I’ve been wanting to draw, but haven’t been able to draw any of the other R!kids (or robots lel), so i decided to do this R!human Mondatta??? Insofar as there’d be a reverse!Mondatta at all haha

He and Zenyatta have a weirdly strong family resemblance (despite not being biological brothers). He’s very down to earth while retaining the same natural charisma as Zenyatta, but if Zenyatta’s charm is like refined sugar then Mondatta’s is like just-cut sugar cane.

Then pair are almost never in each other’s vicinity, but when they are, Zenyatta starts to feel distinctly forged beside his brother’s authenticity (though they used to be more complementary when they were younger). Mondatta still cares a lot about his little bro and is a perennial worry wart when it comes to him. Tends to flip between this and incessant teasing whenever they come in contact (or the doubly irritating tease-worry combo).


natgeotravel Video by @tobyharriman// Portage Lake, an hour drive from Anchorage, is a glacial body of water in the Chugach National Forest of Alaska. It sits in a long, heavily glaciated valley, which is fairly common up here. I have come up this way a few times, but the weather never panned out the previous times through. This night was an special exception and a timelapse goldmine!

All Hallows Eve

Prompt: They hadn’t spoken much during the Halloween party but being trapped in an elevator overnight more than made up for it. Halloween One-Shot. NaLu smut. Urban Fantasy AU.

Song prompts: Horns – Bryce Fox, Rev 22-20 - Puscifer

N/A: This my entry for the FT Fanfics Halloween event on Tumblr. When I got the prompt, I thought this must be a smut because frankly, I would be disappointed if I saw that and it wasn’t (and why pass up the opportunity).

Innocents be warned this is a smut, so if you feel like you will be scarred for life reading smut then this fic is not for you. To my lovely followers and fellow NaLu fans, this is for you. I hope you enjoy the descent into sinful goodness (I did huhu). 

p.s. I wasn’t sure how to finish, so I decide to end it on a high ;)


Lucy couldn’t believe her luck. In the world of magic, the All Hallows Eve gathering was the place to be. It was a night high in etherion, so the elite of the world hosted spectacular balls. Invitation to these events was gold dust to a small-time witch, whose dream was to become a paranormal reporter for Sorcerer’s Weekly. Levy had come through for her last minute with a proposition “Lu-chan, Gajeel refuses to go the banquet tonight, but I am not going to miss this! I mean we’ll get to see major players in the supernatural world and no too cool for school attitude will stop me. So, you coming?” A redundant question to Lucy who had been trying to find a way in for years, luck didn’t factor when it came to the high security. To explain in more detail, the parties provided the best networking opportunities, chances at her dream job that would prove impossible without some serious backing.

Everything was competitive, it wasn’t what you knew, it was who you knew when climbing the social ladder. Frustration wasn’t the word for how she felt graduating from magic school with first class honours, it should have secured her place in the world, or it would have at least in the human world but that wasn’t the case here. It was a prehistoric society filled with prejudice and archaic customs, where new magic individuals were looked down on by those born into their power. New magic meant humans who had a high spirit power but had to learn the arcane, the born are beings of legend to the unaware human world. Many of these beings blending in with the growing human populace, adapting to the ever-changing surroundings of the modern world in human form. Unless you had a trained eye, born were nigh on impossible to spot.

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Ya boy is just a little past 500 now, but shit! I didn’t expect to get to this point with this blog! This is the fastest that a blog of mine has grown in a while, and it’s very exciting! Shit, the Pokemon roleplay community has been so welcoming for me, each and every one of you, it’s because of the support of my followers and roleplay partners that I have even reached this milestone. After continuously going on hiatus with other blogs and losing inspiration, I have finally found a muse that has stuck. To think that this version of Guzma, AU and all, has been embraced so positively just blows me away; as many of you know, I was extremely nervous about my portrayal when first bringing him out in the public, but all of you have made it so that I feel much more confident with everything that I write.

It’s safe to say that Guzma is going to be around for a long time.

Instead of doing a follower forever or a bias list (there’s so many of you guys, and honestly, each of my followers are important to me in one way or another, I would not want to miss out on anybody), I wanted give back to everyone; while I cannot make fancy graphics, icon PSDs or themes, there is ONE thing that I think I am particularly good at, something that has brought us all together:


This giveaway will involve very special Pokemon that will be distributed to the winners on their copy of Pokemon Sun or Pokemon Moon! You will have until April 17th to participate.

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I will go in order from the first person to like/reblog and assign them a number. At the end of the giveaway, I will use a random number generator with image proof. This will be completely randomized, I do NOT play favorites or rig these things, that ain’t fair.

