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NASA just snapped the first photos of a mysterious crack in one of Greenland’s largest glaciers
139th annual White House Easter Egg Roll is currently rolling
Multistate manhunt underway for suspect in Facebook homicide video
20 People Now Own As Much Wealth as Half of All Americans
Alex Jones’ Defense in Upcoming Custody Battle Is That He’s a Fake
‘We want to learn’: Iraqi girls back at school after years under Islamic State
Marvel Will Discipline Artist Who Sneaked Political Messages Into X-Men
▪ US Taxes Due Tomorrow: Millions of Americans still haven’t filed
▪ It’s National Haiku Poetry Day:
       It is Haiku Day.
       One, two, three, four, five, six, sev-
       This is my poem.

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Mælifell is a beautifully shaped mountain placed on in the Highland in Iceland. It is in a middle of a large black sand area behind Mýrdalsjökull, the glacier that houses the sleeping and scary volcano Katla. 

The altitude of the sand is approximately 600 meters, and Mælifell is about 200 meters, a bit less than 800 meters above sea-line. But despite the fact that the mountain is in the cold highland it is covered with vegetation that makes it unique when standing in the middle of the black sand