1. Yellowstone National Park - United States

2. Los Glaciares National Park - Argentina 

3. Bagan City - Burma

4. Wadden Sea - The Netherlands

5. Giant’s Causeway - Northern Ireland

6. Paracas National Reserve - Peru

7. Taj Mahal - India

8. Bryggen - Norway

9. Tongariro National Park - New Zealand

10. Angkor Wat - Cambodia

A Legacy of Mining and Farming

We’ve only ever visited Swaledale during winter, so it was nice to be able to take a leisurely cruise around, what I think is, the Yorkshire Dales’ finest valley. We stopped off on the road north of Thwaite to see the classic view of Swaledale: the glaciated curvature of the valley with its grids of drystone walls and seemingly endless field barns everywhere. Dappled light broke through huge fluffy clouds on this gorgeous day. =)

Thwaite, Swaledale, Yorkshire Dales, North Yorkshire, England.

ISO100, f/8.0, 1160sec at 56mm (84mm full-frame equivalent). This was shot with my Nikkor 28-80mm lens as the standard Tokina 11-16 was proving too wide for this scene. The 28-80 doesn’t take the same thread size as my Tokina, so instead of using polarisers and ND grads, I bracketed exposures instead. Thankfully, the 0EV exposure just about contained the range of light in the scene with some help in post-processing. 


The first images from CoroCoro have leaked and have revealed the first details about the upcoming movie, The Archdjinni of the Rings - Hoopa, due for release in Japan in Summer 2015. In it, it reveals Hoopa Unbound which is a Psychic/Dark-type alternate form. It is said to be 13 times taller and 50 times heavier than standard Hoopa. It also reveals the the 6 Legendary distributions running from June as being: Groudon, Kyogre, Kyurem, Dialga, Palkia & Giratina. These Pokémon are obtained by prebooking your tickets to the movie, and taking the tickets to stores such as the Pokémon Center, Toys ‘R’ Us and 7-11 in order to download one of the six Pokémon. They can be obtained from June 20th to August 1st
All Pokémon are Level 100. Giratina comes with the moves Aura Sphere, Draco Meteor, Shadow Force, Iron Head and holding the Griseous Orb. Kyurem comes with the moves Glaciate, Scary Face, Draco Meteor, Iron Head and holds the Life Orb. Kyogre has the moves Water Spout, Thunder, Sheer Cold, Ice Beam and holds the Choice Scarf. Palkia comes with Earth Power, Aura Sphere, Spacial Rend, and Hydro Pump while holding the Lustrous Orb. Dialga comes with Metal Burst, Overheat, Roar of Time,Flash Cannon and the Adamant Orb and finally, Groudon comes with the moves Fire Punch, Solar Beam, Hammer Arm, and Rock Slide while holding the Choice Band.

Source: Serebii 


Not sure the caption is quite right but great view of a formerly glaciated valley in Newfoundland

Researchers map 12 new Alaskan volcanoes

How do you tell when you’re sitting on a volcano? Ok, in some cases, it’s fairly obvious; when the mountain actually explodes, or a lava flow pours past you, it becomes pretty clear. Same thing if there’s a large cone constructed, pretty obvious. But those aren’t the only types of volcanoes.

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Liked on Instagram: “VanLife Peru is defined by endless switchbacks. This single lane road we took to reach Lago Paron was no different. These high canyon walls have massive overhanging sections which occasionally fail and leave the road in a pile of rubble. Above the canyon walls are glaciated peaks, melting in the afternoon sun, leading to waterfalls all over the place. It is one magical drive, climbing 4000 ft in 30 kilometers with the reward of a glacier lake at the end.” Posted by @thebusandus on Instagram

Pando in Autumn

This may look like nothing other than a grove of similar trees with the autumn leaves changing color, but its actually much more remarkable than that. This is, effectively, a single organism.

This grove consists of a total of 47,000 trees, all of which are genetically identical, and all of which share the same root system. The trees are clones of each other, grown upward out of the root system at depth. It is believed to be the most massive organism ever discovered, with a mass of about 6 million kilograms and covering half a square kilometer.

It’s unclear quite how old the organism actually is. It almost certainly dates back several thousand years as it would take at least that long for the roots to grow, but it could also have sat at a near steady state for some time and could potentially have lived through some of the previous glaciations.

The system is actually under threat today; overgrazing by deer and elk in the area are preventing vary many new trunks from taking hold in the area. To preserve this marvel, the US Forest Service has undertaken a conservation campaign, including fencing off a portion of the tree and undertaking controlled burns to allow germination of new shoots in the protected area.


Image credit: US Forest Service

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