Ya boy’s a criminal, but he ain’t a cheater.

Prizes beneath the cut!

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Why yes, that there is a traced overlay of the Zelda II world map superimposed on the world map of Breath of the Wild. My my, that’s quite a claim: what could have *possibly* made so much sea water disappear?

The game tells us, actually: during the “Leviathan Bones” side quest, Akrah and his colleagues are researching into the great Leviathan (lit. whale) bones scattered about Hyrule, with the great ones being said to rest in Eldin’s Deplian highlands, Hebra’s north slope, and Gerudo’s Dragon’s Exile. Taking photos with your Slate of each of these massive fossils will result in these scientists giving their theories on what caused the deaths of these mysterious giants: death by a volcanic eruption; death by Ice Age; death by drought.

What if I told you, all three happened…in that order?

The quite active volcano beneath the “Valley of Death” in Eastern Hyrule must have erupted quite violently, raising itself up higher from the shallow seas, buckling and breaching the water’s surface to form a grander cone: the heat of this intense eruption—and its likely massive pyroclastic flow—decimated the surrounding regions, killing the first leviathan.

The after effects of this eruption were felt almost immediately: the ash and particulates clogging the skies, dropping the temperature worldwide, and leading into a dip in the climate, with less sunlight breaking through the ash-choked clouds…leading into longer, harsher winters—highlands glaciating under pack ice—leading to the death of the second leviathan.

Now, as the climate is cooling and the air mass is drying, less frequent rains for a period of time leads to a massive drought, culminating in the death of the final leviathan.

These three consecutive changes combined would lower the sea level dramatically, and it is *exactly what we see*! The inland Cliffs of Quince and the upper cliffs of Loshlo Harbor, in southeastern Hyrule, exhibit weathering typical of tidal erosion: yet they’re far above the current sea level. And then there are the numerous *other* bones scattered about Hyrule, seemingly from giant serpents and whales alike—the proverbial sea creatures of the deep. And last but not least, there’s rock salt: a product of the desiccation of the “ancient seas”.

Let’s not even mention how so many of the landforms and locations line up near-perfectly between these two overworlds (Spectacle Rock, Maw/Valley of Death [Mountain], Rauru, the river sources of Saria, swamps and marshlands, Maze Island, etc.)

deadbison  asked:

How long do you think it took animals to colonize all of the earth? I imagine they may have been limited to small stretches of ocean at first. The poles and other frozen territories may have been avoided until endothermic evolved?

The earliest known members of Animalia, sponges, seem to have actually evolved during the Cryogenian period and the “Snowball Earth” glaciations – suggesting that cold conditions probably weren’t much of a problem for early animals, and might even have driven their evolution in the first place. I’d guess they probably spread pretty much everywhere in the oceans soon after they first appeared.

We even have some fossil evidence of ancient polar communities. There are mid-Ordovician (~465 mya) deposits from Portugal – which was near the south pole at the time – full of animals like giant trilobites, cephalopods, graptolites, hyoliths, gastropods, bivalves, brachiopods, and echinoderms.

Plus there were plenty of periods in Earth’s history when the polar regions weren’t nearly as frigidly cold as they are today, so even if we narrow things down to just terrestrial vertebrates there were still opportunities for animals to hang out at the poles without strictly having to be endothermic like modern polar tetrapods. The giant temnospondyl amphibian Koolasuchus is known from then-polar Australia during the Early Cretaceous, for example.


She laughed with more enthusiasm, it seemed, than the joke warranted. And yet, she appeared to be genuinely amused. Does she know laughter is an aphrodisiac? Worse, is it possible she is unaware that today’s chortle is tomorrow’s derision?

I drive home with the brushing sound of the car’s air conditioning instead of music, instead of conversation. The cool was comfortable, and even though my knuckles stiffened, I was convinced I was not freezing.

Campo de hielo, Andes argentinos, cerca de Aconcagua, Mendoza, Argentina, 2008.

With elevations of 4,000 meters and higher, the Andes on the Argentinian (east) side of the crest and south of Aconcagua would be ideal for serious glaciation were it not for the very low precipitation and thus small annual accumulation of snow. Ablation causes the rate of snow and ice  accumulation to be nearly zero.

BotW: Sequel to TP??

