glaceon plush


~DIY Glaceon Sock Plush~

Glaceon is my favorite Eeveelution! I think it’s super cute how the design makes it look like it’s wearing winter clothes, little boots and a hat! :3 I’ll make Leafeon next week, just to get in the right mood for summer. :P


Here’s a better look at the upcoming Banpresto Pokémon plushies!

- 25cm Leafeon and Glaceon plush - May 11st, 2017
- 25cm Pikachu Z Pose plush - May 11st, 2017
- 12cm Pichu-Line Kororin plush - May 16th, 2017
- 26cm Pikachu Kororin plush - May 18th, 2017
- 35cm Snorlax Banpresto plush - May 23rd, 2017
- 25cm Espeon and Umbreon plush - May 25th, 2017
- 14cm Alolan Marowak, Sandshrew and Ninetales plush - May 25th, 2017