glacial streams


Carbon River, a glacial stream in Washington

Scientists Have Discovered a 600-Mile Coral Reef

It’s at the mouth of the Amazon River.

Among the world’s rivers, the Amazon reigns with the heaviest crown.

It begins in Peru, less than 75 miles from the Pacific shore, among the tiny glacial streams that trickle through the Andes. Those creeks become a river, which joins a network of other capillaries draining more than 3 million square-miles of South American land—water from mountains, foothills, and the world’s largest rainforest uniting to form a monumental flow that thunders clear across the continent until it gushes into the Atlantic. When measured by discharge, it is the largest river in the world: Every day, one-fifth of all the water that flows from all Earth’s rivers into all Earth’s oceans does it here, as the Amazonian flume. Nutrients in the spill support oceanic algae blooms hundreds of miles from shore.

Now, researchers have added yet another jewel to the river’s crown. A team of Brazilian and American scientists have discovered a new sponge and coral reef more than 600 miles long (1,000 kilometers), located at the mouth of the Amazon River. The reef appears to sprawl across more than 3,600 square miles of ocean floor at the edge of the South American continental shelf, from the southern tip of French Guiana to Brazil’s Maranhão State.

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Today, #mypubliclandsroadtrip travels to several stunning Nevada landscapes that showcase the diversity of lands managed by the BLM.  

First up – Pine Forest Range Wilderness Area.

Known for its amazing desert habitat and wildlife, Nevada is also home to the Pine Forest Range.   A recent addition to the BLM’s wilderness areas, the range offers a diverse landscape of dense aspen stands, beautiful rock formations of enormous granite boulders and outcroppings, and an abundance of clean mountain streams and lakes.   Blue Lake, accessible only by hiking, is a remnant glacial lake.  Stands of rare remnant white bark and limber pines are present in this northern area of Nevada.  

The most amazing part? The fishing opportunities.  The pristine waters and untouched landscapes make it premiere fishing for brook, tiger, bowcutt, and rainbow trout. And visitors will find endless opportunities for rugged hiking and horseback riding - with very few trails - and primitive camping.

One visitor said that this gem “is like another planet.”


A nice flight over the Boreal Forests, streams, small glacial ponds (kettles), and beaches that make up the north shore of Lake Superior. Great color on the lake shots too.


Alpine Spring by Wayne Boland
Via Flickr:
Found this little stream starting to melt out while wondering around in the mountains. Something about the ice and the color of the water sucked me in… Press “L”, or just click it.


Raise your hand if you’ve gone swimming in a glacial stream before! (No this isn’t me).