Well, looks like they’re not here, let’s go,” Wally said, turning to leave. Kaldur caught his arm, forcing him to stay put.

“Give them a moment,” Kaldur stated flatly. “You are not avoiding this.”

“I don’t see why I have to apologize,” Wally whined. “I was the one who got punched in the nose.” 

Kaldur sighed, rubbing his eyes tiredly. “You provoked him, thus you have to apologize.” He reached over and knocked on the door again. This time some movement could be heard through the door. “It appears they are home.”

“Yippee,” Wally mumbled unenthusiastically. When several minutes passed as sounds of stumbling and crashing sounds echoed through the door. Kaldur and Wally shared a curious glance before a scream sliced the air. “It sounds like they’re in trouble.”

Kaldur nodded, dropping into “hero” mode. He pushed Wally back, ready to kick the door down when it opened to reveal yourself only clothed in a bathrobe. You screamed at the sight of Kaldur’s readied foot. 

“What are you doing?” you asked, eyes widening in horror. 

“We thought you were in trouble when you didn’t answer the door,” Wally explained, speeding into the apartment to search for trouble. He skidded to a halt at the sight of naked Conner sitting up in your bed, attempt to grab his boxer shorts on the floor. He had a blanket covering his private parts. “Woah, Dude…”

Kaldur stepped into the apartment following Wally once you had stepped aside. You closed the door firmly behind them after you gave a thumbs up to your nosy neighbors who were peeking out their door. Kaldur froze at the sight of Conner, blushing as he averted his gaze. 

“I apologize if we are intruding,” Kaldur said quickly, meeting your eyes. You gave him a friendly but somewhat embarrassed smile.

“It’s alright,” you reassured as Conner finally got a hold of his boxers and dropped the blanket to put them on. Wally covered his eyes, while you enjoyed the view. 

“I didn’t know you and (Y/N) were a thing,” Wally commented once he saw Conner’s boxers were on. “Congratulations.” 

“Wallace, perhaps it’s time to do what we discussed as to not disturb (Y/N) and Conner any more than we already have,” Kaldur ordered shyly. Conner watched Wally with a wary expression.

Wally blushed before looking Conner in the eye. “I’m sorry I was provoking you. I should have known better, and I hope you can forgive me.” Conner stared at Wally blankly before meeting your eye. You nodded to him, smiling reassurance. 

“I’m sorry too. I shouldn’t have punched you,” Conner apologized gruffly. You and Kaldur shared relieved smiles. Conner held out his hand. “Forgiven?”

“Forgiven,” Wally confirmed, taking his hand. Once they shook hands, everyone fell into a awkward silence. “So, how was it?” Kaldur was stunned by Wally’s bluntness while you giggled. Conner just shook his head. 

“I think it’s time we left,” Kaldur said hurriedly, grabbing Wally’s arm to drag him out of the apartment. “Thank you for your time, (Y/N).”

“We’ll see you both at the cave tonight,” you replied, waving as Kaldur and Wally disappeared out of the door. You turned to look at Conner. “See, I told you it would be easy to apologize.”

Conner grunted in mock annoyance. You laughed at him, walking up to wrap your arms around his neck. He kissed you before speaking. “I guess it wasn’t too difficult.” 

“So,” you began after a few moments of quick kisses. “Let’s start where we left off before they showed up.”

“As you wish,” Conner teased, leading you back to the bed. Nevertheless, it was only morning and it was a long time until you were supposed to be at the cave. Time neither of you wanted to waste.   

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Translation =p:

(Panel 1): Sans: nothing.

(Panel 2-3): Sans: just visiting.(sees the human) …?

(Panel 4-5): Toriel: I’m glad that you visited. My child, this is Sans. My friend.

(Panel 6): magadang hapon = good after noon + bone = magandang habone


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Aaaaaah, you look so great!! :D So glad you were able to get it! ♥♥ (PS: I visit Central Oregon every couple of years, so pretty up there!)

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“Hey babe! I’m so glad you came to visit me in college again! It’s been a long three months since i saw you last.

I even told my roommate to stay over again. Remember when you visited me last time and I let her play? Well, we just kept having this little reminder creep up on us of that amazing night, and I had to let her see you again!”

He looked at his girlfreind and her roomate in complete shock. He had always loved pregnant women and dreamed of the day he would knock a girl up, but this was too much! Here before him was two beautiful women bursting with his babies!

“Wait, what?!” He stammared. “I knocked you both up!? That was only three months ago! How are you already so big?” He gazed at them with a sexual lust as Sarah’s roommate spoke up.

“Well, it turns out my grandmother is a bit of a meddler. She wasn’t thrilled when I left for an American college and we hadn’t talked all semester. Then, to make amends, she sent me some herbs to help me concentrate on my studies.”

“Remeber how stressed we were for finals when you visited? Sarah asked. “We both used the herbs constantly to help us pass.”

Her roommate continued, “It wasn’t until a few weeks afyer you left that I realized she had sent me fertility herbs instead! She wanted to punish me for comming to America.” She patted her large mound as she grinned, “Well, (hehe) I guess I got SEVERAL punishments!”

Both grils turned to him and sauntered over slowly. Clearly flaunting their huge bellies and showing how gravid they were. “How many are you carrying?” He asked.

Sarah replied, “Well, the free clinic here can only do so much, but atleast 7 or 8 a piece! Oh, and both of our families carry VERY big babies. We plan on going to full term.”

The realization of what was happening struck him. The girls were unbuttoning his pants and his cock sprung to life as hard as a rock. Not only had he knocked up to beautigul girls impressively, but they both wanted to continue fucking him the whole 9 months!

As Sarah took his cock in her hands and began to stroke she poutef slightly. “The problem is babe, that we are already getting to big to climb all those stairs everyday. I think you need to take us home with you so you can pleasure us as we swell beyond belief. We both want to be continuously bred too. So find some more of that herb and plan to knock us up with even more in 6 more months!”

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