Reading The Thran

So, I got the Thran by J. Robert King. And, I really like it! The setting is interesting, the characters feel natural even though it is a fantasy novel. The thing I like most though is that no one is actually truly good, but not all around evil (even Yawgmoth to some extent has a bit of good in him, though that quickly flies out the door once he gains a position of power and we all see that he’s more megalomanical and psychopathic then when we first meet him).  Each character has his or her reasons for doing what they choose. Whether it is to assist others, equal rights, advancement of their own people. And the disease, or plague that has been spreading is cause of their own mistakes. Their human, and humans make idiotic mistakes sometimes.

Even if those mistakes meaning taking in a obviously extremely mentally ill eugenicist and letting get away with what ever he asks to cure a disease that could have been prevented with more studies… (Yawgmoth even states the empire should have done more to make sure their power source was as stable as it seemed!)

It also satisfies my curiosity of lore, and where different stories and characters stem from, and this book gives it in droves!

The action is also very well played and I enjoy reading those parts also that keep the excitement up.

I’m already on chapter 15, and I will be reading more!

I haven’t been around here lately. XD Glacian had a new face-up (December 2011) and his roomie, Harb, my DS Rosen, also arrived last month. Glacian’s girl Suishou is getting ready to come home as well. This is just one of Glacian’s pics from my workplace. Have a great day!

Glacian is a DoT Code No. 2 on DoT New Body Type 2. He belongs to me. ♥

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anonymous asked:

△ All applicable muses: Why do you think you don't have a mate yet? Black rom?

My Mood About Anzwering Thiz Iz A 1

Their Aren’t Really Any Trollz Who Would Be A Decent Black For Me, Well Thatz How I Feel Anyway

I’ll X give X it X a X 1 X cause X i X don’t X why?

maybe X folks X just X don’t X want X a X big X giant X for X a X black.

I-i’ll rate this a 6 cause i really don’t feel comfortable answering t-this but i will

i’m worried i-i may hurt my black rom more than i should in our duels.

*-_I’ll give it a 2_-*

*-_I’m too friendly, showing hate is no really in my nature._-*

-{I’ll rate this at a 4}-

-{idk, maybe i can only be loved hehehe}-

etherealraubtier asked:

2,3, 14, 21, 22, and 38, for glacian and wallus

2. Do they have any annoying quirks? If so, what are they?


-flirts to much.

-disregard of personal space.


-Paranoid and timed

-tends to be depressing

3. Name one or more of their bad habits.


-Invading personal space.

-to much sex.


-low control of his emotions

14. Is there anything they are too optimistic about?


-Sex and treasure


-Cooking and people he’s never met before.

i’m sorry to say but their is not a question for the numbers 21,22, and 38 :(