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Hello!! I just found your blog and live it. I loved that post you did with the RFA and MC as Mimi from Rent. I don't know if you are taking headcanon request right now, but if you are I was wondering about Jumin's reaction if the MC was playing Victoria from the musical Cats. And or the RFA's reaction to MC playing Velma Kelly or anyone in the Cell Block Tango Scene from Chicago. Sorry this was so much, I just got overly excited about musical headcannons ❤️

Hello!! I’m so glad you liked the Mimi HC! 😄  Sorry this took a while, I was cramming Jumin x MC stuff ^^;;; I haven’t watched Cats yet I’m sorry OTL ;o; I’ve watched Chicago though! But instead of a reaction to the whole musical, I thought it would be funny to have them react to MC performing Cell Block Tango instead :)) Thank you, anon, and I hope you like it! :)

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  • Totally relieved that the run of Rent is finally done, now he can have you all to himself again
  • Plays LOLOL while waiting for you but then his friends start asking him about you and what you do for a living and he’s confused
  • “Why? What’s going on?”
  • And then he gets the link to your video
  • Poor Yoosung is shocked when he sees you on screen
  • Sees the word “six” in a whole new light now and gets red whenever you say it
  • But MC what are you wearing
  • The sight of his girlfriend in those clothes immediately gets him ~ehem~ excited
  • He glared at the guy on the screen
  • “Get your hands off my MC!”
  • Is distraught, especially when the guy drops to the floor and he sees you on top of the guy
  • Why isn’t your cleavage censored oh my God
  • And holy shit that split you’re doing as you lower yourself on the guy —he would actually be really amazed if only you had more clothes on
  • And then when you pull that red cloth from the guy’s mouth, Yoosung loses it and calls you

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  • You tell him you’re on your way home and that you have a surprise for him
  • He tells you he has a surprise for you too
  • Be prepared to face yandere Yoosung when you get home
  • Yoosung then gets into a lot of fights with his LOLOL guild members who’ve seen the video ;;;
  • He will always defend you though, and is also secretly glad that the rest of the world is jealous that he has a hot girlfriend
  • He still wishes you could take the video down though ;;;


  • You texted him that your theater’s company rendition of a popular Broadway song will be posted online that evening and he rushes home early so you can watch it together
  • You didn’t tell him what the song was, wanting it to be a surprise
  • “Babe, as long as this isn’t you performing Out Tonight I think I’m good.”
  • Weeeell… ;;;
  • So when you click play on your laptop and the screen turns black and he hears the opening notes, he turns to you with wide eyes and his jaw falls to the floor
  • Oh God no, not again ;;;
  • Of course he knew this song, he was an actor! That’s why you didn’t tell him!
  • When he sees you dressed up as Velma, leaning on the prison bars with a cigarette in your hands, he realizes that he never wants to see you smoking because it’s bad for your health and he makes a promise with himself to stop smoking
  • But then you slide down the bars seductively and he forgets what he was thinking just moments before

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  • During your solo part, his face gets super red and he covers his mouth, his eyes focused on the screen
  • You’re worried that you did a horrible job at portraying Velma but then he starts kissing you
  • The beast has been unleashed
  • In the morning you wake up sore but he kisses you and praises your performance
  • “Babe, as usual, you were amazing. Your anger looked so raw that it really felt like you were Velma.”
  • “But please don’t do this ever again. I might get imprisoned for murder if your fans get too rowdy over this video.” ;;;;;
  • Wouldn’t ask Seven to take it down but constantly checks the comments on your video and reports anyone who makes rude or obscene comments
  • But he asks if you still have Velma’s costume


  • He’s been away on an extended business trip and when he comes home, you try to postpone telling him as much as you could, because you know how he would feel
  • But as you’re eating dinner, he casually asks you how work was and how the video was coming along (Jaehee how could you tell him ;;;) and you know he would find out sooner or later so you decide to show him the video
  • Jumin is not pleased x 1000000
  • Stone-faced throughout the whole video
  • You’re worried that you went too far this time
  • If you think the Ice Age was bad, then you obviously didn’t know Jumin the Snow King Han
  • “MC…Darling…I love you. But must you really do this?”
  • You tell him it’s because you love performing and also that was the gig that your manager got you but it’s fine since you like Chicago the musical
  • It’s not that bad, is it?
  • Jumin can only sigh and pull you close, saying he loves you but he really can’t have the rest of the world see his wife’s beautiful body
  • He respects you and he loves you and thinks your performance is spectacular, but he’d rather have you perform the spread eagle for him privately perform roles that didn’t require you to be half-naked
  • You agree and tell him that’s the last time you’ll ever do it and he kisses you and praises your wonderful acting
  • When you’re asleep though, he’ll watch the video again and scroll through the comments and see all the obscene things that people have posted
  • Also sees Zen’s comments and makes a silent vow to make him suffer when he gets the chance cough Elizabeth cough
  • Immediately calls Saeyoung and asks him to remove the video from the face of the earth, but requests a copy for himself
  • Also threatens your manager to stop giving you sexy roles ;;;
  • He acts all jealous and angry but really, he’s just concerned for his wife because the world is a dangerous place and being a rich businessman with a hot wife makes it all the more dangerous for you


  • The moment your video got uploaded, his computer pinged, signaling that someone posted something that’s related to you
  • You were on your way home and haven’t told Saeyoung what you’ve been up to for the past few days so when he loads the video, he gets the shock of his life
  • You appear behind a prison cell, dressed in nothing but skimpy lingerie and you keep saying “Pop” while moving seductively on the bars
  • Saeyoung is once again as red as a tomato but that’s not all
  • You step out from behind the bars and walk towards a man and oh my God MC why are you running your hands down his body
  • He’s impressed at how well you dance but why are you sitting on that man’s knee?
  • Has a hard time swallowing when you lift your leg close to your head, he didn’t know you were that flexible

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  • Finally understands what’s happening and watches the rest of the video
  • Nearly falls out of his chair when you jump the guy from behind and strangle him with the red cloth
  • Makes a note to never to get on your bad side
  • Still unhappy about the fact that this guy keeps touching you
  • He watches the rest of the video and has to admit that you’ve gotten even better at performing
  • But this video cannot be on the internet where everybody can watch his precious MC move like that
  • Have you forgotten that anything related to technology is his territory? ;;;
  • So when you get home, you ask him if he’s seen the video and he shrugs, a clueless look on his face
  • It’s days later when he confesses that he deleted the video from the face of the earth and only he has a copy of it
  • No wonder he left all those hickeys the other night