Hints dropped (so far) which may place Breath of the Wild as a sequel to Twilight Princess:

  1. Ganondorf’s (unused) dialogue from Twilight Princess
  2. Twilight Princess HD’s Castle Town easter egg(s) vs. new avian race (Kass)
  3. Twilight Princess’ Bridge of Hylia vs. Breath of the Wild’s Bridge of Hylia
  4. Ocarina of Time/Twilight Princess’ Castle Town/Lost Woods’ ruins, respectively, vs. Breath of the Wild’s Temple of Time and Eastern Abbey ruins
  5. Presence of a snowy peak to the northwest, in both Twilight Princess and Breath of the Wild
  6. Twilight Princess’ Hyrule Castle (appearance & location in-world) vs. Breath of the Wild’s Hyrule Castle (appearance & location in-world)
  7. Ironically, the presence of the Korok hiding throughout the world

Let’s begin with Ganondorf’s dialogue, after your last fight in Hyrule Field, in Twilight Princess. We know his quote off by heart:

Do not think this ends here… The history of light and shadow will be written in blood!”, but thanks to a game text dump found at The Cutting Room Floor, we’re now blessed with what he should have said:”When the chosen ones appear… They are always born into this world in perfect balance. That is the destiny of the chosen. That is the fate decreed by your gods, the only path for those who bear their crests. When this world brings forth another marked as you are… Know too, that it shall also be visited by one of my blood. Do not think this end here… The history of light and shadow will be written in blood!”

We know that there exists a cycle of incarnation, particularly since Demise’s defeat in Skyward Sword, but this quote confirms it tenfold. And the way it’s worded is, I feel, key to what is coming next in the franchise.

Second, we have the existence of some detailed bass relief panels in Hyrule Castle Town, courtesy of Twilight Princess HD. Three panels repeated: first is a Goron, communicating with three humans — a man, woman, and child — in the presence of the Triforce; the second shows the man and child, in-between two avian people; the third has the woman and child, with an Oocca mother and child, apparently fending off an armoured Zora warrior. Initially, many believed the winged folk from the middle panel were simply Rito — the winged humanoid race who claim descent from the Zora tribe — but the Rito only came into being from stresses specific to the deluge of Hyrule, which only occurred in the Child Link timeline (i.e., The Wind Waker). So who exactly are these folk, if not Rito? Well, the latest couple of videos from Nintendo — the E3'16 trailer, and the Treehouse Let’s Play — revealed a wholly new class of avian folk, who will make their debut in Breath of the Wild! I think it’s obvious that the winged men in this fresco are meant to represent these very people.

One of the most popular theories out there right now, compares the architecture/design and location of the as-of-yet unnamed bridge spanning what we can surmise is Lake Hylia in Breath of the Wild, to the Bridge of Hylia which we first lay our eyes on in — you guessed it — Twilight Princess. This great bridge spans the expanse of Lake Hylia, yet at the time we see it in Twilight, it has definitely seen better days; in Breath of the Wild, the bridge — like the Temple of Time — is certainly aged, but it seems… grander; much like there was a resurgence of Hyrule, and its bygone ruins of its former glory were touched up again: only to succumb to the wrath of time once more.

Speaking of time, the Temple of Time has been completely renovated to almost match brick-for-brick its heyday during the Era of the Hero of Time… only to have fallen into some disrepair since the coming of Calamity Ganon. And, for the same reasons as to why I feel the Bridge of Hylia was renewed, I feel the Temple of Time was refit and rebuilt to honour the gods during a new Silver Age of the Hyrulean Kingdom. And around the Temple of Time, nearly freed from its Lost Woods’ burial, are the remnants of the first Hyrule Castle Market Town: and the forerunner Hyrule Castle itself! But by this time, it has exchanged custody to the Sheikah as a monastery — the Eastern Abbey — only to be left to the elements again for more than a century…

We come now to another element of tying these two games together: an icy element. I’m speaking, of course, of the northern mountain of Snowpeak. This weathered alpine landscape is glaciated, riven with deep gorges, and home to several frigid lakes, and it lays in the northwestern reaches of the Kingdom: opposite of the fiery Death Mountain. While we haven’t seen very much of this region (or many others, for that matter, outside of the Great Plateau) we can see it: a) from the Plateau, due NE; b) in the cutscene where the Sheikah towers activate across the kingdom. This region on the map is west of the dark “deep” cut, in the upper lefthand side, with a lot of lighter “high” terrain.

Last but not least, we have the real nail-in-the-coffin to this sequel theory: Hyrule Castle and its environs are nearly a perfect match-by-match between these two games, from the castle’s layout, its architecture, and spires, to the layout of the town ruins’ plaza — complete with royal/Hylia crest fountain piece — and its situation in the north-central region of the world map. I’ve seen comparisons of these two places online, and it’s astounding! Either these are very elaborate easter eggs, intended to make us feel like we’re in familiar territory, or they are screaming clues to how this undoubtedly fantastic title will fit into the official Zelda timeline.

As a bonus, we have another piece of evidence… the Korok! We know these loveable, woody children from The Wind Waker, where they are the forms taken by the fairy children (i.e., the Kokiri from Ocarina of Time) due to their home being flooded centuries past. However, there is another side to this: the Kokiri appearing as children may simply be that, an appearance. Their father is a living, sapient tree: they are suited to being a plant-like life form from the start, with long lives. When their Father died (this occurs before Link pulls the Master Sword, ergo, it occurs in the Child Timeline as well as the Adult), the Kokiri would have been left without a patriarch; a protector. Since the Hero of Time was essential in clearing the Forest Temple and bringing the new Deku Tree sapling into the light of day, it can safely be assumed that the sapling did not grow in the Child Timeline… so, left to their own devices, in a world where humans were ever expanding… they took on more plant-like attributes, and took to the skies, finding nooks, glades, and springs to hide themselves away from prying eyes. This explains why we do not see them in Twilight Princess — but we do see their old home, then known as a Forest Temple to the people of Hyrule. The fairy children became Korok to hide from humans and monsters in a world without their Father.

EDIT: New evidence from the latest trailer kills my theory on the Koroks and the Great Deku Tree’s demise: he’s alive! And he’s guarding the Master Sword?!

EDIT#2:The sky folk are indeed the Rito tribe; they are wholly separate from the Zora, however, and seem to be their own unique species. One that evolved naturally, which still directly contradicts their origins presented in The Wind Waker. Seeing as how these bird men have been presented in etchings from the Child Link timeline, these new, true Rito have likely existed since the time before: perhaps a natural evolution of the Loftwing? These are the only other divine, sentient race associated with both Hyrule and the skies whilst being separate from the Oocca who, c'mon, cannot have made the City in the Sky. They’re entire civilization, from their tools to architecture, are designed for or by human-sized beings, which the Oocca aren’t.

I won’t lie, I’m really happy to see Ghetsis again, especially since he’s been neglected for the past two episodes in favor of the Unova Gym Leaders and attack on Opelucid City. Not like I’m complaining tho, since those were two very cool episodes.

It’s been too long, ya heartless bastard.

Kyurem’s Glaciate (I guess? Icy Wind?) is animated beautifully:

As is the counter-attacking fireball N has Reshiram launch:

Goddamn, I love Ghetsis’s little head turn….idk, that’s just another odd-standout to me:

He’s back, and ready to face dear old (not) dad in defense of Unova~ (also, just for comparison, Generations N vs. Best Wishes N)

IDK, would the ‘be careful who you call ugly in middle school’ meme be appropriate here? N’s always been pretty bishie, but now it’s in high quality.

Oh well, getting back on track. I love Ghetsis’s little smirk as N gets ready to face him with Reshiram in an attempt to save Kyurem. You just know he’s already set on fusing the two, and the body language just sells that for me. 

N talks about how he likes Unova because it’s where he learned humans and Pokemon could live together, and the place that taught him to live as a human. 

But we all know Ghetsis don’t give a shit.

He’s got Dragon-fusing to do. He don’t have time to listen to you prattle on about yours or Pokemon’s feelings:

Tho we all know it’s inevitable:

N’s horrified reaction tells it all.

Ghetsis adds insult to injury but stating that if he’d just become King, then Unova would’ve remained beautiful. N seems to kind of accept that he’s likely about to…well, there’s no other way to put it, likely die at the hands of his stepfather and his fused dragon, when he hears Reshiram’s voice–it’s not too late:

N’s little speech has the side effect of him not getting frozen on the spot, and causes an internal conflict between the dragons:

Ghetsis is having none of it.

Especially when N calls him father and starts lecturing him:

He almost bought it. But cue a lightning bolt to counter R-Kyurem’s attack.

Aw yes. Tho I would’ve preferred Hilda, still happy that we do get to the hero of Gen5 after the Gen4 protagonist got shafted. And in B2W2 to boot, which I wanted from the games so badly when they were coming out :D

…You know, writers and execs, it’d be okay if Kalos got two episodes…just sayin’. This shouldn’t have to be an offscreen moment of awesome.

Hot damn, this was an amazing episode.

(And to think we only have three more episodes left of this beautiful miniseries.)


Zeiss sponsored videographer/photographer takes you on a tour of the landscape of Wales. A professor recently pointed out to me how different the soil-outcrop style is from what I’m used to in the U.S., where many areas have thicker soil if they weren’t glaciated during the last ice age. Check out.


As you cross the landscape of central North America, the City of Chicago seems to rise up out of nowhere - you’re surrounded by flat, recently glaciated plains and all of a sudden at the boundary between a river and a lake these enormous steel structures rise up into the sky. This video clip explores that urban landscape from the sky.